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Jesus, please hear our cry and have mercy... [Spoken] ... Is there anyone that would join me. In praying for the nations ... That the Lord of glory will intervene. And hear the ... Let a sound be heard [2x] Through the ... begin in me... I surrender all.
Lyrics to "Hosanna" song by HILLSONG UNITED: I see the king of glory Coming on the clouds with fire The whole earth shakes The ... Washing over all our sin ... Rising up to take their place ... Show me how to love like you have loved me
Lyrics to "I Feel Your Spirit" song by HEZEKIAH WALKER: I feel your spirit all over me It's in my hands in my soul and down in my feet I feel your spirit...
Turn it up this sound of praise. Make it louder than any ... Over all. As we praise, when I can feel the change. As Your presence now invades. Hear the sound of the broken chains ... King of glory enter in. You are ... Leave Me Astounded. Search.
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Thunder Rider" (2013) album
Anthem Of Glory 4. Make Some Noise ... When I heard the call I was so young… We are sailing to ... The sound of waves is cracking on our battleships but they will last eternally ... The anthem is forever deep inside me. I am born to ... He is rising from hell he's the son of the night ... His spirit and his wisdom is all over the land
Lyrics to "The Sound" song by WILLIAM MURPHY: The Sound There is a sound that you are waiting to hear, (The sound) that you will use to break your... ... (The sound) that sound that draws me to where you are, tells me what you're ready for, So we lift our voices in ... Release my destiny, I want it all back. It's the sound of ...
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell - Part 2"
Rising Unchaned 6. Transfiguration ... Take me where the thunder walks, A SYMPHONY OF STEELE Take my where the falcon flies, A SYMPHONY OF STEELE Sound the trumpet, crack the mountain, let the arrow fly ... I'll never die while the light races over my head, ... Glory all are mine .... I hear the Weeping of the Spirits,
HAMMERFALL LYRICS - "Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years Of Glory ...
HAMMERFALL lyrics - "Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years Of Glory" (2007) album, ... Whatever my pride would let me .... all for one. All hewed with steel in the toil of the battle. Our enemies fate will reveal .... Hear the sound of roaring thunder, and the sound of raging steel .... The luminous moon will take us high over ground
KAMELOT LYRICS - "The Fourth Legacy" (2000) album
10. Glory 11. Until Kingdom Come 12. Lunar Sanctum 13. Can You Remember ... [Live version:] guided by the rising morning star you will find the New ... can you hear me calling? ... and the sound of steel ... casting shades all over Babylon
Lyrics to "Rising Sun" song by ALL SONS & DAUGHTERS: Praise Him all you sinners Sing oh sing you weary Oh praise Him all you children of God We lift high ... ... We lift high His glory ... Hear The Sound · Rising Sun · Called Me Higher
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Inhuman Rampage" (2006) album
When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight. Fighting hard ... Flying over darkened skies the battle will call ... Rising through the darkened ashes praying that I'll see you all [Chorus:] ... Taste the steel in pain you kneel for glory we defend
BURY TOMORROW LYRICS - "Runes" (2014) album
Of Glory 13. Last Of The Ice 14. Hail The Lost 15. The Torch (Acoustic) 16. Watcher ... Why are all the saints sick of governing ... "Free me," said the man on fire. ... I must find a way to drown out the sound ... Hear our prayers .... I see the serpent rising, I feel the rage is gathering ... It's starting over and I cannot bear to consume
Lyrics to "The King Is Among Us" song by ELEVATION WORSHIP: All our fathers saw In the days of old Would you do it again Do it again All the stories told All th... ... You said “Consecrate yourselves to me. And you will see ... Hear your people calling. King of ... And His glory surrounds us ... And revival is rising in His name
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Maximum Overload" (2014) album
told me it's all right ... years pass us by but we're all just a part of the game ... Don't look back, just one shot at glory ... Anger rising with endless fighting ... Take another shot, show me what you got ... No more, never heard so loud before ... ( No more) But tonight this game is over ... Raise your swords, sound the final war cry
Under The Sign Of Crom
VALIDOR lyrics - "Hail To Fire" (2016) album, including "All Shall Kneel", "Hail To Fire, Hail To ... Glory be his guide and march for revenge ... Over wrathoria the army of death ... Wrathorian's ashes were spread all over the air ... Rising up with fire rising with the storm ... All shall kneel before me as I take the earth by steel
Lyrics to "Cannons" song by PHIL WICKHAM: It's falling from the clouds A strange and lovely sound I hear it in ... All glory, honor, power is Yours, forever Amen.
