Fell in love got me slipping on my pimping lyrics

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TOO $HORT LYRICS - Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
Lyrics to "Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'" song by TOO $HORT: Ain't nuthin like pimpin just let it roll Mother fucking shit god damn asshole Ain't nuthin like ... Top down in my Caddy just me and my bitches ... Dangerous Crew got the bomb, we don't smoke that stress ... You fell in love with her though trying to get in them pants
I've got somethin on my chest to get off I need you to listen lord. It got me trippin lord. I'm even sippin ... I done fell in love with both and I can't decide. So tell me ...
You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling. Clumsy cause I'm falling in love . You got me slipping, ... When you touch my sleeve. Butterflies so crazy, mmm ...
I ain't trippin, never slip or slackin on my pimpin. ... and girl you know I got it everything's on us everything's on us. I'm talkin' alot cause I'm getting bankroll ( bank roll), and they follow me anywhere that my plane go (Ohh ohh uh-ohhhh). ... luggage and all,fuck with the Taylor Gang Spring Summer and Fall...and winter too.
J. COLE LYRICS - Losing My Balance
Lyrics to "Losing My Balance" song by J. COLE: Yea huh Yea one, two, one, two, one, two One, two, one ... Don't slip don't fall, ... Love you cause you my brother so I feel I got to warn ya ... But man I can't help it dog her mind got me whipped
ASAP Rocky - Max Julien lyrics
Take a loss, make it back, if you get caught, bitch, shut your trap [Hook: asap Rocky] ... I never slip with my pimpin' When I holler, come and get ... She fell in love cause I'm pretty. She love me more than her family, huh? [Hook:] [Verse 2: asap ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Big Pimpin' (Extended)
It's big pimpin, spendin G's Feel me.. uh-huh uhh, uh-huh..... ... You know I - thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em ... Heart cold as assassins, I got no passion ... All my car got leather and wood, in my hood we call it buck ... If he up, watch him fall, nigga I can't fuck witch'all ... half what I paid slippin right through customs
I automatically think that she don't love me no more ... I'm falling somewhere where getting out ain't easy. She know just what ... Even my partners tell me "Chill , man, you're trippin' homie" And shit, I ... Man, these thoughts got me going bonkers
You Ain't Been With Me Yet, You Ain't Really Screamed Yet I'm a Get You ... Cause You Might Slip and Fall In Love With It On The Lo ... The Yellow Lights Flashing Like I Got My Blinkers On ... I Done Pimped From Florida To Cincinnati Drive a ...
Lately I feel like I've been slippin. And it's you that got me trippin. I can't control myself when I'm around you, oh. With any other I would've been done. Love to left  ...
Lyrics to "Pimps" song by 2 CHAINZ: Wake up in the morning, roll a blunt and then I ... Every day my birthday, yeah bitch I get cake ... Take all his cash, grab on his ass, write that trick a love letter ... Got me one ho and then I got me a whole team ... Forever pimping, never slipping, forever recruiting these top notch hoes in the ...
Top fell out the drop, crawling on 84's. Think of taking my slab, baby I don't think so. My heat under my seat, and I don't love you hoes. Living it like a G, but ... But haters in my mix, got me paranoid and disgust ... Them jump-out boys, waiting trying to catch me slipping ... Forever be pimping, 84 tipping all through the South
UGK LYRICS - Wood Wheel
Got her buyin' us sticky green. Lace some with ... Might pop me a pill, bitch, I'm workin' wood wheel. House on the ... 'Cause I fell in love with my chrome-plated woman. I love my ... Baby brother, Sweet James Jones: guerilla pimpin' at its finest.
R KELLY LYRICS - I'm A Flirt (Remix)
Sometimes when I'm with my chick on the low (I'm a flirt) And when she's ... So homie don't bring your girl to meet me 'cause (I'm a flirt) And baby ... When it comes to hoes I be pimping like I supposed to ... And plus we got them playerette flirters in the chi ... Well if you love you girl ... Say I done fell in love wit a stripper you all
and everything they say has got to do with you not takin em. Just hear me when you work out are you [?] with your friends cause life is gettin ... And kiss my pimpin ASS Cause some of y'all ... And he's slippin like a bad transmission too. Givin bitches his ... Fall in love, get married, and watch her take half my shit. But you a ...
Tell me get up on my knees this time I won't cry ... You say you wanna love somebody [2x] ... [Marco:] shit I ain't slipping on my pimping baby I was doing me
8Ball & Mjg - Pimps lyrics
Pimps lyrics by 8ball & Mjg: [Intro:] / Eightball- / Ah yeah! Eightball & mjg in the mothaf*%kin house, / And we came here today to talk to.
