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LUCY SPRAGGAN LYRICS - Last Night (Beer Fear)
Last night I told ya, "I need ya." That's the last time I drink tequila ... In the cells thanks to Bell's fine whiskey. Whoops, I think I said too much like. Do you like my bracelets? Oh, wait, they're ... You said, "I got on one knee," and there's no way
Lyrics to "Spanish" song by CRAIG DAVID: Would you like a drink with me? (If you don't mind, can I talk to you if it's all right) I want yo... ... I'd like to ask her for her credentials. Name, address, numbers to ... Ya no me dejes solo (tonight) Saying why ... Thanks to princesspoo11, chikadee80, fcuk_118 for correcting these lyrics.
Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Honey, I'm Good' by Andy Grammer: But I probably should not I've got ... But if you ask where I'm staying tonight I gotta be like ... No, honey I'm good, I could have another but I probably shouldn't ... Drinking from that unholy grail
Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like. I can always see 'em coming, from the left or from the right [Elizabeth:] I don't want to be a priss, I'm just try'na be polite ... Ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot ... No you can't buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think ... Thanks to Jorden for adding these lyrics.
Lyrics to "No Questions" song by JACQUEES: It's late night and I'm tipsy, And you just called and said come get me I know I shouldn't drink and... ... I'm tryna do everything that you want me to. So don't ask me no questions. Mmmm, so don't ask me no questions. ... these lyrics. Thanks to Jazzy J for correcting these lyrics.
Lyrics to "Closer" song by ASKING ALEXANDRIA: You let me violate you, You let me desecrate you, You let me penetrate you, You let ... Help me, I got no soul to sell. ... I wanna fuck you like an animal, ... You can have my absence of faith, ... I drink the honey inside your hive, ... Thanks to yanoosh97 for adding these lyrics.
HAILEE STEINFELD LYRICS - Hell No's And Headphones
Lyrics to "Hell No's And Headphones" song by HAILEE STEINFELD: Seems like everybody here Is ... [Explicit:] And they all look me up and down like I'm a fucking new kid ... But I saw the sun rise on this town way before you did ... Don't want another drink ... Thanks to Jony Ive, Beige, Kit~Kat for correcting these lyrics.
South Park - I'm Super - Big Gay Al Lyrics
I'm super, thanks for asking. All things ... I'm super no, nothing bugs me everything is super when you're. Don't you ... Stick 'em up Big Gay Al says do ask do tell
They tell me I'm the shit I'm like, duh?! Girls on my dick I'm like, duh!? ... Young rich and famous thanks for asking how are you. Party every night that's exactly what I do. Gettin' stupid in this bitch ... Full contact rap no rugby. Pretty boy flow while ...
Lyrics to "Thank Me Now" song by DRAKE: You could thank me now uh, go 'head Thank ... lately I've been drinking like there's a message in a bottle aloha's to women with no ties ... but do I ever come up in discussion over double pump latte's
ASKING ALEXANDRIA LYRICS - "Stand Up And Scream" (2009 ...
ASKING ALEXANDRIA lyrics - "Stand Up And Scream" (2009) album, including " Hiatus", "When ... If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once...Then ... If only he knew about the world without the bullshit and the lies, .... On my own in a separate sky I don't wanna die ... Back to the wall with a drink in my hand! ... No thanks to you.
Lyrics to "Desire" song by DEJ LOAF: I don't ask no questions I just handle business I don't ask for favors I don't ask for niggas Who th... ... Pass me my drink, I'm on one ... Got goons who feel like what's the point in living ... I can't hold back I gotta live life ... Thanks to dallas, Paris, quan, Jada, Tisa for correcting these lyrics .
BOYZ II MEN LYRICS - Thank U In Advance
Lyrics to "Thank U In Advance" song by BOYZ II MEN: (Excuse me, I know we just met But may I ... 0 Sitting here with a drink in my hand Yo. ... Girl, you look like my first wife ... You turn and ask me what for ... For when you said "I do" next March
Like I was nodding right along to a song on the radio. Yeah, yeah. Girl, how could I say no? Whatever you're drinking, that's what I'm drinking ... So I can say yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah) Yeah ... Thanks to Hudson Sheppard for adding these lyrics.
