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A nigga so 4real [Mozzy:] My walk through game going yay yay. If it's hella bands fuck around and do the naenae. Got a china hooker that bitch name laylay
MOZZY LYRICS - Only Thing I Got To Loose
[June:] I can't get caught slippin' I can't get knocked down (no noo) I got to much to lose. The only thing I got to lose is my child. That's why I keep me a shooter, ...
MOZZY LYRICS - Round And Round
Them other niggas had your heart but all they do was play with you. Baby please believe me when I tell you that I'm stuck with you. I get butterflies in my stomach ...
MOZZY LYRICS - Like My Momma Care
Lyrics to "Like My Momma Care" song by MOZZY: I don't care about my life, like my momma care! I don't care about ... Drug Do a nigga right, like Obama care!
Mozzy feat. Skeem & Juda - I Dont F*ck With Suckas Lyrics ...
Oct 2, 2015 Lyrics for I Dont F*ck With Suckas by Mozzy feat. Skeem & Juda. I don't fuck with suckaz or niggas that do if my niggas fuck with suckaz they ...
MOZZY LYRICS - Smaller Then A Dot
Lyrics to "Smaller Then A Dot" song by MOZZY: Life will neva be the same without My main niggas You ain't tryna catch a body? Can't hang with us C...
MOZZY LYRICS - Finding Myself
Lyrics to "Finding Myself" song by MOZZY: They caught me with a thang had to a little time in the cell I ... Call them from jail my family like what chu do this time [?]
Mozzy - Tryna Win Lyrics
Aug 6, 2015 Lyrics for Tryna Win by Mozzy. im a drug dealer bitch i deal drugs my niggas aint rappers, they the real thugs maximum ca...
Mozzy - Beautiful Struggle Lyrics
Oct 27, 2015 for the benefit of my daughters Im just tryyna get my life right in this underbucket cause im trynna shake the limelight its still spunky so we do ...
Lyrics to "I Do This" song by NIPSEY HUSSLE: Longwinded, running through this life like it was mine Never settling, but setting every goal high O. ... Young Thug & Mozzy) ... One thousand burpees on the path to my own destruction or success
Lyrics to "Bladadah" song by MOZZY: Yeah, nigga like me, you know I love this shit homie love ya A ... If you gon' fuck around you gotta do that shit the right way
Lyrics to "Word Up" song by MOZZY: Sup Ro, I fuck with my PA niggas In the bounty like, let me get a ... We don't do no talkin' on these pre-paids nigga
Lyrics to "Unleaded" song by MOZZY: We gassin' niggas no unleaded ... Broad daylight yeah my niggas gunnin' ... Free my niggas in the pen, all we do is win
Philthy Rich feat. Mozzy & Joe Blow - Apply Pressure Lyrics ...
Dec 2, 2015 They say the diamonds to my neck, go tell I come and do it Murder music, thats the sound of a drama Call anybody whore, all fox, I wont lovin ...
Lil June feat. Mozzy - Bounce Out Lyrics
Oct 19, 2016 Mozzy. (Huhn) Mafioso Really In These Streets Foreal Nigaa I Aint Hard To ... Iggy On My Waste Line When I Mob Out That On Sight Shit Is What They ... For Gun Cause He'll Do The SameThang Street Sweepers Hell Yeah Im ...
[E Mozzy:] It's Spunky in my section know I'm pullin up 91 gas I'll fill you up. When is time to ride I'm not ... Fuckin with the suckas back and forth, I do it for the 4's
Lyrics to "Be Here" song by MOZZY: (J-J-J-JuneOnnaBeat) I've did so many things in ma life I ain't even know ... These young boys will squirt ya behind a scuffle
Know I'm on drugs gotta keep all the humidity. Hell gang mozzy but my momma named me timothy. Let one of the these suckas call me by it and I'm strivin eem
MOZZY LYRICS - Cold Summer
Lyrics to "Cold Summer" song by MOZZY: June, another cold summer, shooter ... Lately I've been on my shit ... Hell Gang ain't the gang you should go against
MOZZY LYRICS - Pain Killers
Lyrics to "Pain Killers" song by MOZZY: You know I just got off the phone my ma I told her the baby's ... Called momma last night like what I'm supposed to do?
Mozzy feat. June - Be Here Lyrics
Mar 23, 2016 Lyrics for Be Here by Mozzy feat. ... the illest out, Get out ya feeling and build with us I wish my nigga zilla zoe was still with us We the illest out, ...
