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And when that 40 burst that shit like firework. So why they call you Kodak Black? You smokin' purp. I get right in that skirt and then she squirt squirt. I jump right in ...
CAKE LYRICS - Short Skirt / Long Jacket
Lyrics to "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" song by CAKE: I want a girl with a mind like a ... I want a girl with the right allocations ... She wants a car that will get her there
LUKE BRYAN LYRICS - That's My Kind Of Night
Lyrics to "That's My Kind Of Night" song by LUKE BRYAN: I got that real good feel ... Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck ... You got that sun tan skirt and boots ... Gonna sound like a winner, when I lay you down and love you right
JANE'S ADDICTION LYRICS - Been Caught Stealing
Walk right through the door. Hey all right! If I get by, it's mine. Mine all mine! My girl, she's one too. She'll go and get her a skirt. Stick it under her shirt.
Lyrics to "Awkward" song by LIL' WAYNE: See we ain't got much in common So we don't do that ... A skirt with nothing under ... And she be like Fucking Right
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Lift Ya Skirt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lift Ya Skirt' by Ol' Dirty Bastard. Turn it up / One nigga, two ... (It's The Roc in the house, gonna get you dirty ... Old man McGirt, lookin' under your skirt
COLT FORD LYRICS - Skirts & Boots
Lyrics to "Skirts & Boots" song by COLT FORD: Well, every Friday night in America All the girls are getting all dressed up Got the game on, talkin... ... Ricky took a right hook to the jaw. He looked at the wrong one a little too long. The reason for ...
JANE'S ADDICTION LYRICS - Been Caught Stealing (Outtake)
Walk right through the door. Hey all right! If I get by, it's mine. Mine all mine! My girl, she's one too. She'll go and get her a shirt. Stick it under her skirt.
Freak Nasty - Da Dip Lyrics
Just get on the floor and do that dance y'all. I know you ... Slip that money under that skirt. Take it off ... Freak Nasty wanna see can y'all do this (Right like me).
PIMP C LYRICS - 3 Way Freak
I got a three way freak and she ready to earn. I make her ... I wanna do somethin' freaky to you bitch, right now ... She wet up the bed when I'm under her skirt
Oops, there goes my skirt dropin' to my feet. Oh my ... The most I gotta do is spell my name to get your ... Umm comin outta my shirt and then the skirt came down
DMX - Get At Me Dog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get at Me Dog' by DMX. (Yeah, I'm right here, dog) Where my dogs at? / (We right here, dog) Where ... Niggas is wonderin' how the fuck you hid your skirt. Right under they eyes, now it's surprise to the guys. And one of their mans was ...
Don't cha wanna know how I get down (uh huh) ... Trying to get up under my skirt now (uh huh) ... For you to rock up on the mic cause I rocks the mic (right)
Only faggots make shit up just to get famous ... Keep your identity crisis under the table. I always ... The fuedals fuming oodles, it was right under your poodle skirt
The Time - Wild And Loose Lyrics
Universal freak delight, where'd you get those thighs? Where did you get the nerve to wear that miniskirt so high? ... Right here under your shoes. Fellas? Yeah?
Man she got me feelin like I'm weak now ... While I'm grippin grabbin ya butt skirt hikin with no hut ... Let's get freaky open up that than right up under ya nose
DMX LYRICS - Get At Me Dog
Lyrics to "Get At Me Dog" song by DMX: (Yea I'm right here dog) Where my dogs at (We right here dog) Where my dogs at (I'm right here ... Niggas is wondering how the fuck you hid your skirt. Right under their eyes like a surprise to the guys
Lil' Bow Wow - I Think They Like Me (Remix) Lyrics
So its only right that i hit you with another one. [Verse 1: ... Yea you betta do the right thing like Spike Lee Yep I'm ... dont test me i got the four fifth under the skirt
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Don't Fight The Feelin'
Reach right over and rub your leg. I let my hand slide between your miniskirt. Slip a finger in your ... You have no ass, class,you can't pass, your simply trash. Your a typical ... And then it's cool to get up under the sheets. Trying to work that ...
Miss Kenichi - Under My Skirt Lyrics. under my skirt there's a rainbow that's toxic under my skirt there's a dog that bites you ... SONGLYRICS just got interactive.
