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Dj Bobo - Everybody Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everybody' by Dj Bobo: Music is what i'm living for / Music is what I'm living for Everybody loves to dance With another summer romance.
Dj Bobo - Freedom Lyrics
Dj Bobo - Pray Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pray' by Dj Bobo. Pray / Turn that night into a glory day / Pray / Stand for the rules and pray / We can make it a better place / When we pray for.
Dj Bobo - Let The Dream Come True Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let The Dream Come True' by Dj Bobo. Not a broken heart, now we gonna start / It's for me and you, let the dream come true / Not a broken heart, now.
Dj Bobo - Chihuahua Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chihuahua' by Dj Bobo. Chihuahua! / Chihuahua! / Chihuahua! / Chihuahua! / Oh, Chihuahua! / I'm walking in the street / And the moon shine's bright /
Dj Bobo - Around The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Around The World' by Dj Bobo. Chorus: / Can you feel it?Can you feel it, / What it means to hold a hand? / I've been around the world! / Can you feel.
Dj Bobo - Take Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Control' by Dj Bobo. You take, you shake break, I'm no fake / You cool the way, you move, no more mistakes / You can't stand still, you've got.
Dj Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Somebody Dance With Me' by Dj Bobo. I'm back again on a higher stage / Listen to my party beat and get in rage / 'Cause you know when I flow and I.
Dj Bobo - Technology Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Technology' by Dj Bobo. You are now / In a world of music / In a world of sample sounds / Produced by / A concentrately programmed sequencer / In a.
Dj Bobo - Where Is Your Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where Is Your Love' by Dj Bobo. Refrain: / Where is your love / Day and night I'm dreaming of you / And I wish my dream will come true / I need you,
Dj Bobo - Love Is All Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is All Around' by Dj Bobo. Love is all around, love is all around, love is all around. / Love is all around, everywhere you look; love is all.
Dj Bobo - I Know What I Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know What I Want' by Dj Bobo. Bring the beat back don't believe to hype / Bring the beat back don't believe to hype / Bring the beat back don't.
Dj Bobo - World In Motion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'World In Motion' by Dj Bobo. Journalism, for the mass / Greener, than the greenest grass / Naivety, isn't what we need / Every picture wee see, every.
Dj Bobo - Celebrate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Celebrate' by Dj Bobo. Celebrate - never run away / Celebrate - wake up it's not a dream / Celebrate - this life is for free / Don't give up, stay.
Dj Bobo - Shadows Of The Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shadows Of The Night' by Dj Bobo. Refrain / Shadows of the night / They are coming when the moon is shining bright / Leave their graves as shadows ...
Dj Bobo - Angel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Angel' by Dj Bobo. Chorus: / You're my angel, you are always on my mind / Angel, your love is like a dream / I feel, love is changing everything /
DJ Bobo - Life Goes On (Radio Edit) lyrics
May 11, 2016 Lyrics for Life Goes On (Radio Edit) by DJ Bobo. I wake up in the morning another boring day but I was dreaming about you in the sweetest way ...
Dj Bobo - Black Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Rain' by Dj Bobo. Black rain falling on me / Black rain is all that I see / Black rain colours the sand / Too fast I don't understand / False.
Dj Bobo - There's A Paradise Lyrics
[Chorus: ] And I promise you there's a paradise. And I promise you there's a paradise. Where it's never raining and the music's playing everything's alright
Dj Bobo - Moscow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Moscow' by Dj Bobo. I'm living far away / In darkness every day / I'll never forget your smile / I miss your style / How can I go ahead / I need you.
Dj Bobo - Everything Has Changed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything Has Changed' by Dj Bobo. It's the groove that makes you wonder / I mean the beat and the bass like thunder / I make you sweat / I make ...
Dj Bobo - Love Is The Price Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is The Price' by Dj Bobo. Baby's in the parlour waiting for the rain / Beating like a hammer washing out her pain / Clearing like the one seven.
Dj Bobo - Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Music' by Dj Bobo. Music not easy to make it / But easy for you just to take it / Music gonna make you sweat / Here we go well get rock and wet /
Dj Bobo - Jealousy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jealousy' by Dj Bobo. Jealousy / First comes luxury that's all they see / Jealousy / How could I believe you / Jealousy / You can't find the key.
Dj Bobo - I Feel It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Feel It' by Dj Bobo. Ask me why / Why I tell the space like another space / It's somewhere the sky is blue / Ask me why / Why it's not a dream in.
Dj Bobo - Try Try Try Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Try Try Try' by Dj Bobo. / You gotta try, don't stop, / From the bottom, the bottom of your heart / You gotta try, don't give up, / From the bottom,
Dj Bobo - For Now And Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For Now And Forever' by Dj Bobo. For all my life / You will be the only one for me / Eternally / Tell me you will be mine / It is more than a sign /
Dj Bobo - Love Of My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Of My Life' by Dj Bobo. You are the only one who can take my breath away / Like they say time flies when you're having fun / My love to you.
Dj Bobo - We Are Children Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Are Children' by Dj Bobo. Like the silents of the sea / Like the shadow of a tree / Like the desert mystery / We are children of this world / Like.
Dj Bobo - Respect Yourself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Respect Yourself' by Dj Bobo. Respect yourself / Change your mind / Respect yourself / Don't be blind / Respect yourself / And you will see the light.
Dj Bobo - What A Feeling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What A Feeling' by Dj Bobo. First when there's nothing / But a slow glowing dream / That your fear seems to hide / Deep inside your mind. / All alone.
Dj Bobo - Come Take My Hand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come Take My Hand' by Dj Bobo. Come with me / And use your fantasy / A secret galaxy / A nomansland / Come with me / Forget reality / Believe in.
Dj Bobo - Keep On Dancing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep On Dancing' by Dj Bobo. Now give me a beat / Dance sweat move your body / Jump around start to party / Enjoy yourself you are not are ...
Dj Bobo - Colors Of Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Colors Of Life' by Dj Bobo. See the colors of life / The colors of dreams / The colors of life / Wherever you go / Wherever you may go / Trust in.
Dj Bobo - Let The Party Begin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let The Party Begin' by Dj Bobo. Let the party begin / Come on let's sing this song / The day is over, it's party time / Forget your problems and.
Dj Bobo - Heyamama Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heyamama' by Dj Bobo. Heya mama ma heyama / Heya mama ma heyama / Heya mama ma heyama / I've got the music in me / I've got the music in  ...
Dj Bobo - Here Comes Tomorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here Comes Tomorrow' by Dj Bobo. Rap 1: / Here comes tomorrow, / Drag in to the trapper, / No more can stoppin', / Ticket like a fun, / That is wanna.
Dj Bobo - This World Is Magic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This World Is Magic' by Dj Bobo. Planet earth, that's the name of my place / I'm born in this world, in the entire space / Planet earth is my home,
Dj Bobo - Dreaming Of You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dreaming Of You' by Dj Bobo. I am dreaming of you day and night / Hold me in your arms / Hold me in your arms / From the bottom of my heart only ...
Dj Bobo - Born To Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Born To Love You' by Dj Bobo. / Oh, baby, I'd never lie to you! / Before you run away / I really have to say / I'm born to love you! / Uh, crazy I.

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