How many miles left to go until we find a way find a way back home lyrics

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Ari Hest - A Way Back Home Lyrics
We hear the bark but lose the bite, but lose the bite. If I could find a way back home. Where all thats left is skin and bone. A place where I can be alone. I need to ...
Lyrics to "Back Home" song by ANDY GRAMMER: I'm gonna need you to raise your glass I ... And no matter where we go. We always find our way back home
Lyrics to "Find Your Way" song by THE AFTERS: Don't believe, the bridge from you ... You're never to far to be forgotten. ... So I'll wait 'til you find your way back home. ... I know we'll talk like we used to, ... Visit for these lyrics .
OPM LYRICS - Family And Friends
for everything that goes right, ten things go wrong. And I wonder why things gotta be so hard, So many battle wounds have left me scarred, Tryna find my ... I need to find my way back home again, Someday I'll ... Maybe sometime we can do this again, But now's not the time, so until then, I need to find ... To find myself so far,
Prince - Way Back Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Way Back Home' by Prince: In my dreams I roam Just trying to find, trying to find My way back, back home. ... All I ever wanted, to be left alone. See my bed's made up at ... There's so many reasons why ... Until I find my way back home
CHASING SAFETY LYRICS - "Season Of The Dead" (2014) album
3. Til Death Do Us Part 4. Far Away 5. My Revenge 6. Shadowed By A Storm 7. ... When you're gone will we care care about the things you left behind? ... I know it's hard to go on when you're already dead .... I'm on the edge but I see my way back home to start something new ... Now I won't leave until I get my revenge ...
I walk around like a skeleton last night. Trying to find my way home. This white frame it's all that I've got left. Cause not even you could chew through my bones
Lyrics to "No Way Back To Eden" song by BLACKBERRY SMOKE: There's no well-beaten path We left nothing along the way Come too far to turn back Let the chips fa... ... They say that you gotta go to know. That you wanna come home. There is no shame till you know. There's right and wrong. We dipped ourselves in the ...
No way (no wa... ... In death we grieve until all have transcended from this realm. In time we will meet ... Left to journey alone, but I can find my way back home.
Eric Arjes - Find My Way Back Lyrics
One step closer Closer to the light No matter where we're going I'll be by your ... Lyrics for Find My Way Back by Eric Arjes has been translated in 8 languages ... weary eyes will never rest Until they look in yours again I'm on my way now I still  ...
Are gonna fall into the sea and they'll know ... We were made to never fall away ... From the sky telling us all to go free. But until that day I'll find a way. To let everybody know that you're coming back ... 'Cause even though you left me here
Lyrics to "Until You Were Gone" song by THE CHAINSMOKERS: Thought that I'd be better off If I were on my own I tried to put my finger On the moment we were wr... ... Left you just to find out that I need ya. So far, I wanna pull you closer. I wish we ... I take back everything I said, ooh, won't you just come home? Ice cold, I ...
Lyrics to "Runaways" song by ALL TIME LOW: Only a quitter Would let it go. I'm your fool ... With tears in our rear view mirror. Far from home, But in the ... We'll find our way. When the sun goes down. On this town, There'll be no one left, but us.
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Common Courtesy" (2013) album
Remember way back when? ... You can't run before you go learn how, and you won't. ... We all but knew but seemed to never know the part. I played a show that night till it made me sick. ... To those left in sadness I'll be the one to lead you out. ... Stretched myself out way too far, ... To find my reason to come back home.
KATATONIA LYRICS - "The Fall Of Hearts" (2016) album
Crushed by the flood, I won't let you go. ... And I left my home. Passed the evening ... And it's got me crawling all the way back to the start ... until knowledge will arrive. ... In the city the lights are many, ... Lest we forgive what did bring us here. ... Ascend through the air and find a heart yet undefined. .... So many miles apart
I'm just tryna find my way back home. Can't help but ... Guess this journey's left me on my own. I don't care why I'm ... Forget about the world, we're set in stone ... I never thought I'd be this far from home ... Visit for these lyrics.
ART FAR AWAY LYRICS - "Verisimilitude & The Second Estate ...
ART FAR AWAY lyrics - "Verisimilitude & The Second Estate" (2014) album, including ... But God has taken that away from me, he's left me for dead. ... Please just hold me a little longer, please just hold me until it's over. ... You will never go home. ... In this perception of the truth I can never find my way back home to you.
She was on her way to becoming a college graduate. Wouldn't ... If I had the chance again, I'd never let you go. Hold tight to your love, 'cause you never know ... We spent more time together but it was never enough ... I tried to speak, but she wouldn't stop until I left sight ... Even after my mother, hugged me, cryin' at home
... I never laid a hand on you My eyes adored you Like a million miles away Fr... ... From me you couldn't see ... And yet so far away ... Walking home every day over. Barnegat Bridge and Bay Till we grew into the me and you ... And the love I left behind ... We were way back then ... Visit for these lyrics.
