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THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH LYRICS - Hold Me Close (Underground)
Lyrics to "Hold Me Close (Underground)" song by THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH: There's something very English about 'forever' 'Hugs and kisses' are English too ...
U2 LYRICS - Iris (Hold Me Close)
We're meeting up again. Hold me close, hold me close and don't let me go. Hold me close like I'm someone that you might know. Hold me close the darkness ...
Hold her close in my dreams, but when I woke she disappeared. Just an empty cell until ... Relatively well-known around the New York underground. But I kept ... Her mom buzzed me up and hugged me up, like a mother ought to. But her facial  ...
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
I'm scared to get close and I hate being alone .... It's like I'm sleepwalking. Wake up! Take my hand and. Give me a reason to start again .... Won't you make some room in your bed? .... Hold me close, don't let go ... They drag me underground
Lyrics to "Chasing Rainbows" song by BRING ME THE HORIZON: They drag me ... They drag me underground. The lights ... And hold me down ... I've given up
Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chief Rocka' by Lords Of The Underground. (Chief Rocka) / Boom shaka laka yo here comes the Chief Rocka / Rock it down, so jump up off the tip ...
My blood spills all over the pages. And my last breath is a crawl. I say that I love you. My dying wish, you can, you hold me close? I'm going six feet underground
the beautiful south - hold me close (underground) lyrics
The Beautiful South - Hold Me Close (Underground) Lyrics. [Incomprehensible] There's something very English about 'Forever' 'Hugs and kisses' are English ...
Lyrics to "Underground" song by KIMYA DAWSON: My head is pounding, I can't stop the ... And it'll be funny to the people who know me ... And lavender fishnets, I'm freaked out and fucked up. And I'm ... But instead I close my eyes ... She'll look just like you, but her hair will be feathered ... All I can do is hold fast and sit tight
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I ... Man that shit sound like some Vanessa Williams '88 .... The underground is mine, I treat it like home .... Like I close my eyes, and woke up in a Roc chain
By the power of Your love. Hold me close. Let Your love surround me. Bring me near. Draw me to Your side. And as I wait. I'll rise up like the eagle. And I will ...
DON MOEN LYRICS - Power Of Your Love
By the power of Your love. Hold me close. Let Your love surround me. Bring me near. Draw me to Your side. And as I wait. I will rise up like the eagle. And I will ...
THRIVING IVORY LYRICS - Long Hallway With A Broken Light
Close to you ... You hold me like a bag of bones. Wrapped up and underground. Pull me out so I ... Make me believe that one more night's not a minute too long
Ironik - Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)' by Ironik: Lay me down in sheets of linen, You've had a busy ... And I hope you like it too, coz it's nothing but the truth
GIVE UP THE GHOST LYRICS - "We're Down 'Til We're Underground"
nowhere in a nowhere town We're growing up by falling down We love the ... face And no man parting some sea could keep you from me We had to walk away ... me up never, please, lock the door, and lose the keys My legs barely hold all of my ... We could just be walking closer to closed doors It was spoken, then broken-
So close to me ... [Danny:] If I went out the back door nobody would stop me. But where ... Beats through my bones like the memory left me ... Hold this song together with a bottle of whiskey ... You took me in and I fucked it up again ... ' Cause in the end we need someone to solve em ... "Notes From The Underground" (2013).
B.O.B LYRICS - John Doe
Lyrics to "John Doe" song by B.o.B: Seems like your heart stops working The minute they close the ... My girl broke up with me cause she walked in suddenly
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Spitsessie CLVIII Zonamo Underground
Lyrics to "Spitsessie CLVIII Zonamo Underground" song by SNOOP DOGG: I'm here now nigger yeah, ... So let me go ahead and do... ... Motherfucker get close to the shit that I bang like ... Bust your bitch and make her wanna hold like that
EMINEM LYRICS - White America
Lyrics to "White America" song by EMINEM: America, hahaha, we love you, ... Days, who would of thought, standing in this mirror bleachin' my hair, with some peroxide, ... Up in the office, cause congress keeps telling me I ain't causin' nuthin ' but ... Underground, no one gave a fuck I was white, no labels wanted to sign me , ...
David Essex - Hold Me Close lyrics
Hold Me Close lyrics by David Essex: Hold me close, don't let me go, oh no / I, yes I love you and I think that you know / Do you know?
