I gotta i gotta i gotta whole lotta diamonds so many diamonds yeah lyrics

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Lyrics to "Lotta Respect" song by BOOSIE BADAZZ: Got a whole lotta lotta, got a whole lotta lotta respect Got a whole lot Got a whole ... Young rich nigga, yeah we count millions ... So many diamonds on my neck a nigga caught the measles
2 Chainz - Diamonds Talkin Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Diamonds Talkin Back' by 2 Chainz. / Yeah, my diamonds talking back, talking back, ya ya / Yeah, my diamonds talking back, they talking back, yeah. ... Yard so big I got a golf court ... Whole lot of rings, whole lot of watches. Watches ...
RITTZ LYRICS - Diamonds And Gold
Lyrics to "Diamonds And Gold" song by RITTZ: I guess them pretty blue skies up in Gwinnett County ... So many celebs that live in Gwinnett ... Yeah, I got long hair , I ain't ZZ Top I got diamonds on my pinky ring and diamonds on my charm ... They gotta represent what set they in ... Whole lot of killers gon' need a pole bearer
Yellow diamonds on my chain make my neck look sunny. Never bun b vans ... A lot of snakes in my hood gotta keep a low grass ... Young nigga got ice and I'm feelin' so fresh ... And I'm thinkin' how to get a hundred thousand out a bitch (yeah )
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so much kush ... Fuck a young nigga!" I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! .... Got a whole lotta BMI checks in the mail. If ballin was a ... Tell the truth, I ain't gon' lie (lie), I got so many rides (rides) Don't know ...
Pack - I'm Shinin' Lyrics
Yea A Bitch I'm Shinin' / Visible Set Vvs White Diamonds / Yea So What you Know About this / 1 Key On ... A Lot of Snakes In My Hood Gotta Keep A Low Grass
We been so viscously trained. I've seen the gift and the ... I flood out my neck with some diamonds. I gotta thank God for this life. Too many malicious suspicious bitches. Got a hell of a vision, I need ... I got them golds and the permanent, yeah. Whole lotta guap on me, got a whole lotta guap on me. Don't hold your nuts on me ...
KANYE WEST LYRICS - Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)
Lyrics to "Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)" song by KANYE WEST: Diamonds are forever They're all I need to ... Spend ya whole life tryna get that ice ... I got it from here 'ye damn! ... So he can just kick back and chill somewhere, oh yeah
LUDACRIS LYRICS - Diamond In The Back
Lyrics to "Diamond In The Back" song by LUDACRIS: Gangsta whitewalls, TV antennas in the back (the ... Ima little bitty kid wit' a whole buncha gangsta wishes ... Ima have it made in the shade, Ima be so paid ... It's too many holes in my socks, and I'm ready to box ... Man, I gotta earn for a livin', aint nobody givin' me nothin'
BIG SEAN LYRICS - All Your Fault
Lyrics to "All Your Fault" song by BIG SEAN: Yeah, you know we good You ... Girls be actin' like it's diamonds in they coochie ... We bout to tear this whole place up pretty much ... She done sent so many naked pics my phone ain't got no data ... (World in my hands, I ain't gotta loose grip ... My life a little luck, a lot of grind
Lyrics to "Chances" song by MIGOS: Chances I done took a whole lotta chances Romantic I fuck her, I ain't tryna be romantic ... I just left the jeweler diamonds dancing ... Now I'm so cold like a blizzard ... I'm getting money, my kids gotta eat
Gotta stay down and get it, I know that it's gon' be alright. Can't get knocked off ... A lot of diamonds around my neck, yeah I'm shining hard. I'm sixteen, driving in ...
Ran off that diamonds, yeah yeah. Fuckin' hoes ... Gotta know the opposite of no always gon' be yeah yeah. And I'm gon' ... Ass so fat ian have no condom boy had to hit that raw. But you gotta ... I done made a whole lotta money. I done seen a ...
PnB Rock feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Bet On It Lyrics
Jul 13, 2016 I got a trash bag full of cash, yeah yeah I got my racks so I'm not even mad, ... yeah yeah Diamonds dancing on my neck, I had to flex on 'em Pussy so ... with that coca and whole bottles to the face now Fuck a nigga's bitch and ...
so scream out your area code. I'm comin' all the way live from the 310! I gotta whole lot of love but none like ... diamonds in my Shwayze chain. Babies change,
Riding in my car so fast I wont turn down the speed ... Rose in my champagne glass and diamonds in my ring ... No Blackberry, too many lame niggas call my phone ... I got a whole lot of OG, and I'm rolling up for anyone in here that knows me ... Gotta smoke that dope on the run with me, comfortably, I'm smoking weed
YFN Lucci - Know No Better Lyrics
Jun 3, 2015 Yea We was always then niggas They know we them niggas She know I'm the nigga Still inn t... ... Ran through a whole lotta mf cash... with all my niggas Hate when ... Diamonds, Niggas I came far But still don't know no Better (Yea x 5) ... Kicked the bitch out of my pad, We got a lot of us, Talk about dough ...
I got a white bitch and she give me that Becky but her name is Sari I pimp, I don't play ... AP dance, bitches glance, cause my diamonds look like glass. I wanna fuck ... I got so much jewelry, baby I got so much water this shit like a mini-lake. Fuck nigga ... Yeah, you better stop tripping nigga ... Paid a whole 100 racks for those
Diamond - Lotta Money Lyrics. Chorus: She aint fuckin' wit less u Gotta lotta money Gotta Lotta Gotta Lotta Money Gotta ... So niggas better betta come correct
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Work so fucking much my greatest fear is I'mma die alone. Every diamond in my chain, yeah, that's a milestone (Keep doing it, I'm loving it) ... Yeah, my stress up, but I'm blessed up ... Oh God, my God, we gotta get it, right? .... Anyway, the whole family, even the ones you don't know, my sister, some of your aunts that you've ...
