I pull up to your crib and you lie to my face lyrics

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TINK LYRICS - Don't Tell Nobody
You say you at the crib when you leaving her place. I pull up to your crib then you lie to my face. He like "Baby, you my all and all, I was in the bathroom when I ...
Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise - Can't Nobody Tell It Lyrics ...
Jun 30, 2015 you know we could work that out baby we should work that baby we ... I pull up to your crib then you lie to my face He like baby you my all in all I ...
Lyrics to "Letcha Go" song by NICKI MINAJ: Babe boy you must got nicki twisted I would've left before but you insisted Said that I was your a... ... Now you all up in my face bout you make mistakes. If I'da known you was fake I'da ... Quit lying. Why you lying. I watched the tape. Now get up out my dressing room. Give me some ...
TINK LYRICS - Talkin' Bout
Lyrics to "Talkin' Bout" song by TINK: Where the fuck you been at? You ain't ... You ain't came to the crib in a minute. Sitting on the ... You done got so tied up with this street shit. You can't ... I ain't called, baby, ain't wanna rub it in your face. Tell five ... So I'm a take my time and give you everything that I got on my mind. Till my ...
Lyrics to "Know Why" song by JADEN SMITH: What you doing here? ... Can I whisper in your ear, cuz I really need you near... ... And my mom said you couldn't come over, didn't really care when you pulled up in ... At the crib like you here to see Willow, everybody know that you here to see Smitto. ... You the baddest no lie.
PASTOR TROY LYRICS - Lyin' Bout Her Crib
Lyrics to "Lyin' Bout Her Crib" song by PASTOR TROY: Dis bitch is lyin bout her crib she livin ... Everytime I'm ova she got my favorite liquor ... Baby (whassup) it look like some its headlights pullin up in yo yard (oo dats my nigga) ... you got me in yo nigga shit bitch ... Fuck dem bitches (fuck dem bitches) dat lie bout dey crib
Girl go ahead and show me how you go down. And I feel my whole ... Baby girl, I don't lie. Used to have no money for a crib. Now my room ... I free up all my niggas, locked up in the penitentiary [Hook - The ... I been on the molly and them Xans with your daughter. If she catch ... I can't feel my face, I'm on Adderall, nauseous
RICK ROSS LYRICS - Beautiful Lie
Lyrics to "Beautiful Lie" song by Rick Ross: Uh, love that smoke in that Ah, she make my dreams come true Shawty make my dreams come true I ... When she pulled up to the crib ... But looking in her eyes, recognize when I run up on you ... My dick rock hard baby seeing your success ... Dirty game, baby girl, a familiar face
Pull up (swerve), watch these motherfuckers freak. Why don't ya ... Okay, this to all of my enemies that seeing me gettin' guap right now. Seeing me ... My mamma needed a new crib (right now) My daddy ... You fugazi, b-boss up, boss up with your time dog. You ain't ... I need my face on a black card (right now) My iPhone ...
Niggas lie bout it, I'm fly on em. My lil' niggas, on my corner, they rap too, they trap too. Pull up broad day, you know the raw way. With the rod play, ... Bring yappas out, pass by your house, December feelin' like August Pullin' up on murder ...
Other night at your crib. It was like me, ... Niggas'll run up on your car, catch you off guard. Like the Lil ... Y'all better not come to my funeral wit' that fake shit. Y'all better off ... Had niggas tell me to my face how we were family. And how they love  ...
