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Lloyd - I Wanna Keep It Hood Lyrics
[Verse 1:] Heard you and your man was beefin' Thought I should come and see ya. To find out if you needed anything. Just wonderin' if you need a little change
but I'm a keep it hood folk. And I dont need a scale for the work. I can eyeball purp , I am not you jerk hatin on me will make your situation worse you dont wanna ...
USHER LYRICS - Love In This Club
And I gotta keep it hood. Where we at ... And I promise that I'm gonna keep it coming all night long. [Pre-chorus:] ... I wanna make love in this club. In this club
One time... This is a song for the good girl. Wanna roll wanna roll with a good girl. One time... This is a song for the good girl. And I still keep it hood, still treat you ...
Lyrics to "Keep It Hood" song by PROJECT PAT: I got plenty cars, money wads, ghetto star, hood ... Others though, wanna back down, I'm fightin' to the end
ICE CUBE LYRICS - Hood Mentality
Lyrics to "Hood Mentality" song by ICE CUBE: Fuck school nigga, I'ma be a dope dealer I'ma be a killa, yep a urban guerrilla ... Love the way these niggaz smell, keep comin' back, can't you tell? ... If you don't wanna shake that hood mentality
Lyrics to "Ghetto" song by AUGUST ALSINA: I love the way you keep them ... You keep it hood no matter where you are ... I wanna start over, don't mislead ya
Usher - Let's Make Love In The Club Lyrics
Gotta do it for the ladies / And I gotta keep it hood / Where we at Polo? ... And I promise that I'm gonna keep it comin' ... I wanna make love in this club, yea
Broke niggas looking wanna be these niggas (Pussy) 4 grams in my back wood, ( I'm smoking) Millionaire nigga still keep it hood (Riverdale) Pay the extra 60 for ...
TRAE LYRICS - Gutta Chick
Lyrics to "Gutta Chick" song by TRAE: Shorty keep it hood Ridin' shotgun while ... So I turnt up with this hood bitch ... And you may not wanna miss it if it take off
GORILLA ZOE LYRICS - Hood Nigga (Remix)
Lyrics to "Hood Nigga (Remix)" song by GORILLA ZOE: All The Hoes Jockin, ( Jockin) Beat ... I Keep The Purp By The Pound ... But I'm A Keep It Hood Folk
N.W.A. LYRICS - Boyz-N-The Hood
Lyrics to "Boyz-N-The Hood" song by N.W.A.: Cruising down the street in my ... Cause the boyz n tha hood are always hard ... Bored as hell and I wanna get ill
Keep It N' Da Hood 2Nite
Lyrics to "Keep It N' Da Hood 2Nite" song by BOYZ N DA HOOD: Ok ok boyz n da ... aint no bail hoppas, see a bunch of young gangstas so they wanna stop us, ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Keep On Praying
Lyrics to "Keep On Praying" song by ACE HOOD: I just keep on praying I just keep on praying I ... I just really wanna win ... Keep them blessings coming in lord
I wanna put it on your baby, let me keep it hood. You look good in them jeans but it look better on the floor. Wanna put you on my team baby, I'm gon let you ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Supposed To Do
Lyrics to "Supposed To Do" song by ACE HOOD: What am I supposed to do, now Now I know it's you, that I love? (Tell me, tell ... Still in the make and I wanna be great but they tell me be patient ... They keep telling me I'm the best in the country
Brown Kool-aid, I gotta keep it hood. And rinse the ... Riding the sunset, doing what I wanna do. Sit on the hood chillin', watchin' the waves ripple. Birds flock in ...
