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KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Backseat Freestyle
So I can fuck the world for 72 hours [Verse 1 ... Goddamn I got bitches (okay!) damn I got bitches (okay!) Damn I ... I can tell ya who what when where how. To sell ...
Skooly - Roccsan Lyrics
Nov 29, 2015 Bad bitches on my radar, my radar Look I can never pay. ... goddamn Got more bitches than a motherefuckin man Nigga im the man thats right ... Ohh yeah Bank rolls full of that blue shit I be on a whole lot of blue shit,(blue ... the motherfuckin man Roccsan Roccsan(have you seen her) Roccsan Roccsan(tell ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Cold Wind Blows
Although the whole world knows your name. So on a ... Fuck em' all, tell 'em all eat shit, here we go again. So, god damn... is it that time again already. Haha, you don't ... Bitch you don't fucking think I know that you suck dick dummy? You'll get ...
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Oh God, my God, we gotta get it, right? ... Uh, tell me that they love me, know damn well that they don't give a fuck ... Positive that life ain't mine, bitch you can take that shit to Maury ... Thoughts off in another world, I started seeing another girl ... Anyway, the whole family, even the ones you don't know, my sister, some of your ...
God damn, that's a lucky ass bitch [X4] [Verse 2: Mac Miller] She got money, drugs and freedom, blunts what she's cheefin' She ain't got a job, but fuck it, she ...
'cause I think I see the baddest little thing in the world right now. But I gotta ... I swear nothing worse than a bad bitch that lost it. Brains off the chain, smart mouth with a dumb ass. God damn your ex man is a dumb ass. When you ... For the whole week no time for cold feet ... I tell her my name Jermaine, I'm tryna be lowkey
Ghetto Symphony Lyrics - Snoop Dogg feat. C-Murder, ...
We made the whole world respect the underground while some of y'all niggaz talk shit ... Missin the game, damn bitch it's written in plain ebonics. So shake that  ...
Kyuss - Son Of A Bitch Lyrics
God damn Son Of a bitch. / God damn son of a ... The world deeper than before, They put a change in me, ... And tell me it was just a bad dream, But I guess your  ...
D12 LYRICS - Aint Nuttin' But Music
Goddamn bitch I'm rich I can't understand this. Are those pictures they ... What's goin on in the world today. People fightin ... Tell 'em Dre- It aint nuttin but music [ Bizarre] ... My whole family's country, my grandmother's old fashioned. And she ...
2PAC LYRICS - Fake Ass Bitches
Lyrics to "Fake Ass Bitches" song by 2PAC: Tell me about these fake ass bitches ... (God, damn! ... She educated a whole bunch of you old raggedy-ass niggas
Lil Uzi Vert - 7am Lyrics
Dec 24, 2015 Aye I told that bitch I count my cake, bitch get out my face For balling on the ... me Like oh god damn, that's the bitch that I want Oh god damn, diamonds all ... boy on drugs Got a lot of people banging on me Tell me why these ...
Lyrics to "Asshole" song by EMINEM: Came to the world at a time when it was in ... Thought I was history, well God damn honky that compliment's like ... A black hole and I'm swallowin' this track whole, better pack toilet paper ... Full body armor bitch, you just need a helmet 'cause if you think you special, you're retarded
Let me tell you bout the one who couldn't take the 9 to 5. Use to take ... Got the whole world talkin' all about what you did. Got your old ... And one of the bitches I been fuckin' with .... My brain got the hardest verse on the whole goddamn album
J. COLE LYRICS - Dollar And A Dream III
Lyrics to "Dollar And A Dream III" song by J. COLE: Yeah, hey, Cole World I got a dollar and a dream That's all a nigga got So if it's ... Tell me, what do you do just when you're on your last dollar ... I got that red dot waitin', I'm wastin' your whole regime ... Gettin' brain from a bitch and thinkin' "God damn, what's her name?"
So goodnight cruel world I'll see you in the mornin', Huh? I see you in ... the whole cast. Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass ... At the end of the day goddamn it I'm killin' this shit ... I don't need your pussy, bitch I'm on my own dick
my momma used to tell me these crazy things ... You god damn right BITCH, and now it's too late ... But when they kill me - I'm bringing the world with me. Bitches ...
YG LYRICS - Bitches Ain't Shit
Lyrics to "Bitches Ain't Shit" song by YG: Bitches ain't shit, but hoes and tricks Aye. .uh Got this bitch named Tasha, ... Got this bitch named Tasha, She let me fuck her in the car. ... YG tell them bitches wassup, they ready to cut no, ... With ah whole a lot of ass, and get right with it, ... Scandalous bitches, we livin' in a cold world.
Lyrics to "PRBLMS" song by 6LACK: And she said You a God damn lie I ain't mean to say that shit girl I was God damn high So we left th... ... I wanted a bitch who was down to Earth ... Tell her you want her but next week you do your own thing
LOGIC LYRICS - The High Life
Lyrics to "The High Life" song by LOGIC: Seem like my whole life changed in the last year At ... Cause ain't a damn thing changed 'cept the bank account ... Let's get this money and fuck these bitches, you know what I'm sayin? ... But man the world is so fascinating ... They be like, when you gonna tell me that you love me?
