I wanna lick all on your skin that be tasting like caramel lyrics

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Dorrough - Caramel Sundae Lyrics
Caramel Sunday, brownie fudge chocolate, caramel Sunday, brownie fudge chocolate / A ... I want a A caramel, brown skin, ... When it come to ice cream, I like all flavors ... What's your myspace URL? ... Got them niggas going nuts everytime she lick her lips. ... Now let's play I scream, you sream, "tastes like ice cream"
R. Kelly - Kiss Your Candy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kiss Your Candy' by R. Kelly. Chorus / Hey hey hey hey / Hey, hey / Hey , hey / Hey, hey / Hey, hey / Girl I wanna kiss your candy / Lick your candy / ... Eyes dark brown your skin is caramel. Girl you taste like nut juice. See your just like a box of ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to R. Kelly Radio on Last.fm · View All ...
Lyrics to "Love Like Honey" song by PRETTY RICKY: I wanna sex you, ... Your love's like honey, sticky and slow, drip drop like rain drops, girl I gotta ... switch it up, and roll play, you know I put it down all night and all day [Hook: Pleasure] I wanna stroke you up, I wanna lick you down, I wanna give it to you, I wanna make you
AKINYELE LYRICS - Put It In Your Mouth
Lyrics to "Put It In Your Mouth" song by AKINYELE: My baby left me, left me sad and ... You wanna go down why not. I be like Herbie and Hand-you-a-Cock And tell you that my name is Ak' Get on your kness, make like the breeze begin to blow ... I'm all about mouth fuckin ... Now you can lick it, you can sip it, you can taste it
DORROUGH LYRICS - Caramel Sundae
Lyrics to "Caramel Sundae" song by DORROUGH: Caramel Sundae Brownie fudge chocolate ... Skin like Cool Whip, Miss-Taste-Right girl ... When it come to ice cream, I like all flavors ... Got the niggas going nuts every time she lick her lips
21 SAVAGE LYRICS - Million Dollar Lick
Lyrics to "Million Dollar Lick" song by 21 SAVAGE: I met a new Migo, He said he got kilos I met a new Migo, He said he ... I'm 21 Savage, I rob all my plugs, and He don't have a clue ... ManMan Caught him at the back door he was looking like ... I just wanna hit a motherfucking Million Dollar Lick ... Slaughter Your Daughter
M.O.P. LYRICS - Blue Steel
I pack a nine that have em wanna box ... Them niggas wanna throw shots, I throw em back and lay em flat. So if you ... I do your ass like Bishop did Rahiem in _Juice_ ... Lick shot (lick shot) ... Yo, if you go we all do, cause you know we all crew
Hell no I don't wanna holla at no motherfuckin Trick He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit ... And let another bitch straight lick the clit
Pink Dollaz - I'm Tasty (Remix) lyrics
I'm Tasty (Remix) lyrics by Pink Dollaz: Hey daddy I heard you wanna taste / (Its the remix) / {tay} / Can can I get a lick? / They call me. ... so sweet, taste just like vanilla. I'll lick, lick, lick that middle. As long as you promise me your sweet like skittles ... Start moving fast like you all in a race now. So tasty. I'm Tasty T-A-S-T-Y {x4}
GETO BOYS LYRICS - The Other Level
Huh, HAHA, yeah that's the lick. Listen and learn ... Cause she's the type of hoe who like to taste her own pussy. When we're fuckin she takes the dick out, licks it all over then she puts it in ... I said, "I got another friend, I wanna party with and we can all ... Hayeah yeah yeah, I'm just your typical horny little devil .. I make them ...
Now my life is sweet like cinnamon. Like a fucking dream I'm living in. Baby love me cause I'm playing on the radio (How do you like me now?) Lick me up and ...
PSYCHOSTICK LYRICS - "Sandwich" (2009) album
Hey, do you want to metal? I could metal. ... Gimme vente caramel latte .... How would you like it if I ate all your shit? .... And it's round and I think it has a really yummy taste. And the skin has pores .... Thank you for ruining the internet... shit lick
South Park - Chocolate Salty Balls Lyrics
Stick it all in a bowl baby, stir it with a wooden spoon. Mix in a cup of flour, ... Then preheat the oven to three fifty and give that spoon a lick ... Smell like something burning. Well, that ... Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em, they're on fire baby

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