Lyrics to "Funny You Should Ask" song by THE FRONT BOTTOMS: The good thing about this cast is I can still hold a knife So if you ... You see I just don't wanna do the things that you want me to do ... Heard you spent two whole semesters drinking wine ... No I will not surrender ... Thanks to Rhea for correcting these lyrics.
MAC DRE LYRICS - Bleezies-N-Heem
Yes, what would you like? I want uh...... ... I drink heem when I perk don't like Erk and Jerk It don't work, when ... Get your cup fill it up, don't be no punk. A party ain't a ... When they ask me what I drank, I say heem what you thank? I gets heem in ...
I only drink Mickey's I can't afford the cans I drink so much they call me Charlie 40 hands. If the keg is tapped ... Dancing around like a bunch of faggots, funnier than fuck you can ask Bob Saget. ... Thanks to Katie for adding these lyrics. Thanks ...
BIG SEAN - Blessings lyrics
That shit get get petty, bitch don't give no dap to me nigga. Funny thing ... The drinks are the coldest, the future the brightest. The feat not divided, the love is divided. And I just got it, thank God that we got it, blessed. I don't know what ... I don't need them favors that you ask me for ... You do like the solar system and plan it out
J. COLE LYRICS - In The Morning
I'm trying to get beside you like the number 9, dime. You fine as hell, I guess ... Do you like the finer things or you a simple woman. Would you drink with a nigga, do you smoke weed. Don't be ashamed, ... I roll over and ask if.. [Chorus - Drake]
Lyrics to "Not The American Average" song by ASKING ALEXANDRIA: 1, 2, 3, 4! ( All the things ... You would fuck like a whore! You'd fuck ... I could do! Back to the wall with a drink in my hand! ... Thanks to dpolhatehate, matt lucker, Alejandra, ScarlettSkulls, Roberto for correcting these lyrics. ... Nobody Don't Dance No More
JHENE AIKO LYRICS - Drinking And Driving
Lyrics to "Drinking And Driving" song by JHENE AIKO: Man the view was so nice from ... Ask me what do I want ... Anything, anything, anything to feel like I'm still needed ... Thanks to Tia, R. Simmons, Jae, KD, Allayah for correcting these lyrics.
WALE LYRICS - Pretty Girls
Lyrics to "Pretty Girls" song by WALE: Girls, I ask em do they smoke? Ask em what ... Thanks to the flow right now what up. A lime to a ... and I aint trying to critique but you deserve a good drink, so whats up? What you sippin on? Its no problem. Black and ... Ugly girls be quiet (quiet), pretty girls clap (clap) like this [ Verse 2:]
Lyrics to "Criminal" song by EMINEM: A lot of people ask me.. stupid fucking ... or what I talk about on a record, that I actually do in real life or that I believe in it. Or if I say that, I wanna kill somebody, that. ... and keep going, I don't take shit from no one ... I drink more liquor to fuck you up quicker ... [*BOOM*] Thank you!
Lyrics to "Stronger" song by KANYE WEST: Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger! ... Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore. I ask 'cause I'm not sure. Do ... I'm trippin' this drink got me sayin' a lot ... Thanks to Brad Merrill, auditore31, Niah., Ashley, steve orchard for correcting these lyrics.
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Nah, let Bleek do it, then throw him a concert in Madison square. Watch everybody sleep ... Now you left leaning back, thanks to Fat Joe ... Bitch ass nigga need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines ... Then you lied about your pops, he ain't never bust no cap. Like Father ... Don't hit me on the sidekick asking what you did
EMINEM LYRICS - Underground
Lyrics to "Underground" song by EMINEM: A lot of people ask me Where the ... NO! It can't be, it can't be. Yes it can be, the fucking Antichrist back Danny ... Thanks for sharing Brian, is there anyone else who would like to share this evening?