PITBULL LYRICS - Messin' Around
Lyrics to "Messin' Around" song by PITBULL: She's got me like na, na na, na na Na na na ... Enrique, let's break it down right quick ... No thong up under that skirt
I just, want a freak that ain't got no shame (No shame) ... Like that, right there, you lookin' good, no doubt. What you got under that skirt, what you talkin' 'bout
I call collect, get me a 38, now bitch it's on ... But fuck my enemies, what'chu lookin for bitch I got 'em. Bitch, bitch I got 'em; ... 3:30 school was out then I was fresh under her skirt ... I remember when they had some 15 right on 15 nigga. Fo' sho I ...
And I got more juice than Picasso got paint. Got rhymes that are rough and rhymes that are slick. I'm not ... I told her some rhymes and she pulled up her skirt
Baby Bash - Step In Da Club Lyrics
Like that right there you lookin' good no doubt. What you got under that skirt, girl whatchu talkin' 'bout? I'm waitin' for my boys downstairs to get done
Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (ooh come on) ... Let your body steal the show right now (right now) ... Slip off that skirt and that shirt gotta go
PANIC! AT THE DISCO LYRICS - Don't Threaten Me With A Good ...
Where there's no such thing as getting out of hand. Memories ... Don't think I'll ever get enough (Don't think I'll ... I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt. But I make  ...
And I'll be right back; yeah that's my very next line. I use it - time ... Somebody probably jealous cause they bitch got hit. But ain't ... Pass up the skirt to talk to the thong, nigga. Some say ... Wash my hands under a gold spout, when feelin icky
Lyrics to "Roof On Fye" song by T-PAIN: Man I got this gold all over me So ... Pop a rock, take a shot, and I'm lifting up her skirt. My pockets ... But I don't give a fuck right now cause I'm pretty stuck right now ... I'm tryna keep my feet up under me
Under 21. So I went and got myself a plan that would work. And I went on home and got a real short skirt. And I flirt my way right through that goddamn door
TATA YOUNG LYRICS - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy
Lyrics to "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy" song by TATA YOUNG: I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naug... ... don't have the. Right a approach or ride that makes a girl like me wanna hop in and roll
Lyrics to "Tight Skirt" song by SAMANTHA J: Hey you girl inna di tight up skirt Hey you girl inna di armmm in a di skirt Hey you girl inna tight...
JA RULE LYRICS - Mesmerize
I, got a fetish for fuckin you witcha skirt on. On the backstreet ... Between me and you, we can find each other ... You know you're right and I'm the type to pull up ...
Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing Lyrics
Yeah, my girl, she's one too She gon' get her a skirt, stick it under her shirt She ... for it She walk right, through the door Walk right through the door Hey all right!
21 SAVAGE LYRICS - Skirtt Skirtt
Lyrics to "Skirtt Skirtt" song by 21 SAVAGE: Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Skirt skirt Ski... ... Took the stand on your right hand man, so you had to die ... and skirt. They niggas they know I'm berzerk, I keep it up under my shirt ... Niggas be talking that gangster shit til these lil niggas get hurt
TIM MCGRAW LYRICS - Something Like That
And it all started right then and there. Oh, a sailer's sky made a perfect sunset ... She was killing me in that miniskirt. Skippin' rocks on the river by the railroad ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Be (Freestyle)
But I'm just trying to find what you hiding in that skirt. Hey Cole got it coming now ... Know that I'm paid for this shit, nigga you God damn right. Submit Corrections.
Jeff Bernat - Groovin' Lyrics
Oct 28, 2013 Pretty young thing doing that dance please just take my hand i just happen to pass by you ... ... I have seen other ladies all throughout the night and their mini skirts 4 ... the dancefloor Lookin all fly in that dress hands under the freshness ... middle of the dancefloor Two steps left and we'll take two steps right ...
DMX feat. Sheek - Get At Me Dog lyrics
Sheek) [DMX, (Sheek)] (Yea I'm right here dog) Where my dogs at (We right here ... dirt Niggaz is wonderin' how the fuck you hid your skirt Right under they eyes ...
The Dip Lyrics - 69 Boyz
it's all in fun so take a chance just get on the floor and do that dance y'all ... freak nasty wanna see can y'all do this right. Chorus ... slip that money under that skirt

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