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EMINEM LYRICS - Stronger Than I Was
[Verse 1] You used to say that I'd never be nothing without you. And I believe. I'm shot in the lungs, I gasp, I can't breathe. Just lay here with me, baby, hold me ...
Eminem feat. Kendrick Lamar - Out of Town Lyrics
Dec 15, 2014 Lyrics for Out of Town by Eminem feat. Kendrick Lamar. Opening ... I guy opens this door and gets shot you think of me... no. I am the one he is.
THE WEEKND LYRICS - The Hills (Eminem Remix)
[Eminem:] Said you want a little company. And I love it cause the thrill's cheap. Said you left him for good this time. Still if he knew I was here, he'd wanna kill me
Lyrics to "Love Game" song by EMINEM: Something's burnin' I can't figure ... here she comes at full speed she's racing at me, OK, you wanna fuck with me 'eh?
EMINEM LYRICS - Underground
A lot of people ask me. Where the fuck I've been at the last few years. Shit I don't know. But I do know - I'm back now. [2x] Here comes the rain and thunder now
Lyrics to "Without Me" song by EMINEM: "Obie Trice/Real Name No Gimmicks" two trailer park girls go 'round the outside, ... here's my 10 cents my 2 cents is free
DIDO LYRICS - Here With Me
Lyrics to "Here With Me" song by DIDO: I didn't hear you leave I wonder how am I still here And I don't want to move a thing It might c...
Lyrics to "Here With Me" song by THE KILLERS: Wheels are turning I remember when you were mine Now just to reach you Baby, I'd stand in line But...
Lyrics to "Bitch Please II" song by EMINEM: Yeah whattup Detroit? Nu-uh, nu-uh nuh-no he ... it's just me being me, here want me to tone it down? [LOWER pitch]  ...
Lyrics to "Puke" song by EMINEM: There I go--thinking of you again You don't know how sick you make me You make me fuckin' sick to... ... So fuck it, I'ma start right here I'll just be brief I'm. Bout to rattle off some of the reasons. I knew I ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Stay Wide Awake
Lyrics to "Stay Wide Awake" song by EMINEM: Yeah, yeah, Follow me, follow me Come ... Where's the thrill in a hunt there's no fun in that here I come with axe
Lyrics to "I Love You More" song by EMINEM: You still love me? Take this. ... 1.. 2. . 3! The more you, put me through, The more... ... When I'm layin' here with you,
EMINEM LYRICS - Talkin' 2 Myself
Lyrics to "Talkin' 2 Myself" song by EMINEM: Ayo Before I start this song man I just want to thank ... And I knew it but Proof wasn't here to see me through it
Lyrics to "Shake That" song by EMINEM: Shady, Aftermath (Look at that bitch! Ha, yeah!) There ... I had to get Nate Dogg here to sing some shit [Verse 2 - Nate ...
Lyrics to "Love Me" song by EMINEM: You don't see me in the hood It's cause I'm doing this man ... I'm here to eat, speak, until these hoes feel this, (for sure...)
Eminem - Baby come Back Lyrics
And I swear if you come back to me Eminem I'll do things much differently. If you were here with me today Baby This is what you'd here me say. Chorus
EMINEM LYRICS - Encore / Curtains Down
Lyrics to "Encore / Curtains Down" song by EMINEM: Sh-sh-sh-shady Aftermath, haha G-G-G-G-G-Unit!, haha Cause we came here to set this party off... ... And leave it to me and Dre to pass the mic. And we can play the back and forth all day
Eminem - By My Side Lyrics
Lyrics to 'By My Side' by Eminem: Let's do it. ... And I got my s*** here with me. By my side. Everywhere I go. By my side. That bein' the case. Let me tell you
Lyrics to "Untitled" song by EMINEM: (You don't own me. ... Do you think it's gonna cost me a pretty penny? ... Well, here I come, Havoc on the beat, I wreak it
EMINEM LYRICS - Kings Never Die
Lyrics to "Kings Never Die" song by EMINEM: Here to stay Even when I'm ... Even when you bitches are countin' me out, and I appear to be down for the count
Lyrics to "Session One" song by EMINEM: Ladies and gentlemen, make ... You can call me R. Kelly now, you're in trouble! ... I'm right here, why wouldn't I be?