YFN LUCCI LYRICS - Documentary
Nah, fuck what you heard I keep two lil goonies on the lurk My bitch gotta... ... Whole lot of types I ain't never gone settle, ain't never gone settle. You know
Neil Diamond - Hell Yeah Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hell Yeah' by Neil Diamond. If you're thinking that my life / Is a ... Hell yeah this crazy life around me ... So I gotta say it fast ... With a lot of people staring
T.I. LYRICS - I'm Straight
Lyrics to "I'm Straight" song by T.I.: Yeah, yeah, uh, aye! What the fuck I gotta worry about now? Nigga you think ... A lot of glamour and glit's, but shawty I don't need that. My beginnin' ... 'Cause I spray the nigga's whole face up, wet the nigga from the waist up. They try you ... When I see them in the street, they diamonds fake!
Rich Homie Quan feat. Young Dolph - Drop Off lyrics and translation ...
Dec 15, 2015 Yeah I'm saying you keep calling my phone Shawty what the fuck man Hope ... off pop off I got these fuck niggas so mad cause my top drop off She suck so ... fall like a new season Got a whole lotta money Got a whole lotta problems ... i gotta keep that banger on me just in case some pop off Diamond same ...
Pack - I'm Shinnin Lyrics
Yea A Bitch I'm Shinin' Visible Set Vvs White Diamonds Yea So Whatcha Know ... Da Mice So I Keep Da Mouse Traps A Lotta Snakes In My Hood Gotta Keep A ...
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
xhIf lovin you is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Cus you ... I feel like you all I got so baby Ima keep you close tah me ... I got money I put diamonds all on my pretty woman ... All I know is I love and that's all I gotta say ... Been in so many battles
You was so wack, I don't wanna hear your mixtape. His diamonds so wet, he got it out the fish tank ... You ain't gotta like my music but you gon' respect me
She swallow so many nuts, you fuck around, find a squirrel in her throat. I go tape ... Charge my ass the low and pick up the whole dough ... Yeah, I'm from College Park and I got ya broad with me ... I got diamonds in my teeth, so all my words are precious ... Some people gotta punch the clock, man I rather punch a brick
Some girls want bright diamonds. Some girls ... A little bit of me and a whole lot of you" So free ... She's a kite like girl, you gotta let her fly away, hey. Let her fly ...
DEJ LOAF LYRICS - Been On My Grind
It ain't too many people I look up to. I've been ... A lot of these niggas, they was raised like hoes. You ain't gotta be a killer to get my respect, pussy nigga ... So I gotta protect him, I feel like I've been neglected ... Left wrist skating, diamonds dancing like Jamaica ... (It feel like, I've been waiting my whole fucking life for this. )
Lyrics to "Glamorous" song by FERGIE: If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home You say: If you ... G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S ... Wear them gold and diamonds rings ... No matter how many records I sell ... Now this whole world has no clue what to do with us ... Plus I gotta keep enough lettuce
JIBBS LYRICS - Chain Hang Low (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chain Hang Low (Remix)" song by JIBBS: Aight, Got a little service ... Fruity pebbles round my neck yeah ... My chain so long it could stretch from here to Hong Kong ... If you want the same chain I gotta add 40 more ... Now you know, how these diamonds got these groupie falling, nah ... My whole stroke is mean,
CA$H OUT LYRICS - Cashin' Out
(Cool) [Chorus] 36 O's so I'm ridin' 'round with that nina (I'm ridin' 'round with that nina) ... My diamonds talk for me, they say "Hi can I meet you hoe? ... Got a condo around my neck - girl, I'm cashin' out (I'm cashin' out) ... Psssh - yeah I doubt it! ... We want the whole loaf leave y'all the crumbs, 'til then I'm runnin' my check up
Lyrics to "Money Made Me Do It" song by POST MALONE: Diamonds in my chain gold Every 20 minutes change clothes I had a mil before the ... Ooh yeah. New whip now I can pay my rent, ooh yeah. Diamonds in my chain gold ... Got a bandana round my neck ... I got diamonds like a rainbow, every time I change clothes
I got a bad bitch, she said she always had shit. All these flawless diamonds, yeah they're lookin' glassy. Catch that nigga ... She don't wanna swallow so I put it on her neck. I beat that pussy up, she ... I was born in '91, 23 with a whole lotta stain 5 star mothafucka ... And all I gotta do is reserve your brains. And I'm a gangsta, ...
Lyrics to "Money Walk" song by LIL DURK: Yeah Approach me right, nigga Gang ... Diamond chain, bitches get so thirsty for these Cuban links ... Real nigga with a lot of bands, let the money talk ... Pour a seven-with-seven, bitch I gotta doze off
Lyrics to "I Just Got Paid" song by KIRKO BANGZ: I just got paid, yeah Got a whole lot of money over hustle Cause I grind everyday, yeah Now it's tim ... Fuck that pussy, I gotta hustle, I don't want none ... My diamond medallion look like it got a battery pack up in it ... I don't know when they gon' come and get me so I'm balling
Yellow diamond ring looking like a little funion. Stand on ... So I gotta hustle. These rappers talking about a whole lot of nothing ... Oh yeah they phoney I'm not
I'm still awake I gotta shine this year ... All my watches always timeless you can keep the diamonds. Treating ... Yeah shout goes out to Nike checks all over me
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Ain't Got You' by Alicia Keys: Some people want diamond rings Some just want everything ... So nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing

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