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Dawn Richard - Heaven FeatDruski Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heaven featDruski' by Dawn Richard. U had my heart / But didn't love it / I gave u every piece of me / Till I was nothing / You had my soul / We had.
Dawn Richard - Change (Interlude) Lyrics
[Verse 1:] I don't know if he knows he's a diamond in the rough. Cause he used to me showing him that he's not enough. Need to start showing him every day
Dawn Richard - Outro (The Battle) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Outro (The Battle)' by Dawn Richard. We'll let them know, we'll let them know / When it's all said and done / We'll let them know, when it's all said.
Dawn Richard - Scripture Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scripture' by Dawn Richard. He's my religion, / I pray he never go. / If his love had a description, / it'd be the secret to my soul. / Ohhh, I look.
Dawn Richard - Faith Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Faith' by Dawn Richard. Listen baby / Take a seat, have a drink / It's on me / We been deep / In the trenches you never left me / Cheers to u / Your.
Dawn Richard - Intro (Call To Hearts) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intro (Call to Hearts)' by Dawn Richard. Shadow of an army / We never saw us end their pride / Two busy eyes in the clouds / Never gave a thought.
Dawn Richard - Automatic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Automatic' by Dawn Richard. How'd I get stuck livin' like this / picture fu* king perfect Stepford Wife; / a symbol to fit your design; / there used.
Dawn Richard - Black Lipstick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Lipstick' by Dawn Richard. I was looking for something / Or maybe someone / Hope a relation / Or revelation / She smelled of temptation / Made.
Dawn Richard - Bombs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bombs' by Dawn Richard. I go grenade / Y'all go grenada / I'm going mutant on these niggas / Cowabunga / Y'all throwin' shade / But I'm so summer /
Dawn Richard - Save Me From U (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Save Me From U (Remix)' by Dawn Richard: I waited for my Superman He never came Gotta rescue my love before its too late (So just) Save me from ...

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