MOZZY LYRICS - Activities
Lyrics to "Activities" song by MOZZY: Codeine on rocks, most definitely one up top The stuffices we still with all of that My low got kil...
Lyrics to "Like Me" song by MOZZY: Shawty I knowww that you just trynna fuck ... on the hamma they gone do that over June whole squad bringing blamas chewing ... Baby on my line but she ain't getting the picture cold hearted nigga bitch I'm ...
Mozzy - Chop Stixx Lyrics
Jan 9, 2016 yeah its shurberts in the blunt im to the neck on this pull up to the spot just to check on shit short stop a knock and my set gon trip got my town ...
Lyrics to "On Top" song by MOZZY: Ya'll niggas know how I rock Duck tape on the handle of the yap All a nigga know is get guap They do... ... My little brother died, Shit I had to slide. Circle smaller ain't a rat in mines. Circle smaller ain't a rat in ...
MOZZY LYRICS - Chase Dat Money
[Show Banga:] All I know is paper chase. Got no time to waste. All that's on my mind is cake. Gotta make a way. All we do is chase dat money, chase dat money
MOZZY LYRICS - Dead And Gone
Suicidal thoughts my nigga... (J-J-J-JuneOnnaBeat) Lifestyle maney... [Mozzy, Lil Tim:] Mozzy ain't a gang til' I'm dead and gone. Bruh was a real nigga- he ain't ...
Lyrics to "Intro" song by MOZZY: We keep them drummies on that dumb shit We ... My niggas sippin bo and snortin just for fun bitch ... If you do, I be taxing niggas
Mozzy - Perkys Callin' (Free Style) lyrics
Lyrics for Perkys Callin' (Free Style) by Mozzy. Shoutout my nigga Lor Scoota went bananas on this motherfucker botta boi fuck that shit do like ha! I been ...
Lyrics to "Operate" song by MOZZY: Bruh them people out here are geekin' my nigga You know they just hit mom's shit My momma be smooth...
Mozzy - Dead and Gone lyrics
Lyrics for Dead and Gone by Mozzy. ... That old me's dead and gone but the new me will be alright I turn my head to the east, I don't see nobody by my side I turn ...
Mozzy - Finding Myself Lyrics
Apr 6, 2016 Lyrics for Finding Myself by Mozzy. they caught me with a thing, had to do a little time in the cell, i started redefining mys. ... people know I came a long way, lost shootas on the way, my aunty say I need to pray, lord knows she ...
Lyrics to "Free Yatta" song by MOZZY: Gang related shit on your stupid ass Check the scoreboard nigga, do the math The ... You don't know what to do with that I'm tooting and moving packs. Death before designer on my mama I'm true to that
Lyrics to "Extra" song by MOZZY: Nigga if you stop worrying about me And what the fuck I'm doing all day nigga And put ... My lil niggas go [?] follow directions
Kid Ink, Mozzy, Bricc Baby & Nef The Pharaoh - In My Way lyrics and ...
Jan 20, 2017 Lyrics and translation for In My Way by Kid Ink, Mozzy, Bricc Baby ... Shawty start to recognise and her friends do too And I'm feeling like the ...
Lyrics to "Hold On Me" song by MOZZY: Shawty trynna throw it back all night She know I got the plug for the ... This game is too easy, I do this shit in my sleep
Mozzy feat. Bobby Luv & G Perico - About My Gang Lyrics ...
Lyrics for About My Gang by Mozzy feat. Bobby Luv & G Perico.
Mozzy feat. Sleepy D, Noni Blanco & Kunta - My Niggas lyrics and ...
Lyrics and translation for My Niggas by Mozzy feat. Sleepy D, Noni Blanco & Kunta.
Mozzy - Fuck Dat Shit Do Lyrics
Mozzy - Ima Gangsta ft. Bobby Luv · Mozzy - Messy Murder Scenes Music Video. Messy Murder Scenes · Mozzy - My Eyes (Official Video) Music Video. My Eyes ...
Kid Red feat. Mozzy - Love My Niggaz lyrics
Lyrics for Love My Niggaz by Kid Red feat. Mozzy. ... Love My Niggaz - Lyrics. Mozzy, Kid Red. Biohazard Productions submitted the lyrics for this song.

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