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Lloyd - I Make You Wanna Dance I Leave You In A Trance Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Make You Wanna Dance I Leave You In A Trance' by Lloyd. (yea) / Cash money / (yea) / Dawg child / (yea) / Wit ya man Lloyd / (yea) / Yea / (yea) /
EMINEM LYRICS - Taking My Ball
Dre Man..Make my vocals sound sexy, Come on man, come on man, okaaaay, It feels so wrong caus... ... I can put you in a trance the way I dance, But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm. Taking My ... And leave her laying a blood bath
CIARA LYRICS - Turntables
Lyrics to "Turntables" song by CIARA: Ahh, yeah, Didn't thin you'd expect This one ... Runnin' back I put you in a trance. Spinnin' like I record. I'm in your hands. My selection makes you wanna dance yeah. Before ya leave I have one request
Lyrics to "Sexting" song by BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR: New message from B.O.T.D.F. Sext, sext, sext me Sext, sext, sext me ... If you wanna be mine 'Cause.. . I wanna fuck you hard. I wanna feel you deep ... Now I gotta leave this town
Lyrics to "Slow Dance" song by NATALIE: Slow dance Slow dance, baby, rhythm make me Slow ... Slow dance, baby, rhythm make me ... This happy beat trance goes down ... Ooh, do what you wanna do ... I'm amazed and I don't wanna leave
Let me make this clear I don't wanna hear what ya talkin' 'bout. It ain't about you now ... I just wanna dance, when I fall into a trance and I shake you off and forget your name ... I'm not gonna leave this place 'til I forget your memory. Stay here ...
O-TOWN LYRICS - Take Me Under
Lyrics to "Take Me Under" song by O-TOWN: I want you to close your eyes And fall into a deep trance And when I count to three You'll wak... ... The things that you do. Won't leave my mind soon ... in a trance. Wanna dance in the streets with you ... I'm gonna go where you wanna go. Run wild, have fun like a carnival. Cause
Lyrics to "Initiation" song by THE WEEKND: Oh yeah Got you drinking out them white cups, ... And all I wanna do is leave cause I've been zoning for a week
Lyrics to "The Last Dance" song by BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR: Interlace your fingers in-between ... Look me in the eye tell me that you don't want to stay ... I'm gonna make you dance ... Get lost in this trance ... Leave our past at the door
EMINEM - Taking My Ball lyrics
But if you just give me a chance, I can put you in a trance the way I dance . But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm taking my ball and going home (home). [ Verse 1] Im that guy man, ... I slash her in ass with an icicle and leave her in a blood bath while I, ... One of my thighs and make it disappear like Houdini. Make this ...
FIFTH HARMONY LYRICS - Don't Wanna Dance Alone
Nothing's gonna stop me. You're what I want. So, baby, come and get me 'Cause I don't wanna dance alone. Oh, it's been so long. Thinking 'bout the feeling of ...
Just Let It Go Lyrics - C-Loc feat. N-Trance
... from "C-Loc feat. N-Trance": Just let it go - reach for the sky, Just let it go - take my body high, Just let ... ... Never thought that I would leave you. Ya didn't mean ... didn't t hurt you or make you cry ... I don't want to torture you. It isn't easy, ... Dance like you never danced before my rhyme styles fat and I'm burning dance floors
I could lift you up. I could show you what you wanna see. And take you where you wanna be. You could be my luck. Even if the sky is falling down. I know that ...
I wish that I could let go, I'm lost in your beautiful trance. Grit my teeth, you're mine , I'll make it painless! Say your last goodbyes, I'll make it painless!
Know you wanna make it happen, so you better make a move ... All [?] throw it in the bag, then I'll leave in the Mercedes, ... Ok, oh Teyana how I wanna, wanna see you dance ... I just wanna see you shake it, shake it, now I'm in a trance
Lyrics to "Without You" song by FOR KING & COUNTRY: What do you do when you don't get better? Strong arms get ... So let's dance a little, laugh a little, and hope a little more 'Cause I don't want to live without you, without you. This thorn in  ...
LAST TRIBE LYRICS - "Witch Dance" (2002) album
LAST TRIBE lyrics - "Witch Dance" (2002) album, including "Dreamer", "Agadir", " The Eternal Curse"... ... You will fall in trance this night. All the witches dance ... You better hurry up because the dance soon will start ... No intention to let you leave ... Your bleeding heart just want to heal ... No more tears will make you stay
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA LYRICS - "Pleasuredome" (1994 ...
All I make. Speed of dream is low. Not until I know. That I'm awake. Try to pass my time ... You've been waiting for such a long time ... It makes me want to puke .... I will show you how to dance ... I will put you into trance. I leave you soon
Won't you come over and check up on it, I'm gon' let you work up on it. Ladies let em check up on ... I can tell you wanna taste it, but I'm gon' make you chase it. You got to be patient, I like ... I'm in a trance all eyes on you and your crew. Me and my mans don't dance, but to feel ya'll bump and grind. It won't hurt if you gon' try ...
