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Painted Palms - Tracers Lyrics
I could feel the silhouette begin to spread across the night. Walking in the dark just waiting for the sunrise (Sunrise) Can't recall but I see the future in your eyes
I will not give you up this time. But darling, just ... Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms. Barefoot on ... I see my future in your eyes. Baby, I'm ...
There's a lightning in your eyes, I can't deny. Then there's me ... I don't wanna get lost in the dark of the night ... There's a future in my life I can't foresee. Unless ...
PARKWAY DRIVE LYRICS - "Don't Close Your Eyes" (2004) EP
PARKWAY DRIVE lyrics - "Don't Close Your Eyes" (2004) EP, including " Hopeless", "The Negotiator", ... Dark Lyrics ... Now a broken future's all that we hold ... Do you see there faces when you fall asleep at night? ... And i can feel your blades
BRAINSTORM LYRICS - "Scary Creatures" (2016) album
... The Clouds 11. Lift Your Eyes To See ... bring light into the darkness, see the world through different eyes like night and ... why I can't see the future, can't remember your name how much more of ... now bathed in the dark as the embers flare ...
Lyrics to "I Can See It In Your Eyes" song by RANDY TRAVIS: The first time I saw you I felt weak inside I searched my heart and mind ... And future plans unfold
Crazy how one day your idols can turn into your brethren. Bitches we severin', hit ... See my vision from pictures I paint. Do you feel it like I feel ... Come home and see an eviction notice taped to my door. Can't take no more, ... Where they shoot you in the dark of the night ... Open your eyes, despise lies with deadly precision
MC MAGIC LYRICS - How Can I Love You
Lyrics to "How Can I Love You" song by MC MAGIC: How can i love you How can i kiss you How can i show you what i feel for you (Somethings i just ... I can see my future when i'm looking in your eyes ... Eyes wide open, but i'm still in the dark
VALLEY'S EVE LYRICS - "Deception Of Pain" (2002) album
Dark Shadows On The Wall 12. Unholy ... Visions of my future ... I will face you and look into your eyes ... I see the heaven crying, rivers of tears and seas of pain
US THE DUO LYRICS - Fighting For You
And I will never stop fighting for you. I will never stop ... place we can escape to. I see a future in your eyes ... It might be dark outside right now. But tomorrow will ...
FORGOTTEN TALES LYRICS - "We Shall See The Light" (2010 ...
And you will succeed where we have failed. ... Where dark angels are kings. Time has ... My world you can't see... forever will be. ... The future I saw in your eyes.
The lovin' look that's left your eyes. That's why this comes as no, as no surprise. If I could see the future and how this plays out. I bet it's better than where we are ...
Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant Lyrics
Just by looking through your eyes. He could see the future penetrating right. In through your mind ... Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark Lyrics (HD) · Iron Maiden - 2  ...
Essenza - Deep Into Your Eyes lyrics
Lyrics for Deep Into Your Eyes by Essenza. ... me of the future of stars and space Now you can see mysteries of life Bloody ways, open skies Colours of flowers, ...
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY LYRICS - "Existence" (2010) album
I saw your eyes as a light in dark. Is your lips ... I can only see reflects inside of your soul within mine. ... Future Starz / Broccoli Rabe Recording Studios / NJ, USA
MASTERPLAN LYRICS - "Novum Initium" (2013) album
I can't take my life into the dark of hope. Have to keep my ... I can see you have secret in your eyes fooled me twice .... I´m the future so much more to discover
ANGRA LYRICS - "Secret Garden" (2015) album
I can see a newborn me. Emerging from ... I can see it through your eyes. All your ... Find your way through the rainbow of darkness .... The future's in your hands
GRAVEWORM LYRICS - "Fragments Of Death" (2011) album
See No Future 8. The Prophecy 9. Remembrance ... Your dying eyes see the dark. Cry - die for me ... Slaves – I will see through your haze. Lost inside the maze
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - The Last Amazing Grays
Soon every night can bring the light, and close my eyes. Sometimes... ... Or you will also find your fate. [Chorus] In the eyes of every newborn, I see the future
ARCH ENEMY LYRICS - "Anthems Of Rebellion" (2003) album
We Will Rise 4. Dead Eyes See No Future 5. ... As we watch your infantile behaviour ... Crawling in the dark ... I spit in the face of your preachers and leaders
KENZINER LYRICS - "Timescape" (1998) album
We've made the many journeys Maybe now we will know [2] It's all about us now We see the future signs. It's really oh so clear .... As look into your eyes. Another ...
