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Must be coffee by the way you shakin your perk-u-later. I'm the ... Well honey ( Whatcha got Mr. Mans) ... Shake that sexy body (Do you like what you see?)
[BRIDGE] (Baby tell me can we play this game) I wanna know it's about to go down. Cause your body looks like Honey. (I'm feelin you, your feelin me the same )
ZARA LARSSON - I Would Like lyrics
Why can't we be on our worst behaviour, worst behaviour. When it all comes naturally. I would like to get to know you baby. Like to get under your sexy body
Like to get under your sexy body. I would like to get to know you baby. Like to get under your sexy body. Woah, woah (Under your sexy body) Under your sexy ...
Can I dip into you honey (Honey) Your body's where, I wanted to be. You were gonna be my, honey dip. Ooh, with your sexy body. The way you hold me
ROD STEWART LYRICS - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know. If you really need me just reach out and touch me come on honey tell me so. Tell me so  ...
Shawn Desman - Sexy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sexy' by Shawn Desman. ... Body so phat so I said / 'I got to be that one man leaving tonight / With your hand. ... Cause your body looks like Honey.
Lyrics to "Love Like Honey" song by PRETTY RICKY: I wanna sex you, ... beat, lay your body down, listen how the mattress squeak, I wanna sex you, I ain't stopping ... I got some candles lit, strawberry scent, baby say my name, call me sexy ...
Born Jamericans - Sweet Honey lyrics
Lyrics for Sweet Honey by Born Jamericans. ... sweet honey Me tells you are the cure for me Caress you your sexy body, sweet honey Because I tells you you're ...
My whole body gets weak ... Your sweet, sexy voice turns my ear all the way on ... Yes I got some honey suckle chocolate dripping kisses full of love for you
SHAI LYRICS - Sexcapade
[Chorus: x2] Girl get your body ready. I'm in the mood tonight. I wanna taste some honey. I wanna squeeze ya tight. I wanna see ya sexy. I wanna turn ya on
THE STRUTS LYRICS - Dirty Sexy Money
Lyrics to "Dirty Sexy Money" song by THE STRUTS: Rocket, Ignite my rocket, Don 't ever stop, She's a ten, ... Her body's glowing, ... My high-street honey, She knows just what she's got, Because she's so shit hot. Sexy. ... Put Your Money On Me
Lyrics to "Treasure" song by BRUNO MARS: Baby squirrel, you's a sexy motherfucker Give me your, give me your, give me your ... Honey, you're my golden star
baby, I'm ready, So what you waiting for, Feel sexy, your body, Let's take it to the floor, After dark, all night long, Dusk till dawn, I wanna make some honey ...
BRITNEY SPEARS LYRICS - (Drop Dead) Beautiful
And yeah, your body looks so sick. I think I caught the ... Be my honey tonight. Look at you. Look at ... I just want your D Boy, come over here with your sexy ass
Ying Yang Twins - Whisper In Ya Ear Lyrics
Got a sexy ass body and yo ass look soft. Mind if I ... Have your legs open all in the buck. Do it up ... You gonna skeet skeet you bout to get your feelings hurt
How I see you in the cut chillin' with your homies gettin' fucked up. I got fantasies of ... let me saturate you body with honey and lick it up stick it up after ... [verse 3] M, m, m, m, got to be more careful don't hurt 'em girl you sexy when you mad
Wrestling - Revolting Cocks- "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" Lyrics ...
If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon sugar let me know! If you really need me, just reach out and touch me, c'mon honey tell me so! He's acting shy ...
Lyrics to "Untitled" song by SHAGGY: This one is for all the sexy ladies Yeah man ... Your body's bangin' (Uh Huh) ... Is it this, honey dip, with the curvin' hips
Mariah Carey - Honey Lyrics
For another taste of your honey ... Mariah told Live Nation TV in an interview that " Honey" was her first 'sexy' hit. .... Mariah Carey - Touch My Body Music Video.
Darshan Raval feat. Rimi Nique - Sunny Sunny, The Workout Song ...
Jan 11, 2016 Strech yourself and move your body Hip rotation and twisting ... your mornings hot n' sunny For a sexy body my honey Body twisting sides ki ...
YING YANG TWINS LYRICS - Wait (The Whisper Song) (Jacki-O ...