PIXIE LOTT LYRICS - Bright Lights (Good Life) Part II
Left us in the back drown dry harmony. Done a bit ... I can't go through another day. Wishing ... Bright lights in the sky light won't let me lose my way. Cause I know somehow something's gotta change. So close but it's still so far ... Oh oh until we see the lights that bring us hope ... Oh oh I know the city lights will guide us home
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake 6. Shadow ... I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim. I'm scared to ... (The house of wolves you built) (The nest of ... We'll never find our way back home .... Secrets don't sleep till they're took to the grave, ... There's nothing left to save ... Give up, 'cause you're makin' it so much worse
IN THIS CHEST LYRICS - "A New Horizon" (2012) album
Get Out Of My Way 9. Carpe ... Let You Go. You left me alone - when I was in need ... You made me run – until we ran out of time. I can't say ... How many miles have passed – under my feet? ... You know what's on my mind ... I let go. Before I became absorbed in thoughts. All these miles of solitude ... To carry me back home
2PAC LYRICS - Can U Get Away
Can you get away? Let me come swoop you up (You know I got a man) I know you got... ... Maybe we can see a better way, find a brighter day. Late night phone  ...
Life can be A blessing in disguise For those who know How to live it right Forget ... A way back home to you. Go beyond ... Heaven ain't far from where we are.
ASKING ALEXANDRIA LYRICS - "Reckless And Relentless" (2011 ...
If I'm going down I won't go down alone ... Closure. We're back again, you know we're not fucking around ... We've come so far, we've shown them all, without us you'd fall and fade away. They say ... Because I know there's someone, somewhere praying that I make it home ... Now all I need to find a way back inside my mind
PHORA LYRICS - Make You Feel
Yeah, I know you probably heard about it. And your friends ... And even though your home girls say you shouldn't mess with me ... I will take you far, far away, I'll make you feel alright. You gotta crave it and chase it, until you're close enough to taste it ... When we all alone, I know you never letting go of me ... No Other Way
NOVELISTS LYRICS - "Souvenirs" (2015) album
Hey mate, we can see you through your fucking bubble. Why can't you ... Since I left the warmth of a "home". ... No, I can't go on like this. ... I'll slit your throat with the dagger that you left in my back. .... I thought we've been watching the same sun but we're way too far to finally feel warmed. ... Until they dry from the inside out
DREAMSHADE LYRICS - "Vibrant" (2016) album
3. It's Over 4. Don't Wanna Go ... I'm on my way home. I wish I didn't ... far from the truth that illuminates this dark side of me. Everyday I ... We never miss a thing until it is all gone. This song ... I'm back where my heart belongs. Missing the ... 3. It's Over. I've been trying to find a way ... You walk away leaving nothing left to say
Lyrics to "Stay" song by FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE: I'd sell my soul just to see your face. And I'd ... I'm sorry for the way I hurt you and making you walk away. ... would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay? (I can't go another day without you) ... (You'd always hold me before I left you hanging on )
Still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why. So I retrace our every ... I still remember the silence, and how we'd always find a way to turn and run to ...
I'm giving it a go alone. I'm begging ... Maybe I pushed you way too far. To pull you back to where you are. But if I can I ... But I can't find my way home. Find my ...
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "There Is A Hell, Believe Me I ...
Don't Go 6. Home Sweet Hole 7. Alligator Blood 8. Visions 9. Blacklist 10. ... And I fear I'm too far gone ... There is something you all really need to know ... Take my hand, show me the way, we are the children who can't be saved. .... They crawl up on my back, wrap their fingers round my throat. .... Till it burns out the sky
THE AMITY AFFLICTION LYRICS - "Let The Ocean Take Me" (2014 ...
I'll shed my tears until I drown, or until I am underground. I'll take ... All sorrow here, so far from home. So far ... We can all stand up and sing 'never alone' ... When I lost my home and find my way home ... Cause I've got more life left to live (got some promises to keep) .... Could I let go of all the pain eating me from the inside?
T.I. - Dead And Gone Lyrics
Just trying to find, my way back home. The old me ... That part of me left yesterday , the heart of me is strong today. No regrets ... Niggas start shit didn't, next thing ya know we cappin' Get locked ... Maybe my homeboy, 'till be around. Had I not ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Ultra Beatdown" (2008) album
Silent tears we left behind, still so far away, Across the ... Take me home, in freedom, for a lifetime... Pray now for the ... Crawling back to life through ever- blinding darkness. ... One day we'll find a way, and a reason to survive, Cry for ... Lurking around the shadows until the end ... We'll travel endlessly, deluded, disjointed,
Another day in this carnival of souls. Another night settles in as quickly as it goes. The memories of shadows, ink on the page. And I can't seem to find my way ...
RIVAL CHOIR LYRICS - "I Believe, Help My Unbelief" (2016) album
No matter how far I run my mistakes follow me wherever I go. I'm losing my ... Left to my shelter hiding my face from the liar. I cross the ... Have I gone too far to find my way back home? Are the lights ... When will we see that this is counterfeit? Throw it all ... There's no ocean floor, you sink until you learn to swim. I can't stop  ...
Lyrics to "The Strength To Go On" song by RISE AGAINST: Welcome home While away They have tampered with the locks And your things ... "We propose a better way" Said the note they left behind ... What we know is almost nothing at all. But we are what we are till the day we die ... How many times can we tell you that we
ATMOSPHERE LYRICS - Always Coming Back Home To You
Lyrics to "Always Coming Back Home To You" song by ATMOSPHERE: To all my killers and my hundred ... From where I stood I could see that the till was full
THRESHOLD LYRICS - "Subsurface" (2004) album
this is the road that we go down as clear as the day but still we don't see we'll only know when it's over lost in the haze so far away how can we get back home

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