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Everyday Struggle
... by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: I don't wanna live no mo' Sometimes I hear death knocking at my front do' I'm living everyday like... ... That's why you drink Tanqueray ... He likes to ask who's next? ... Thanks to jarulesbabe66 for adding these lyrics.
Lyrics to "Once In A While" song by TIMEFLIES: I thought I would know better That's wishful thinkin' Thought there'd be no pressure That's wishful... ... Then they ask me these questions. Like, "How do ... I live life like my blood type, B positive
CHIEF KEEF LYRICS - Love No Thotties
Lyrics to "Love No Thotties" song by CHIEF KEEF: These bitches act local and think global Never seen a 100 thousand, well let me show ... What you want to drink, I know you hate being sober ... Wish a nigga would try to screw me over ... That's why I just ask you ... Thanks to Antonio J. Fambrough for adding these lyrics.
And I'll be what you need, ... And I've been talking to God asking for just a little help with you but it's hopeless. ... Tell your new friends that no one knows you like I do. ... Thanks to for adding these lyrics.
THE WEEKND LYRICS - The Party & The After Party
Hold your drink baby don't you fall ... You don't gotta ask me ... Just grab a room I swear no one will interfere. Girl bring your friends if you want, we can share
G-EAZY LYRICS - Tumblr Girls
Man I swear she's just like tons of girls, she expects the free drinks. And I'm successful she ... No I can't stay here and hold her, tomorrow act like I don't know her. Wouldn't ever be ... You're asking will he be the one, I'll be gone before you' re done tonight. Waiting for ... these lyrics. Thanks to Rachel for correcting these lyrics.
When they ask, I mention my babygirl in the interviews now ... But girl, I'm gonna do whatever just to keep a grin on you now. Where I ... What type of drinks you be sipping ... The love is real, there's no way you can feel like it's tainted ... Thanks to allysonandjon, hillarya10, fabolous, elviegsnaer727 for correcting these lyrics.
But do not ask the price I paid, I must live with ... 'Cause there's no drink or drug I' ve tried. To rid the ... Thanks to CloudStrifeNL for adding these lyrics. Thanks to ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Blast Myself
Lyrics to "Blast Myself" song by Z-RO: I wake up in the morning and I ask myself. Is life worth living, should I blast myself? Before I go. ... Although my tattoo reads ' no more pain' Lately I feel ... Thanks to my nothin' ass homies off the block ... And y'all was laughing like me suffering was funny to see ... The more codeine I drink
50 CENT LYRICS - 21 Questions (Remix)
Got some questions that I got to ask and I Hope you ... And in bed if I used to my tongue, would you like that? If I wrote you a love letter would you write back? Now we can have a lil' drink you know a nightcap. And we ... I ain't looking for no superman to try and save me ... Thanks to lavencianealy for correcting these lyrics.
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
Without the knowledge to lead, so you just follow the sheep. Making sure your lame ... Girls, stop acting like you want a guy with traits like Romeo. Bitch! That's a  ...
I said, "No, can't find no job, Therefore I ain't got no money to pay the rent" She said "I don't ... He said "Uh, let me go and ask my wife" He come out of ... I've been drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin. Gonna get ... no fear. I want one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer ... Thanks to Colin Frye for correcting these lyrics.
J. COLE - Apparently lyrics
I ask the lord to follow me ... And though it do not always show I love her just like I love you ... Waitin' on thanks from a few cause without me you wouldn't exist
I keep thinking how young you can die from old age. They always tell me ... Storytellers, they ain't even need a campfire. Uhh, but I just ... Gettin' busy 'cause I' m a star, no spangled banner. Jealous ... Drink it all even when it tastes too strong. Yeah, I gotta ... Triple entendre, don't even ask me how ... "Thank Me Later " (2010).

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