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THE LOX LYRICS - Ryde Or Die, Bitch
[Jadakiss] I'm feelin this hook right here. Good lookin out Timbaland, y'know? [ Timbaland] Uh-huh. What? Uh-huh. What? [Timbaland (Eve)] I need a ryde or die  ...
Horseshoe Gang - Ride or Die Chick lyrics
Sep 26, 2014 Lyrics for Ride or Die Chick by Horseshoe Gang. I need me a ride or die chick that'll let that shotty pop Hold it down when I'm out of town, oh my ...
You just need a down chick to ride shotgun. Real bitch on your side, fuck with me, I could be your ride or die. You just need a down chick to ride shotgun
MAX B LYRICS - I Gotta Have You
We all got dat special person we love u no a lil ride or die u no. Let me tell u ... But mii bitch she nice behind da wheel. I b poppin ... And I need u. It's just like a ...
I Need A Ride Or Die Chick To Go Across The States To Come Back With It Homie With The Paper Plates See I'm In Love With A Chick And She Love Me Too
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Ride (Remix)
Lyrics to "Ride (Remix)" song by ACE HOOD: Even though I'm in the streets, you know ... wait for me to bring it back home to youuu, because I ride, or die, girl we gon be good [Ace Hood:] Baby just hold it down, I need a chick that'll ride for me,
Go Dav - Ride Or Die Chick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ride Or Die Chick' by Go Dav. 'Baby you been there / [you my ride or die chick) / nobody else was u my ride or die i love you forever / [baby you my.
You want a ride or die chick baby but you ain't got a whip baby it ain't gon happen if you ain't got shit you need a walk or die chick baby yeah yeah that's funny
B2K LYRICS - Girlfriend
(And who's gonna ride or die with me) Yeah who's gonna be that ride or die chick for me tonight (Who's gonna give B2K what they need) [Fizz's Rap:] I need a ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Sparks Will Fly
We only need to stay close. In time, sparks will fly (And we fly too, and we, ... Ride and die chick fighting insecurities. Want a ring and my last name for securities
TWISTA LYRICS - Getting Paper
from a nigga guaranteed to die rich. Like [Chorus: Dra Day] You can be my ride or die chick, I be on my shit ... And it ain't no need for you askin me could it
LIL' FLIP LYRICS - Playa 4 Life
With a ride or die chick, on my side. Nobody does it ... You need a baller, I'm a baller your type. You need a playa, that's what I is fo' life [Lil' Flip] 24's on the ...
LUDACRIS LYRICS - What Them Girls Like
Cause that ride or die man for his ride or die chick gets that ride or die pudding for that ride or die shit [x2] I say, They wanna talk to ya, so shut up and listen!
Tiara'Nicole - Ride or Die lyrics
Mar 7, 2016 (and yo boy Marco) I'll be your rider, rider Oh yeeeeeeaaaahhhh! your the that I chose you want a real chick a down chick someone you can ...
Can I bring another bitch or nah? Is you with this shits or nah? Oh Nahhhh, Oh Nahhhhh Would you ride for a nigga or nah? Would you die for a nigga or nah?
Cause a nigga need a gal, who's a ride or die chick. Excuse my french, I need a ride or die bitch [Seville] All I want to do is come, inside. Girl tonight I wanna ...
Ce'cile - Gangsta Girl Lyrics
Gangsta girl mi love mi gangsta guy kinda chick that will ride or die pull a trigga ( for you)tek a bullet (for you) thats just the way i ride. I'm a Gangsta girl mi love mi  ...
You know the best thing going is to have a ride or die right. She a ride or die, ... Know when I need her she on point cuz she my ride or die ... 7, Dat Ain't Yo Bitch.
LIL' KIM LYRICS - Gimme Brain
I'ma need some brains bitch. I'ma need some ... wanna ride this tidal wave you gotta pay a fee lick on the clit i'll lick on the dick ride or die bitch i sit on the shit
That's why she my ride or die. She hate it when I call her my bitch but she mine forever. And whenever ... I don't like dogs who fuck with you when they need you
Your girl don't need any kind of lover. Be the right ... She gonna ride or die for a nigga 'til the grave. And I hope it ... Need a down bitch for a real nigga. Never lied  ...
