Girl i want you to put that ice cream on my face like its yo birthday lyrics

Get lyrics of Girl i want you to put that ice cream on my face like its yo birthday song you love. List contains Girl i want you to put that ice cream on my face like its yo birthday song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

RIHANNA LYRICS - Birthday Cake (Remix)
Lyrics to "Birthday Cake (Remix)" song by RIHANNA: Come and put your name on it (put your name on it) ... It's not even my birthday. But he wanna lick the icing off. I know you want it in the worst way (the worst way) ... Ooh baby I like it, it's so exciting ... Girl I wanna fuck you right now (right now) ... Put this cake in your face
You know I give that pussy what it want. She said ... You know a real nigga bout to kill it. So go on, put some liquor on ice. You know I'm tryna lick it up nice. Girl I got that don't stop get it and you ... So I'm cutting your cake, like its my birthday
YELAWOLF LYRICS - I Just Wanna Party
Go white girl, it's ya birthday [x2] Yelawolf ... We blowin smoke in the air, we drinkin ice cold beer. Wit cha girl in my ear sayin, she just wanna party ... Ziplock in the freezer like yo momma's box of zinfandale ... You can't Lady Gaga me, don't bother with the poker face. I come from the bottom, you ain't gotta put ya dope away
NEW BOYZ LYRICS - Active Kingz
Lyrics to "Active Kingz" song by NEW BOYZ: You want to get Active (echoes ) I don't really care Lil Mama ... Your girl call me ice cream because the big stick. You ...
I'm taken but I want you ... They say you can't have cake and eat it too, but ain't that what you s'posed to do? ... I'd like to place an order, ooh, I just wanna taste, and ooh I'd hate to wait. Lay your body down all over my plate. Once I blow the candles out, put it in my face ... It ain't hard to see it through, girl, I know you want to
DOM KENNEDY LYRICS - Watermelon Sundae
Girl you must gotta leave him (HEY!) I keep it up like a tree (UM) Palms on 7th Ave ... It's your birthday and I'm just trying to get a piece, Go (HEY!) I fell victim to ... My mission is your face. Dom first ... But in the summer time you my Watermelon Sundae [x3] ... Put ya legs over here I bet I shake those too, I said ( HEY!) You can't ...
Meredith Brooks - Album: Blurring The Edges Lyrics
I need a dose of the bible, another course in survival. Just talk ... When I'm alone on my couch, nothing can settle me down ... Tried to tell you, but you look at me like ... I think it's cool you do what you do ... Straighten your head, fix your face ... I' ll never leave the small town girl behind ... What's your favorite flavor ice cream?
Master P - Gangstas Need Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gangstas Need Love' by Master P. / Master P (talking) / Yo Boo uh I know I ain't never told ... it's good to share ... Even though I'm livin' wrong, tryin' to get my hustle on. I want you in your birthday suit when I make it home ... You want to rub me? let the Ice Cream Man please you ... The shit i done put you through
MASTER P LYRICS - Captain Kirk
Lyrics to "Captain Kirk" song by MASTER P: Are you ready to boldly go, where ... and beam your loved ones to the fortune and fame you ... I got so many cocktales I need a muthafuckin' fish tank. ... Captain Smirk on his face, lookin' like drug swappin', ... Figured she had game, tryin' to fuck a young balla nigga like my mind ,
Boot Camp Clik - Daddy Wanna Lyrics
I want a Nintendo Gamecube / and I want some new games for my Xbox, too. ... Why you think the kids act like that when you come around? ... Your moms playin games and I feel deceived now ... See my features in his face and I love him to death ... And when you gon' take me to the store and buy ice cream and candy?
504 Boyz - I Can Tell You Wanna Lyrics
(Jamo) / You ain't gotta say too much / From the look in your eyes / I can tell you wanna f*ck / (Mercedes) ... it's good to share ... Can you ride me like a black Mercedes? ... So get up on it if you want it WHOA-WHOA!!! (Chorus). (Mercedes) Put me on the counter in the kitchen. Now baby rub my body with some ice cream
New Boyz - Active Kids Lyrics
Aye yo man / That shit lookin too TD / That mean Turned down, / Lets get this shit active / you wanna get ... it's good to share ... she like a nigga with some cake like a birthday ... your girl call me ice cream cause that big stick ... caint fuck this chick cause she crazy like my last bitch ... bad to the bone bo bone baby you want it.
... On Me" song by LIL' WAYNE: I'm calling your daddy Daddy Can you be my daddy Daddy I need a daddy ... Tatoos on her waist she like the tatoos on my face
Lyrics to "Good Day" song by NAPPY ROOTS: Let's begin Now You know today I just ... And all my homies gonna ride today ... Got my stunna shades on and grin on my face ... Barbque roll a few and put up your dukes ... And if it's all good break out your click and grip your wood ... But dot real big exactly like a player should
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Sweet Dreams
Lyrics to "Sweet Dreams" song by Lil' Wayne: Every night I rush to my bed With hopes that ... Your like balloon boy mama you was never there! ... Good for the goose then it's good for the gander, ... fuck your girl in your house, I'm terrible be careful, You might want say a prayer or two, ... Ice Cream Paint Job ... Poke Her Face
Ed Sheeran - Photo Lyrics
it's good to share. print correct ... You know it can get hard sometimes. It is the ... Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans. Holding ... And it's the only thing we take with us when we die. We keep ... My Husband and I Tried Blue Apron, Here's What HappenedBlue Apron. Undo ... Ed Sheeran Debuts Lyric Video For 'Galway Girl'.
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Fuck Her Brains Out
She want a pop that pussy for a G Some big ol' titties ... Girl go on bounce it like a bad check ... I just put my sons to sleep bitch you might wake the boys. I stretch ...
