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"Gyroscope". Geology is digging through my brain a manta engulfing the world to throw it up once again to a guild of a lifted dagger. Neo-wolf but older again
Lyrics to "Gyroscope" song by THE TEA PARTY: Come face to face with it Pushed on your side Lose all your selfcontrol Worlds will collide In...
Gyroscope - Snakeskin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Snakeskin' by Gyroscope. Hang up the phone, no need to cry / I?ll take you home, it'll be alright / Tonight means nothing if we stay / Staying here.
Gyroscope - Australia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Australia' by Gyroscope. In the early 80's when I washed up on the shore / I could breathe a little more than I would realize / You can call me.
In Flames - Gyroscope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gyroscope' by In Flames. Geology is digging through my brain / A manta engulfing the world / To throw it up once again / To a guild of lifted daggers.
Gyroscope - Raindrops Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Raindrops' by Gyroscope. Hear me whistle from the back row, baby in the background. / Do you miss me like the sight of new day? / Stand tall my.
Gyroscope - Fast Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fast Girl' by Gyroscope: As I said come back for me The back burn kept us high and dry, dry High and dry, dry.
Gyroscope - 1981 Lyrics
Lyrics to '1981' by Gyroscope. Here's what I think about you and how your friends / How your friends adore your sudden glory / Here?s what I know about you ...
Gyroscope - Misery Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Misery' by Gyroscope. How am I supposed to see, / Since you stole my eyes from me? / I took you to miniature world, / You still felt small. / Misery.
Gyroscope - Beware Wolf Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beware Wolf' by Gyroscope. Focus on me baby. / Way to flood my headspace (I'd kill for you) / I know I kept you waiting (I'd wait for you) / Oh. I'd.
Gyroscope - Doctor Doctor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Doctor Doctor' by Gyroscope. Doctor Doctor help me / Doctor Doctor help me / Try to, try to help me / Doctor Doctor help me / Welcome back to the.
Gyroscope - Safe Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Safe Forever' by Gyroscope. Quit analysing everything I say, / Stop policing me, / Ooo Ooo, Ooo Ooo / You have nothing on me, / Blank page, funny.
Gyroscope - Live Without You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Live Without You' by Gyroscope. It's enough to make a fit man sick / Queuing up around in '46 they'll see / But that's enough about me / Crackdown.
Dismemberment Plan - Gyroscope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gyroscope' by Dismemberment Plan. She's wearing too much lipstick tonight / A little black dress a little too tight / Tries to make small talk but it.
Gyroscope - A Slow Dance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Slow Dance' by Gyroscope. just give me one dance, one dance with you, ohhhhh / just a slow dance so im nearing you, ohhhhh / take my hand, then ...
Gyroscope - What Do I Know About Pain lyrics
What Do I Know About Pain lyrics by Gyroscope: I'd burn for you / I'd burn for you / Like a lost freight train / A 747 with no pilot at the.
Gyroscope - The Lesser Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Lesser Me' by Gyroscope. take care to notice - this is the lesser me.. the lesser me.. / take care and notice -this is the lesser me.. the lesser.
Gyroscope - Midnight Express Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Midnight Express' by Gyroscope. Train, of thought, / I've been riding on has been derailed... / All lives were lost, / My, seat, of choice, / Had.
Gyroscope - Get Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get Down' by Gyroscope. Take aim before you shoot - for you should, / This game has an issue, / With me I'll set it straight - set it straight, / You.
Gyroscope - Fire Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fire Away' by Gyroscope. so fire away.. just fire away .. so anyway, so fire away. / how deep can i just cut away? until i hit something of.
Gyroscope Lyrics
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Gyroscope - My Hands Are Tied Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Hands Are Tied' by Gyroscope. Bore you to no endâ?¦ remembering, / Glad you brought a friendâ?¦ remembering, / Scream for blue murder, /
Gyroscope - Confidence In Confidentiality Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Confidence In Confidentiality' by Gyroscope. (Destroy) Your autopsy, / Revealed everything, / This list goes on and on, / You try, try to forget me,
Gyroscope - Take This For Granted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take This for Granted' by Gyroscope. I mean, come on, / You hope I learn from this, / I'll right this wrong, / You don't deserve torture such as.
Tea Party - Gyroscope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gyroscope' by Tea Party. Come face to face with it / Pushed on your side / Lose all your self control / Worlds will collide / Inside out, you can't.
Gyroscope - Baby I'm Gettin' Better lyrics
Baby I'm Gettin' Better lyrics by Gyroscope: I swear I've drunk enough for both of us tonight / But I'll buy another round before it's.
Gyroscope - Dream Vs Scream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dream vs Scream' by Gyroscope. Shut up and listen, and come out of the cold. / I'll awake this sleeping dragon now and I'll probably ask for.
Gyroscope - Don't Let The Light In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Let The Light In' by Gyroscope. You can take back everything that I 've owned since we started. / Just don't let the light in. / This is mighty.
Gyroscope - Don't Look Now But I Think I'm Sweating Blood Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Don't Look Now But I Think I'm Sweating Blood' by Gyroscope. You're such a quiet, quiet achiever / I hope she wakes up / Really hope she wakes up ...
Gyroscope - Driving For The Storm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Driving For The Storm' by Gyroscope. I mean you so much pain... / Forever again, / Why for I can't explain.. / We'll drive for the storm again, /
Gyroscope - You Try Waiting This Long Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Try Waiting This Long' by Gyroscope. Ooo, oo-oo oo-oo-oo, oo-oo oo-oo-oo-oo, / Oo-oo oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo oo-oo, / Save your questions for.
Gyroscope - Hollow Like Cheyenne Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hollow Like Cheyenne' by Gyroscope. Ever noticed how our roles have changed? / From what I gather anyway, / Hear me, hear me - punished for ...
Gyroscope - Sharp Words Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sharp Words' by Gyroscope. I've been watching the clock all night, i'm done.. i know the night is young. / You've been talking the ears clean off my.
MELECHESH LYRICS - "Emissaries" (2006) album
Rebirth Of The Nemesis 2. Ladders To Sumeria 3. Deluge Of Delusional Dreams 4. Touching The Spheres Of Sephiroth 5. Gyroscope 6. Double Helixed Sceptre
Gyroscope - I Wish I Did Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wish I Did' by Gyroscope. Truly drunk enough to talk to you, / We sat until 4AM, flicking through an atlas. / Comparing destinations repeating.
Gyroscope Lyrics - The Dismemberment Plan
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Gyroscope" from "The Dismemberment Plan": If she spins fast enough then maybe the broken pieces of her heart will stay ...
Gyroscope - All In One lyrics
All In One lyrics by Gyroscope: I am the broken one; I'll trade me in for anything. / Now watch your temper son, don't wanna crack or.
A Slow Dance Lyrics - Gyroscope
Full and accurate LYRICS for "A Slow Dance" from "Gyroscope": Just give me one dance one dance with you, Just a slow dance so I'm nearing you, Take my ...
Gyroscope - OK lyrics
OK lyrics by Gyroscope: You know that window in your basement? / I used to sleep outside it. Now I'm inside hiding from you. / If you wake.
IN FLAMES LYRICS - "Whoracle" (1997) album
2. Food For The Gods 3. Gyroscope 4. The Hive 5. Dialogue With The Stars 6. Jester Script Transfigured 7. Morphing Into Primal 8. Worlds Within The Margin 9.

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