Soundcheck Jam lyrics and translation - Faithless
I make you choke on the mic when I go for broke When I come in to a jam I tear off my shirt I have no ... I'll make you feel so good I'll make you wanna sing Make you scream, cry, wonder why You ever listen to ... my face all shining, huh You in a trance and you dance when I'm rhyming If you ever need to know ... Don't Leave.
The Time - The Walk Lyrics
Attention everybody, I'm gonna show you a brand new dance. It's called 'The walk , the walk' Just let your body talk 'til you're deep in a trance. You don't need no ...
NATALIE LYRICS - What You Gonna Do?
What you gonna do if I say I'm gonna leave with you tonight, tonight, tonight ... I know you wanna touch, well let me know what's up ... Well make your move
in my top-ten list I'm gathering my props Leaving you in a trance. I'm making you wanna dance So you could be my entertainer when my diction chokes Jokes ...
PROZZAK LYRICS - I Like To Watch (Milo's Night Out)
I like the way you bounce bounce. I like to watch ... I leave my house anticipating cruising/using ... That make me feel so fly/high ... It puts you in a trance/dance
I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way. (Yeah, yeah ... If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true. ... One more dance and then we're good to go; ... But baby boo unsure and wanna leave it at where tha kissin's at
DOPE STARS INC. LYRICS - "Neuromance" (2006) album
Trance-Former 13. C-Beams ... of upcoming files hey you, wanna enjoy my artificial love ... on every dance floor. Another ... and nothing can make you understand ... you make my sorrow disappear ... countdown and leave this dead place
HEAVY D LYRICS - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Tried to track you down, girl you drove me crazy. Now that I got you, in front of me. You'll never wanna leave Heavy D, I'm gonna make you love me [Chorus]
ALESANA LYRICS - "Confessions" (2015) album
Forever yours, you make me feel like I'm invincible. Annabel ... Shall we dance on the wings of hope and together fly through the sky? We are not living ... If you leave, if we try to finish what we began. I don't think ... I never wanna leave because you feel like ecstasy. A seduction ..... I am a ticking time bomb waiting in a trance
Lyrics to "Parking Lot" song by NELLY FURTADO: You caught me off guard, and oh Hey, I'm pleased to meet ya Don't know if you can hold ... I mean depending on the chemicals yeah we can make some power, yeah ... We can dance if you wanna dance if not I can show ya! ... Don't Leave Me[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
MATISYAHU LYRICS - Live Like A Warrior
No matter what you give they still want to take ... Today, today, live like you wanna, ... Just like weight on your shoulder they are only gonna make you drown
I'll make it up to you I swear (uh oh) Cuz I don't care bout anybody but you. I got a feeling that you're dropping the bomb tonight. And leaving me on my own
Afrojack - Summer Thing Lyrics
But you make me say ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. Damn, 'cause I, I can't find the words. I don't wanna write this love song. Just wanna dance all night till it hurts. But you ...
MEIKO LYRICS - Leave The Lights On
Lyrics to "Leave The Lights On" song by MEIKO: We're in the dark, it's getting late I ... And I don't want to run away anymore ... I'm trying hard to make you see
Lyrics to "Must Be Love" song by CASSIE: You feel that It must be love, yeah It feels like love It's Bad Boy, bitch You know ... Thinkin' I'm going all the way, I wanna show you but I'm afraid ... But I can't even fight it, you make me so weak ... Hold me close now, baby don't leave ... It's somethin' you doin', you got me in a trance
Lyrics to "I Don't Wanna" song by AALIYAH: Yeahhh. ... This love would never ever leave us. That was a while ago ... Can't make it tight, can't get it right. I just wanna go ... I can't feel with out you, deal without you, spend without you. My whole ...
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - "Stones Grow Her Name" (2012) album
Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful) 2. Shitload Of .... Soaked in trance and disgrace. You are so jaded, ... the things I feel, To be right for the world you'll leave me. .... The bells of my fate play a song, but I donĀ“t want to dance anymore
N-Trance - D.i.s.c.o. Lyrics
N-Trance Lyrics ... who got rhythms that'll make ya move so so rough but silky smooth. ... on the microphone it's the roughneck you don't wanna leave alone,
STRATOVARIUS LYRICS - "Stratovarius" (2005) album
Maniac Dance 2. Fight!!! 3. ... 8. Leave The Tribe 9. United ... I do the maniac dance. Just like in trance. I do the ... And make a fresh start. When you are ... The road is long but you'll reach the final bend ... I'll take you with me if you want to go
Sugababes - Red Dress Lyrics
Cooler than the red dress / 'cause I'm cooler / 'cause I'm cooler / 'cause I'm cooler than the red ... And get you in your dirty dance. Her hips will send you into a trance ... Don't need candlelight to make you stay over ... I leave the chasing to you
ERIC B. & RAKIM LYRICS - Keep 'em Eager To Listen
Leave you in a puddle of blood, then let it rain. Then I get deep, ... Watchin em fall , cause they need more support. This is the way ... eager to listen dance in a trance til you see the. R on stage ... I bring em what they want to hear. And they'll fill ...

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