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PNB ROCK LYRICS - You Don't Have To Ask
Lyrics to "You Don't Have To Ask" song by PNB ROCK: Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Come here Aye Shawty you so bad I'm just saying you should know that Wit ...
Lyrics to "Shawty Know" song by WEBBIE: Boo. ... Know what I'm saying? ... You my baby girl. the way i feel, if you ever disappear I swear my heart will just stop. ... So if you wanna holla, holla back cause baby I want you. baby, I need you. so, ... Let's face it, we in love. and you make me so mad til I hate you so bad but I love ...
I can see it in your eyes when you (high) That you feeling ... With you shawty you know you my boo I got all this weed for you girl. Lets get ... I just got your text, that said where you at. You had a ... So lets ride shawty lets get high shawty [Hook]
Girl my bad I just can't help it. Girl you taste so [Bridge] [Hook] Hey shawty this what I'm here for, I'm ready. Are you ... So you know I just want an experience
Lyrics to "You Got It" song by J. COLE: Hey, one time Hey, one time One time ... I just might change your life ... One damn thing you can't change is the weather ... girl thank you, shit you so bad know your daddy wish he could still spank you
I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough. Now you can get all of me. A lot of things ... I wish I could see a day wit no he say, she say, just wanna see Trey ... But somethin 'bout dude makes bad shit worse. Look, its three types of niggas in this world ya know. So you ... So i couldn't just sit there like 'FUCK rappin'
Lyrics to "Bad" song by WALE: Monogamy or whatever you call it I'm starting to think it ain't for ... Most of us is rushing into it anyways, you know what I'm saying ... So let's neglect the "what if"'s and make it do what it does ... But at least I can admit that I'll be bad no to you (to you) Yeah ... I know I just be calling her mean ass
RICK ROSS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
And I ain't no connoisseur but I'm kinda sure you will admire my taste ... deep you are. And believe me shorty I ain't talking about no intimate conversation ... Pussy's excellent and I know it sound a mess. I love to ... Bitch so bad got me wishing I could sing her. Uniform ... Diced pineapples I just bought my girl a set. I know my ...
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
Lyrics to "Lovin' You Is Wrong" song by WEBBIE: xhIf lovin you is wrong, I don't ... I feel like you all I got so baby Ima keep you close tah me ... I can get you locked up bae you stole my heart and hauled ass ... Sometimes my niggas laugh at me but I know you'll be there fah me ... And it feels so good that it just cant go bad
... that I was blazing. So I'm just sitting in the studio just trying to get to you, baby ... shorty so come in. Throw that pussy shorty, see I think you and me can make it
She ATL pop, don't know how to act, She left for one ... Lil' mama so hood, (I love your girl) Lil' mama ... She drop it down to the floor, I'm sayin shorty you should go , but she like (Fuck! ... Mmm I want her in the worst way, plus I just found out that it's her birthday ... Situation got you mad, I would be too, cause damn she bad.
KARMIN LYRICS - I'm Just Sayin'
Lyrics to "I'm Just Sayin'" song by KARMIN: Oh if I want it I'm gonna get it And I'm just sayin' I'm just sayin' Oh if I want it I'm gonna get... ... Even when a hundred people tell you it's a wipeout ... It should be so easy. Oh.. ... I know, know know
Lyrics to "If You Want" song by DONELL JONES: (If you want) Yeah, (If you want) Tonight, I dont want you to think about none of the problems y. ... You can just stay right here ... You know what I'm saying ... Girl I know you want it so bad ... Hey! unlock your door ... And shorty wanna ride with me, then let me know cuz we ride
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Yea Yea x 3 Yea Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want . ... I will outshine Anybody think they gone replace me You know I am who ... I'm good, I gotta eat, I gotta eat, yea yea hey But they don't wanna ... I ain't have when I was young Everything got a pricing I'm just saying, ...
Lyrics to "You" song by LLOYD: Its major move right here baby You gotta get wit it or get lost (Ya ... And I just wanna be with you tonight (girl please) ... can I be for real? ... So let's dip up out of here ... Ya like what I'm saying? ... You know you give good brain like you graduated from a good school ... See...shawty what it is?
J. COLE LYRICS - In The Morning
Lyrics to "In The Morning" song by J. COLE: Baby you summertime fine, I let you get on ... You fine as hell, I guess I met you for a reason, only time can tell ... So i threw em back, now all my niggas hollerin, who was that. Oh boy, she bad nigga, what you bout do with that ... Hey, hey, God Bless the child that can hold his own
Lyrics to "You Deserve" song by AUGUST ALSINA: This is for the girl down the hall Misused and abused Yeah, yeah yeah Pick ya head up ... Girl I know sometimes that I mistreat you, and you still come back ... When they tell you, you should walk away but you stay anyway ... So let's get it understood ... But I'm just saying
MOS DEF LYRICS - Ms. Fat Booty
Lyrics to "Ms. Fat Booty" song by MOS DEF: I know, I can't afford to stop for a moment.. that it's too ... Ass so fat that you could see it from the front ... Is sugar and spice the only thing that you made of? ... Hey, this my man Mos, baby let me introduce; I turn around ... Nine months, flu-like symptoms when shorty not around
OMARION LYRICS - Know You Better
Lyrics to "Know You Better" song by OMARION: Haha, yeah, I'mma let it ride I'm just tryna know you better Tell me what's your name, ... I'm just askin', I'm just sayin, what's your current situation? ... And if so girl, how many? And if not, then shawty tell me, can I be your baby daddy? ... I just gotta ask cause girl you super bad
K CAMP LYRICS - Comfortable
Hey, shawty, what it do, what's happenin'? Peep the way you move I ... every time you walk by. You got thang for a nigga I can see it in your eye ... In the spare time shawty just countin' dough, we all know she's important. Let me know if you ...
