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Lyrics to "Go Thru" song by SIZZLA: When I sit down and look at my life I would write a dam blasted book on my ... Dem vex when di youth dem a go thru, go thru
SIZZLA LYRICS - Gwaan Like Dem Real
Lyrics to "Gwaan Like Dem Real" song by SIZZLA: Gwaan like dem good a lie Nothing wid no hypocrite Don't trust ... Dem vex because wi come rise the thing
SIZZLA LYRICS - Holding Firm
Lyrics to "Holding Firm" song by SIZZLA: Whoa ooh whoa oooh oooh Hail Jah, eh ey Always hailing ... Some, yuh flesh dem waah tear with dem fork and knife
Lyrics to "Blackness" song by SIZZLA: Why is it to stand and deny the work of his Imperial Majesty Emperor ... Blackness! some ah dem no really know we yet
Sizzla - Nah Apologize Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nah Apologize' by Sizzla: Inna de lake of fire me dash yuh boy ... Gimme de whole ah de girls dem 'cause ah dem have de joy ... nah vex! damn!
SIZZLA LYRICS - Diamond & Pearl
Lyrics to "Diamond & Pearl" song by SIZZLA: As you know yea yea Bless dem now Kalonji We say ... But now mi say Rome fi bun you see the bugga dem vex
Sizzla - Holding Firm Lyrics
Some, yuh flesh dem waah tear with dem fork and knife. Some don't care their heart is like ice. After kill another them rejoice but I'm. Holding firm. Every man ...
Lyrics to "Freedom Cry" song by SIZZLA: Glory be on to the Father and to the Son Ruler of creation, Honorable Oh ... Come we go ah Africa and lef dem alone
Sizzla - Make It Secure lyrics
Just mek dem secure a nuh time fi pretend It's i an i create these problems And ... weh dem a build Foundation fi set we got to do it quick Ah hope ah guy nuh vex ...
JAH CURE LYRICS - Dem Na Build Great Man
Lyrics to "Dem Na Build Great Man" song by JAH CURE: If you had the power to change ... Millions vex, still dem couldn't do nothing, king Selassie mi sing yeah.
Sizzla - Like Mountain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like Mountain' by Sizzla. Babylon it afi fall ... Like dem nah see say all the fulment done full ... I'm next nah vex because ah yearn he hear my call.
Capleton - Slew Dem Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slew Dem' by Capleton: Dem dun nuh like an mi dun nuh like dem. ... Sizzla lyrics. Sizzla · Anthony B lyrics. Anthony B · Bounty Killer lyrics.
Blessings From Jah Lyrics - Sizzla
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Blessings From Jah" from "Sizzla": Chorus, I take my blessings ... Di wicked nah go nuh wey yo through di work weh dem perform
Blackness, some ah dem no really know we yet ... In front yuh face, Sizzla Kalonji have the danger, how? Soaring of ... Cyah make me vex as if they want mih to
Sizzla - Holding Firm Lyrics. ... Some, your flesh dem waan nyaam with dem fork and knife. Some don't ... I see, yuh brother make a call, an yuh turn and get vex
Sizzla - Like Mountain Lyrics. Babylon it afi ... Like dem nah see say all the fulment done full. Yo tun calm to ... I'm next nah vex because ah yearn he hear my call
Buju Banton - Dickie Lyrics
Hear Weh Dem Want, Lord have his mercy. [Chorus] Ah just over the dickie .... Sizzla lyrics. Sizzla · Bounty Killer lyrics. Bounty Killer · Anthony B lyrics. Anthony B.
Tanya Stephens - What's Your Story Lyrics
A listen, man tan, yeah / A so the whole a dem tan / Better we 'low dem / And mek ... And feel guilty how me vex when the man probably dead .... Sizzla lyrics.
Bramma - Anything Mi Wah Say Lyrics
Waan vex mi nuh taste dem lead, dem waan stop mi career themself. Di year when dem ah ... I judgement like how sizzla dem feel, dem nuh know di pressure
Tanya Stephens - Its A Pity Lyrics
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