DMX LYRICS - Deeper & Deeper
You remember that kid from runnin up and down from Buildin 80? ... And me bein the way I am, if the Devil close to me ... I chose to be, on some Dark shit (uhh) ... These souls from underground keep callin ... Hold me yo; niggaz don't, know me yo! ... Cause in a minute, what I'm THINKIN is about to look like sauce (BOOM!)
The Underground Youth - Blue Lyrics
Sep 10, 2014 Of all the things, that make me whole You're the only one, I feel has control I ... Sign inSign up ... ever been this blue, so blue Will you hold me down, the way you do, ... low But I love it when we're high, and I love to say I love you so, hello. .... By closing this message, or by scrolling down this page you agree ...
Thriving Ivory - Long Hallway With A Broken Light Lyrics
I'm walking on air, close to you. Through a ... You hold me like a bag of bones. Wrapped up and underground. Pull me ... Make me believe, that one more night's
Lyrics to "King For A Day" song by PIERCE THE VEIL: Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge? I bet you never had a Friday night like this Keep it up,...
Lyrics to "Heartbeat" song by CARRIE UNDERWOOD: I love it when we're at a party In a down-town crowd But I can't hear you call me, baby, With the mu... ... With the music up loud ... And make me hold my breath. You pull me closer, My head ...
It's time I said this but I'm so choked up. And I need my sanity. I'm scared, believe me. You can see me smile. If you let me just stick around ... It ended like a sudden stop on a freight train ... We'll hold a funeral for nothing ... It takes the sea to put you six feet happily underground ... But when someone slowly breaks it off
"Lullaby". Sleep, lay me down, hold me closely in your arms ... Please, promise me that when I wake up from my dreams ... Love, if you say you won't slip away
Velvet Underground - Head Held High Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Head Held High' by Velvet Underground. My mama told me, ever since I was seven, / Hold your head up high. ... Oh, as I figured, just like I figured
CHRIS JANSON LYRICS - When I'm Holdin' Her
"When I'm Holdin' Her". Well I woke up in places I couldn't remember. Who's lying next to me or even how I got there ... One Tuesday night in an underground pool hall ... Love's the only thing, yeah that I feel. When she's ... Cut Me Some Slack
Lords Of The Underground - Here Come The Lords Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Here Come the Lords' by Lords Of The Underground. / Well umm, open ... [DoItAll] Aiyyo nigga wake up, "let me show you some-thin!" Listen to the way ...
[Verse 1] The all around the world Digital Underground, Pac ... but he's like he wanna manage me as a rapper AND a producer [Hiphop:] ... I was figuring I was gonna do some more work ... gotta make a change, try to move up to the next level.
Jesse Malin - NY Nights Lyrics
Hold me close in the New York night. A holy ghost ... Or giving up, never baby, no . From the desert to this love stained town. I still find comfort in the underground
Cartoon feat. Daniel Levi - On & On Lyrics
Jul 20, 2015 Hold me close 'til I get up Time is barely on our side I don't wanna waste what's left. The storms we chase are leading us And love is all we'll ...
TICH LYRICS - Breathe In Breathe Out
Lyrics to "Breathe In Breathe Out" song by TICH: Woke up too late for the train Routine is always ... Another day in a life like any other ... Oh, hold me close as I
Hillsong United - Power Of Your Love lyrics
Lord I come to You Let my heart be changed, renewed. Flowing from the grace. That I found in You. And Lord I've come to know. The weaknesses I see in me
2Pac - Rebel Of The Underground Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rebel Of The Underground' by 2Pac. Rebel, rebel ... Cause from the Jungle to Oaktown, they backin' me up all the way. You know you gotta love the sound. It's from the ... They say they hate me, they wanna hold me down. I guess they ... That ya gotta do some selling out, just to get your record out ... Close Video ...
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground Lyrics
Lyrics to '6 Underground' by Sneaker Pimps: Safe and sound, too strung up. ... i can see like nothing else in me you're better than I wannabe don't think 'cos i understand i care, don't think 'cos i'm ... See All. Close Video ... The Tracklist For The Chainsmokers' Full-Length Debut Reveals Some Surprising Collaborations.
Lyrics to "Freak Like Me" song by HALESTORM: I'm on the train that's pullin the sick ... We're underground but we will not surrender, ... They can't hold you down,
Hold me close 'til I get up. Time is barely on our side. I don't wanna waste what's left. The storms we chase are leading us. And love is all we'll ever trust, yeah
JOSH RITTER LYRICS - The Temptation Of Adam
Oh, we could hold each other close and stay up every night. Looking up into ... You could hold me here forever like you're holding me tonight. I think about that ...

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