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Lyrics to "Grow Up" song by LIL UZI VERT: She ride my dick 'til I slow up (yeah!) Drink Hennessy 'til she throw up Yeah, she 'bout to go up (u...
... at that bitch! Ha, yeah!) There she goes shaking that ass on the floor Bumpin... ... Pasted, blasted, puke, drink up, get a new drink ... Showing I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated. I was revibed as ... Conversation and Hennessy I've been to  ...
I wanna go, but my girl keep blowin' up my phone. I don't give ... Drink of champions, tell me who wanna contend 'Cause I ... 'Till somebody pass out or throw up
I got young money up and now I got my feet up. Toon in ... Drink till I throw up nigga roll mo blunts ... Take a nigga bitch she gave me brains until I knew enough
I drink a fifth of vodka till it's gone. And if it feels so ... And now she's making her way down to my gentleman sword ... And if you ain't got shit, throw your hands up
Cause she'll be under the spreads. Givin me head ... til 6 in the morn' We gon' drink, we gon' smoke, we gon' make us a porn ... Drink til i throw up. And pass out  ...
Lyrics to "Nasty Girl" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: The Biggie duets (Uh) ... Fingers in your mouth, open up your blouse. Pull your G-string down South, aoowww. Threw that back out, in the parking lot ... Now u n me can drink some Hennessy
And I can drink until I throw up, eh. And I don't ever ever want to ... Drink up, ' cause a party ain't a party 'til you ride all through it. End up on the floor, you can't  ...
And its an OPM thing, 'til it's over nigga ... We drink Hennessy, w/ apple juice always actin' loose ... Let me set the camera up, and cut ... I threw up all on my 3's
Eminem feat. Nate Dogg - Shake That Ass For Me Lyrics
There she go, shaking that ass on the floor Bumping and grinding that pole ... puke drink throw up, get a new drink Hit the bathroom sink, throw up Wipe your ... chunks on them shoestrings showin' I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated I was ... with me Conversation and Hennessy I've been to the motherfuckin' mountain top ...
Eminem & Nate Dogg - Shake That Lyrics
Shady, Aftermath There she goes shakin' that ass on the flo' Bumpin' and grindin' ... blasted, puke drink throw up, get a new drink Hit the bathroom sink, throw up ... few chunks on them shoestrings showin' I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated I ... me Conversation and Hennessey I've been to the muthafuckin' mountain top ...
FUTURE LYRICS - Codeine Crazy
Take all my problems and drink out the bottle and fuck on a model, yeah. Audemar, this not a ... I'm so fucking sick and tired of these rumors. I just dived ... Sittin' by the phone - waitin' 'til I reply. Drying my ... She gonna put a nigga name on it
TAIO CRUZ - Hangover lyrics
And I can drink until I throw up, eh. And I don't ... Drink up, cause a party ain't a party til you ride all through it ... What happens after that, if you inspired it til I'm ten
2PAC LYRICS - Run Tha Streetz
All up under me, telling me we having gold, in case she gold ringing. When I'm coming ... Disrespect and I clown the type of bitch to throw down. Throw up the block ... I been known to break the coldest motherfucker, 'til his hearts warm. I ain't never been the ... We finna drink some Hennessy and some Alize We finna eat that ...
That outside dick keep them hoes sick, like [Chorus X2] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] Its like I got the world in my palm, your girl up under my arm. She fucked ... She love the way the dick stay hard from 12 till early in the morn, ... Now, make it official and drink some of that Dom, ... Lemme pour some more hyp and hennesy in ya glass,
Lyrics to "Kissin Pink" song by ASAP ROCKY: She's all that I want She's all that I ... Throwing up gang signs, fuck a goon and a goblin ... She sip it 'til it's empty
My bitch white and black like she's been mimicking a panda. It's the dark ... And if these haters actin' up, throw 'em in the aqueduct. Free my ... OF 'til I OD and I probably will, uh [Verse 5: .... To drink a fuckin' beer, I'm tipsy off this soda pop
R.A. the Rugged Man - Drink Specials (feat. Apathy, Celph Titled ...
Aug 4, 2012 Lyrics and translation for Drink Specials (feat. ... This is Catastrophe aka Flashy Tashy from Tha Alkaholiks 35 shots of Hennessy straight ... stuff Y'all niggas drink the shit up, it cost 200 bucks Cut throat, throw you over boats see if ... Sippin' on the finest till I ain't gonna get up My girl like, "Stop drinkin'", but I ...
Eminem - Tour Aftermath Lyrics
(Refrain) / (woo woo shady shady) / Aftermath / (look at that bitch) / There she goes ... Pasted, plastered, puke drink up, get a new drink through the bathroom sink door ... I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated, I was revived as soon as this bitchz ... Let me tell you how I made her leve with me, conversation and Hennessy(sp*).
and this what I'm do 'til it's over ... long as someone drink it ... it wouldn't be the first time I've done it throwing hundreds when I ... two thumbs up, ebert and roeper
Hollywood Undead - Comin' In Hot Lyrics
If you got Jack in your cup, go raise it up / (Go raise it up, go raise it up) / If you ain 't got enough, go fill. ... I wanna girl in my lap with a Jagerbomb I'm comin' in hot, ... I drink a fifth of vodka til it's gone ... And If you ain't got shit, throw ya hands up.
