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PRIMORDIAL LYRICS - "The Gathering Wilderness" (2005) album
album: "The Gathering Wilderness" (2005). 1. The Golden Spiral 2. The Gathering Wilderness 3. The Song Of The Tomb 4. End Of All Times (The Martyr's Fire) 5.
Primordial - End Of All Times (Martyrs Fire) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'End of All Times (Martyrs Fire)' by Primordial.
Primordial - End Of All Times (the Martyr's Fire) Lyrics
End Of All Times (the Martyr's Fire) lyrics performed by Primordial: Is this all I've been left Broken oaths and betrayals The empty words and dead rhetoric Of my ...
MUDVAYNE LYRICS - "The End Of All Things To Come" (2002) album
MUDVAYNE lyrics - "The End Of All Things To Come" (2002) album, ... Fire, there's always loss within, fire, the cleansing, it's time. Fire ... Burn all the martyrs!
MUDVAYNE LYRICS - Solve Et Coagula
Lyrics to "Solve Et Coagula" song by MUDVAYNE: Fire, fire I dissolve and solidify , Destroy to recreate, ... Fire, the cleansing it's time. Fire, shooting arrows to the sky. Fire I construct a new institution ... Fire Burn, bleed all the lives of life, ascend to. The sky. Burn, all the martyrs. Fire ... "The End Of All Things To Come" (2002).
HOUR OF PENANCE LYRICS - "Pageantry For Martyrs" (2005) album
HOUR OF PENANCE lyrics - "Pageantry For Martyrs" (2005) album, including ... End of season of life and light. Before we ... Still I'm wandering, time and space now useless. ... Shreds of Martyr, at one with fire. ... Shreds of Martyr, is all we see ,
A DOZEN FURIES LYRICS - "A Concept From Fire" (2005) album
... lyrics - "A Concept From Fire" (2005) album, including "The Ill Will", "138", " Nightmare Of A Martyr". ... Your out of control so she'll know just what your all about
BANDEMONIC LYRICS - "Fires Of Redemption" (2014) album
Fires Of Redemption 2. Torment 3. Disingenuous 4. Martyr 5. The Awakening 6. ... Guardians Of Time ... You'll taste all the blood from your face ... Your end. May be closer than you thought. In this realm of terror. The Evil has the driver's spot ...
UNEARTH LYRICS - "III: In The Eyes Of Fire" (2006) album
UNEARTH lyrics - "III: In The Eyes Of Fire" (2006) album, including "Big Bear And The ... Through time this fight will martyr my name. ... This is the end, end of all.
TWISTED TOWER DIRE LYRICS - "Crest Of The Martyrs" (2003 ...
And scorch the world with ancient fire. Some Other Time, Some Other Place Will we find all we've longed for or die in disgrace? ... At the end of our lives will we accept death's embrace?
DEADLOCK LYRICS - "Manifesto" (2008) album
Fire At Will 7. ... You have the chance to become a martyr to science ... Always lead them to a sanguinary end ... Should I ever kill an animal without a reason
TEITANBLOOD LYRICS - "Death" (2014) album
Writhe! all laws in red convulsing depths, all seeing waters, all harvested horrors. ... of disintegration's smoke to the vengeful mouth of cleansing fire introduced ...
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS LYRICS - "Phantom" (2014) album
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS lyrics - "Phantom" (2014) album, including "Closure Found", ... Where The World Ends .... A burning message through the fire (lighting up this path I walk) ... And I'll search for you (forever) call out for you (and ever)
Find your martyr, I'm sure you've made the crown So l... ... So light a fire under my bones, so when. I die for you, at least I'll ... Ain't nothing for me to end up like this. There's no comparing me this time. All my heroes have now become ghosts
A burning message through the fire (lighting up this path I walk) I'll search for you (forever) call out for you (and ever) To find you walking by my side, hand in ...
NO BRAGGING RIGHTS LYRICS - "The Anatomy Of A Martyr" (2007 ...
NO BRAGGING RIGHTS lyrics - "The Anatomy Of A Martyr" (2007) EP, including " Paul's Lament", "To ... Got a match, start a fire (time to make your light known), ... How something could end and begin with a bullet, ... It would enlighten us all,
LIVING SACRIFICE LYRICS - "Conceived In Fire" (2002) album
... In Fire" (2002) album, including "Reach For The Sky", "The Martyr", "Distrust"... ... It Did Not Have to End It All ... All The Best At Your Grasp, Facade Is Complete
TEARS OF MARTYR LYRICS - "Tales" (2013) album
TEARS OF MARTYR lyrics - "Tales" (2013) album, including "Wolves And A Witch ", "Of A Raven Born", "Fallen Hero"... ... A sense of smell like no other human being ever had ... free in the end! I'm not .... My soul on fire, enraptured with desire
HOLY MARTYR LYRICS - "Hatred and Warlust" (2002) album
HOLY MARTYR lyrics - "Hatred and Warlust" (2002) album, including "Metallian", "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", "Son Of A King"... ... To meet my end in battlefield ... Ecstasy of battle slaughterin' 'em all ... Now is the time to set the castle in fire
Your time is up. You've found all of the answers so take a breath and end this chapter, I'll bring the fire if you bring the water. (Face, face) ... You bring the victim and we choose the martyr!" Taking the time to make it hurt, I can't hear you scream.