EMINEM LYRICS - When The Music Stops
What the fuck you take me for? a joke? you smoking crack? ... See me leap out, pull the piece out, fuck shooting I'm just trying to knock his ... I have died clinically, arrived back at my enemy's crib with Hennessey, ... I just want my face in a paper ... I'm revved up, who said what would lead bust your head would just explode
Before I lose, bitch I'm at your head. Taking that ... 'Til he pull up in something ridiculous ... Cop a crib and decorate that bitch, with real money ... Stay up out my face, when you see a nigga, chill ... Yea they call me the truth, cause a nigga no lie
Lyrics to "In My Feelings" song by KEVIN GATES: Sometimes yeah sometime I'm in my feelings Don't no one understand me supply and demand all this s... ... He'll smile at me make a face for em' ... All praise go to heaven your God don't exist ... Yo pastor lie to you right from the pulpit ... Call what's her name say she tied up
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 Cent ... Then call up the pigs, tell them the rooster's back ... Then you lied about your pops, he ain't never bust no cap ... So I'ma take him out his house, put the beam on his face ... Pull the brim low, if they don't get it
Can't wait to break the walls and knock all your lights out ... Why are you even all up on my phone right now? ... Tell me you don't think about it that's a damn lie ... She said you really want to do it so you would pull up ... Never at your crib on the long flights ... But there's something when I look in your eyes and your face
THE POSTMAN SYNDROME LYRICS - "Terraforming" (2002) album
Rotating Crib Toy ... Came face to face with God and it left a scratch on my sanity, but before I go down I have a ... The liquid embryo congeals in your throat when all you take away is that my metaphors blow. ... Your pull was lodged through my heart, and it heats up the cells until life explodes. .... You lie sweetly on my chest.
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Hey, man, I'm done holdin' back on you niggas, man, straight up, man. Y'all niggas ... I'll pull that bitch out K-9 unit. And kiss your ass ... And you mad at your main bitch cause that bitch bumpin my new shit. Yeah the ... RIP with they face on it, have to show they ass how that semi work ... Be outside your crib like we stakin' out
Lyrics to "Mula" song by THE GAME: Let me know if you're feeling lonely Cause ain't no real niggas out here Ye what these ... That's why I'm up in your bitch, head honcho ... No lie, Js on ... Pull up in my cool whip, I don't give a fuck about it ... I just got a new crib, I just got a new Wraith ... Ye why that nigga's face so sour?
THE WEEKND LYRICS - Tell Your Friends
Lyrics to "Tell Your Friends" song by THE WEEKND: We are not the same I am too reckless I'm not tryna ... When I had no crib I guess you call that shit a miracle
LIL' KIM LYRICS - Magic Stick
My tongue touch ya girl, ya toes bound to curl. This exclusive shit I ... You can call your mama right now, tell her you met a thug. I pop a lot of shit cause I can back it up. My left stroke's the ... I'm in the crib givin niggaz deep throat. Tonight Lil' Kim ... When Lil' Kim's around you don't need to lie ... I put your face in it. I know you ...
Pull up in the Benz while the homie smoking medical. Only bring your friends if them bitches look identical ... Shut the fuck up and get out my face hoe (fuck out my face) ... But you... [Hook x2] [Casey Veggies - Verse 3:] Can't get it like me, I'm a real young winner ... She gon roll with us like she need a ride to the crib (word)
Big Punisher - Off Wit His Head Lyrics
Til I die, I'ma live it up / Hit 'em up, nigga what what, nigga what? / Better watch yo' ass. ... Better watch yo' ass 'fore I pull the choppers out the stash ... Puff lie with my niggas til I'm high with my niggas. Where you at ... Yo I rep like one of the best, my Mac numbin' your flesh. They on ... Let shit slide like I was close to you?
You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it all. ... You brighten up my days when the sun don't shine. ... Let's face it, we in love. and you make me so mad til I hate you so bad but I love you so much ... Be forgetting what we have and when it come to fuck ups, baby, you done had your share.
