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DRAGONHEART LYRICS - "The Battle Sanctuary" (2015) album
Soon the creature began his demonic work, corrupting each soldier of the rest of army of General Dragonheart, the man whose honor and glory are too big to be ...
Aviators - Dragonheart Lyrics
Sep 11, 2015 Lyrics for Dragonheart by Aviators. Moments pass like photographs Like pages filled with our own pasts You're the happy ending...
Dragonheart - Underdark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Underdark' by Dragonheart. Alone in the darkness / Walking on the Ice / Thinking in your mission / Waiting for the fight / Its comes face your fears.
Dragonheart - The Blacksmith Lyrics
[Lead vocals: Marco Caporasso]. Hail the Blacksmith [6 times]. We came from the Alliance Beyond the hills. Where is the Blacksmith who lives here? "In the end ...
The Kovenant - Dragonheart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dragonheart' by The Kovenant. We demand a change of seasons / Aurora painted black / Elemental subtraction / The presence lost it's time / For those.
Drakkar - Dragonheart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dragonheart' by Drakkar. So many hundreds of years ago a king was killed in a battle / Even his son was wounded to death, the only heir to the throne.
Dragonheart - Gods Of Ice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gods Of Ice' by Dragonheart. In north lands covered / By snow and brave / Where man cultivate the ground / His arms and shields hang up in their.
Iron Fire - Dragonheart Lyrics. The smell of blood the smell of pain Will unleash the beast in chain Come as knight and return as king Dragonheart the chosen ...
MESSIAH'S KISS LYRICS - "Dragonheart" (2007) album
MESSIAH'S KISS lyrics - "Dragonheart" (2007) album, including "The Ivory Gates" , "Open Fire", "Northern Nights"...
Crystallion - Dragonheart lyrics
Dragonheart lyrics by Crystallion: Another voice inside the haze / Some kind of slumber on my face / Am I awake or in a sleep / A shiver's.
DRAGONHEART LYRICS - "Valley Of The Damned" (2000) demo
DRAGONHEART lyrics - "Valley Of The Damned" (2000) demo, including "Where Dragons Rule", "Disciples Of Babylon", "Black Winter Night"...
Pinkbeatz - Dragon Heart lyrics
Lyrics for Dragon Heart by Pinkbeatz. ... Dragon Heart - Lyrics. Pinkbeatz. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
Dream Evil - Dragonheart lyrics
Dragonheart lyrics by Dream Evil: Nowhere to run nowhere hide / One way or another the vengeance is mine! / Now is the time for the battle.
Dream Evil - Dragonheart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dragonheart' by Dream Evil. Nowhere to run nowhere hide / One way or another the vengeance is mine! / Now is the time for the battle to start / No.
Dragonheart lyrics
Lyrics for Dragonheart by Fashion Vampires From Louisiana feat. Muzzika Global .
Dragonheart - Kill the Leader lyrics and translation
Jan 25, 2017 Lyrics and translation for Kill the Leader by Dragonheart. With the few options left to him, Gen. Dragonheart talks to Arlin the Magician, who, ...
Dragonheart - Far from Heaven...Close to Hell lyrics
Lyrics for Far from Heaven...Close to Hell by Dragonheart. ...and the battle goes on until last standing soldier. The warriors are tired and dirty due the past battles  ...
DRAGONHEART LYRICS - "Vengeance In Black" (2005) album
DRAGONHEART lyrics - "Vengeance In Black" (2005) album, including " Spreading Fire", "Calling The Dragons", "Vengeance In Black"...
Dragonheart - The Arcane's Palace lyrics
Lyrics for The Arcane's Palace by Dragonheart. With the Infiltration of the Black King through the Black Shadow in mystically protected lands of Alliance and in ...
DragonHeart - Black Winter Night lyrics
Lyrics for Black Winter Night by DragonHeart. Black Winter Night Day after day as the earth turns grey And the sun becomes dark in the sky All hope is lost for the ...
Dragonheart - Battle Lines lyrics
Lyrics for Battle Lines by Dragonheart. With the fall of Erick The Red, one of his most valiant warriors, and facing such catastrophe and devastation, Gen. Drag...
Dragonheart - Forged Into Metal lyrics
Lyrics for Forged Into Metal by Dragonheart. Blade and body acting as an individual, only one unit, one being... Inside the castle... or better saying... Inside the ...
The Great Divide - Dragon's Heart lyrics
Jul 9, 2016 Lyrics for Dragon's Heart by The Great Divide. Now jealousy must surely be A Dragon with emerald eyes Who seems to be protecting me That's ...
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Dragonheart - Secret Cathedral Lyrics. The chosen one follows me I just let they follow me They will discover the secret The secret, my secret Their ruin lives im ...
Dragonheart - Mists of Avalon Lyrics. MISTS OF AVALON Excalibur is living Camelot are always here The woods of Britain hear the druid call Arthur Pendragon ...
Messiah's Kiss - Dragonheart Lyrics
Lyrics for Dragonheart by Messiah's Kiss.
l'orchestra numerique - to the stars (from "dragonheart") (orchestral ...
L'Orchestra Numerique - To the Stars (From Dragonheart) (Orchestral Mix) Lyrics. When I am down and oh my soul so weary When troubles come and my heart ...
VICTORIUS LYRICS - "Dreamchaser" (2014) album
Dragonheart 4. Fireangel 5. Dreamchaser 6. Battalions Of The Holy Cross 7. Blood Alliance 8. Speedracer 9. Where Ravens Fly 10. Black And White 11.
Rawhead Rexx - Dragonheart (Chapter VI) Lyrics
Dragonheart (Chapter VI) lyrics performed by Rawhead Rexx: Tonight the stars shine bright and the sky is clear like water Mountains high through the valley the  ...
Baroq - Dragonheart Lyrics
Baroq Dragonheart Lyrics. Dragonheart lyrics performed by Baroq:
Dragonheart - Facing The Mountain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Facing The Mountain' by Dragonheart. - "Look ahead! Look at that mountain! The victory starts here! Fight for your lives! Fight.. for.
Raine & The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Main Themes ...
Main Themes (From "Dragonheart"). Raine & The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Lyrics not available yet. Made with love and passion in Italy. Enjoyed ...
DragonHeart - Revelations lyrics
Lyrics for Revelations by DragonHeart. ... Revelations - Lyrics. DragonHeart. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
Dragonheart - Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching...) lyrics ...
Lyrics for Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching...) by Dragonheart.
Dragonheart - Time Will Tell lyrics
Lyrics for Time Will Tell by Dragonheart. ... Time Will Tell - Lyrics. Dragonheart. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
Dragonheart - Crusaders March Lyrics
Dragonheart Crusaders March Lyrics. Crusaders March lyrics performed by Dragonheart: The misty fall down and We know for what we fight Our actions prove ...
Dragonheart - Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching) Lyrics
Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching) lyrics performed by Dragonheart: [Bonus Track] [Grave Digger cover] Rumours know that rebellion will break out.
Dragonheart (UK) - Revelations Lyrics
Revelations lyrics performed by Dragonheart (UK): Coming down from the mountain on high Towards the battle we go side by side Our hearts are filled with  ...
Dragonheart - Gods Of Ice Lyrics
Gods Of Ice lyrics performed by Dragonheart: In north lands covered By snow and brave Where man cultivate the ground His arms and shields hang up in their  ...

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