FLOTSAM & JETSAM LYRICS - "Flotsam And Jetsam" (2016) album
The cries of the martyrs ... is fire. Run to and pro till the end of time ... Fire from the altar, judgement is coming down ... One day we will all be in a better place
MARTYR DEFILED LYRICS - "No Hope. No Morality" (2014) album
MARTYR DEFILED lyrics - "No Hope. ... There is no end to it all. You have taken my ... Retribution for every time I watched you rape ... Start a motherfucking fire
TRIVIUM LYRICS - "Ascendancy" (2005) album
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr 4. Drowned ... You SMILE, and destroy it - it's time that we end this! ... To incinerate all - Behold I rise - phoenix ... Open fire. On the desire of the man. Open fire. With strife we'll strike down the hand
I Set The Sea On Fire - Tastes Like Funk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tastes Like Funk' by I Set The Sea On Fire. I'm gonna sing my ... Sing it to insomniac kids, and set their heads on fire ... but in the end we all die just the same ... Do it for your grey lunged martyrs, and do it for your twisted spine Fathers
BARREN EARTH LYRICS - "The Devil's Resolve" (2012) album
... (2012) album, including "World In Haze", "Martyrs Of Devotion", "Where All Stories End". ... Into the arms of time I hasten before .... This is when all fire goes out
ARCHITECTS LYRICS - "Lost Forever // Lost Together" (2014) album
We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true ... The word made flesh, you can 't fight fire with fire. All the ... These martyrs seek no adoration. ... They think this spells the end, it's only just begun. .... I wasted time building castles in the air.
The ruthless, The heralds of our time! ... We are all weavers, ... But we will rise and make these victims our martyrs! ... End him slow! ... "Children Of Fire" (2011).
EPICA LYRICS - "Design Your Universe" (2009) album
Martyr Of The Free Word 5. Our Destiny 6. .... My time has come to end it all. No one to .... You're the light I see to, raise the flame and blaze the fire. Give me ...
DEEDS OF FLESH LYRICS - "Mark Of The Legion" (2001) album
Heathen martyrs, cleansed by fire ... Should end in flame ... my sponser, beside the bed where I was ushered into the world and he has been with me ever since.
DISSIMULATOR LYRICS - "This Is Darkness" (2014) album
... lyrics - "This Is Darkness" (2014) album, including "Sycophant", "Killing Time", " The Day Satan Fell"... ... Rain down fire [2x] ... This will be the end, the end of you ... I am the martyr. I lie here forever. They stand there laughing all around
Firewind - Into The Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into The Fire' by Firewind. Here we are again, martyrs of the revolution / The countdown of the human pain / Nothing left to burn, witnessing the. ... Killing ourselves time and again. Save me! Don't let them take my life ... We're marching to the end, to the final execution ... The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time.
TERAMAZE LYRICS - "Esoteric Symbolism" (2014) album
Dust Of Martyrs 9. The Divulgance Act ... In solitary fire. Burning like the sun ... Drifting through time. Virtual parity ... To lift the lie of all that's ending. We are the ...
TEARS OF MARTYR LYRICS - "Entrance" (2009) album
TEARS OF MARTYR lyrics - "Entrance" (2009) album, including "Chasing The Sun", "The Renascence", "Realm ... Flame, the fire burns. ... Where all the ending
The right words in the hands of dissidents with the fire ... Well I'm afraid of saying too much and ending a martyr ... Will all these things I wait for revelation
SIG:AR:TYR LYRICS - "Sailing The Seas Of Fate" (2005) album
Quickly they ever fall to the sign of the southern cross. Our fate must be ... To pierce the side of the martyr. To rape the fields of their ... Forged in fire, in the primordial time. Cast down from ... The beginning and the end of all. Star borne lay with ...
SAVIOUR MACHINE LYRICS - "Legend Part II" (1998) album
The Martyrs Cry 10. The Promise ... And all the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her ... And I saw ... I shall bring fire down from heaven above ..." " He who as ... At the time of the end, the king of the South will attack, And the king  ...
Rick Pino - Martyr Song Lyrics. They overcame by the blood of the Lamb And by ... Album: Songs for an End Time Army. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive.
Lyrics to "The Fire (Remains)" song by THE DEAR HUNTER: For so long have my teeth held my tongue from a venomous voice But the ... Wickedness coming to an end ... The truth from destroying us all. Do I die as the martyr or miscreant?
SAMAEL LYRICS - "Ceremony Of Opposites" (1994) album
SAMAEL lyrics - "Ceremony Of Opposites" (1994) album, including "Ceremony Of Opposites", "To Our Martyrs", "Crown"... ... The emptiness, annihilates all ... By water, by air, by fire, by earth .... Bells for revenge strike the end of times. By faith  ...
BLOOD REVOLT LYRICS - "Indoctrine" (2010) album
BLOOD REVOLT lyrics - "Indoctrine" (2010) album, including "The Martyrs Brigade", "Year ... Fire I feel like my blood is on fire. And my veins are boiling. So where is salvation ... I've seen the end in my dreams. ... If I ever doubted his plan for me

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