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POP EVIL LYRICS - Boss's Daughter
With her devil smile and her angel eyes. She got me all hypnotized. And she's hell on heels. That girl needs somebody like me. A real man born with a sex ...
Nat King Cole - Ballad Of Cat Ballou Lyrics
She has the smile of an angel (Fights like the Devil) The eyes of an angel (Bites like the Devil) The face of an angel (I say she's the Devil) She's mean and evil ...
Lyrics to "Smile N Hearts" song by ANGEL HAZE: You know my mama use to always say that struggle is worth it Because within ... It's hard to dream with your eyes wide open ... Never got to figure out what I wanted for mine, my dad bounced like a faggot ... So much evil in this world and it's beauty just masquerades it
THE WHO LYRICS - Behind Blue Eyes
Lyrics to "Behind Blue Eyes" song by THE WHO: No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes No one knows... ... When I smile, tell me some bad news. Before I laugh and act ... If I swallow anything evil
VENOM LYRICS - "Prime Evil" (1989) album
4. Carnivorous 5. Skeletal Dance 6. Megalomania 7. I Agree 8. Harder Than Ever 9. Into The Fire 10. School Daze 11. Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil ...
ZANDELLE LYRICS - "Shadows Of The Past" (2011) compilation
1. Ecstasy 2. Medieval Ways 3. Evil Entity 4. Angel 5. Darkness Of The Night 6. Bringer Of ... In his eyes a death-like stare ... When you smile I feel like I'm flying
Lyrics to "Your Love Is Evil" song by AVANTASIA: Day after day I see her smile If you could see her through my eyes You wouldn't call her a little bo... ... Silicone angel you are my fantasy. Your eyes are ... Nobody would touch you like i would
ANGRA LYRICS - "Angels Cry" (1993) album
ANGRA lyrics - "Angels Cry" (1993) album, including "Lasting Child", "Evil Warning", "Streets Of Tomorrow"... ... The change may come tomorrow for the solemn weeping eyes (Like) Angels crying. Can't take no more ... Our smile taken from
Pop Evil feat. Mick Mars - Boss's Daughter Lyrics
She'll put a bullet in your heart Just to feel the thrill She walks like she's ... With the devil smile and her angel eyes She got me all hypnotized And she's hell on ...
U.D.O. LYRICS - "Man And Machine" (2002) album
Man and machine - the evil of a dream ... I'm always watching you - my secret eye .... A smile upon your face. Like I'm dancing - dancing with an angel. Like I'm ...
Lyrics to "Wicked Moon" song by ANGEL HAZE: Stare at the moon, stare at the moon, moonlight ... My desire's strong he's all around me like he's on to my bones
ANNIHILATOR LYRICS - "Feast" (2013) album
Wrapped 6. Perfect Angel Eyes ... A fistful of cash and a smile on your face. A wallet ... Your evil slander / Hard to ignore ... Hide away / Like the coward you are
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "The Scarecrow" (2008) album
... keep your pace. You walk me to the slaughter with a smile upon your face ... So you're an angel meant to walk down here. And you ... What about your flesh and blood and defiers like me? Their evil eyes are looking down on you. And those ...
So I'm grinding with my eyes wide. Looking to ... Like what the hell am I doing right? [Verse 1 ... feed off evil? ... Then I see my sons and put on that Kanye smile.
The smile that she faking is tragic, hate looking at it. That magic I tried ... you the worst. Every time you say you sorry, everything you do just feel like it's rehearsed.
THE CROWN LYRICS - "Deathrace King" (2000) album
Evil lives and death draws near ... In the staring eyes of both the victim and the killer. .... Call of the devil, follow the devil, fall like an angel, rise like the devil.
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "Angel Of Babylon" (2010) album
Day after day I see her smile. If you could see her through my eyes ... Nobody would touch you like I would. Nobody would stop ...
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES LYRICS - "Nightbreed Of Macabria ...
Drained by the Angels sharp tongue let you fall into the embrace of evil, God cannot ... In the dismal smiles... by the rotten mouth, painted eyes like a black pitch
BEYOND TWILIGHT LYRICS - "For The Love Of Art And The Making ...
Creep Evil 3. Sleeping Beauty - The ... Tongue Angel 7. I Moved 8. ... Cold As Blue - Like A Candle You Start To Drip 26. Bilingues ... The Awakening Part II - The Smile 28. ... In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement Modulated With Irony) 30.
PHORA LYRICS - As Time Goes By
Lyrics to "As Time Goes By" song by PHORA: I love you like you'll never know I know we had our differences, ... Wondering if the angels are looking down on us
GRAVE DIGGER LYRICS - "The Grave Digger" (2001) album
Face like an angel. Sing the Sabbath song ... The grave is open, the digger smiles. He takes me under, the ... Look into the eye of this evil toy. Fly with the raven ...
