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Ernest Tubb - Waltz Across Texas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waltz Across Texas' by Ernest Tubb. When we dance together my world's in disguise it's a fairyland tale that come true / And when you look at me with.
Ernest Tubb - Walking The Floor Over You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walking The Floor Over You' by Ernest Tubb: I'm walking the floor over you I can't sleep a wink that is true I'm hoping and I'm praying as my heart.
Ernest Tubb - Drivin' Nails In My Coffin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drivin' Nails In My Coffin' by Ernest Tubb: I'm just drivin' nails in my coffin Every time I drink a bottle of booze I'm just drivin' nails in my.
Ernest Tubb - Tomorrow Never Comes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tomorrow Never Comes' by Ernest Tubb. Oh, you tell me that you love me / Yes, you tell me that you care / That tomorrow we'll be married / But.
Ernest Tubb - Blue Christmas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue Christmas' by Ernest Tubb. I'll have a blue Christmas without you I' ll be so blue thinking about you / Decorations of red on a green Christmas.
Ernest Tubb - Another Story Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Another Story' by Ernest Tubb. No regrets, no hard feelings, it's over. All the good times together are through. / I'll have a lifetime of mem'ries.
Ernest Tubb - You Nearly Lose Your Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Nearly Lose Your Mind' by Ernest Tubb. Well if you love your mama and you treat her right / But she keeps on fussin' at you every day and night /
Ernest Tubb - Thanks A Lot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thanks A Lot' by Ernest Tubb: Thanks, thanks a lot I got a broken heart, that's all I've got You made me cry and I cried a lot I lost your love,
Ernest Tubb - Soldier's Last Letter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soldier's Last Letter' by Ernest Tubb. When the postman delivered a letter / It filled her dear heart full of joy / But she didn't know till she read.
Ernest Tubb - Sweet Thang Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Thang' by Ernest Tubb. I slipped out of the house about sundown while mama was a washin' her hair / And you can bet your bottom dollar she'll.
Ernest Tubb - Filipino Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Filipino Baby' by Ernest Tubb. When the warship's left Manila sailing proudly o'er the sea / All the sailors hearts were filled with fond regret /
Ernest Tubb - Half A Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Half A Mind' by Ernest Tubb. I don't love you like I used to do / But I'm afraid to tell you so / I've got half a mind to leave you / But only half.
Ernest Tubb - Big City Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big City' by Ernest Tubb. I'm walking your streets again big city searching every face that I see / Looking for my darling big city the one that you.
Ernest Tubb Lyrics
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Ernest Tubb - Missing In Action Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Missing In Action' by Ernest Tubb. The warship had landed and night come ashore / The fighting was over for me ever more / For I had been wounded.
Ernest Tubb - I Love You Because Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Love You Because' by Ernest Tubb. I love you because you understand dear every single thing I try to do / You're always there to lend a helping.
Ernest Tubb - Saturday Satan Sunday Saint Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Saturday Satan Sunday Saint' by Ernest Tubb. Saturday satan Sunday saint foolin' your neighbors that's what you think / Readin' the good book singin'
Ernest Tubb - Yesterday's Tears Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yesterday's Tears' by Ernest Tubb. Yesterday's tears are still fallin' yesterday's dreams are still broken / Yesterday's love is still livin' a love.
Ernest Tubb - It's Been So Long Darling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Been So Long Darling' by Ernest Tubb. It's been so long, darling since I had to go away / It's been so long, darling and I'll never forget that.
Ernest Tubb - Dear Judge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dear Judge' by Ernest Tubb. The divorce had been granted and my wife was seeking the custody of our only son / And as our boy told his story we ...
Ernest Tubb - Journey's End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Journey's End' by Ernest Tubb. Each night brings back / My dreams of you / I cry and cry / I feel so blue / You broke my heart / So why I pretend /
Ernest Tubb - Rainbow At Midnight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rainbow At Midnight' by Ernest Tubb. After the war was over I was coming home to you / I saw a rainbow at midnight out on the ocean blue / The stars.
Ernest Tubb - Lonesome Valley Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonesome Valley' by Ernest Tubb. You gotta walk that lonesome valley you gotta go there by yourself / There's no one here can go there with you you.
Ernest Tubb Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Have You Ever Been Lonely (have You Ever Been Blue)' by Ernest Tubb. Have you ever been lonely have you ever been blue / Have you ever loved  ...
Ernest Tubb - Seaman's Blues Lyrics
[Chorus] I'm on my way to Italy from the Gulf of Mexico Riding on a tanker, and feeling mighty low. My good gal's behind me, no lovin' for so long. I'm going back  ...
Ernest Tubb - Letters Have No Arms Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Letters Have No Arms' by Ernest Tubb. I just got your letter dearest sweetheart / And darlin', I miss you oh, so much / Your letter has cheered me,
Ernest Tubb - Fraulein Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fraulein' by Ernest Tubb. Far across the blue waters / Lives an old German's daughter / By the banks of the old river Rhine / Where I loved her and.
Ernest Tubb - Slippin' Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slippin' Around' by Ernest Tubb. Seems I always have to slip around / To be with you, my dear / Slippin' around / Afraid we might be found / I know I.
Ernest Tubb - Follow Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Follow Me' by Ernest Tubb. At the end of the day my heart's filled with despair / I knelt by my bed for a moment of prayer / I asked God to help me.
Ernest Tubb - Hello Trouble (come On In) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hello Trouble (come On In)' by Ernest Tubb. Woke up this morning happy as could be look out my window what did I see / Walkin' up my sidewalk just ...
Ernest Tubb - Two Glasses Joe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Two Glasses Joe' by Ernest Tubb. Set up two glasses, Joe / And turn the jukebox low / And let me sit and reminisce / While I pretend that she / Is.
Ernest Tubb - Goodnight, Irene Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goodnight, Irene' by Ernest Tubb. Irene, goodnight, / Irene, goodnight, / Goodnight, Irene, / Goodnight, Irene, / I'll see you in my dreams / Last.
Ernest Tubb - She Called Me Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Called Me Baby' by Ernest Tubb. She called me baby baby all night long used to hold and kiss me till the dawn / Then one day I awoke and she ...
Ernest Tubb - Last Night I Dreamed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Night I Dreamed' by Ernest Tubb. I had a dream last night, I dreamed you held me tight / You filled me with delight, so real it seemed / I.
Ernest Tubb - Our Baby's Book Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Our Baby's Book' by Ernest Tubb. There's a new star in heaven tonight / The brightest of them all up there / As we gaze at the sky we wonder / Why.
Ernest Tubb - Stay A Little Longer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stay a Little Longer' by Ernest Tubb. I can see you are not happy the way you've been acting / And I think you'd like to be free / I know he's a good.
Ernest Tubb - My Hillbilly Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Hillbilly Baby' by Ernest Tubb. My hillbilly baby the sweetest gal in town / You can bet I'll see her when the sun goes down / Someday I will.
Ernest Tubb - Born To Lose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Born To Lose' by Ernest Tubb. Born to lose I've lived my life in vain every dream has only brought me pain / All my life I've always been so blue.
Ernest Tubb - San Antonio Rose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'San Antonio Rose' by Ernest Tubb. Deep within my heart lies a melody / A song of old San Antone / Where in dreams I live with a memory / Beneath ...
Ernest Tubb - Wabash Cannonball Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wabash Cannonball' by Ernest Tubb. From the great Atlantic ocean to the wide Pacific shore / From the queen of flowing mountains to the southbelt by.

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