EMINEM LYRICS. "Kill You". [Eminem] When I was just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy ... Here we go again, we're out of our medicine
Eminem - Forgive Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forgive Me' by Eminem: Saw your face and my smile came back again! things turned up when ... tell me the truth and not lies ... im still here with a heart
EMINEM LYRICS - Till I Collapse
Lyrics to "Till I Collapse" song by EMINEM: 'Cause sometimes you just feel tired, Feel ... You're coming with me, feel it or not you're gonna fear it like I showed you the spirit of god lives in us. ... I got a list here's the order of my list that it's in.
Lyrics to "My Darling" song by EMINEM: If I woulda rap about the crap that's out That's the route you probably want me to ... Talk to me, sit here, pull up a chair
Eminem - My Band Lyrics
I don't know dude. I think everyone's all jealous and shit 'cause I'm like the lead singer of a band dude. And I think everyone's got a fuckin' problem with me dude
Lyrics to "Bad Guy" song by EMINEM: It's like I'm in this dirt, digging up old hurt Tried everything to ... And left me so burnt, spent a lot of time trying to soul search
Lyrics to "Kim" song by EMINEM: Aww look at daddy's baby girl That's daddy's baby Little sleepy ... [Eminem] (Eminem as Kim) (Okay) Don't make me wake this, baby. She don't need to see what I'm about to do ... Here I'll scream with you!
EMINEM LYRICS - Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)
Lyrics to "Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)" song by EMINEM: Come get me Motherfuckers if you want Shady If Pac was still here now, He would never ride with J...
EMINEM LYRICS - Spend Some Time
Lyrics to "Spend Some Time" song by EMINEM: If there's any bitches in this room, ... Spend some time with me, say that you'll be mine [Eminem] I used to say I ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Square Dance
Lyrics to "Square Dance" song by EMINEM: People!! It feels so good to ... And follow me as I put these crayons to chaos from seance to seance, Aw-a-aw-ch-a-  ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Say What You Say
[Dr. Dre] Creep with me, as we take a little trip down Memory Lane Been here longer than anyone in the game. And I ain't got to lie about my age [Eminem]
Lyrics to "Big Weenie" song by EMINEM: I don't understand Why are you being so mean? You're mean ... Or me to stand here in this booth all day. For me to say ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Amityville
Hash whiskey and ash til I slap bitches (smack) Ask Bizzy, he's been here the past six years. Mash with me you'll get in imagine this [Chorus 2X] [Bizarre]
EMINEM LYRICS - Yellow Brick Road
Lyrics to "Yellow Brick Road" song by EMINEM: What we have to do is deal with it when these ... You will well inform me, I am well aware that I don't belong here
Lyrics to "My Mom" song by EMINEM: Yo yo, alright, i'm gonna lay the chorus first ... aint my keeper, i'm sleeping, What the fuck you keep on fucking with me for? ... Now here's a plate full of pain killers now just wait till I crush the Valium and put ...
Lyrics to "Seduction" song by EMINEM: I don't know man, Just feels like, we're a lot different, kinda feels like, we're on a whole differe... ... But if you think that you' re fucking with me, homie you're on one. ... You hear it girl, come here. Put your ...
EMINEM LYRICS - You Don't Know
And you know but you acting like you don't know [Eminem] When me and Fif got together to do this music ... But tonight, we ain't coming here to beef with nobody
Eminem - Rabbit Vs Lickilty Split ( 8 Mile Freestlye) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rabbit vs Lickilty Split ( 8 Mile Freestlye)' by Eminem. ... This whole crowd looks suspicious its all dudes in here ... Eminem - Without Me Music Video.
Lyrics to "Right For Me" song by EMINEM: I feel phenomenal as usual Pharmaceuticals, glue stick to crucify me at Bonnaroo But I don't know if... ... Here's confirmation. I'm up for the long duration. I'm just looking for something to walk away with

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