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Own The Crown" (2011) compilation
We're born to reign on glory, with swords and sorcery! We keep it true, our hearts ... And the clouds were bleeding, while his thoughts were rising high. Sword and ... That is the only thing, that matters to me. To all the .... The gods look down, hear battle sound. I carry on, until .... All over the battlefields our voices will be heard.
HAMMERFALL LYRICS - "Legacy Of Kings" (1998) album
... one and for all never surrender, with glory we'll fall ... the full moon is rising. Enlightens ... all for one. All hewed with steel in the toil of the battle. Our enemies fate will reveal and be sealed ... To look over my shoulder ... The sound of metal screaming in the air the time ... I heard your voice as the wind passed me by silently ...
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Gods Of War" (2007) album
The Kingdom of Glory is mine ... Then let all who stand before me know ... Sound beneath his feet ... His eight legged horse Sleipnir carries him over land, sea and air, the bringer of the valiant dead, .... From a hall I heard thunder and screams
TURISAS LYRICS - "Stand Up And Fight" (2011) album
The March Of The Varangian Guard. The sun rose over the wasteland. As far as the eye can see. Sand fills the vast plains of Serkland It's vultures jeering at me
ZIX LYRICS - "The WarWhore" (2012) EP
Rising 4. The WarWhore 5. Dark Days Of Babylon 6. Shadow Of A Dying Sun. 1. Night Of Evil. Wake up to the sound. Of a ringing in ... Call me to hold the staff up high. A gift of glory, for the fight. I cease all ... Lust for power took over your mind. Soon you ... The all seeing eye ... us all. Out of the darkness, hear the angels call
ADVENT LYRICS - "Remove The Earth" (2008) album
All your enemies will blackout the sky. Over this wicked land for your atrocities of enslaving the oppressed. Backlash. ... Do you hear the sound of the nothing, .... I see the rising of the Son. ... My Avenger is right behind me on clouds of glory.
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Sonic Firestorm" (2004) album
Dawn Over A New World 5. Above The ... In the past we had no choice to hear or to be the voice. Close your ... My soul and my spirit will go on, for all of eternity. Foreign the ... Stand and sound the guns of glory cry for war. On wings of ... Rivers of pain are guiding me ... Feel cold and fearless anger rising far beyond the dark
XANDRIA LYRICS - "Sacrificium" (2014) album
I give all of myself for all I love in this world ... Please hold my hand, keep me from falling down ... Here it comes, the story of mankind´s final glory ... Icy winds are blowing over bodies piling high ... We are rising higher, closer to the fire .... Hear me plead and guide me to your wolfs lair ... Cradled to the sounds of this lullaby:
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION LYRICS - "All Systems Go" (1988) album
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION lyrics - "All Systems Go" (1988) album, ... Well I hear the cry of the sirens' ... Then I'll feel the rising sun of your love [Chorus]. 2. Dirty Rhythm. [Vinnie Vincent] Hey little kitten purr for me. Pour your loving all over me .... But the time has come to find my dreams of glory .... Breakout - sound of sirens
Lyrics to "Glory" song by PHIL WICKHAM: The mountains standing in Your strength The oceans roaring out Your praise All creation glorifies Yo...
BLACK VEIL BRIDES LYRICS - "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of ...
