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Uriah Heep - Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son) The Futility Of War Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Fires of Hell (Your Only Son) The Futility of War' by Uriah Heep.
Uriah Heep - Fires Of Hell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fires of Hell' by Uriah Heep. (the futility of war) / Oh, I was born your only son / And I will think of you / Before this day is done / The fires of.
Uriah Heep Sea Of Light Lyrics
... Yourself) lyrics · Words In The Distance (Love Awareness) lyrics · Fires Of Hell ( Your Only Son) (the Futility Of War) lyrics · Dream On (Being, In Love) lyrics
3 INCHES OF BLOOD LYRICS - "Fire Up The Blades" (2007) album
3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics - "Fire Up The Blades" (2007) album, including " Rejoice In The ... Apocalyptic war machine ... Eternal and futile ... A killer instinct your only escape ... The Hell you dreamed of was never so real ... Cursing God's son
IHSAHN LYRICS - "The Adversary" (2006) album
Release the fires of Hell I call upon ... This is not terror, this is not war ... Is there a purpose to your tongue ... Son of the morning! ... A futile display to those whose heads ... All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
NAGLFAR LYRICS - "Sheol" (2003) album
A waste of flesh is the only thing you are to me. The time ... I am vengeance incarnate, your futile world I shall desecrate. I bear the mark of all demons like an aura that drips of venom. I am the bringer of the final war. Your god ... As the son of the elders I'll see .... Gaze into the fires of hell, drink the blood from the devil's well
NOCTURNAL BREED LYRICS - "The Tools Of The Trade" (2000 ...
Resistance Is Futile 4. The Tools ... Give 'em Hell - it is time - Give 'em Hell yeah. Give 'em ... See the fire burning in their eyes ... And death is your only way out
VENOM LYRICS - "Prime Evil" (1989) album
Or is the only tie ,the way we die and how we had begun? Prime Evil ... Prime Evil ,quenched in the fires of their souls, ... Is this the Evil One, satan's son, gabriel's foe? ... Their keys that keep their secret safe, are lost in war and now, they pay the price! ... all their futile efforts wane. .... It's time to open up your eyes,Hell Yeah !
Uriah Heep - Against The Odds (The Way Of Life That Must Change ...
To only fools who take control. I spend another cold day in hell. Against the odds I fight. For my survival, for my survival. Your useless life gets crushed. Into the ...
Uriah Heep - Sweet Sugar (Over Importance Of Money) Lyrics ...
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DEVOLVED LYRICS - "Oblivion" (2011) album
Into Fire. Wipe them out. All are damned to hell. All must suffer. Death will reign across your land ... Put your son to death .... Helpless futile creation limited. Enforcement slaves calibrate assembled wars ... Just me in my world of enemies
Uriah Heep - Time Of Revelation (Moving To A Fantasy World) Lyrics
Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics... Submit Corrections Cancel. Looks like we don't have the lyrics just yet. Be the first to ...
Hell no! You can't pass through. The message will burn in the fire of The Majesty Your ... Holy war, I'll never let you down ... Fire, be my Son ... I stop just to catch my breath ... It's in my eyes, your blood is raining from the sky ... The cries are futile
TURISAS LYRICS - "Turisas2013" (2013) album
Greek Fire 7. ... Your perception – just reflections on the wall. So the world arrives the end of history, A war to end all war, ends justify the means, ... Another stone in the road to hell. Laws to ... To my eldest son I leave the right to speak his mind;
HOLY TERROR LYRICS - "Terror And Submission" (1986) album
The finale in geneses sabotaged by war ... No one will know just what to do. Will the infernal fires of hell ... And in the end, you pay the price with your soul ... No Father, Son, or Holy Spirit ... A maelstrom of impending evil, futile fight to win
Uriah Heep - She Still Calls His Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Still Calls His Name' by Uriah Heep. Summer moonlight shines / On a midnight train / Lost in emotion she cries / To the wind and the rain / In.
