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Shy Glizzy Lyrics - White Girl
Lyrics to "White Girl" song by Shy Glizzy: ... My bitch come from France, oh, she like my Eiffel Tower ... Cocaine, that's my bitch, oh, she made me rich
Tyga - Riot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Riot' by Tyga. ... Kill yourself like you're in college It's finals; ... Got a bad bitch riding She dumb but she get knowledge
Yung Chris Lyrics - Racks (Remix)
Got a bad bitch from the U.K. (OK!) She do everything ... Mr. Cocaine Music, I'm 100 proof Got white on white on ... And when I'm in the club it look like lights on ...
Lil Peep - Ratchet Bitches Cocaina Lyrics
Bitch I look like Justin Bieber, I could buy a Timberlake All white Timberlands, stepping on cocaine ... Got a white bitch, she off coke
Shy Glizzy - White Girl Lyrics
In love with a white girl She's soft as powder ... My bitch come from France, oh, she like my Eiffel Tower ... Cocaine, that's my bitch, oh, she made me rich
Lil Peep & Lil Tracy Lyrics - Ratchet Bitches Cocaina
Lyrics to "Ratchet Bitches Cocaina" song by Lil Peep & Lil Tracy: ... Bitch I look like Justin Bieber, ... Got a white bitch, she off coke
Gucci Mane Lyrics - I Get The Bag
Lyrics to "I Get The Bag" song by Gucci Mane: ... My bitch, she walk around like she Kris Jenner ... Cocaine, codeine, et cetera (White) Cocaine and lean, ...
Young Dolph Lyrics - On The River
... Pretty white bitches sniffin' cocaine My trap house live like the "Soul ... your bitch look like ... fucked her on the river (yeah) She started with ...
Speaker Knockerz Lyrics - Dap You Up
I'm too faded I can't even dap you up Got all this ice on my mufuckin' watch ... I got a foreign bitch she look like she move cocaine I skirt off in the fast lane
Maxo Kream Lyrics - Trap Mami / Flippin
Lyrics to "Trap Mami / Flippin" song by Maxo Kream: ... She ain't got no job like Tommy ... so she suck it off soft My white bitch is gorgeous, ...
E-40 Lyrics - White Gurl
Lyrics to "White Gurl" song by E-40: white gurl i got dat whiiiiite ... she white, she bright, she shines like a ... sayin imma go to jail fuckin with that white bitch
Tyga Lyrics - Nann Nigga
... what you got? check it out Hol' up bitch, ... ain't no nann nigga) Icy white teeth, icy like me, ... ain't no nann nigga [Tyga {Honey Cocaine}:] Floss like me, ...
Young Thug - Halftime Lyrics
Halftime, half a perc and half ... Cocaine white like Justin Bieber bitch I might show the racks and tease the bitch ... Bitch I got water I look like I'm fresh from ...
Trap Mami / Flippin Lyrics. Maxo Kream ... She ain't got no job like Tommy ... White bitch is gorgeous she came from the border
Wale - CC White Lyrics
Lyrics to 'CC White' by Wale. Hello / New 600 cocaine white ... New Air Ones cocaine white Knew I'd blow like ... She the coldest white bitch this side of town I got a.
Big Scoob - White Bitch Lyrics. ... From the back she look just like a sista ... (She a flippa!) Got it goin' off the liqour Plus she love a rap nigga
Yo Gotti Lyrics - Real Shit
Lyrics to "Real Shit" song by Yo Gotti: Ya ... In the streets niggas look up to gotti and I understand why ... Red bitch on the passenger, she semi cute
She got heroine hands Cocaine eyes ... So much white on her lip, look like she bleaching Type of bitch, she a star in the evening
... Good Crack Feat. Yo Gotti Lyrics. ... I got good crack Swagger to dope bitch she eat it up ... bitch look back back.... Dick like COCAINE!
Yo Gotti Lyrics - King Shit
... I like the bitch She down to fuck, ... House up on the hill, got it off of cocaine Aventador ... Young black nigga in a big white phantom Nigga, I look like a ...
Then took it from that Bitch Cause she was actin' like I ... My favorite color white, You know I'm cocaine down ... (What I got) I live in a White World. White ...
Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics - Hold On (Shut Up)
Lyrics to "Hold On (Shut Up) ... Cocaine, cocaine, my skin white like cocaine, ... Floating like a carpet, bitch, ...
Reese LaFlare - Red Eye / Ran To It Lyrics
My bitch, she go both ways ... Money falling down I bet she running to it White Lamborghini cocaine ... look like a movie (Like a movie, yeah)
21 Savage - Ghostface Killers Lyrics
Trappin' the cocaine (yeah), no gang, ... bitch I'm dabbin', ... I got an over overload, look like I just sold my soul I, ...
Johnny Cash Lyrics - Cocaine Blues
Lyrics to "Cocaine Blues" song by Johnny Cash: Early one mornin' while makin' the rounds I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman ... Got up next mornin' and I ...
The Lonely Island - Cocaine Lyrics
look what you made me do; ... Cocaine cocaine China bright, snow white Rolled to a rave ... I got to maintain A bitch like me is doing cocaine.
Riff Raff Lyrics - Uncut Cocaine 2011 Cypher Freestyle
Lyrics to "Uncut Cocaine 2011 Cypher Freestyle" song by Riff ... Bitches like a niki Bitch don't make me get specific ... I got mary badges Bitches look like pageants
Gunplay - Bogota Lyrics
... blizzard on my Bogota block / Bogota white rims with a Bogota bitch / White Bogota ... looking like Columbiyaaa White Pablo cocaine ... Fuck I look like, ...
Gucci Mane Lyrics - In Love With A White Girl
Lyrics to "In Love With A White Girl" song by Gucci Mane: ... And it's California kush she got me talking like I'm Done ... My credit card black new bitch brown skin
Kevin Gates Lyrics - Narco Trafficante
... neck look like an xylophone ... I don't see no black and white, I see 50 shades of grey, yeah Cocaine and jail, ... Got a bad bitch and she sickening, ...
Lil' B Lyrics - Mel Gibson
I look like Mel Gibson! ... Young BasedGod got tatted like a bitch ... Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an rapper! Cocaine BasedGod, bitch La Cosa Nostra
I got a bad white bitch she look like Sailer Moon And she know im from the hood I kick it with them goons Oh you got some bad friends you can bring em too
Gucci Mane - Coca Coca Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Coca Coca' by Gucci Mane. Coca, ... Drop a gold deuce and it white just like some Louie Glass ... Got Waka Flocka, Gucci, Rocko in that bitch
Kevin Gates feat. Percy Keith - Narco Trafficante Lyrics
... neck look like a xylophone ... I don't see no black and white, I see 50 shades of grey, yeah Cocaine and jail, ... Got a bad bitch and she single, ...
... CM5 bitch) I got money on my mind, ... I just bought a white meat, it look like a polar bear ... Black Bill Gates: 2: Cocaine Music: 3:
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