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Lyrics to "Loved" song by LUCY HALE: I don't need a hundred roses waiting by the front door I don't need a fancy house in the hills You c...
Patoranking - Hale Hale lyrics
Aug 20, 2016 Lyrics for Hale Hale by Patoranking. Hale hale hale hale Hale hale hale hale Hale hale hale hale Hale hale hale hale Can i be there to know ...
Hale - The Day You Said Goodnight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Day You Said Goodnight' by Hale: If you could only know me like your prayers at night Then everything between you and me will be alright.
LUCY HALE LYRICS - Extra Ordinary
Lyrics to "Extra Ordinary" song by LUCY HALE: I'm imprisoned, I've been living a lie Another night of putting on a disguise I wanna tear it off an...
Hale - Broken Sonnet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Broken Sonnet' by Hale: Cause tonight I'll be right at your side / Cause tonight I leave my fears behind.
Hale - Blue Sky Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue Sky' by Hale: A blue sky waiting tomorrow Waiting tomorrow Maybe its all we need.
Hale - Shooting Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shooting Star' by Hale: You're walking away I'll be seeing you through a satellite.
Hale - The Day To Say Goodnight lyrics
1 meaning to The Day To Say Goodnight lyrics by Hale: Take me as you are / Push me off the road / The sadness, / I need this time to be.
Lyrics to "Bless Myself" song by LUCY HALE: There's a little secret I would like to tell you There's a book of lies I know they'll try to sell y...
Hale - Last Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Song' by Hale. I'm breathing the air / I'm thinking of what you've done and said / You crumpled my heart / I was down on my knees / I'm hurting.
LUCY HALE LYRICS - You Sound Good To Me
Lyrics to "You Sound Good To Me" song by LUCY HALE: The full moon Is shining like a spotlight I could just sit and listen to you talkin' all night When...
LUCY HALE LYRICS - Nervous Girls
Lyrics to "Nervous Girls" song by LUCY HALE: I'm that girl you think that's got it figured out. But I walk around, with a head full of doubt. The...
Hale - See You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'See You' by Hale: Cause I still see you Underneath it all And I'll be just fine.
Hale - Waltz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waltz' by Hale: So shallow and obnoxious.
Hale - Kung Wala Ka Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kung Wala Ka' by Hale: Sundan mo Ang paghimig na lulan na aking pinagtatanto Sundan mo Ang paghimig ko.
Hale - Underneath The Waves Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Underneath The Waves' by Hale. The stars beneath the sky they tell me you're a secret. / And every time I wake up in the morning / Rain is falling.
Hale - Leap Of Faith Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Leap Of Faith' by Hale: I'll be going home, home And I'll see you soon Go, nice to know you When will I see you again.
LUCY HALE LYRICS - From The Backseat
Lyrics to "From The Backseat" song by LUCY HALE: We were burning in a '94 Corolla, Three hours deep into South Dakota I was workin' on a lukewarm Coc...
Lyrics to "Run This Town" song by LUCY HALE: Hold on cause I'm letting go I'm gonna lasso your heart like a rodeo I'm gonna give you some till yo...
LUCY HALE LYRICS - Make You Believe
Lyrics to "Make You Believe" song by LUCY HALE: Plug in the mic, open the curtain Turn on the lights, I'm through rehearsing The feeling ignites, I'...
LUCY HALE LYRICS - Lie A Little Better
Lyrics to "Lie A Little Better" song by LUCY HALE: I just missed my exit Last night I lost my keys I'm fumbling over the words I don't feel a bit like...
Lyrics to "Kiss Me" song by LUCY HALE: You walk in and act so surprised Even though every Friday night I'm here You know I'm here You talk...
Lyrics to "Road Between" song by LUCY HALE: I don't have any answers I'm not short on questions anymore Still choosing lost causes, Defending ba...
Hale - The Ballad Of Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Ballad Of' by Hale. There are 8 billion people in this world / 8 billion lives are changing / Never felt so alone / Would you consider me inspite.
Hale - Here Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here Tonight' by Hale: Cause I need you here tonight I need you here inside I need you here tonight I really, really need you here.
Lyrics to "Love Tonight" song by LUCY HALE: I kind of like the way you smile And maybe that is all I need to know about you right now Imaginatio...
LUCY HALE LYRICS - Feels Like Home
Lyrics to "Feels Like Home" song by LUCY HALE: Ten years old, hair running wild Dirt on my face and a naughty smile I was so in love with the place...
Hale - Kung Wala Ka lyrics
2 explanations to Kung Wala Ka lyrics by Hale: Natapos na ang lahat / Nandito parin ako / Hetong nakatulala / Sa mundo, Sa mundo / Hindi mo.
LUCY HALE LYRICS - Just Another Song
Lyrics to "Just Another Song" song by LUCY HALE: It's a good day, good cup of coffee to drink It's a good day, no dishes piled up in the sink I'm a l...
Hale - Bent Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bent Down' by Hale. My conscience is hurting my ear / But im happy as long as you are here / I hide if I can / I don't care where I stand / As long.
Lyrics to "Goodbye Gone" song by LUCY HALE: I stole the keys to your black Trans Am, Getting out of here to get my happy back. Spin the dial fi...
Hale - Tollgate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tollgate' by Hale: I'm moving so fast I can't look back The streetlights are changing They mean nothing at all.
Hale - Back From Beginning lyrics
Back From Beginning lyrics by Hale: We used to be alive / We used to be happy / These irrelevant thoughts / Keep running into my head / We.
Hale - Take No Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take No' by Hale. I've gone away and went through hell and back and...I never was and will again / all the tears i've held inside / why it had to be.
Lyrics to "Red Dress" song by LUCY HALE: If I close my eyes, and Imagine you are here. It'll last for awhile, before you disappear. So I clos...
Hale - Shooting Star lyrics
1 meaning to Shooting Star lyrics by Hale: So many times you've hurt me / So many times you've fooled me / But you'll be doing it again.
Hale - Kahit Pa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kahit Pa' by Hale: Dahil kailangan ka Kailangang pakita natin tayo'y iba At kahit pa Hindi papipigil sa mundo At sa umagang darating Lahat ay aking.
Hale - Elegy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Elegy' by Hale. Such a pretty sight / What a glorious day / I think I'm alright / Just don't come here today / I'm taking all what's mine / There's.
Hale - Hide And Seek Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hide and Seek' by Hale. You're still as beautiful as I saw you / You're lovely like the way I want you to / Release these thoughts about you like I.
Hale - The Day Said Goodnight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Day Said Goodnight' by Hale. Take me as you are, / Push me off the road / the sadness, / I need this time to be with you / I'm freezing in the.

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