Excuse me and Jake up, then take your bitch out the crib, And ski ... Doing it big lie, you heard me? ... Uh, I put on my wall face, pull up on bumping that Scarface,
Lyrics to "Back On My Feet" song by KODAK BLACK: They ain't really fuckin with me They be showing fake love They just wanna turn up with me ... So homie I ain' t tryna take no chances tryna fuck with you ... I will pull up on a nigga block and have a photo shoot ... Why your girl be on my Twitter ... And buy my mamma a crib
TYGA LYRICS - Still Got It
And bring you to the crib and get all this, all this. I know ... Ain't nothing personal, but who this nigga in your face? ... The night young, we should head over to my place ... I ain't the one you gotta lie to ... Grown up now, all we got is old memories
Out Here Lyrics - Chip The Ripper
Chip, Lex Luger, My nigga i'm out here, F*ck with me ... until i pull up in something ridiculous ... Cop a crib and decorate that bitch, with real money ... Get out my face, when you see a nigga, chill. When you come to the show, put your hands up high. We up in this, so we extra fire. They call me the truth, cause a nigga no lie
FAITH NO MORE LYRICS - "The Real Thing" (1989) album
You splash me with beauty and pull me down. You come ... But it makes no difference cuz it knocks you off your feet. You want it all but you can't have it. It's cryin', bleedin', lying on the floor ... It's in your face but you can't grab it ... And the pieces of my puzzle keep crumblin' away ... I sit all day in my crib ... Filling up your soul
TRINA LYRICS - So Many Memories
(so many memories) You gotta let the tears fall for this one (so many memories) Breath (s... ... How'd I look in your eyes and still lie to ya? Now when you look in my eyes, I just cry to ya. Chris brown made it hard to say ... Give it up let it go cuz your boy is gone. Stop drivin by his crib cuz your boy aint home. Stop lookin at your ...
Jaden Smith - Know Why Lyrics
... let you here? / Can I whisper in your ear? / Cuz I really kinda need you near / And my mom. ... Do you really care when youre pulled up in a Rover? Said that I should ... At the crib like youre here to see Willow Everybody ... Get up in my face and you ruined the mood up. Jeez, told the ... You the baddest, no lie. I wanna get  ...
Uh, I can't lie, I admire beauty like the next man (it's true) I still remember when ... Up from my passion and I ain't here blastin' Born a sinner just ... Now you feel like the man in the streets pull 'em to the crib. I see your pants in the street, man [Hook ] [Interlude:] ... Uh huh, all up in the girl's face - you gotta go! You see, that's my ...
TYGA LYRICS - I $mile, I Cry
That's a lie. I ain't going ... I'm sitting in the crib with the miraculous view. I FaceTime my little man, you know daddy miss you. But I gotta rock ... Scared to use your voice, all you have is your sight ... Pull up in the phantom, cameras know my car
Ziggy feat. Slim Jenkinz - Look Back at It Lyrics
Sep 13, 2015 Slim Jenkinz. Just Pull Them Panties To The Side Girl. And Look Me In My Eye Until I Get Between Your Th... ... Sign inSign up ... Look Back At It Back At It Girl You Gon Get This Work. ... Take You To The Crib. Shawty Imma ...
Lyrics to "Typa Way" song by Lil' Wayne: My niggas been stunting since way back when CNN I got news for you ... I'm a nasty ass nigga, ask your bitch I ain't lying ... I pop the seal on my sip, and she be like see you gonna drink your life away ... I wake up in a multi-million dollar crib get dressed I plan on having a nicer day,
Stroke Lyrics - Balance
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Stroke" from "Balance": Girl you know you go, I want you, I'mma give you that stroke, I got you, When I'm in that I kill ... Back to her crib for a night cap ... You a damn lie, she all that and then some ... I pull up in that whip, you hop out looking thick ... Talk shit, roll over, put my face in your clit like
You lift my crib and I'm touchin ya. No love for ya, draw blood from ya. Cause a nigga like you dreamin to Boss ... Y'all niggaz always testing, gonna make me pull this weson ... Runnin up in your town with an uncountable amount of numbers of mongols ... Real niggaz don't lie, hit 'em in the mind, everytime goddamn we live
Instead I walk up to her, like "I know you heard of the kid. You heard what I did, ... Pulling out my phone, like a boss, YouTube 'bout to get her off. But as I type the ...
E-40 LYRICS - Gimme Head
I aint gon' lie yo dome action is vicious....... Feels like I'm in ... Feels like Im in yo pussay........when your suckin my dick. ... I love to see your face when you do that frown. Dont hold back just do yo job lick it up and down like corn on the cob ... She pulled my dick back like a banana pealin' ... Dip to the crib then we do it again
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so ... Better make, sure you fuck ya girl right 'fore I dick her, down (Flocka!) ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doin my damn thing .... Tell the truth, I ain't gon' lie (lie), I got so many rides (rides) ... I take 'em to the crib and leave our future in a condom

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