LAMB OF GOD LYRICS - "Ashes Of The Wake" (2004) album
The blood's on the wall, so you'd might as well just admit it. And bleach ... I'll make all your dreams come to life, then slay them as quickly as they came ... Blessed with our time in hell ... Send the children to the fire, sons and daughters stack the pyre ... Pointless... futility continuing ... The sins of the father atoned by the son
BURDEN OF LIFE LYRICS - "Ashes Of Existence" (2008) album
Grey The Fire That Still Burns In Our Eyes 4. Dynasty Without A ... Of Father And Son 9. The Endless ... But still it's just not fear. To hear ... Oh you flames you dark ones in my hell ... But something's missing where's your dignity ... Dirges still turn into futile cries ... We failed to understand that there is nothing glorious about war
NEGATOR LYRICS - "Gates To The Pantheon" (2013) album
1. Epiclesis 2. Bringer Of War 3. ... Your time has come! I'm your downfall ... I pass the hordes of Lucifer - Hell-beasts and fire-demons - Weird worms ... God of darkness, lord of war - Grand dragon, covered in ... Loud-roaring and rebelling son of Semele Primeval ... The seed of Adam withers - The futile lives of humanity torn
ABIGOR LYRICS - "Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity ...
I am the chosen one – Satan's son. A flash of ... As my one and only axe strike hits the hand. Of my chosen victim ... Now your prophetic redeemer is dead. But take a ... I flight the war no one has fought. I am the ... Because resistance is futile ... Corrosive devastating fire – the rage takes us higher. Analyzed is ... To pure hell?
FACE DOWN LYRICS - "The Will To Power" (2005) album
Insanity 5. Will To Power 6. Grey 7. Heretic 8. The Delusion 9. War Hog 10. The Unsung 11. ... Is outshined by the sound when I'm snapping your neck. Who will ...
ENSIFERUM LYRICS - "Unsung Heroes" (2012) album
The shallow truth of your poisonous tongue ... Because only steel can set us free ... Disdain verity, glorify futile faith ... Shielded by which I may make war ... I can't escape from this living hell ... Don't cry for me my son ... Eternal Fire of mine
CRIMSON THORN LYRICS - "Purification" (1999) album
For God did not send his son into the world to condemn ... Satan knows your weaknesses, HE knows just how to tempt you, ... Resistance against Satan is not futile, the bible says ... God and He'll forgive you, Our spirits seek righteousness and God, our flesh is weak, they're in constant war. ... Thrown into the fire and burned
OVERKILL LYRICS - "The Electric Age" (2012) album
Think that I know you, but I just can't place the face ... I'm poison to your happiness, poison to this song ... Dead screams from the son of a bitch ... Concrete Jesus in a hell of a fix ... Preparing for the next war, iPhone in his hand ... You can tell by his futile hands ... And the overdrive kept us all alive, as the fires burned
HB LYRICS - "The Jesus Metal Explosion" (2010) album
from then on I can't be ashamed of Your name, Jesus You're so ... I spread terror with my war face. I always .... Hell is my due fee ... Jesus, the Christ, God´s only begotten Son ... Do not consider yourself so futile! ... Fire brought all god's fortune
APOSTASY LYRICS - "Devilution" (2005) album
You backstabbing son of a bitch, how can you live with who you are? Dedicate your life ... Burning like fire I am empty again how can I leave this hell. How can I ... Your salvation is just lies and fucking chains! Desperately ... Futility's womb bears fruit again. Burning ... Holy holy is your war hell is the place that you looking for
HELSTAR LYRICS - "Glory Of Chaos" (2010) album
Hell awaits your soul when you die. 2. Pandemonium. Famine, war, destruction almost pleasant to the view ... Selling only fear and the rise of discontent ... Resistance is futile .... Alma Negra ‒ I am the son of Sam ... Fields on fire, in zero one.
