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cattle decapitation - forced gender reassignment lyrics
Cattle Decapitation - Forced Gender Reassignment Lyrics. Fear breeds contempt in the hear of a man One has to question this common trait - Why do we hate ...
IAN PARRY LYRICS - "Consortium Project I" (1999) album
Change Breeds Contempt 7. A Miracle Is All We ... Chain Of Fear 11. .... Exists a faith and a heart, that's made of steel ... The evil that men do, the hidden secrets
DYING BREED LYRICS - "Represed But Not Extinct" (1994) album
DYING BREED lyrics - "Represed But Not Extinct" (1994) album, including " Carved", "Contempt", "Fight"... ... 2. Addict To The Disease 3. Bound 4. Apportioned Grief 5. Fight 6. Contempt 7. ... To overcome my fears to overcome my fears to overcome my fears ... I see the world now crying for the last and the man never came
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder ...
Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt 12. Godspeed On The ... Leaving her screams breaking my heart. And in the grip of ... Luxuries and splendours past the ken of mortal men ..... All fears were smeared. When Joan ..... Of vengeful, ancient breed
MOTORHEAD LYRICS - "Bastards" (1993) album
MOTORHEAD lyrics - "Bastards" (1993) album, including "Devils", "We Bring The Shake", "I'm Your Man"... ... It's enough to break my human heart ... I, I am the sword, I bring the fear of the Lord .... You breed contempt we mock you now
REALM LYRICS - "Suiciety" (1990) album
Are you willing to harden your heart ? Don't harden ... Time is against the wickedness of man ... Your lying eyes breed violent, contempt ... Strips my mind of fear
SLAYER LYRICS - "Diabolus In Musica" (1998) album
Breeds contempt unrest ... A bleeding heart. A seal of fate. There is no ... You run in fear from my dark silhouette .... Listen to the rhythm of a dead man walking
GENERATION KILL LYRICS - "Red, White And Blood" (2011) album
That's what's best for the common good of man. Your hate ... Filthy stink of violence and corruption, breeding societies of fear ... I strike fear into the heart of man. Choose any death except the flame. Look down on the world with self contempt
I DECLARE WAR LYRICS - "We Are Violent People By Nature ...
love to shreds. Take this anger and contempt and bury it til ... rip out my own heart if I had the guts. Coward! ... Misery in life breeds torture for everyone. You bring out ... You weak man, you bad man, sending fear in everyone you see. Hide from  ...
VIRGIN SNATCH LYRICS - "In The Name Of Blood" (2006) album
Unending State Of Fear Fills My ... there is a disease in the heart of man. You cannot ... Contempt and hatred all you feel. All what you ... Breeding you deception
DEW-SCENTED LYRICS - "Incinerate" (2007) album
Retribution: Familiarity bred contempt, errors and omissions raised the price you' ll pay. Thinking twice .... Breeding – feeding – perdition for all. Take command, lay the ... Decaying hope for absolution, observe the fear burning bright in their hearts, ... Anguish ridden hearts of man, controlled by moral, exposed through regret.
THE RAVEN AUTARCHY LYRICS - "Kaonashi" (2013) album
Harmony Of Contempt 5. Chronological ... You fear a universe without a purpose ... Decrepit faceless liars breed. You're the ... shackled by fear ... They want to step through your heart. Shatter, the ... And drown in flame the mountains of man
DEMON HUNTER LYRICS - "Triptych" (2005) album
Revealing every single lie that you've been breeding within. Wash over the ... No man can shake me from the everlasting ground that I stand [Pre-chorus] ... No sign of fear in our hearts. Stand in .... Nothing breeds more contempt for this world
PARKWAY DRIVE LYRICS - "Deep Blue" (2010) album
A fear I cannot contain, ... As the mountains crack and the oceans boil, a fury- tempered heart is forged. ... Regret breeds a heavy heart. Reality ... A hollow man .
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY LYRICS - "The Catacombs Of The Black ...
4. Angel Of Mercy 5. Heart Of Darkness ... 11. Shades Of Gray 12. Dark Side Of The Sun 13. The Nomad 14. Blind Man 15. Hell And Fire ... the oceans of life's contempt drown the liars ... Destroyer of fear and the war of man ... The breeding lies
BLINDED BY FAITH LYRICS - "Weapons Of Mass Distraction" (2007 ...
Shockwave at the heart of dissidence ... Torrents of energy which rejected Fear ... So much dishonesty rightfully breeds contempt. ... A good American is a man
POWER TRIP LYRICS - "Manifest Decimation" (2013) album
Impaled in the neck, pierced through the heart. You'll never rest, ... Have we created a new breed ,or just contempt of the flesh? Primitive ... Tearing up the block, Leaving men in shock, Instincts ... Pride and fear has brought us here, A catalyst ...
Let The Wolves Come & Lick Thy Wounds
Look into my heart, see a shattered mirror ... Familiarity breeds contempt. Is misery your ... A tear that's spit in the rain, a stain of fear in an insane mind in hell
HATEBREED LYRICS - "Perseverance" (2002) album
I know your fear of loss. And your struggles ... All you have is contempt for a life you can't obtain. All your heroes have ... And never succumb to the war that you fight in your heart. Your world is .... So dependent, a shell of a man. Pitiful, you let  ...
NEAR DEATH CONDITION LYRICS - "Evolving Towards Extinction ...