2PAC LYRICS - Dumpin'
Sippin' on this Hennessy, waiting for the time to break, Show up ... Drink 'til you pass out, ... When they put the twin towers up, Pac, I'm knockin' 'em back down,
I went wheels up on a runway. And that ticket was a one-way. I'm somewhere on a beach. Sipping something strong, Got a new girl, she got it going on. We drink ...
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Hennessy in my cup, driving through the sticks. Who the bitch riding with ... Caked up 'til I cash out and I got 'em all wondering how, so. On the down low, haters ...
2PAC LYRICS - Only Fear Of Death
Put a surprise in the mailbox, hope she get it. Happy birthday ... I drink a fifth of Hennesey I don't think it's healthy. I see my ... I put up my middle finger then I dash
2PAC LYRICS - Thug Passion
Lyrics to "Thug Passion" song by 2PAC: Aight, new drink One part Alizé, one part Cristal Thug passion, baby ... But I'm a straight soldier, I'll roll up a nigga like it's Heaven sent ... I throw was down with this business, tryin' to clown and get a cent ... Buy me a drink and get to winkin' at me, she smiles; a niggas full of passion
I'm on a champagne diet, keep the drinks rolling in ... Sitting with women, sipping liquor till the ceiling's spinning. Yeah ... And then I throw the deuce quick cause I' m truly the shit ... Yeah, got Hennessy in my bladder. My energy and my swagger the same degrees as Nevada And they mad cause their girl up in my passenger
KIRKO BANGZ LYRICS - Came Here For Something
And when I wake up in the morning I want pork chops and eggs baby. Wake up in the ... Girl you know why you came through ... I'm sipping on this Hennessy
Rockie Fresh - Rap Monument Lyrics
Drink in his hand with the sand on him ... And I'm just so sick of this shit, it's ridiculous ... Spend it all in this bitch 'til it's gone and she split .... Hennessy, Louie V
J. COLE LYRICS - Hold It Down
Oh well, sit back and sip this Hennessey Now lately it's been ... We grew up. I went to ... Yo she's still the baddest. I'm just ... And girl I ain't 'gon lie and say I won 't
CHINGY LYRICS - Right Thurr (Remix)
Girl why you dat right thurr she so bad im costly getting calls from da mayorrrr. I though of a ... I'ma Flirt till it hurt in a throwback skirt. Im dat bad bitch, ... who got da drink and where da party at tonight damn. Dats when they start ... Wee fired up off dat hypnotic and Hennessey she cant Keep her MotheerFuckin hands off me
Lyrics to "Tear It Down" song by LIL BOOSIE: Bootin in this bitch up on top of everybody like we flew up in this bitch we up in this bitch Ion ca...
Water in the pot, throw crack rock like bam bam ... Pay up or blam blam nigga, have the black cam' We can go ... A demon come near and I might throw a spear at the omen. You looking at ... Drink a fifth of Hennessy and then take another fade
I was a fool all through high school kickin' up dust. But now I'm ... Mind full of sick thoughts. And I ain't goin back to court. So fuck what you thought I'm drinkin' hennessey. Runnin from ... Keep swingin' at these suckas till you buried. I was born ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Caged Bird
You ain't a man till you stop chasing your friends, my nigga. Think for yourself, make ... I fill mine up with Hennessy, then get back to him. I'm just a jazz musician  ...
YG LYRICS - I Just Wanna Party
Grandma said she love me and she always praying for me. But I just wanna ... I'm drunk off Hennessy Hope I don't run into my ... I be groovin' 'til I die. Smokin' weed ... Shouldn't have chunked his fingers up if he ain't bangin' I'm sayin'... [Hook]
EMINEM LYRICS - When The Music Stops
I get up 'for I get down, run myself in the ground, 'for I put some wack shit out. I'm trying-a ... I have died clinically, arrived back at my enemy's crib with Hennessey, Got drunk then I ... No friends no girl. Just the gin you drink till you car spin you then [Screech] Damn! ... Ludacris told me to throw them bowls. Now I'm in the ...
2PAC LYRICS - Fuck All Y'all
Sippin' Hennessy hanging with the clowns and all we used to do is drink brew, screw and common knew ... You can throw ya middle finger if ya feel me loc
FUTURE LYRICS - Substitute Everything
I'm workin til I pass out and I don't understand it. From where I ... Roll up the kush and let's get high and take off to a galaxy. I just wanna be ... I got bad habits I picked up I can't kick ... She want them stacks I got on me, she wanna see me down
2Pac - Let's Get It On Lyrics
They get all shook up when my mic's hooked up. Let's get it on! ... I'm probably wrong but I'll never know it till I'm gone. From out the ghetto where the jealous motherfuckers roam. Pass the weed let that Hennessey get to me ... When you throw the drop check em thoroughly ... Yea she had the Gucci boots I had Sarducci suits

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