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Shinedown Lyrics - Fake
Lyrics to "Fake" song by Shinedown: This place has begun to cover me I recall the light, but the dark smothers me I prefer the feeling...
Ash Gale - Sweet Release Devour Lyrics
Lyrics for Sweet Release Devour by Ash Gale. I wish you would I wish you could, believe me, hear me Misunderstood, what you see as to w...
Motley Crue Lyrics - Enslaved
Lyrics to "Enslaved" song by Motley Crue: alright alright this life is what you make it. don't slide ... it" pleasure power that's what we devour...
Nightmares On Wax - 70s 80s Lyrics
Lyrics to '70s 80s' by Nightmares on Wax. ... my god she did devour Cast a spell called depression made a living hell Turned man against man forgot the boys and girls
Killing Machine - Killing Machine Lyrics
Killing Machine - Killing Machine Lyrics. I'm bad, no good I'm misunderstood Just one haunting page from this book I'm in your head The fears that you dread Are real ...
Jars Of Clay Lyrics - Fall Asleep
Lyrics to "Fall Asleep" song by Jars Of Clay: We wandered off like children in the woods And let the searchers come but never find us Tried to mak...
Optimus Rhyme - Cybernetic Circuits Lyrics
Lyrics for Cybernetic Circuits by Optimus Rhyme. ... I got vicious? devour these satellites ... , We be delivering doses? misunderstood It's the Optimus ...
Or devour the weak at any cost Your existence, it will be proved A glimpse of sacrifice, the afterlife To the master all is lost ... Your life's misunderstood
Killing Machine - Killing Machine lyrics
Killing Machine lyrics by Killing Machine: I'm bad, no good / I'm misunderstood / Just one haunting page from this book / I'm in your head
Mucus Membrane - Under Cloven Hoof Lyrics
Lyrics for Under Cloven Hoof by Mucus Membrane. Under Cloven Hoof Darkest corridors, the fading light In your mind the seething greed Appr...
MOTLEY CRUE LYRICS - "Red, White & Crue" (2004) compilation
MOTLEY CRUE lyrics - "Red, White & Crue" (2004) ... it's misunderstood me and I know you know that you've been there too. ... it" pleasure power that's what we devour...
KILLING MACHINE LYRICS - "Killing Machine" (2000) album
KILLING MACHINE lyrics - "Killing Machine" ... I'm misunderstood ... Inside you feel the power, the lust that we devour
Shinedown - Fake Lyrics
Shinedown Fake Lyrics. Fake lyrics performed by Shinedown: This place has begun to cover me I recall the light, but the dark smothers me I prefer the feelings I know ...
I got vicious viruses that devour these satellites Encryption deciphering all that you read and write Ignite with 5 million horses under the hood
Twista - American Gangsta Lyrics
Lyrics to 'American Gangsta' by Twista. American gangsta, U.S hustla / Home of the brave and in god we trust / Im just a American gangsta, U.S hustla / Home of
Twista - American Gangsta Lyrics. (*Prod. by Toxic & John Gant) American gangsta, U.S hustla Home of the brave and in god we trust I'm just a American gangsta, U.S ...
STEVEN WILSON LYRICS - "Grace For Drowning" (2011) album
STEVEN WILSON lyrics - "Grace For Drowning" (2011) ... In time we forget our need to devour ... I'm a collector and I've always been misunderstood
KARELIA LYRICS - "Raise" (2005) album
Misunderstood, had to run away Left all in this unreal comedy Don't regret this great build-up at all I did not exist Now every dawn's rebirth
ANTHRAX LYRICS - "The Greater Of Two Evils" (2004) album
ANTHRAX lyrics - "The Greater Of Two Evils" ... Misunderstood, A.I.R. ... A Whole World To Devour He's Seeing, He's Calling
VADER LYRICS - "Black To The Blind" (1997) album
VADER lyrics - "Black To The Blind" (1997) album, ... [misunderstood and forgotten genius. ... ex and devour gods manifested in ...
Acts 29 - Come On Lyrics
Come On Lyrics Acts 29. Come On video. Thirty Seconds To Mars Interview - LINER NOTES. X. Edit lyrics Print Lyrics ... Hes not out to burn us just misunderstood
ANTHRAX LYRICS - "Spreading The Disease" (1985) album
ANTHRAX lyrics - "Spreading The Disease" (1985) ... misunderstood, A.I.R. ... Ready to devour On the attack
DAVID SHANKLE GROUP LYRICS - "Ashes To Ashes" (2003) album
He's so misunderstood-ha! Hell-spawned parasite Flees the international searchlights ... Causing my soul to devour All the power is in the magic of the chords
Blu - Charlie Brown (Scienze Featuring Blu) Lyrics
Blu - Charlie Brown (Scienze Featuring Blu) Lyrics. [Verse 1: ScienZe] Well, I guess I'm making love to this phone Field goals on my mind while I'm stuck in the snow ...
UNEXPECT LYRICS - "Fables Of The Sleepless Empire" (2011 ...
UNEXPECT lyrics - "Fables Of The ... Devour life, feed the clock ( ME!!), dance with a dead corpse ... Misunderstood and abused to the point of extinction
Acts:29 - Come On (feat. Kate Partridge) Lyrics
Lyrics for Come On (feat. Kate Partridge) by Acts:29. Im feelin, im feelin uneven and my socks don’t match To my crew you’re my team and I got y...
Twista Lyrics - American Gangsta
Lyrics to "American Gangsta" song by Twista: American gangsta, U.S hustla Home of the brave and in god we trust Im just a American gangsta, U...
ULVER LYRICS - "Themes From William Blake's The Marriage ...
ULVER lyrics - "Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell" (1999) album, including "A Song Of Liberty", "A Memorable Fancy 5", "A Memorable Fancy 4"...
STREAM OF PASSION LYRICS - "Live In The Real World" (2006 ...
STREAM OF PASSION lyrics - "Live In The Real World" (2006) album, including "Day Eleven: Love", "When The Levee Breaks", "Into The Black Hole"...
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - "The Days Of Grays" (2009) album
The dead of night will devour your child... The creation o' beliefs you've been fed ... I'm not a child, I feel misunderstood I built a bridge, you use the tunnel ...
Outasight - Tonight Is The Night lyrics
3 meanings to Tonight Is The Night lyrics by Outasight: I've been feeling real good, came a long way from misunderstood / Far away from the
Drapht - Abuse the World Lyrics. Blindfolded, dodging cannon fire Adrenaline higher than your reach Take a seat, I can't and I rock a set like concrete This beat's taken
Karelia - The Hermit Lyrics
Karelia The Hermit Lyrics. The Hermit lyrics performed by Karelia: Lived for a long time surrounded By numb and indifferent crowd Wandering amid empty faces Enslaved ...
DIVINITY LYRICS - "Allegory" (2007) album -
DIVINITY lyrics - "Allegory" (2007) album, including "Neurotyrant", "The Diarist", ... Alone and misunderstood In the Darkness Falling Choking on the passion. Choke!
MUTILATION LYRICS - "Conflict Inside" (2004) album
MUTILATION lyrics - "Conflict Inside" (2004) album, including "Mutilation", ... - from misunderstood Where is my god damned mortality Struggle my dream and reality
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