Otherwise only hate and contempt remain. My heart has ... The fear of void in our hearts. Afflicted souls ... For fear of enlightening. Your false ... For despair and evil are everywhere in the heart of men ... Our destiny is to breed always. In order ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Cruelty And The Beast" (1998) album
Venus In Fear 6. Desire In Violent ... (Gilded in crests of Carpathian breed) Bringing ... Round hearts a glance would betroth ... Midst the grease of strangled men
IMMOLATION LYRICS - "Majesty And Decay" (2010) album
Ever expanding, never stop breeding. No room to move, ... 5. Divine Code. Like venom it surges through heart and soul. Driven and guided by the fears of men
IMPERATOR LYRICS - "The Time Before Time" (1991) album
No man may know the vanquisher of death. I am the power and ... Bequethed to our race, breeding an unknown fear. Holding his horrid ... Hate flows from my heart, bloodlust. Sitting in the .... I hold in contempt your constancy. Your justice is  ...
PRETTY MAIDS LYRICS - "Carpe Diem" (2000) album
There ain't no mountain high no fellow man. To stop me ... You had my heart held hostage from the start ... no mercy it's breeding fear .... And a life in contempt
DELIVERANCE LYRICS - "As Above, So Below" (2007) album
4. As Above - So Below 5. Screaming 6. Should We Cross Paths 7. Contempt 8. ... Blame the gods for the deeds & wills of violent men. Forced inception interrupts the plan. Create the lies & breed the hate. Feeding of the ... Quicken the hearts to 'receive' the unfettered plan. And lose ... Running from my fear of Hell Trapped ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Thornography" (2006) album
Pissing in contempt. On the effigies of the ... A hellbound heart, the rose and thorn . Have locked to ... Tonight the world will fear our names. Tonight in ... I am loathe to know it that a man without a soul. Is nothing but a ..... They breed nightmares
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" (2010 ...
Her singing touched Angels and melted their hearts ..... Breeding fell children and hiding her worth ... Her glance holds slight contempt .... Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this ...
SPAWN OF POSSESSION LYRICS - "Noctambulant" (2006) album
4. Render My Prey 5. Eve Of Contempt ... My past gets mirrored when I'm there, a clandestine zone, a place I fear. Can't recollect these ... Seduced by my own heart's foul language, a light there never was. ... The wretched man of the cloth, like dust left swinging dead from the wall. ... Breeding my conviction, mortal, not now.
DEAD JESUS LYRICS - "...Let Them Suffer" (2004) album
Hands and pierced her heart. Wounds of ... The man I will never be burns inside of me. The girl ... Seeding and breeding as you're forced to doubt your soul ... Children lie in fear. ... Maybe one day I'll find true love and contempt of my mind.
PRONG LYRICS - "Cleansing" (1993) album
the fear escape the fault widen the gap kill off the facts ... nothing breeds more contempt for this world ... for whom one more outnumbered bleeding hearts that humble to ... another rape for a strong man it scares you into submission now's the ...
OLD MAN'S CHILD LYRICS - "Vermin" (2005) album
OLD MAN'S CHILD lyrics - "Vermin" (2005) album, including "...As Evil Descends" ... Seal the world with contempt. Enslave and ... Possess and breed. Inside the ... Dreams of fear. Wake up and be ... A black heart the devil's soul. Pure as stone ...
ULCERATE LYRICS - "Everything Is Fire" (2009) album
Drown Within. Evoke the lifesblood of man ... Existence is fear ... A dying breed on their knees ... Caution to their winds of contempt ... Rip open your heart for me
ONE KING DOWN LYRICS - "God Loves, Man Kills" (1998) album
ONE KING DOWN lyrics - "God Loves, Man Kills" (1998) album, including "From ... secure enough not to fear diversity my interest doesn't lie in what's in your glass i'm only concerned with what's in your heart what's in your heart are you for real are ... to our death the age of man will come to an end again and again we breed
SODOM LYRICS - "In War And Pieces" (2010) album
Contempt of sanity ... Hollow the dead we fear. Nescient why we are here. One man's meat is another man's poison .... God bless you, the nations heart
WATAIN LYRICS - "Rabid Death's Curse" (2001) album
Lifeless, yet trembling in fear. For as sulphurflames are it's conscious. And the smothering is near. Emptiness spawn, pale stillborn breed ... It's eyes are the souls that burns at hell's heart ... Blessed with contempt ... Lurking within all of man
THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT LYRICS - "The White Crematorium ...
When we burn down their villages and murder their breed. We are the ... Give us hearts of stone when we commit murder. We spit in the ... Majestic father and king of gods and men. Master of the ... With a fierce contempt we destroy the symbols of the dishonest" The Dutch ... For fear of more death or total dismay. Though ...
KREATOR LYRICS - "Gods Of Violence" (2017) album
And all the hearts turn black. The bridges have ... Malicious titans and the fear their words can breed. The one ... Protectors of the masterplan, waken darker sides of men. Instigate the .... Sovereign contempt every day of your life. I know how it ...
INFERNAL WAR LYRICS - "Redesekration" (2007) album
Thrown into the maze of torment and fear. The beast of superior ... Obey my demand, for I am the messenger of disillusion and contempt, ... The beast is here again to kill the peace in the heart of man, ... Carnage - victory breeds inhumanity .
THY ART IS MURDER LYRICS - "Holy War" (2015) album
shall we open our hearts to truth, man is one ... Empires buried in sand a history of the failures in man. Armies of ... Contempt in suffering ... I don't feel the fear
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED LYRICS - "Novella Of Uriel" (2001) album
and I walk this precipice and I fear the fall and the ... don't be surprised at the contempt in my voice ... to the shallow heart of the man ... conception - the breeding

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