I like 'em black, Puerto Rican, white, Haitian Asian, Columbian, latino, Jamaican Attitude like Wendy Williams, a ride or die chick. Thug girls in the club raise 'em ...
Do you remember my name? Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard Does it light up the spark? Do you remember my name? Is she a Ride or Die Bitch?
Always need a weapon, but this life is such a blessing ... Three shots from a 45 went through my ride that night ... Cause everybody wanna ride or die chick
Lyrics to "Ryde Or Die" song by RUFF RYDERS: Yo if gon' sleep on somethin, might as ... And every bitch you grabbed, ... Jada, if I kiss you now, you'll die later
Too Phat - Tell Shorty Lyrics
... I love her / Tell shorty I need her / Tell shorty not to cry / My love for her / Will never die / ... Some fly chicks wit' fine features .... I'm lookin' for a ride or die chick
2PAC LYRICS - Ride For Me
Lyrics to "Ride For Me" song by 2PAC: Look.. I need more than just romantic feelings When shit is frantic need a bitch that's just as scan. ... Would you die 4 me?
MILA J - My Main lyrics
Yeah that's my number 1 chick, dat my main. The one that ... She beat a chick up on sight, dat my main ... Yeah she know that she's my ride or die (say what)
J. Cole feat. Jhené Aiko - Sparks Will Fly lyrics
It may seem like our fire Has been a little burnt out we're tired We only need to ... bad kid love breakin' shit Ride or die chick fighting insecurities Want ring and ...
But baby, I don't really need ya either. Front of ... She say she me ride or die but she barely smile ... So I need a down chick, if you ain't down you down bad
Sam Grow - Is It You lyrics
Jul 9, 2015 I need a girl with an accent. ... oh woah oh ohhh oh woah oh ohhh oh I need a girl from the country. ... A ride or die chick from the deep sticks.
LUDACRIS - I Know What Them Girls Like lyrics
Cause a ride or die man for his ride or die chick, Gets that ride or die pudding for that ride or die SHIT! [Chris Brown:] I know what them girls. I know I know what ...
The Lox - Ryde Or Die, Bitch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ryde or Die, Bitch' by The Lox. Yo, if you ... And every chick you grab, Sheek been done bagged ... I ride about and smack you, cock back and clap you
Keri Hilson - By You Lyrics
You wanna ride or die chick baby. But you ain't got a whip baby. It ain't gonna happen. If you don't got shit you need to rock with that chck. Yeah, yeah it's funny.
KEVIN MCCALL LYRICS - Basketball Wives
I need a queen, a love for my life. But it's uncommon to find miss right (Queen Latifa) My name ain't James but I'm worthy of a ride or die chick on my team ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Turn On The Lights
I think it don't matter she the girl of my dreams she a bad bitch and I just want her on ... See she a down bitch, a hold me down bitch, super fly chick, a ride or die ...
JA RULE LYRICS - Down Ass Bitch
Lyrics to "Down Ass Bitch" song by JA RULE: Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass bitch, ... If you'd die for me, like you cry for me ... What they know about, extreme meausures I'm a ride with you
You know me - I don't need no introduction and shit. Ride Bentley's 'round the city on buttons, ya bitch. Arm hangin', wrist ... We thugs, not stars, bitch - ride or die
Buyou Lyrics - Keri Hilson feat. J. Cole
You want a ride or die chick baby. But you ain't got a whip baby. It ain't gon happen. If you ain't got sh*t you need a walk or die chick baby. Yeah yeah that's ...
Lyrics: Yung Ro - The Conversation
And I can't solve none of them, so I need you quickly. I want a ride or die chick, who won't know and learn fast. And I don't got nowhere to go, but we can ride and  ...

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