Ashley Tisdale - Fabulous Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fabulous' by Ashley Tisdale: I need, I need, I need, I need, I need, I need I need fabulous. ... it's good to share. print correct ... Thank you. Iced tea ... I want fabulous, that is my simple request ... Summer like never before. I want more .
Montana of 300 - F*ck Her Brains Out Lyrics
Jan 16, 2016 Gonna bounce it like a badchaaa (sheesh) Reached in my pants and ... hit from the back My baby ain't gotta play wit toys(no need) She always cum ... you keep making noise I just put my sons to sleep bitch you might ... its a birthday(birthday) I'll make her shake just like an earthquake Lil ... Ice Cream Truck.
Lil Wayne Lyrics
Do you like this artist? ... Yo Gotti feat. ... Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (Clean Version) ... Drop It Like It's Hot .... I Can Take Your Girl · Lil Wayne · I Can Transform Ya · Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz · I Can't Feel My Face ... Ice Cream Paint Job .... My Birthday ... Need Some Quiet .... Put On For The Game
Outkast - Roses Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roses' by Outkast: I know you'd like to think your shit don't stink But lean a little bit closer See that roses really smell like poo-poo-oo Yeah, ... it's good to share ... You'd need a golden calculator to divide(To divide!) The time ... And try to put on her makeup in the mirror ... Go, on the raw sex, my AIDS test is flawless
Slow cooking pancakes for my boy, still up, still fresh as a Daisy Playing ping ... Straight stuntin' yeah we do it like that. This is how we do, ... Yo, this goes out to all you kids that still have their cars at the club valet and it's Tuesday (This is how we ... Birthday · Walking On Air · Unconditionally · Dark Horse · This Is How We Do
RICK ROSS - If They Knew lyrics
Fuck who don't feel it, I'm feelin' like I'm the realest ... Chanel sneakers and scarves, I want you to be my wife ... Niggas wanna kill me but I put 'em on pause ... Been the land, cruisin' girl I went to school in it ... Privacy lyrics - Chris Brown; Do Not Disturb lyrics - Drake; Ice Melts lyrics - Drake; Since Way Back lyrics - Drake ...
Sean Kingston - Fire Burning Lyrics
it's good to share ... 1 Ice Cream Girl ... Got me wanna spend my money on her, her ... That birthday cake, ... Shawty is cool like the fire, cool like fire ... No exit from the dance floor so them boys want more ... 23 Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love ... Sean Kingston - Face Drop Music Video ... Ne-Yo lyrics.
Richard Harris - Macarthur Park Lyrics
it's good to share. print correct ... Spring was never waiting for us, girl. It ran one ... The birds, like tender babies in your hands. And the ... And never let you catch me looking at the sun. And after ... I will take my life into my hands and I will use it
Listen while you read! ... She get it, pop it, lock it, drop it, that birthday cake. Got a candle, need to blow that crazy flame away ... Shawty is cool like the fire, cool like fire ... (Madem, get out my way, everybody, sing it now, hey!) ...'s allright ... Shawty: Fine ass woman, or your girl. From .... 1, Face Drop ... 9, Ice Cream Girl.
Snoop Dogg Lyrics
Do you like this artist? (click stars to rate) ... Brake Fluid (Biiittch Pump Up Yo Brakes) · Snoop Dogg feat. .... Every Dogg Has His Day (Interlude) ... Get The Funk Out Of My Face ... Girl Like U ... Ice Cube feat. ... Happy Birthday ... I Don't Need No Bitch .... Peaches N Cream ..... You Can Put It In A Zag, I'mma Put It In A Blunt
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice: Grabs a hold / Chump like a candle. ... it's good to share ... I'm killin' your brain like a poisonous mushroom ... Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it ... We make it hype and you want to step with this
26, Happy Birthday, Miss Jones ... 33, I Want To Be Your Friend ... 58, My Sister, My Father, My Mother, My Grandma, My Grandpa, My Dog And Me ... 142, Do You Like Me? ... 146, Let's Make A Face ... 168, Girl Land .... 331, Everyone Likes Ice Cream ... 425, Ernie Helps Bert With His Sneeze ... 510, Put Down The Duckie .
128, Birthday Bash 15 .... 274, Freaky Girl (Got Now Remix) (feat. Ludacris) ... 384 , Drugs Like You ... 434, Put Some Wood In Her ... 537, Think I Want Her ... 620, It's My Party .... 879, Spit in Yo Face ..... Cake And Ice Cream II Lyrics Gucci Mane  ...
44, You Want War. 45, Ain't I. 46, Bang Bang. 47, Tailor Made. 48, I Can't Feel My Face. 49, That Ain't Me ... 74, I Can Take Your Girl. 75, Set This ... 99, Drop It Like It's Hot ... 147, Put Some Keys On That .... 535, Ice Cream ..... 1536, My Birthday.
Kano - T-Shirt Weather In The Manor Lyrics
Ice cream van, yeah, chase it down. Screwball, 99 Flake ... Hair gelled down to her face where the curls at ... There's nuttin' like T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend. The Gs ... And birthday boy's mum goes in ... If we need to put in work, say the word and it's finished ... Rah, Kano's your darg, when you land, you're blessed
22, XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl) ... 34, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Ha ... 36, Sesame Street Theme - The People In Your Neighborh ... 98, I Want You (Extended Mix) ...... 3155, Ice Cream ..... 4137, (You Say It's Your) Birthday ...... 5687, Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Originally by Paul Anka).
236, I Need You (In the Style of Trisha Yearwood) [Karaoke Version With Teaching Vocal] ..... 379, My Kind of Girl (In the Style of Collin Raye) [Karaoke Version With ...... 743, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (In the Style of Celine Dion) ...... 2500, Ice Cream (In the Style of Sarah McLachlan) [Karaoke Version With ...

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