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Don Gibson - Oh Lonesome Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Oh Lonesome Me' by Don Gibson. Everybody's going out and having fun / I'm just a fool for staying home and having none / I can't get over how she ...
Don Gibson - I Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can't Stop Loving You' by Don Gibson. I can't stop loving you / So I've made up my mind / To live in memory / Of such an old lonesome time / I.
Don Gibson - Sweet Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Dreams' by Don Gibson. Sweet dreams of you / Every night I go through / Why can't I forget you and start my life a new / Instead of having.
Don Gibson - Blue Blue Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue Blue Day' by Don Gibson. It's been a blue, blue day / I feel like runnin' away / I feel like runnin' away from it all / My love has been untrue.
Don Gibson - Sea Of Heartbreak Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sea Of Heartbreak' by Don Gibson. The lights in the harbor / Don't shine for me / I'm like a lost ship / Adrift on the sea /
Don Gibson - Where No One Stands Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where No One Stands Alone' by Don Gibson. Once I stood in the night with my head bowed low / In the darkness as black as could be / In my heart felt.
Classic Country - Sea Of Heartbreak - Don Gibson Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sea of Heartbreak - Don Gibson' by Classic Country. The lights in the harbor, / Don't shine for me. / I'm like a lost ship, / Adrift on the sea. /
Don Gibson - Country Green Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Country Green' by Don Gibson. Country green, do you know what I mean? / She's true and pure like country green / I feel her hand upon my shoulder /
Don Gibson - Anything New Gets Old (except My Love For You) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Anything New Gets Old (except My Love For You)' by Don Gibson. Anything new gets old except my love for you / It goes on and on it's forever true /
Don Gibson - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Tell Me Your Troubles' by Don Gibson. Don't tell me your troubles / I got troubles of my own / Don't tell me your troubles / Just leave me.
Don Gibson - What About Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What About Me' by Don Gibson. You're happy, now it's plain / To see you're not concerned with your old used to be's / You could at least show some.
Don Gibson - Too Soon To Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Soon To Know' by Don Gibson. It's too soon to know if I can forget her / My heart's been broken in too many pieces / And it's too soon to know /
Don Gibson - Give Myself A Party Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Give Myself A Party' by Don Gibson. I've got a lot of memories to last me the rest of my life / So if you don't want to love me, baby, that'll be all.
Don Gibson - My God Is Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My God Is Real' by Don Gibson: Has washed and He made me whole His love for me is like pure gold My God is real for I can.
Don Gibson - You Don't Knock Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Don't Knock' by Don Gibson. YOU DON'T KNOCK / Writer W. Westbrook and C.A. Walton / You don't knock you just walk on in the door to ...
Don Gibson - I'd Be A Legend In My Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'd Be A Legend In My Time' by Don Gibson. If heartaches brought fame / In loves crazy game / I'd be a legend in my time / If they gave gold.
Don Gibson - Evening Prayer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evening Prayer' by Don Gibson. If I have wounded any soul today / If I have caused one foot to go astray / If I have walked in my own willful way /
Don Gibson - Far Far Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Far Far Away' by Don Gibson. Far, far away is my love of yesterday / And she's gone, gone, gone, gone from me, from me / Far, far away is my life, my.
Don Gibson - Sweet Sweet Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Sweet Girl' by Don Gibson. She was a sweet, sweet girl to me / No matter where I go, no matter who I see / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / She was a.
Don Gibson - Foggy River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Foggy River' by Don Gibson. Your love is colder than a foggy river / Flowing over a heart of stone / You left me stranded on this foggy river /
Don Gibson - Too Much Hurt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Much Hurt' by Don Gibson. I got too much hurt not enough love for me / Nothing but misery lonesome old memory / I got too much hurt you tore my.
Don Gibson - Heartbreak Avenue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heartbreak Avenue' by Don Gibson. I'm alone in a house made of sorrow / And each room is haunted with you / Should the end of the world come ...
Don Gibson - Almost Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Almost' by Don Gibson. Almost you fell in love with me / Almost you were my bride to be / But each promise that was made / You have broken and.
Don Gibson - Lonesome No.1 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonesome No.1' by Don Gibson: Lonesome number one Just call me lonesome number one Although no titles have I won I surely must be lonesome ...
Don Gibson - As Much Lyrics
Lyrics to 'As Much' by Don Gibson. As much as the stars need the heaven / As much as the roses need dew / As much as the plea in a baby's cry / Well, that's ...
Don Gibson - Even Tho' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Even Tho'' by Don Gibson. Even tho you took the sunshine out of my heaven / Even tho you took the twinkle out of my eyes / I will always be in love.
Don Gibson - Lonesome Road Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonesome Road' by Don Gibson. Look down, look down that lonesome road / Before you travel on / Look up, look up and meet your maker / Before ...
Don Gibson - Bad Bad Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Bad Day' by Don Gibson. It's been a bad, bad day for me / It's been a sad, sad day for me / My baby left on her way, now I'm left here to pay /
Don Gibson - Blue Dream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue Dream' by Don Gibson. Last night I had a blue dream cause in my dream you told me we were through / I cried cause in my blue dream I saw you.
Don Gibson - White Silver Sands Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White Silver Sands' by Don Gibson. Where the deep blue pearly waters wash upon white silver sands / Where on the brink of love I kissed her and.
Don Gibson - It's A Sin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's A Sin' by Don Gibson. It's a sin, my darling, how I love you / Because I know our love can never be / It's a sin to keep this memory of you /
Don Gibson - Foolish Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Foolish Me' by Don Gibson. Foolish me I gave my heart away and traded all my dreams for just one kiss from you / Foolish me to pay the price I paid .
Don Gibson - Lonely Street Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonely Street' by Don Gibson. I'm looking for that Lonely Street / I've got a sad, sad tale to tell / I need a place to go and weep / Where's this.
Don Gibson - No Doubt About It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Doubt About It' by Don Gibson. There's no doubt about it I know this time / I saw for the first time you're his you're not mine / There's no doubt.
Don Gibson - Canaan's Land Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Canaan's Land' by Don Gibson. (I'm on my way I'm on my way) / Well I'm on my way to Canaan's land I'm on my way to Canaan's land / I've done ...
Don Gibson - Taller Than Trees Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Taller Than Trees' by Don Gibson. On your knees you are taller than trees / You can look over heartaches and fears / When my faith is gone to my.
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Don Gibson - You Win Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Win Again' by Don Gibson. The news is out all over town that you' ve been seen a runnin' round / I know that I should leave but then I just can't.
Don Gibson - Look Who's Blue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Look Who's Blue' by Don Gibson. Please, please have pity on me / Oh can't you see that I'm in misery / Please, please I'm begging like a fool / Whoa.
Don Gibson - Streets Of Laredo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Streets Of Laredo' by Don Gibson. Beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly / For I'm a young cowboy I know I've done wrong / As I walked out in.

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