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"Finesse". Ooh, don't we look good together? There's a reason why they watch all night long. Yeah, know we'll turn heads forever. So tonight I'm gonna show ...
FAT TREL LYRICS - Finesse Gang
Lyrics to "Finesse Gang" song by FAT TREL: Finnesse gang hahaha No I can't fuck on this dirty bitch Anyone touch on this dirty bitch Bitch we...
LIL' JAY LYRICS - Flex And Finesse
Lyrics to "Flex And Finesse" song by LIL' JAY: Number 4 and double 0 x2 Ok I'm turned up off the mollies My heart bustin' out my chest She say sh...
Lyrics to "Finesse" song by JIM JONES: Feeling good, man I'm feeling good Finesse and then I juug Feeling good, man I'm feeling good Finess...
"Jugg Finesse". [x2:] I turn something to nothing, in the cutless I'm buttless. Don't give a fuck if you pretty. Don't fuck with me less you fucking. If you ain't sucking ...
Lyrics to "I'mma Finesse" song by PEEWEE LONGWAY: Pour him up Shawty make his ass go to sleep Just ran into finessers we don't juug Ain't got time for...
HUEY LYRICS - Finesse & Kawal
[Huey & Apac:] I finesse kawal kawal finesse. And I finesse kawal kawal finesse. Money stacking wall to wall as I'm running to a check. Just a youngin tryna ball ...
Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hip 2 Da Game' by Lord Finesse. (you know what? ) / (you know what? ) / (you know what? ) / I don't stutter, I'm so butter, like no other / Word, I'm.
Lord Finesse - No Gimmicks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Gimmicks' by Lord Finesse. / Now let this be a lesson to all mc's / And dj's / Anyone that come across the line will have to pay / Real hip hop.
Lord Finesse - Food For Thought Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Food for Thought' by Lord Finesse. (so you know there's a lotta darkness out here / We watch it all time / I'm busy looking at the darkness sayin /
Lord Finesse - Check The Method Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Check The Method' by Lord Finesse. It's like that, y'all, check it out now / (yeah yeah, now check the method) (repeat 4x) / Fuck that, you know.
Lord Finesse Lyrics
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Lucki Eck$ - Finesse Lyrics
Finesse that bitch up out his number, told her she'll make some profit. I call him, ' Its Lucki bro, I got your number from this bitch. I can move your work around my ...
Lord Finesse - Isn't He Something Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Isn't He Something' by Lord Finesse. Once again it's the man with the flavor / It's lord finesse so run and tell your neighbors / So stop sleeping.
Lord Finesse - Gameplan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gameplan' by Lord Finesse. One time for your mind, here we go / You know my style, now peep the flow / Girl I know you're with it, so drop your seven.
Lyrics to "Finesse" song by SLIM JESUS: I juug and finesse I got Uzis and TECs I let 'em all off Every fuck boy come wreck I'm smoking loud...
Lord Finesse - Lesson To Be Taught Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lesson to Be Taught' by Lord Finesse. Here we go, so pay attention to the teacher / Here to preach a lesson to reach ya / Brothers and sisters,
Fetty Wap - Jugg To Finesse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jugg To Finesse' by Fetty Wap . I'm like baby how you do, ayy, ayy / I'm tryna roll with you, ayy, ayy / Bust a couple moves, ayy, ayy / I see how.
Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About Lyrics
[Lord Finesse] Check it out, for those that know me. Ya wonder why I always play low key. I know I got people and fans that like me. But all the noise and ...
Lord Finesse - Keep It Flowing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep It Flowing' by Lord Finesse. / I create and make funky rhymes for a hype tape / Brothers try to get with finesse but they lightweight / I.
How is you tryna finesse? Can't finesse a finesser, the hustlers know it best. Gave the right niggas money, they say I'm a mess, no stress. I'm a count me a check
Glenn Jones - Finesse lyrics
Lyrics for Finesse by Glenn Jones. ... Finesse - Lyrics. Glenn Jones. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Musixmatch logo.