Lost It All 17. F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades 18. In The End 19. ... I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order ... They might call me a “sinner”, a walking flame from a fire that burns ... Can I hear We Don't Belong here? .... Lie awake at night in terror, admitting F.E.A.R. will return to glory ... The Sound of a Nation
BLACK ANVIL LYRICS - "Time Insults The Mind" (2008) album
Listen can you hear the sound of war. Majestic ... The earth lie over me ... For all maternity. ... Through the trenches of glory I ride ... A new beast rising entire
GAMMA RAY LYRICS - "Somewhere Out In Space" (1997) album
A rising simple structured life form there. Seemed to be ... All that I see is the years... somewhere out in space. And it's time for ... Spread over the human race. The guardians of ... Oh mother do you hear me, did you talk to father moon. I don't want to ... There's a sound in the sky. The voice of glory I hear a silent cry. When the ...
IRON FIRE LYRICS - "Thunderstorm" (2000) album
When you hear the holy call ... All their wounds will be healed ... Guard of Glory, set me free ... The sound of thunder .... Cause I will ride over the rainbow. Into the  ...
HEAVEN'S GATE LYRICS - "Hell For Sale" (1992) album
Rising Sun 8. ... deaf man can't hear and the blind man can't see ... Hey, you little fool, come down to me and see ... With golden wings on glory ride ... we're gonna bring the power all over you ... we dim the lights, we power up the sound
PEGAZUS LYRICS - "In Metal We Trust" (2011) album
10. Death Or Glory ... Like a Phoenix he's rising ... Metal is life to us all ... Shout it out, let me hear you scream ... Over the years ... Hear the sound of footsteps
RAGE LYRICS - "The Devil Strikes Again" (2016) album
Echoes of evil sound through my head, ... My Way. Heart over matter, no more excuses tonight, The earlier ... 'Cause in the silence I hear my heart scream ... Give me my way or no way at all! .... Rising higher every day. ... If the moment of glory
MAJESTY LYRICS - "HellForces" (2006) album
The gates of hell are shattered wide, by evilectric sounds. Demolition ... Mothers of the chosen ones await to hear their fate ... Oh, they all feared me, tried to punish me and send me to hell ... And now that the rider is rising his shield .... When the world is all over for me ... We're born to reign in glory, with sword and sorcery
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "The Book Of Souls" (2015) album
The Book Of Souls 7. Death Or Glory ... We are strange believers, all of us. There are ... For me eternity is nothing ... Calmly waiting, don't you hear a sound? ... Now the cup is spilling over ..... In the gathering gloom, the storm rising in the West
Urban Rescue - Alive in You Lyrics
May 7, 2016 From beginning to the end All my life is in Your hands This whole world may hold me down B... ... are strong in my brokenness Sovereign over every step Even in the fire, I'm alive I'm alive in You Through the dark I hear Your voice Rising ... me From beginning to the end You deserve the glory You deserve ...
DOMINE LYRICS - "Ancient Spirit Rising" (2007) album
DOMINE lyrics - "Ancient Spirit Rising" (2007) album, including "How The Mighty Have Fallen", "Sky ... Soon the sound of my horse will be breaking the silence of a brand new day ... No one can hear me while I ask aloud to the face of this horror ... If I could do it all over again ... Leaders of men bargain the glory of our past
DELIRION LYRICS - "Silent Symphony" (2009) album
from the rising fears. ... to forget all this misery and pain. ... Like the fog over the Tyne, ... The choirs of glory will sing on and on. ... I heard for thousand stars ... Shadows are writhing at the sound of my footsteps. I've started my way to you and I trust in finding you. Uncoil your mind to me and show me who you really are.
Tommy Walker - Do It Lord lyrics
I see your glory, covering the earth Lord Just as the waters, covering the sea I see ... do it That your glory may be seen I see forgiveness over taking hatred Pride and ... your Church, all rising up in power Laying down their lives in unity and love I hear the sound of every tribe and nation Giving glory to Jesus Christ the Son.
Hillsongs Australia - Hosanna Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hosanna' by Hillsongs Australia. verse 1 / i see the king of glory ... i see his love and mercy washing over all our sin the people sing the people sing. ... i see a generation rising up to take their place with selfless faith with selfless faith. ... to the things unseen show me how to love like you have loved me. break my ...

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