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D.R.I. LYRICS - "Dealing With It" (1985) album
D.R.I. lyrics - "Dealing With It" (1985) album, including "Bail Out", "On My Way Home", "Equal People"...
D.R.I. LYRICS - "Dirty Rotten" (1983) album
D.R.I. lyrics - "Dirty Rotten" (1983) album, including "Violent Pacification", " Blockhead", "Makes No Sense"...
D.R.I. LYRICS - "Definition" (1992) album
D.R.I. lyrics - "Definition" (1992) album, including "The Target", "You", "Let It Go"...
D.R.I. LYRICS - "Thrashzone" (1989) album
D.R.I. lyrics - "Thrashzone" (1989) album, including "Abduction", "Worker Bee", " Give A Hoot"...
D.R.I. LYRICS - "Crossover" (1987) album
D.R.I. lyrics - "Crossover" (1987) album, including "Oblivion", "Fun & Games", "No Religion"...
Dri - Beneath The Wheel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beneath The Wheel' by Dri: Don't play child's games They're just a waste of mind Study every night or you minght fall behind- Dragged down beneath.
Dri - Thrashard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thrashard' by Dri: Thrashing and slamming Like hell in the pit Tomorrow they know May not come.
D.R.I. LYRICS - "Full Speed Ahead" (1995) album
Problem Addict. You're so problematic. And I know it's symptomatic. Of you own masochistic ills. A psychoanalyzer would say "Better tranquilize her. Numb her ...
D.R.I. LYRICS - "4 Of A Kind" (1988) album
D.R.I. lyrics - "4 Of A Kind" (1988) album, including "Man Unkind", "Suit And Tie Guy", "Dead In A Ditch"...
Dri - I Don't Need Society Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Need Society' by Dri. Your numbers up you have to go / The system say's 'I told you so' / Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle /
Dri - Enemy Within Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Enemy Within' by Dri. Mommy, Daddy / Help me please / I beg of you / I' m on my knees / Save me from / This Life I Lead / The pain, the blood / The.
Dri - Makes No Sense Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Makes No Sense' by Dri. The generals say they make good sense / A strong economy? First a strong defence / That makes sense / They make sense to  ...
Dri - Commuter Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Commuter Man' by Dri. I play Pac-Man and I watch T. V. / I'm so happy ' cause it pleases me / I couldn't really ask for anything else / Maybe my own.
Dri - Couch Slouch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Couch Slouch' by Dri. Home from school and here to stay / I'll take it easy again today / Ain't gonna work, don't need no pay / Couch Slouch / Fuck.
Dri - Karma Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Karma' by Dri. Hey, punk, with that bottle in your hand / What makes you so sad? / Could life really be that bad? / Sure, you've got your reasons /
Dri - Mad Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mad Man' by Dri. He's old and cranky and he's got white hair / He yells at us in his underwear / He'll attach you like a crazed bear / But come on.
Dri - Who Am I? Lyrics
... to Dri songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to D.R.I. Radio on Last.fm ... Dri - D.R.I. - Beneath The Wheel (Lyrics) Lyric Video. D.R.I. - Beneath The ...
Dri - You Say I'm Scum Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Say I'm Scum' by Dri: I want a house with a white picket fence Don't look at me like i make no sence He says I'm dumb She says I'm scum.
Dri - Gun Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gun Control' by Dri. Automatic weapons were meant for the war / But here they are right outside your front door / Gangs and thieves are armed to the.
Dri - Think For Yourself Lyrics
Dri - Labeled Uncurable Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Labeled Uncurable' by Dri. Felling sick and weak inside / Lost all hope and my pride / Something's gone wrong with me / Diseased body, what can this.
Dri - Suit And Tie Guy Lyrics
Dri - Strategy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Strategy' by Dri. Question marks / In my head / My mouth cried / And my eyes bled / I streched my thoughts / Put them on the rack / In a mind so dark.
Dri - Girl With A Gun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girl With A Gun' by Dri. I don't trust that girl with a gun / Something about a girl with a gun / The way they fly off the handle / Someone's gonna.
Dri - Manifest Destiny Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Manifest Destiny' by Dri. Manifest destiny / More blood on the hands of Christ / They called themselves Christians / And gave themselves the rights /
Dri - Yes Ma'am Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yes Ma'am' by Dri. Teacher moves me from seat to seat / All I do is talk / Teacher may I use the bathroom please? / Yes, it's an emergency / Teacher.
Dri - Guilt Trip Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Guilt Trip' by Dri. My body is stupid / But my brain is smart / Luck rules both of them / With the help of my heart / Like a stumbling moron / Unable.
Dri - Problem Addict Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Problem Addict' by Dri. You're so problematic / And I know it's symptomatic / Of you own masochistic ills / A psychoanalyzer would say / "Better.
Dri - All For Nothing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All For Nothing' by Dri. Eyes full of hate, quick to condemn / Just stay in the dark and wait for an end / You don't really care, it's jut give and.
Dri - Money Stinks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Money Stinks' by Dri. I stayed at homw today / And I'm not going back to work / Money Stinks... Money Stinks / This city stinks / Smell the power,
Dri - God Is Broke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Is Broke' by Dri. Salvation's around the corner / Just dig into your soul / Donations for the holy word / A paycheck for god's goal / His.
D.R.I. LYRICS - "Violent Pacification" (1984) EP
D.R.I. lyrics - "Violent Pacification" (1984) EP, including "To Open Closed Doors", "Couch Slouch", "Running Around"...
Dri - A Coffin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Coffin' by Dri. A coffin is ugly / A coffin is sad / Destined to be / One's last pad / To lay in as a corpse / For the rest of your life / In.
Dri - Go Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Go Die' by Dri. You're bothering me / For anything free / Why can't you see? / I'm out on a limb / My nerves are stretched thin / You really don't.
Dri - Misery Loves Company Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Misery Loves Company' by Dri. What they have now / They want for me / Misery loves company / Live a life of bigotry / On the way to bankruptcy / Beer.
Luc Léandry - Mwen Vley (Dri, Dri, Dri…) lyrics
Lyrics for Mwen Vley (Dri, Dri, Dri…) by Luc Léandry.
Dri - Underneath The Surface Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Underneath The Surface' by Dri. I can't tell you anything you don't already know / And I'm really not the type to say, "I told you so." /
Dri - Give My Taxes Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Give My Taxes Back' by Dri. They block out the landscape with giant signs / Covered with pretty girls and catchy lines / Put up fences and cement the.
Dri - Evil Minds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evil Minds' by Dri. Horrible plans of hate they're tending / The evil minds with plans predicting / Bitter vibes of hate they're sending / Broken.
Dri - Do The Dream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do The Dream' by Dri. Conform, it's only need / Distort, not what it seems / Resort to the deed / Report to the machine / Modern day vendor that.

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