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Jax Jones - You Don't Know Me Lyrics
Ooh, na na yeah. Don't act like you know me, like you know me, na na yeah. I am not your homie, not your, hoo, na na yeah. Don't act like you know me, like you ...
You Don't Know Me Lyrics - Jax Jones feat. Raye
Do you wanna drink? No, thanks for asking. chorus. Uh, na na ay, don't act like you know me, like you know me. Uh, na na ay, I am not your homie, not your ...
Jax Jones feat. Raye - You Don't Know Me lyrics translated in ...
Mar 2, 2017 Ooh, na na yeah. Don't act like you know me, like you know me, na na yeah. I am not your homie, not your, hoo, na na yeah. Don't act like you ...
FM STATIC LYRICS - U Don't Know Me Like That
And I'm sick and I'm tired, of all your games tonight… So don't treat me like you know me. Yeah Yeah! Don't pretend we're homies. ... Cause you act like you don't know me Yeah Yeah! Your whole teams so phony, cause you don't know me like that. ... Prepare for me to smack back. Oh No! Everyone around shout Oh Oh!
Lyrics to "Back Up" song by Dej Loaf: Back up off me, back up off me Back up off me, back up off me Yah yah bitch, ... You don't know me, I'm too clean, I'm too holy, bitch I'm godly ... If I fuck and make you cum, you got to promise not to stress me ... We got glow sticks for you ho chicks, bitch don't act like you don't know this
Lyrics to "Co-Sign" song by LECRAE: Hey yo Canon man What's up homie? ... [ Lecrae:] You know, what I kinda realized is that: everybody wanna put me in a box ... They try to figure me out, but this is not a gimmick. Hi Hip Hop. Don't act like you don't know me ... I'm what happens when Outkast meets the writings of Moses
Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight. And you don't give a ... Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore ... Act like you can't tell who made this. New gospel homie, take six, and take this, haters [Chorus] ... Me likey. I don't know if you got a man or not, If you made plans or not. If God put me in your plans or not. I'm trippin' this ...
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Skipping school with my homies and chiefing reefer for two days. Running from the ... Uh, tell me that they love me, know damn well that they don't give a fuck. I be on that ... Cause lately you feel like I'm just not your sister at all, all. Uh, I'm sorry ...
2PAC LYRICS - Skandalouz
Lyrics to "Skandalouz" song by 2PAC: Hey Nate you know you got to focus on this motherfucker We's gonna talk about these scandalous hoes... ... I met you through my homie now you act like you don't know me ... It's scandalous, I never liked your back stabbin ass, trick ... I got no time for them tricks, I'm heavy in the game
EMINEM LYRICS - You Don't Know
And you know but you acting like you don't know [50 Cent] Now homie I say I run it (run it) cause I'm in control. Hypnotic, Hennessey, a couple shots of Patron
The Game feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Jay 305, AD, Mitch E-Slick, Joe Moses ...
Dec 7, 2015 Lyrics for My Flag / Da Homies by The Game feat. ... I'm a boss I raise my middle finger up to the low Got your main bitch along my boast ... Ty Dolla $ign}: Aye girl, don't act like you don't know me I'm in this bitch and I came ... they even ballin' New shoes Prada, sick no jock in And now too high [?], she been ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Home For The Holidays
So sweet, so thick, girl pick up your phone, it's me. She said "we aint homies no more" You go to college and you act like you don't know me no more. Girl, we got  ...
Lyrics to "No Vaseline" song by ICE CUBE: God damn, I'm glad ya'll set it off. Used to be hard, now ... I put that on my mama and my dead homies. Yella Boy's on your ... 'Cause you're gettin' fucked out your green by a white boy, With no Vaseline. ... Used to be my homey, now you act like you don't know me. It's a case of ...
G-UNIT LYRICS - Wanna Get To Know You
Lyrics to "Wanna Get To Know You" song by G-UNIT: I wanna get to know you I really wanna fuck you, baby One dose of my lovin' I'm simply going to d... ... She got me feeling like "maybe she the wrong woman" Think im'a ... Making decisions shorty good things don't last long. Your ... I'm not your boyfriend I'm your homie.
HOPSIN LYRICS - It's All Good Now
Yo you ever had a homie who was fake as fuck, (yup) Hate your guts but the moment you came rolling through balling they wanna say what's up. ... Yes I'm datin' now, but I know if you had the chance to fuck her you would take her down, you. Slipped up like you done stepped into an oil leak, now you got me heated up and ...
2PAC LYRICS - Temptations
So grab one by the hand you know what I'm sayin' And uh ... Don't be phony, ' cause I hate when you act like. You don't ... a lot like. A crap game, ain't no time for commitment, I gotta go ... All my homies go, throw your fingers up. That's just the ...
Abstract feat. Roze & Drumma Battalion - Im Good Lyrics
Oct 27, 2015 You're no hero So don't act like it And please don't treat me Like i'm ... shake your hand Though you were the homie Still don't know me It's so ...
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Six: Old Friend
It's like your mind vanished, Ain't you ... You always look like you don't know me, And I'm mad at the world cause the meth took away my homie, Gimme back my ...