[Verse 1] Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear. Tell you sumthing that you might like to hear. You got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft
You're a freak. You're alone in your bed with graphic images in your head ... Let me tell you how sexy you are. As I'm going ... Honey on my body and licking it off
Kool & The Gang - Sexy (Where'd You Get Yours) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sexy (Where'd You Get Yours)' by Kool & The Gang. You got me staring and I can't help it / cause your body's so amazing so amazing / Has anybody. ... ohh yeah (So sexy sexy) Honey tell me who you're using. Cause they know just ...
Jay Park feat. Crush, Simon Dominic & Honey Cocaine - 몸매 ...
Nov 16, 2015 i be like hold up wait a minute girl. Where you goin? Sorry for staring. But you're so sexy I can't take my eyes off of you. I wanna see your body
[Verse 1:] I'm dancing with a nice honey ... Got a sexy body like. Uh oh, uh oh ... I can spot you out the corner of your eye that tell you wanna ride, You looking at ...
Glee - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Lyrics
If you want my body and you think I'm sexy. Come on, sugar, let me know. If you really need me, just reach out and touch me. Come on, honey, tell me so.
Prince - The Purple Medley Lyrics
Sexy dancer, I want your body, want your body. Sexy dancer, dance ... Honey, put down all your money U win everytime, oh (Sexy {x4}) Oh, irresistible bitch - I ...
BIG BANG LYRICS - Everything
Ain't a thing without you here in my life (you sexy hottie - you got that body - you... ... (so sweet like honey - right on the money - blowin' my mind) Everyday as I wake I'm whole. You got ... (just want your body on my body body) Girl anything you ...
Ain't Nobody Baby Lyrics - Con Funk Shun
... "Ain't Nobody Baby" from "Con Funk Shun": You foxy lady sweet sexy baby, I like your body so don't turn ... It just ain't nobody, honey, that do the things you do
Dance Floor Lyrics - Zapp
Ooh, honey. I want your love so bad ... Shake your body (Chicka-ah-chicka-ah) Shake, shake it ... With your sexy, sexy moves {Dance floor} You're blowin' my ...
Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that (thanks, Mom) ... Like Prince said you're a sexy mutha- ... Chocolate chip, honey dip, can I get a scoop?
She was dancing sexy, pop, pop, popping, dropping, dropping low. Never ever has a ... Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow. Girl you know I'm loving your , loving your style. Check, check ... Fell in love with honey like my, oh my. Honey ...
Nesian N.I.N.E. - Show Me lyrics
Jun 4, 2014 HEY! pretty lady I got your text on my phone ITs kind of sexy girl An ... Baby put your body where your mouth is Oooh you swear I'm gonna love ...
There's a spiritual place your body needs to go ... Cause tonight girl, I'm gonna make your body happy ... I got your favorite ice cream, a little honey for me ... Got some real sexy role play to turn you on, I guarantee I'll be as gentle as they come
B2K - Bump, Bump, Bump Lyrics
We sendin' this one out / To all the ladies all over the world / All my sexy mama's / C'mon ... You know I like it when your body goes ... Shake it like ya can honey
Girls Aloud - Money Lyrics
... by Girls Aloud. Oh money money, your money honey / So naughty naughty / Give me that dirt dinero / Want your money honey, not your body buddy. ... Sexy! No No No... Girls Aloud - See The Day Music Video. See The Day. Girls Aloud ...
Sexy Sexy Lyrics - Akon
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Sexy Sexy" from "Akon": ft Nelly, I want you, Sexy sexy, Do you want me too?, Yeah let's do, Hey sexy ... If you want to, honey get dough with them heels. And I wanna touch your body, put both my hands all on you
WILL.I.AM LYRICS - I Got It From My Mama
I.AM: Ladies, l-l-ladies, l-l-ladies, here we go Baby, where'd you get yo body from ? Tell me where'd... ... Honey, lookin' good from her head to her toe. Beauty overload, body ... Maybe cause your beauty keep the dudes unsprung. Wonderin' just ... And if the girl real sexy, 9 times outta 10 she sexy like her mama. And if the girl ...
N-Trance - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Lyrics
Kelly / Sexy baby, you drive me crazy / Sexy baby, you drive me crazy / Oooh you sexy baby, you drive me crazy / ... This party, cool with everybody,but my body want to push up on your. Body, Big poppy, ain't ... Come on honey tell me so. Kelly

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