EMIL BULLS LYRICS - "Phoenix" (2009) album
Son Of The Morning 13. I Don't Belong Here. 1. Here Comes The Fire. Here comes the fire - the cleansing fire. Now that ... I know you know she knows your mommy knows when god was sleeping. You were spawned from hell. I caught ... Just tell it like it is. Come ... In the futile fight against the fugacity of life ... This is a war
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Jugulator" (1997) album
Burn In Hell 7. ... Reaches in and rips your spine out. Violator ... They wage their wars ... They fire at will. Intent to ... And just before they're finished ... Sorry son. Commit a crime - pay the price. Death row - What's that - 'No stay?' ... Futile efforts
52, Your Turn to Remember. 53, Look At ... 55, Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (Alt. mix). 56, Look ..... 508, Fires of Hell (Your Only Son) The Futility of War. 509, Look  ...
UNIVERSUM LYRICS - "Mortuus Machina" (2010) album
The depression born futility burning inside. Fuels the ... And place them round your throat. Mortality ... Hauled down to hell, more of the same. More of ... Spare me as I'm the only son ... May fire you into greatness ... Ignite the war inside of me
DEATHHAMMER LYRICS - "Onward To The Pits" (2012) album
Crushing your face, by metal you will die ... mutilation and infernal ravaging is their only will ... rotten corpses rip out your guts, but soon you'll walk among them when you're finally ... spawned by hellfire the beast arise ... resistance is futile in this endless slaughter ... Summon the voice of belial's son ... Bringer of war
ETERNITY X LYRICS - "The Edge" (1997) album
Sometimes they face endless futility. All of them have ... The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost And the ... Losing, falling, satan calling, threatening your one and only .... As the fire in Hell's cauldron, the image it always burns ... It's a call to war,
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Live Meltdown" (1998) album
Rapid Fire 6. Blood Stained 7. ... Hell Bent For Leather 24. Living After ... I take a pride in probing all your secret moves. My tearless ... Dogs which must fall to the just. And be free ... Blood of nations blood of war. Turn blind eyes ... Possessing my soul till my body's on fire .... So what's the matter son ... Is so futile from its glare
PYREXIA LYRICS - "System Of The Animal" (1997) album
Speaking your words of piece with our enemies. Lying bastard ... Keep feeding a fire that is already out of control. What does your ... You will not stop until the races are at war ... Futile, I stand alone in tension ... I admit to this hell that I live ... Deserted child, the prodigal son ... The path you choose will only lead to the end
HELL WITHIN LYRICS - "Asylum Of The Human Predator" (2005 ...
HELL WITHIN lyrics - "Asylum Of The Human Predator" (2005) album, ... Hard times to bury a son ... I'm just living with your ghost ... I'm drowning in the wake as futile reason crashes ... Let the fires rise ... It breaks us down with every war. Child  ...
MYGRAIN LYRICS - "Planetary Breathing" (2013) album
Fill my lungs with your breathe, now abandon yourself. ... Hell released to die for. The fools of ignorance ... Futile prayers, volition eradicated ... Chaotic sphere of madness on fire — bursting inside ... I just can't get out ... Obedient son of the system held by infinite greed. Heed the will to destroy, the war machine of violent joy
NAZGHOR LYRICS - "Upon The Darkest Season" (2014) album
Beware the father regenteth, beware the son and his feeble illusions. To despite his kindness one ... Trouht the dark and into the pit ov hell ... Break your holy cross asunder. Childrem ... Host of souls I am the one yet not touched by the futile yet dessipated light ... Bathing on fire flaming inferno ... Conquest War Famine Death
DORMANT ORDEAL LYRICS - "It Rains, It Pours" (2013) album
Your Mother-Slave ... Prepare for war against purity ... My son you'd imprisoned me ... You could break your nails, your fists, your teeth, your will, your legs, your arms ... They've only told that all the ends will justify the means… no! ... Blissfully futile, lobotomized, throw away all ... Mind set on fire - let the flames reach the sky
AETERNAM LYRICS - "Disciples Of The Unseen" (2010) album
Kingdom of fire. Turning to dust ... of hell. The legions of the lords. Serving evil forces. Enslaved and purified. Destroying those ... war. And hatred among the enemies. Located within Malkuth The key to Sitra Ahra ... While the firstborn son of Ra Carried by ... Embrace my soul and let me die in your heart ... Resistance is futile

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