ASAP MOB LYRICS - Purple Kisses
Lyrics to "Purple Kisses" song by ASAP MOB: It's so easy to fall in love Purple kisses on your neck, thinking 'bout the day we met Body ... All my ex-girls tryna fade me out ... Ever since I growed up, I been got my dough up ... Get throwed 'til I throw up, but I'm pimping like I'm 'sposed to ... I'm slipping from feeling this sober
Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang Lyrics
My motherfucking homie Doggy Dogg has got my back. Never let me slip, cause if I slip, then I'm slippin' But if I got my Nina then you know I'm straight trippin
About a year or so ago, I don't know, mind slips me. I'm in the southern states, you know where all the pimps be ... You got me open, you're playin wit me, darlin I'm not a toy ... I can't wait (the way you love me) ... You're always on my mind
Lyrics to "Pimps" song by 8BALL & MJG: Eightball & MJG in the muthafuckin house We came ... So everywhere I go, bitches strike up conversations wit me ... It's my nigga baby mama, but sometimes I creep ... Now how in the fuck do you think a pimp is slippin ... Some niggas get pussy whipped and fall into them love bugs
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Fuckin' Problem
Lyrics to "Fuckin' Problem" song by LIL' WAYNE: I love all my bitches That's my fuckin' problem A 2 dollar bill is still a ... Make me think about all them nights we got a threesome on .... You be trippin', you say you fallen', nigga you slippin'
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - In The Middle Of The Night
Y'all be tripping off the P's I can get plus I'm from my K-Town click ... Pin roll aka the fat man got love for the ones who got love for me ... Real to the end me and my pen falling in love all over again ... I'm a thug shout, where my pimping spot,
Dan Talevski - Do It Again Lyrics
Yeah (x7) / Girl I think I'm falling / And I don't wanna get up / and even if I'm dreaming / I don't wanna ... Yeah and I love these women, and they love my pimpin'
J. COLE LYRICS - Rich Niggaz
Up the steps I ain't slippin' Tears blood ... When your momma ain't at home cause she got a second job. Delivering ... Momma gets depressed falls in love with the next maniac. On crack ... Selling me dreams and telling me things you knew ... Now I'm Cobain with a shotgun aimed at my brain cause I can't maintain no more.
Jasper got the Henny, my nigga we get it in. Wolf Gang party at ... Cause if you don't salute me then my team will do the shooting. Yea my nigga ... Do I love her, prolly not. Know your shit is ... relax me. Fall back if your paddies is Maxi Please
In my city looking for a bad chick, yeah. Last weekend, 3 ... So tempting I just hope that God forgive me. For sinnin, it ... Man it got me trippin ... Music is my first love, my studio be crackin oh. A bunch ... They call me big pimpin. My swag is drippin, if I catch your girl slippin ... When I fall into temptation, I know sighting is grinnin
Oh I can get mo money, mo money, don't come to me. And everything ... Rap for the love of money, stack it up once mo' ... Got my cheese in the soil, tryin' to make my flow grow. Hell no, never fall off. Slip pimpin', you can get it hard or get it soft
Gangsta Boo - Love Don't Live Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Don't Live' by Gangsta Boo: Live here anymore. ... You got me going like uh. I'm feelin the rush, I like to fuck ... Nigga leave my house, you can get the fuck away from me. Take yo' ... I ain't the one to be messed with, pimping to my death. Slip in and slip out, remember how that used to be? I would get so wet ...
all of them fallin' for the love of ballin' got caught with 30 rocks, the cop look like Alec Baldwin inter century anthems based off ... and at the airport they check all through my bag and tell me that it's random but we stay winning, this week has ...
When I fall up in the club, hoes show me love. I'm sipping purple drank, ... Cause we be pimping these hoes, on a daily basis ... I put a hoe last, cause I'm all about my figgas. I keep my ... Cause the minute that you slipping, you fall off and you ain't in it. So I gotta ... I got these hoes screaming my name, while giving me brain
JAY-Z - Big Pimpin' lyrics
Check out the complete Jay-Z Big Pimpin' lyrics and watch the music video on ... You know I, thug 'em, fuck 'em, love 'em, leave 'em , Cause I don't fuckin' need ... Don't be surprised if your ho stab out with me ... All my car got leather and wood, in my hood we call it buck ... If he up, watch him fall, nigga I can't fuck witch'all
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Look At Me Now (Remix)
Lyrics to "Look At Me Now (Remix)" song by CHRIS BROWN: Yellow model chick Yellow bottle sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow top ... Ladies love me ... And she accidentally slip fall on my dick. Ooops ... pimpin on a bitch and tell her I could get her pussy cheddar ... Got a bitch that play in movies in my jacuzzi, pussy juicy
ICE-T LYRICS - 6'n The Mornin'
Lyrics to "6'n The Mornin'" song by ICE-T: 6'n the morning' police at my door Fresh adidas squerk across the ... Told me E's rollin' Villain - BJ's got the sack
Thats a quarter milly on a hand job my nigga. Blllll stick'em ... My ambitions as a rider. Sipping on lean ... Bundles falling all out your pocket. When you ... Catch a nigga slipping at the red light. With ya AK, let me see you shoot it. You're a ... Love a nigga wrist when its shinin' ... Pimps up, pimps up, hoes down, hoes down
LIL' B LYRICS - Febuarys Confessions
First off I want tell everybody I love them. And I just ... Last time I fell asleep I almost got my neck broken. Charge it to the ... I put the grapes down cause these niggas like me slipping. I stay with the Mac It's sorta like I'm pimping. I can't speak on ...
DR. DRE LYRICS - Nuthin But A "G" Thang
And before me dig out a bitch I have ta' find a contraceptive ... But I damn near got caught, 'cause my beeper kept beepin' ... Pimpin' ho's and clockin' a grip like my name was Dolomite Yeah ... Never let me slip, 'cause if I slip, then I'm slippin'
Please let me be and let me do my thang. Thinkin about a certain..certain somebody. That perfect somebody sexy purple body. She got service road curves and ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 Cent CD I took ... You can hate me or love me, but now the cops the only homies he got ... Stop hoping I fall, hope the bleeding stop
I don't wanna go to the early grave, a motherfucker like me. Ready to murder ... Never let a nigga know what I got, keep my bidness to my own. So don't bring ...

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