Lord Finesse - Yes You May Lyrics
[lord finesse] Yeah, now check this out. Now what we have here is the "yes you may" remix, right? But percee p and my man a.g. ain't here, And I got my man big  ...
DJ Lucky L - Finesse God Lyrics
Jan 10, 2016 Lyrics for Finesse God by DJ Lucky L. Hello? They calling my phone I finesse We said you can get you some extra All a nigga know...
Brinx Billions - Finesse lyrics
Finesse lyrics by Brinx Billions: So I got thousands, on top on thousands / Off in my trousers, you wailing, my money piling / Check my.
Corey Finesse feat. Abillyon - How It Gotta Be Lyrics
Jul 8, 2015 Lyrics for How It Gotta Be by Corey Finesse feat. Abillyon. Niggas ain't scared of you But I know you niggas scared of me I know that they can ...
Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funky Man Lyrics
Chorus: (Mad brothers know his name) (Yeah, it's him again) Repeat 4x. Lord Finesse got something for your eardrums. Back on the scene, long time, no hear  ...
Lord Finesse - I Like My Girls With A Boom Lyrics
(look at shorty) (she's not my type) Finesse? (yeah baby? ) oh it's like that now? ( repeat 4x). I like my girls strong and solid. Whether they're loyal or have bones ...
Soulja Boy - Finesse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Finesse' by Soulja Boy. / Finesse (finesse) Finesse (woah) / Finesse ( finesse) Finesse (woah) / Finesse (finesse) Finesse (woah) / Finesse (finesse)
Lord Finesse - Set It Off Troop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Set It Off Troop' by Lord Finesse. Yeah yeah, we cold in effect for '92 / Yo showbiz, let's take 'em uptown / Word, we gonna do this right just about.
Lord Finesse - Brainstorm/p.S.K. lyrics
Brainstorm/p.S.K. lyrics by Lord Finesse: Now we found out, some time agothat if you take a whole group of really / Superbad dudes, and.
feat. Corey Finesse
Feb 3, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Birken (feat. Corey Finesse) by Rowdy Rebel feat. Corey Finesse. All in my Birk, little jerk Watch me jugg and flex, ...
Speaker Knockerz - Finesse Father (Intro) Lyrics
Jun 25, 2015 Lyrics for Finesse Father (Intro) by Speaker Knockerz. streets caught anit no promise lords j's drug dealers money flipers hustlers and hoes ever ...
Lord Finesse - Funky Technician Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Funky Technician' by Lord Finesse. *chorus* / "mmm mm mm, ain't that something? " / "damn it feels good to see people up.
Neffa - Gran Finesse Lyrics
Oops, looks like we're missing these lyrics. Help us out by adding them. Submit lyrics. Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents ...
feat. Arnt Finesse
Mar 18, 2016 Lyrics for Helg (feat. Arnt Finesse) by Alex T feat. Arnt Finesse. No e da faen meg helgefølelsen Sørlandsbesøk Lakseindustrien Sllsns Leken ...
Lord Finesse - Strictly For The Ladies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Strictly for The Ladies' by Lord Finesse. This is stricly for the ladies, no ifs ands or maybes / We can chill together but hold on the babies /
Shorty bad. Slim thick. She my drug. She my fix. And I'm all up in her mix. She be mixing with the wrist. She the plug. She finesse. She the one they call the goat
Lord Finesse - Bad Mutha Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Mutha' by Lord Finesse. (bad mutha) / At a show I get fly and so legit / Gimme a mic onstage and that's all over with / On a stage I'm straight.
Lord Finesse - Fuck 'em Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fuck 'em' by Lord Finesse. O-o-oh shit, o-o-oh shit / O-o-oh shit, o-o-oh shit / O-o-oh shit / Me and the fellas, we used to be cool / Until I got.

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