TRINA LYRICS - I Got A Thang For You
Lyrics to "I Got A Thang For You" song by TRINA: (Yeah) Ladies, (Yeah) Have you eva had a thang for somebody And it was just so deep And you want... ... And you wanted to tell him so bad ... listen to what Im sayin. I gotta thang for you (For you) I gotta thang for you baby you know ... Im hopin we can work this thing out
Lyrics to "I'm Sayin'" song by OMARION: Somewhere in here there's a bad bitch that's been on my mind She ... I know I've been drinking a lot and I'm probably too high ... (I'm saying) At the end of the night where you going? ... So low, low, low, low, you remember that? ... She just wanna (mm) with me for a little exposure
Hey baby girl ... I know you got a man but this is what you should say ... So call your shawty you tell him you found a new man ... Just tell him to the left left left
NE-YO LYRICS - The Way You Move
Lyrics to "The Way You Move" song by NE-YO: She work at Onyx but she say it's only temporary It's been 3 years and she's ... Shawty's so incredible. Body language she's a poet. She's so bad and what's so sad ... And I know that you can get whatever from whatever man ... I never seen nobody work it quite just like you baby
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
Shawty so cold, pussy winter fresh. Reservations ... Bitch so bad know her parents went through hell, Smart mouth when we argue, you would swear she went to Yale. I wanna touch ... Slide her something just to come through, host money, At least ... Miami on the yacht, she pulling on my pistol saying how she love my cock.
Cause you say you got my baby, and I know it ain't true. Is it a good thing? no its bad bitch. For good or ... Hey, dirty, baby I got your money ... Yo! so I glanced at the girls, girls glanced at me ... Just dance! if you caught up in the holy ghost trance ... I'm the O-D-B as you can see ... You looking at my wrist saying "its so nice"
So what you saying, hoe? You Know I'm the ... You ain't nothing but a creeper, baby I'm just saying, though. Saying ... Tryna hold something, hold my nuts, can you do that? Can you play ... You know that ain't a real bad bitch, that's a knock off
NEW BOYZ LYRICS - Better With The Lights Off
Lyrics to "Better With The Lights Off" song by NEW BOYZ: You're a dime, so beautiful Top of the line, so unusual Words can't define, You're running through m ... ... Now I think it's time, hey shawty ... Sweetheart you only live one time. So ... Every guy wanna know how it is ... Acting too happy saying she ain't going back home
Have you ever loved someone, so bad ... Shawty, I really wanna meet ya ... So you should be mine girl. You just don't know what you do to me ... Hey Keisha.
Nicki Minaj - No Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Love' by Nicki Minaj: Yes, I am the crème de la crème / Loving ain't the ... Baby I know you need me, like I need you ... You should just drink a couple drinks with a nigga like me ... Shawty if you looking for somebody tryna settle down ... All I want is you so what you tryna do? ... But you know how bad I need it
Lyrics to "The Real Her" song by DRAKE: People around you should really have nothing to say Me, I'm just proud of the fact that you've done... ... But I gotta say, oh babe, oh babe, why is this so familiar? Just met ... I know what makes her smile, but I won't know what makes her different ... Shawty went and bought a whip
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
Tell me fellas have you seen her? ... Spit it so she'll get it ... I know you're trying to leave but excuse me miss ... Now shorty grab hold of my hand ... you. I think that I should start by saying ... Now everbody just clap your hands like this(like this)
HOPSIN LYRICS - Lucifer Effect
Lyrics to "Lucifer Effect" song by HOPSIN: What if I told you, I was crazy, would it be ... my brain is not insane but I'm insane if you know what I'm saying, Lucifer! ... I 'm not looking for salvation, I'm just a really good person in a fucked up situation. ... with a record deal I think you robbed me, so will Hopsin come and break you ...
Lyrics to "Company" song by DRAKE: I got some shit for you to come and get I'm at the ... I need a shawty from Houston ... I know a girl I should propose to, but we just on some different shit ... Bitch so bad, coulda thought I owed her somethin'
'Stead of gettin' a pat down, they just keep on saying that they feel ya nigga. Yeah , It's been ... You wont feel me til you want it so bad you tell yourself you're in it
Thinking like "Should I call less or call more?" And "What if I ... She know just what to say to have a nigga straight feenin' We ain't ... So I'm saying what's real. But this ... But for some reason, man, I'm thinking that you're creepin' on me. And shit ...
Lyrics to "Ready Or Not" song by MEEK MILL: Ready or not, here I come You can' t hide, nigga I'm too ... And these voices in my head saying niggas ain't for you
R KELLY LYRICS - I'm A Flirt (Remix)
So homie don't bring your girl to meet me 'cause (I'm a flirt) And baby don't ... ' cause another man will. Better eat ... Then I be like girl you know just who I am ( don't hate, hate) Say I done ... When I pass by I know exactly what you say. He's so fly. And yes, he's so cool. Hey shawty (hey shawty) What it do ... With a bad chick
Lyrics to "Bad Bitch" song by WEBBIE: The girl be cooking and cleaning and cleaning and ... But she only want players who far from rookie ... Can't play with the nookie ... If you try to holla she might holla she tooken ... Cuz I'm on right now and I'm saying that loud ... A thong and press-ons and know how to cook neckbones
Everybody knows, that you're just an asshole ... Everybody knows, so don't pretend to be nice. There's no place you can hide, you are just an asshole ... ' Cause me and love's like a bad combination I keep them feelings locked in a vault, so it's ... You're a trainwreck, I got a one-track mind and, shorty, you're fine but you sorta ...

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