PANDAEMONIUM LYRICS - "Return To Reality" (2005) album
will come to stroke your soul. When the night ... We will return from the ancient land with the honour ... is scorching in the dark of the night she tells of ... But I see the end of all dreams ... in the eyes of our babes ... to take you in the near future
HOLY FORCE LYRICS - "Holy Force" (2011) album
Take my hand and you will see. No more darkness ... The future will be ours again ... Dark clouds are turning white. Believe. ... Can you close your eyes. And see ...
IMPELLITTERI LYRICS - "Answer To The Master" (1994) album
can't you see there's a levy of tears in my eyes and I don't know if I ... one look in the past the future won't last can't you see ... away from the dark of the night 'cuz the only ... wrapped around your heart so you will never be alone can't you see I ...
AYREON LYRICS - "The Final Experiment" (1995) album
a shine in the dark like a rising ... I see the world through the eyes of time [ VILLAGERS:] ... I see could it be a future world ... you've betrayed your own, now you ...
SORCERY LYRICS - "Eternity" (1998) album
Light twinkles in my eyes. I know I must ... I looking for my future life. Now all the ... I can see your face beyond. And your ... That leave me out of the dark. And the ...
PANDAEMONIUM LYRICS - "The Last Prayer" (2012) album
Alone in the dark I have to keep on. Smelling ... Now I can see him, he's running unconscious. He will ... I see with your eyes .... Follow me in the future of your life
TENTH AVENUE NORTH LYRICS - Sparrow (Under Heaven's Eyes)
I heard Your eyes are on the faithful ... You see my future. One day I'll rise ... I could never outrun Your presence. You see ... Even the dark is light to You, Lord
HALFORD LYRICS - "Live Insurrection" (2001) album
HALFORD lyrics - "Live Insurrection" (2001) album, including "Prisoner Of Your Eyes", "Heart Of A Lion", "Screaming In The Dark"... ... Hopeless to the dream of any decent future. Running on sheer fear and ignorance. Nailed to .... Tell my mind - slow down - watch what I can, watch what I can save. Will I rise. Out of shadow?
STRATOVARIUS LYRICS - "Eternal" (2015) album
Shine In The Dark 3. Rise Above It ... Fire In Your Eyes 12. Lost Saga ... Now I can see it all so clear. There are no .... it in your head. No brighter future lies ahead
Through your eyes I can see, our future now lies in the past. It can't be ... As you fade in their dark caress ... Lost in the shadow of the face i'll never see again
DARK LYRICS - "Revolution" (1999) album
DARK lyrics - "Revolution" (1999) album, including "May Be", "Spacedrift", "Edge Of ... I see the future through those eyes, ... They could not take your pride
EMBRYO LYRICS - "Chaotic Age" (2006) album
Foresee the past and analyze the future. I see ... I saw your eyes in the dark of the night. I saw your eyes full of tears fading in the emptiness of their minds. Your eyes has turned into a bitter laugh. I can see the pain that you've felt that night
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" (1988 ...
Can I Play With Madness? 4. The Evil ... Don't you dare to save your son ... You'll be so alone your soul will bleed to death .... Through the eyes of the future I see
SEMBLANT LYRICS - "Lunar Manifesto" (2014) album
Dark Of The Day 3. What Lies Ahead 4. The Shrine 5. Bursting Open 6. Mists Over The Future 7. The Hand That ... Look to the sky and embrace your inner fear . Fear. ... Open your eyes as a new born ... We could learn to see beyond the void
Alaine - Love Of A Lifetime Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Of A Lifetime' by Alaine. / Finally we found the love of a lifetime / And I can see my whole future in your eyes / I don't believe when they.
Open your eyes. Can you hear me? Look at what's in front of you. An endless journey. Our end. What do you see? What do you feel? Were we ever really alive ?
EDGE OF SANITY LYRICS - "Purgatory Afterglow" (1994) album
I close your eyes and whisper "Goodbye". ... I feel my eyes release the tears. ... The dance in a circle above the ground and I can see you and it looks like you're still ... We will see the future and then we fall. ... Dark formations, shadows laugh.
IPERYT LYRICS - "No State Of Grace" (2011) album
Keep Your Eyes Closed 8. Into The Mouth ... A world of shit through the dead eyes? Another step ... Let me see your scars to measure your attraction ... Still I can see the future of your kind .... Blood-red kaleidoscope of dark visions and dreams
PARAMORE LYRICS - Hate To See Your Heart Break
Lyrics to "Hate To See Your Heart Break" song by PARAMORE: There is not a single word in the whole world That could describe the hurt The dullest knife just  ...

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