Lyrics to "Miss Me" song by DRAKE: I said tell me what's really going on Drizzy back up in this thing I'm ready, ... World Series attitude, champagne bottle life ... I will have a model wife, your bitch is as hot as ice ... Motherfucker God Damn
Whole world gettin' so sick of em, my nuts swing like a pendulum. I'm on ... Shit, askin' to be on my team tryna take my God damn cream cause you niggas stuck
DJ QUIK LYRICS - I Useta Know Her
I'ma tell the whole world about yo ass ... God damn I don't wanna get sprung ... Bitch We useta know her. She useta blow me (Long pause) I useta know her.
Post Malone - God Damn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Damn' by Post Malone. / God damn / Where the hell you get that from? / Saucin' on ... Yeah, yeah, god damn. Where the ... She really ain't shit, bitch, I dropped it all off. Hit the strip ... A Whole New World Lyrics Aladdin. All Artists ...
Let the whole world know. Break every fuckin' ... Punch that bitch. Break shit. Fuck the law. Fuck it. Punch a fuckin' bully. In the god damn face. Or just hit 'em with ...
Rocaine - Kill Me Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 ... To Myself Why These Niggas Wanna Kill Me Turn A Nigga Bitch Into A ... Bleed Damn Why They Come Out With Them Seats Same Nigga On ...
Too $hort - Talkin' Shit Lyrics
... Too $hort. / Stupid ho / Tell me just what you know / I'm talkin shit 'til I'm old / So motherfuck you bitch god damn asshole / ... Drink the whole bottle bitch and give you a swig. But don't take it .... A Whole New World Lyrics Aladdin · All Artists ...
MIKE WILL MADE IT LYRICS - That Got Damn (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "That Got Damn (Freestyle)" song by MIKE WILL MADE IT: In the Spiderman coupe ... Got a bad ass bitch on my dick and she wanna see my wallet
M.O.P. LYRICS - Ante Up (Remix)
This shit here feels like a whole entire WORLD collapsed! Mot... ... She try to spaz out then smack that bitch ... Get up off them God damn diamonds (HUH!!!)
Famous Dex - I Get the Drip from My Walk Lyrics
Jan 19, 2016 I get the drip from my walk (Oh Man Goddamn) A bad bitch, love lost I'm ... we catchn bodies Man da whole world dripn codiene Sipn farogama ...
Tell 'em cut a check for a youngin', and I'ma cash out. Walking in ... Got a whole bunch of bitches doing Valiums Make a ... God damn my life changed. I'm at the ...
Lyrics to "Legacy" song by EMINEM: Tell me where to go, tell me what to do I'll be right there for you Tell me what to say, no matter i... ... 'Cause I don't belong in this world ... And I don't need no goddamn psychologist ... Grab hold of my balls like that's right fight's on bitch ... Versus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offense. So bring ...
M.E. feat. A.Love - Hydrolics Lyrics
Apr 17, 2014 ... My bitch got a whole lot of ass Body so sTuPiD god damn Bust them ... ass get a whole lot of clap I been playin tricks on the lap I'm doin world ...
But exceptions can be made baby, cause you're too damn fly. For what it's ... To seein' the whole world in just twelve months. Been gone ... God damn I'm high
Man I'm so Cleveland It's a god damn shame ... I said bet bitch I'm from Cleveland [Dubo] ... Tell em that's what Cleveland said ... So when the world ends. I think ...
Goddamn I love women. Daydream about ... Wolf Gang in this bitch with a bunch of rats with 'em ... How many times I gotta tell her I'm allergic (I like your cape)
Tell me that this jam isn't still fly - Bill nye ... And I ain't wanna come off like a bitch, so I took another hit ... In her video the whole world's made of candy. Damn... I ain 't even got no candy ... Goddamn now I'm weary of the man - yeah the cashier
Lyrics to "Plug Name" song by BERNER: The whole damn world know the plug name The whole damn world ... Man I'm way too rich, all these bitches on my dick
I've been working all God damn year, I just got my check. I'm 'bout to spend it all on me, I'm worth it ya [Bridge — Big Sean & Kanye West:] Hold up (hold up), tell ...
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 ... a nigga tell them they ain't never want to believe I got a whole lot of tricks ... I pray to God I can save it And ima give it all to my baby And ima put it all in ... What's up, I can't fuck with you bitches Somebody tell me what's up, I don't ... I don 't give a damn what they tell me Every single gold chain like a medal ...
Lyrics to "New Bitch" song by IGGY AZALEA: He got a house that's too big Sits on a hill in the valley Said he trying to move on ... Cause the whole world is watchin' ... "Damn, she is too thick, who is this? ... Tell your friends to tell their friends too

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