Lyrics to "We Don't" song by ACE HOOD: (We don't fuck with you, nigga) We don't fuck with you, we don't ... I wanna know just who you are and if you taste good
Lloyd - Treat You Good Lyrics
Treat you good just a little bit. Kiss you on your lips. Those spots on your hips. I wanna keep it hood, just a little. Oh I it like it. Do things he cant, I wanna say,
TECH N9NE LYRICS - Hood Go Crazy
Lyrics to "Hood Go Crazy" song by TECH N9NE: (Hello?) I want to par-ty (Huh?) You want to par-ty ... 'Zilla keep the heater just in case we have a boo-boo
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Top Of The World
Lyrics to "Top Of The World" song by ACE HOOD: Take a look at me now, I'm from the gutta ... I made it out the ghetto, I made it out the gutta, but still I keep the street and now im ... and I wanna thank fam cuz wit them they taught me this lesson,
AVANT LYRICS - Read Your Mind
I stepped in the club in your hood, I slowly turned left and ... And what do you want to do tonight. My truck is parked out ... So baby keep it real. I know you wanna ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Skip The Talk'n
Lyrics to "Skip The Talk'n" song by ACE HOOD: Girl I feel like tonight gon' be a hell of a night I don't usually say that All this turn up in my s... ... Already know what I wanna do ... I'm a keep it real no bullshit and I need your body like now
[Hook:] I respect it like a real OG Few racks and the gun on me, I keep that shit on me. Why these lames wanna shit on me? Wanna see a nigga RIP Keep it all ...
DORROUGH LYRICS - Hood Chick Fetish
Lyrics to "Hood Chick Fetish" song by DORROUGH: Tattoo, weaves up, tattoo, weaves up Tattoo, weaves up, tattoo, weaves up Tattoo, ... I'm yo Gotti, I just wanna break that off ... I always keep a hood chick, 'cause they don't never get bored
JUELZ SANTANA LYRICS - Whatever You Wanna Call It
Lyrics to "Whatever You Wanna Call It" song by JUELZ SANTANA: Uh-ohhhh! ... My hood, my city, my side ... I keep my street niggaz, my street niggaz (yup)
[Verse 1: Ace Hood] May eleven special, I was born in God's favor. Mama gave birth in tears through that hard labour. I just wanna thank you, ain't no way I could  ...
FUTURE LYRICS - Turn On The Lights
I wanna tell the world about you just so they can get jealous. And if you see ... I heard she keep her promises and never turn on you ... She a hood girl. But she a  ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Fear (Intro)
Lyrics to "Fear (Intro)" song by ACE HOOD: Ain't no pity for the weak That's 3 HOOD ... Keep a runnin your mouth. New king of ... How many wanna come test that
(She say she wanna) Thug from a ... Her man pay them bills, but Thugga keep it hood. And I ain't ... Sweet like cake make me wanna take a slice. I ain't try'na ...
I see you wanna play with a player from the hood. Come holla at ... I show you how it go down, yeah, I wanna go down. Me and you ... But you keep frontin' (Uh)
LLOYD LYRICS - Lay It Down Part II - A Tribute To The Legends
I wanna send my blessings out to the wonderful Aretha Franklin, ... But I need her to stay down like a hood girl. ... Now if you really wanna keep a good girl,
Lyrics to "Body 2 Body" song by ACE HOOD: Yeah, Ace Hood What's up ... Cause you know I wanna get it in ... Pulling on her hair to let her know I'm still hood
Lyrics to "Take Yo Bitch" song by ACE HOOD: A true playa for real Man you heard about me I ... I wanna fuck that bitch ... Keep my hoes in line like Soul Train
MA$E LYRICS - What You Want
Now Mase be the man wanna see you doing good. I don't wanna get rich, leave you in the hood ... That's why I always want to keep you here. In a year or two, ...
Hood Nigga Lyrics - Gorilla Zoe
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Hood Nigga" from "Gorilla Zoe": (hook), Man she say she want a hood nigga, I keep the purp by the pound, the trunk stay bumpin .. . ... you dont wanna take a ride in that long black hearse all eyes on me, shawty ...
EAZY-E LYRICS - Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix)
Lyrics to "Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix)" song by EAZY-E: Hey yo, remember that ... Cuz the boyz n tha hood are always hard ... Bored as hell and I wanna get ill
Beyonce - Mine Lyrics
Do you wanna roll with a good girl? Do it big do it all ... And I still keep it hood, still treat you like I should. Whats up ... I just wanna say, you're mine, you're mine
DJ KHALED LYRICS - Welcome To My Hood (Remix)
Lyrics to "Welcome To My Hood (Remix)" song by DJ KHALED: I'm foreal about ... If a nigga really wanna test (come and test), you can bet that I'm a eat em all day ... So keep all that wackness out my ear, (phew phew) that's the sound of your ...
I keep it hood for you baby cause on the down low mama knows what good for you ... Paparazzi want to know if Im gay when Im the reason why Shaq came to ...

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