IRON MASK LYRICS - "Fifth Son Of Winterdoom" (2013) album
Back Into Mystery 2. Like A Lion In A Cage ... Angel Eyes, Demon Soul 7. ... Where evil reigns. Killing and .... Vicious words, that gorgeous smile fools the world
SUICIDAL ANGELS LYRICS - "Divide And Conquer" (2014) album
Before your eyes they rape your sons ... I will trickle my disgust into them like burning acid until finally you perish [chorus ... Etched to my face\A smile turns to evil
Lyrics to "Angel" song by DMX: What good is it.. for a man to, gain the world.. yet lose his own ... between good and evil, be careful of those who wanna be you
GOTHIC KNIGHTS LYRICS - "Up From The Ashes" (2003) album
Relentless pursuit, just like the demon's eye. Giving me wings ... One thousand years gone, the fallen angel. I am immortal ... Full moon to light my way, I felt the winds of evil. Gray skies and ... Filled me with joy, you made me smile. Time stood ...
AT VANCE LYRICS - "The Evil In You" (2003) album
AT VANCE lyrics - "The Evil In You" (2003) album, including "Princess Of Ice", " Caprice No.16", "Streets Of My Dreams"... ... Down to the bone, you're just a fallen angel. The words you've chosen were like arrows in my heart. What's your intention .... And I open my eyes. And in the .... She's got a smile that is made out of ice
MY RUIN LYRICS - "Speak And Destroy" (2000) album
I AM THE POWER OF A WOMAN STRONG like music true like friendship but without ... with lips like sugar, eyes like meat. ... Demons, angels, a love that's true catch me as I start to fall, let me be your .... underneath the soil is where the evil grows your petals start to fall and the ... Sweetly he smiles at me so bright it burns me
ESCAPIST LYRICS - "Hidden Memories" (2013) album
Angels Never Gone 6. Knife 7. ... Maybe you love me like before. Maybe it's not the same. I want to see your dark and red eyes. I need to ... Another spell to cast, and with your smile. Another .... Seems you have won, but evil always turns back
I sat like a ghost, they all passed by ... A crooked smile I gave ... Cover my eyes from the bright morning sun blaring ... I speak no evil, but hear no angels. A family  ...
ATMOSPHERE LYRICS - The Woman With The Tattooed Hands
and this one she explained looked like the devil. I remember once ... the tattoos came alive right in front of my eyes ... There's good and evil in each individual fire
OFFICIUM TRISTE LYRICS - "Mors Viri" (2013) album
6. The Wounded And The Dying 7. One With The Sea (Part II) 8. Like Atlas. 1. Your Fall From Grace. You've got a bewildered look in your eyes. Don't know ... This evil is keeping you at arms length. You cannot ... You're like an angel that fell from grace. I remember .... A faint desperate smile crept across his face. He knows ...
ALESANA LYRICS - "The Emptiness" (2010) album
A girl like you will always be such a tragic part of me. ... Empty eyes accuse a face so evil, I'm coming undone. The mirror .... (Angel) I see your smile everywhere
LORDI LYRICS - "Deadache" (2008) album
Bite It Like A Bulldog 4. Monsters Keep ... The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile 13. ... Evil women, psycho chicks ... Don't look her straight in the eye .... Angels high
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation ...
14. Fallen Angels ... An altar of blood a Symphony of Evil plays. The Earth will shake ... Driving, blinding like a diamond storm against snow. Warring ... The eyes of the Sun rise Eternal blue flame .... She smiles like a secret and asks me to tame
HEAVEN & HELL LYRICS - "The Devil You Know" (2009) album
Rock & Roll Angel 6. The Turn Of The ... You can open up your eyes to see ... Atom and evil ... It's a touch - like cool morning rain ... He can kill you with a smile
ANGEL WITCH LYRICS - "Screamin' N' Bleedin'" (1985) album
When night betrays the day and when evil has its way. Who can say ... We all like to think we're brave. But we're all ... Looking through you with whites of eyes and bleeding red. She licks her ... Little children with innocent smiles. Who knows ...
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" (1988 ...
The Evil That Men Do 5. Seventh Son Of A ... Seven angels seven demons battle for his soul ... I'd rather like the restless nights. It makes me ... And the hell fires raged in his eyes. He said you wanna ... Lucifer smiles looks on and waits. I'll take ...
Like the Madonna painted on the church-house wall. In whale's blood ... As he screamed, "You are an evil man" ... Closed his eyes and shrugged and laughed
It's evil, it'll haunt you, it'll eat you. It'll take away ... As I try to take a breath, but I feel like I'm choking on my own blood ... They pull the trigger, my guardian angel was sitting right there ... Fighting to stay alive, doctors keep telling me not to close my eyes ... But never let these cats take your peace of mind or your smile from you
DESPERADO LYRICS - "Bloodied But Unbowed" (1996) album
There's No Angels Here 8. Made For ... She just smiles and hangs tough 'cause she's hard to the stuff. She knows he's got ... And like a shot from a gun or knife's goin' straight to your heart .... [Chorus (x2)] Oh, oh. Am I evil? Ow, am I evil? Yeah, oh, oh, oh, yeah, baby ... Is it the barmaid that's smilin' from the corner of her eye

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