Lyrics to "Homie" song by PHOEBE RYAN: I was lookin' for love when I lost it Had a ... I'm hopin' I will never act this way, like ever again. But I know it don't bother them. They wanna see me through my self destruction. I tell them, "Oh I'm not the girlfriend type" ... At least until you get to know me. I just wanna be your homie
(Why you act like that) It's such a ... I don't believe you wanna leave like this ... ( Pride is what you had, baby girl, I'm what you have) ... (I know you're independent , you can make it on your own) ... And there's no more to explain to me, you no
J. COLE LYRICS - The Autograph
You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles. Chasing ... I'm on these rich niggas ass no bikini man ... You try and kick the shit I kick you gon stub your toe ... "J. Cole homie, can you sign my burnt CD" Nigga please, an album ten dollars. You act like it's ten g's ... You niggas thinnk you know shit, nigga you don't know shit
He'll probably let his other homie run to. Why you ... Behind your back he call you a hoe ... Nigga's like you are the reason love's looking kinda tacky for these girls ... You wanna see that smile then tell her not to fuck with you ... You know you done fucked up don't ya? ... And when I'm in her presence that is exactly how I act
Lyrics to "Already" song by KODAK BLACK: My name is Kodak but you know that already I don't want ... Polo to the socks homie this ain't Perry Ellis ... No I don't fuck with Grabba leaf I'm breaking down the elpo ... Girl I don't like the way your booty flop, it's like jello ... I told that bitch get outta here, act like you never met me
Naughty By Nature - O.p.p. Lyrics
It's not a front, F to the are to the O to the N to the T It's just her ... How many brothers out there know just what I'm gettin' at. Who thinks it's ... You down with OPP (Yeah you know me) ... you know me) Who's down with OPP (Every last homie) ... Now don't be shocked 'cause if you're down I want your hands up high. Say OPP ...
KODAK BLACK LYRICS - News Or Something
Ay boy you don't need no more of that oil boy, that's another lick for you boy. [?] you be throwed ... How you gon' send a nigga like me to college. How you gon' ...
KYLE LYRICS - DewWutitDoez
Lyrics to "DewWutitDoez" song by KYLE: Beat me in a battle? Nigga please Uh ... Just cause they not me they tell me I'm not. Flexing no no ... From all of your favorite rappers don't act like if I wasn't here ... Yeah man uh you know shout out to Jesus I wanna thank ... Shout out to my homie Jesus over there chillin. Yeah, shout ...
Damn, what a feeling when you and your homie chilling and. You know he got thoughts of probably robbing and killing you ... Tried to pick me off like Champ Bailey but I'm Randy Moss ... They said I would't make it no way ... I'm a father and my son don't see a lot of ... I let niggas shine bright, you still act like I ain't shit?
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Yea Yea x 3 Yea Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want . ... as I want it Somebody go and tell 'em that I'm not lying Somebody tell ... Baby I'm the boss, and your man unemployed Yea yea got this bitch up ... they know me I swear I don't know where I'd be without my homies ...
And you say Chi city, Chi city, Chi city I'm coming home again. Do you ... She said , excuse me little homie, I know you don't know me- but, My name is Windy and, I like to blow trees and, ... And make em straighten up their act, cause she know they soft ... To follow your dream, sometimes I still talk to her, but when I talk to her
Don't fuck around I'm not your lil' homey. I'm the king of the underground so act like you know me (Next up!) [Kool G. Rap:] Feel me... Homie, we big steppin, big ...
Ice Cube - Sic Them Youngins On Em Lyrics
Try to go ham on porky pig / Fucked up boy, that's what you did / Try to go ham on porky pig / Fucked up. ... You and your homies, clowned a nigga uniform ... With no teeth I'm about to pull ... Don't act like you don't know where to find me
Lyrics to "You Got Me" song by THE ROOTS: If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or what club I went to with my homies baby do... ... my homies baby don't worry you know that you got me ... she like that shit don't matter ... see I 'm not your every five minutes all on the phone ... Act Too (The Love Of My Life)
Lyrics to "Give Me Your Eyes" song by THE JOKERR: Here I am now listen up children (here we go) You ... Now if you don't know me, it's the J to the O homie
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - Hate Me On The Low / The Suggestion
I'm gonna always judge a nigga by the bitches that you choose. Yeah, I keep my ... I know they gonna hate, tell them mothafucking niggas don't hate it. I sound like give ... Ain't no way you can be my nigga or my friend (hate me on the low) How could you ... Act like your homie but behind yo back they sow. Me, I'm just a fly ...
MAC MILLER LYRICS - Fight The Feeling
When you were young and you were just tryna live your life and have some fun ... Sometimes I be feeling like a needle to these young kids ... Stay high, go for what you know? ... You can't fight the feeling, no ... Homie cant you see I'm chilling, please don't fuck up my chi ... So why you tryna act like what you never gonna be
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Don't Fight The Feelin'
Lyrics to "Don't Fight The Feelin'" song by TOO $HORT: Say hoe Yeah you Can I ... Yeah you. Can I ask you a question. You like to fuck? Oh, you don't want me to talk to ... So now you know I'm just a freak ... I'm not talking 'bout your height, weight, or what you dream ... I'm gon tell you like my homie Short Dogg would say
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
I'm embarrassed, and I'm ashamed I've played a part in this devilish game making your common ... You feeling like if you ain't got it your life's not as complete.
GETO BOYS LYRICS - Homie Don't Play That
Lyrics to "Homie Don't Play That" song by GETO BOYS: Don't say I didn't warn ya About playin' them hoe games Like callin' me out on my name Some a y'a... ... And you bet' not act like you wanna swang. Cause I'm pretty good with them thangs. So call my bluff, ... Call your crib when they know you ain't home. Tryin' to rap ...
I might be your young girl but I know how to have fun. I got them boys ... You don't know me (don't know me) If you in a hot ... Ooh, I'm much wiser than you think, better act like you know. Just because ... If I were you, I'd tell your homies I holla. If your man ... for me boy. Uh ooh, 'cause you are so damn easy (no no no no no)
... J. COLE: Yeah! Uh! Yeah, you gotta look, You gotta follow me, what I'm doin' rite here mayne Like when I say. ... Seems like I always had crushes on chicks I couldn't have ... But sadly, in reality, dog, I don't even know her ... No matter if my homies think I'm crazy ... Straighten up your face, nigga, she see you coming for her

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