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Young Dolph Lyrics - While I'm Rollin' Up
Lyrics to "While I'm Rollin' Up" song by Young Dolph: Drumma Boy Hood Rich, ... We went back to my spot & we smoked out a P Smoking one while I'm rolling up
Young Dolph Lyrics - Loves Me Not
Lyrics to "Loves Me Not" song by Young Dolph: I think I want a bitch, but ... Diamonds in my watch, I got 5 spots ... you might have her rock n rollin
Young Dolph Lyrics - Taking Care Of Business
Lyrics to "Taking Care Of Business" song by Young Dolph: Walked in my spot, closed the door, what's the business? What you tryna do my nigga? how much you sp...
Young Dolph Lyrics - I Need My Medicine
Young dolph my alias Swag out this universe call me young alien Rollin up a blunt of purple louder than Ya revered Pour me up a cup now it's t to take my medicine
Young Dolph Lyrics - Special
Dolph walk in the building then it's time to put your ho up ... Gasoline I roll up When I walk in the spot watch the whole club go up That lil nigga he special
Young Dolph - Special Lyrics. ... Gasoline I roll up When I walk in the spot watch the whole club go up That lil nigga he special [x3] Bad bitches all in my section
Young Dolph - Taking Care Of Business Lyrics. [Hook] Walked in my spot, closed the door, what's the business? What you tryna do my nigga? how much you spending? In ...
Young Dolph - Get This Money Feat. 2 Chainz Lyrics
Young Dolph - Get This Money Feat. 2 Chainz Lyrics. [Pre-Intro: Young Dolph] ... Roll it up my nigga, Roll it up I'm Richer I was Rollin Up Before I Was Old Enough
Young Dolph Lyrics - A-Plus
Yeah, it's Dolph [Verse 1:] I'm flyin' through the city in a 2 seater ... I brush my teeth and roll a blunt of A-Plus Plus you sold Kush he make you wanna lay us
Starlito - Coolin’ (feat. Young Dolph) Lyrics. Spent two hours in the cuffs of the fight squad. Stupid racist motherfucker told me,
Young Dolph Lyrics - In Charlotte
Lyrics to "In Charlotte" song by Young Dolph: What watch should I put on though? Aye what car should I drive today? Aye somebody roll up a blunt B...
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Young Dolph Lyrics - Drop It On The Scale
Lyrics to "Drop It On The Scale" song by Young Dolph: ... In my spot countin' paper, ... Roll it up nigga, ...
Young Dolph Lyrics - Forever
Lyrics to "Forever" song by Young Dolph: ... Still putting bitches up out my spot just like Martin Told my plug to double up, trying to get that new Aston Martin
Dürk, Thug & Dolph - Trap House Lyrics
I got family to feed, it cost the most to please 80 racks on my arm when I roll up my sleeve Another 50 on ... in town It's Dolph My trap house a Waffle ...
Young Dolph - Cross Country Lyrics -
Young Dolph - Cross Country Lyrics. Cross country trapping Took me a trip made my first hundred thousand Got me a plug and that money start piling Got that new coupe ...
Young Dolph - Thank Tha Plug ... I roll up the blunt and I sit back and told them ... Migos,Young Dolph,that’s a lot of looch Raw-sushi,drop a 40 pack off in the hood
Young Dolph Lyrics - Racks
Lyrics to "Racks" song by Young Dolph: It's Dolph, uh huh Yeah, ... I put 'er to sleep with' my dick Roll up a blunt while I'm drivin', I got racks on me
Young Dolph Lyrics - George
Lyrics to "George" song by Young Dolph: Move to Cali for the plug like George On the juggin' shit, ... They say my spot is like a L.A weed store
Young Dolph Lyrics - She Not Mines
Lyrics to "She Not Mines" song by Young Dolph: You might see me with the girl but she ain't mine 16 when I sold my first pound Sitting in my spot b...
Young Dolph Lyrics - Dollar Signs
Lyrics to "Dollar Signs" song by Young Dolph: ... My trap spot loud open Nigga in 9 o clock in the morning 1 pm pat came from dirt for real out in California
Nipsey Hussle - The Field ft. Bino & Young Dolph Lyrics
Nipsey Hussle - The Field ft. Bino & Young Dolph Lyrics. [Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle] Really came up in the field Get money, get life or get killed Now how the fuck it's ...
Young Dolph Lyrics - In My System
Lyrics to "In My System" song by Young Dolph: Oh shit I'm Oh shit I feel ya I'm not 'posed to be shit Guess what though? I got cocaine runnin' t...
Young Dolph Lyrics - I Got This
Lyrics to "I Got This" song by Young Dolph: Stuuuupiiiidddd! ... Enough collard greens at my spot to go and cop a ghost, Got the whole city sayin dolph you got it,
Young Dolph Lyrics - 911
Lyrics to "911" song by Young Dolph: ... Nigga I got my own neighbourhood watch, so if you try to break in my spot Nigga you might just make it not out
Young Dolph - 3 Way Lyrics. Yea That shit round my neck man HA HA HA HA Aye these bitches ain't shit and these niggas ain't either Fuck em Paper Rap Empire It's Dolph I
Gucci Mane Lyrics - Replay (Skit)
Lyrics to "Replay (Skit)" song by Gucci Mane: Yeah, ahaaaaa, heyyyy Designer, yeah Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my ear You know what I whip...
Young Dolph - Money Callin Lyrics. ... Sold my own dope, roll up my own smoke Started getting money, couldn't trust my own folks She got booty shots a notch, ...
Young Dolph - Go Get the Money Lyrics. (Feat. 2 Chainz) [Pre-Intro: Young Dolph] ... Roll it up my nigga, Roll it up I'm Richer I was Rollin Up Before I Was Old Enough
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics. Zaytoven Ayeeeee You know what up, haha It's Dolph! Zay, what's poppin'! Never trust a bitch, never trust a nigga Fuck bitches, fuck bitches
Young Dolph Lyrics - Lets Get It On
[Verse 1 - Young Dolph:] Balling G saying make them bitches lay it down Smoking weed, bumping Pimp C, pocket full of stone Sitting in my spot, with a closet full of ...
Young Dolph Lyrics - Never
Lyrics to "Never" song by Young Dolph: ... My spot stay open its never too late Never with my family starve Cause never will I not hustle hard Never [x12]
Young Dolph - I Got This Lyrics. Stuuuupiiiidddd! It's dolph! Paper route empire The streets callin', they say they waitin' on me, My shit addictive, they gettin ...
Nipsey Hussle - Picture Me Rollin Lyrics. [Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle] Picture me rollin' tippin' my chaueffer Niggas look jealous, you gotta control it Reachin' my quota ...
Young Dolph Lyrics - How Could
Lyrics to "How Could" song by Young Dolph: ... Skinny nigga, big bank, my auntie walked up in my spot and she said "Boy this shit stank!" I got pills, I got drank
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