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NIGHTRAGE LYRICS - "A New Disease Is Born" (2007) album
... "A New Disease Is Born" (2007) album, ... I know that as I take my first step into this freak ... when emotions are Frozen, ...
DESTINY LYRICS - "Diving Into Eternity" (2002) album
DESTINY lyrics - "Diving Into Eternity" (2002) ... Sun Rises First 4. My Day In Your Summer 5. ... I take a look into my heart
DEAD EMOTIONS LYRICS - "The Genesis Behind" (2004) album
DEAD EMOTIONS lyrics - "The Genesis Behind" (2004) ... try to find new things that count ... With a cold heart the first cluster arrives One step closer to the end
STATIC-X LYRICS - "Start A War" (2005) album
STATIC-X lyrics - "Start A War" (2005) album, ... I'm a man sinking deep in the ocean 'Cause you make me feel, ... Take another step ...
MAESTRICK LYRICS - "Unpuzzle!" (2011) album
MAESTRICK lyrics - "Unpuzzle!" (2011) album, ... Lake Of Emotions Every step you take Without truth ... Heading the surface of a new day
Aviation - You Were My Everything Lyrics
Our first day, it seemed so magical ... But now I cant take all the pain that I feel ... Every Lyric From Lil Yachty's New Debut Album 'Teenage Emotions'
ONE WITHOUT LYRICS - "Sweet Relief" (2011) album
Sweet relief I welcome you ... With the disgust I feel for you A new day is dawning My body is an open wound ... Take one step back
DARKANE LYRICS - "Expanding Senses" (2002) album
DARKANE lyrics - "Expanding Senses" (2002) album, ... The hate you feel inside ... Take a step into your personal hell
PHINEHAS LYRICS - "Thegodmachine" (2011) album
PHINEHAS lyrics - "Thegodmachine" (2011) album, ... Drop into the pit you dug with your pride ... I take my first step
NOVEMBERS DOOM LYRICS - "The Pale Haunt Departure" (2005 ...
NOVEMBERS DOOM lyrics - "The Pale Haunt Departure" (2005) ... Will tomorrow bring a new day of ... I carry this burden with every step I take Thrust myself into a new ...
OBLOMOV LYRICS - "Mighty Cosmic Dances" (2005) album
OBLOMOV lyrics - "Mighty Cosmic Dances" (2005) album, ... Six suns will enter into the cave of darkness ... First time I feel the night
SECRET SPHERE LYRICS - "Scent Of Human Desire" (2003) album
SECRET SPHERE lyrics - "Scent Of Human Desire" (2003) ... One step into the night and the other through the ... Step by step I'm sure To feel your breath is coming near
REINXEED LYRICS - "A New World" (2013) album
I feel them march all around us with nowhere ... I open up my eyes in a new world The ocean guides my way back to ... First when his brother was gone his father went ...
GOATWHORE LYRICS - "The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black" (2000 ...
... "The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black" ... Engulfing This Frail Emotion To Befall All Unearthed ... An Ocean Of Unveiled Prints For Surprise
SECRET SPHERE LYRICS - "Portrait Of A Dying Heart" (2012 ...
SECRET SPHERE lyrics - "Portrait Of A Dying Heart" ... New emotions wait for you, ... take me, make me feel like a god
ELVENKING LYRICS - "Wyrd" (2004) album
Learn a new step for each new Babylon ... First step on sand, meant the last ... I just feel free Merged into this rhyme
DEATH LYRICS - "Symbolic" (1995) album
Maybe we could take a step back ... For them, each day life has just begun Observing spirits on the wall What are they telling you? ... Plunging into a new found
ICS VORTEX LYRICS - "Storm Seeker" (2011) album
ICS VORTEX lyrics - "Storm Seeker" (2011) album, ... Make a new day Cripple the deck, ... take one step at the time
TOMORROW'S EVE LYRICS - "Mirror Of Creation" (2003) album
TOMORROW'S EVE lyrics - "Mirror Of Creation" (2003) album, ... A new day begins and Gives you a change Feel the strength to ... Day by day at work But the career ...
DREAMTALE LYRICS - "Difference" (2005) album
DREAMTALE lyrics - "Difference" (2005) album, ... Day by day you feel something's near and the ... take my hand It's time to let the new winds blow
PROTEST THE HERO LYRICS - "Pacific Myth" (2015) EP
PROTEST THE HERO lyrics - "Pacific Myth" (2015) ... It draws closer with every step. (Push off with both feet fall into the chasm, ... a new ocean had formed
TOUCHÉ AMORÉ LYRICS - "Is Survived By" (2013) album
I’ll refill if I feel the need to share. It was the Fall of last year in New York City. Day two of a tour, ... But I won’t take a step back though it might be for ...
MONSTER MAGNET LYRICS - "Superjudge" (1993) album
MONSTER MAGNET lyrics - "Superjudge" (1993) album, ... The mighty ocean parts before me I'm heading down to New ... All in all a pretty good day The ocean parts and ...
HOLY MOSES LYRICS - "Agony Of Death" (2008) album
HOLY MOSES lyrics - "Agony Of Death" (2008) ... Take a step into the living lie ... Catching my brain - into previous day
KRYPTERIA LYRICS - "In Medias Res" (2005) album
KRYPTERIA lyrics - "In Medias Res" ... The time has come for us to earn ourselves a new day ... The time has come for us to step into the light, ...
TEXTURES LYRICS - "Drawing Circles" (2006) album
TEXTURES lyrics - "Drawing Circles" (2006) ... Into the right direction ... We're drawing circles every day It takes only one step to be on your way
Bruce Springsteen - The River Lyrics
And into the river we'd dive ... by Kathydreyer His new book said written for his sister . She got pregnant. See all. Then I got ... No wedding day smiles no walk ...
AUGUST BURNS RED LYRICS - "Rescue & Restore" (2013) album
Stop turning life into a stagnant routine ... We're so scared to take the first step, so scared (so scared) ... AUGUST BURNS RED LYRICS
FAIR WARNING LYRICS - "Go!" (1997) album - darklyrics.com
FAIR WARNING lyrics - "Go!" (1997) album, ... The way you feel - wasted love ... To the beauty of new day come alive
SIKTH LYRICS - "Death Of A Dead Day" (2006) album
SIKTH lyrics - "Death Of A Dead Day" ... So far away I can not take it Feel alright? Feel alright? ... It's a new day, ...
ALL THAT REMAINS LYRICS - "The Order Of Things" (2015) album
ALL THAT REMAINS lyrics - "The Order Of Things" ... I'm not gonna let the emotions take over ... hoping for a new day
ELVENKING LYRICS - "The Pagan Manifesto" (2014) album
ELVENKING lyrics - "The Pagan Manifesto" ... The light of a new day is born ... He finds this way to crawl once every other day Empty now I feel, ...
LUCA TURILLI LYRICS - "The Infinite Wonders Of Creation ...
Emotion, Devotion Grand mirror of souls horizons ... New day for new frontiers ... To understand is just the first step
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