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Dayton Family - Cocaine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cocaine' by Dayton Family. Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. / Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a.
Dayton Family - Player Haters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Player Haters' by Dayton Family. (car honks) / Girl bring yo muthafuckin ass on I ain't got all day! / Come on. / Muthafucka don't be rushin me! /
Dayton Family - Newspaper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Newspaper' by Dayton Family. talking: / hey bob, yes tom, guess what i just fucking heard man, whats that, dayton familys tape there fucking talking.
Dayton Family - Flint Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flint Town' by Dayton Family. What's up / If you from flint / Get out ya seat / Get up of your ass / Drink your brew and smoke that grass / We fixin.
Dayton Family - Whats On Your Mind 2 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whats on your mind 2' by Dayton Family. Yeah, I want to dedicate this song to Jonathan Myers, / Morris Peterson, Gemini Smith, and Matthew Hingle. /
Dayton Family - Eyes Closed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eyes Closed' by Dayton Family. Shoestring: / Shoestring's on the comeback, bust you bitches up off my threads / Motherfucking feds raid my shit I put.
Dayton Family - Snitch Killer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Snitch Killer' by Dayton Family: Runnin free, that shit for me Don't you be no dummy, tell on me Its Mr. Greed, Ima take it from him.
Dayton Family - F. B. I. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'F. B. I.' by Dayton Family. I'm wakin' up in the mornin', with problems on my mind / Mother-fuck the education, and drug ra-bilitation / I'm smokin'
Dayton Family - Killer G's Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Killer G's' by Dayton Family. Yeah, the dayton family in this bitch for the 9-6 fool / Know what I'm sayin dts / And I ain't talkin about downtown.
Dayton Family - Outlaws Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Outlaws' by Dayton Family. Where my ganstas at, where my bitches at / Where my soldias at, where my killas at / Ya'll motha fucka's ready to ride.
Dayton Family - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle' by Dayton Family. I'm down in this muthafuckin dope game / Cause the law can't fuck with me / I got the hand that.
Dayton Family - What's On My Mind? Lyrics
Yeah, Mutherfuckin Dayton Family G, Back in this mutherfucker once again, You can't fuck with me, I'm here to tell you what the fuck is on my mind, Maniac ...
The Dayton Family Lyrics
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Dayton Family - Nutty Niggaz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nutty Niggaz' by Dayton Family. Nutty nigga Shoestring havin' problems / Doctors on my dick, but none of them hoes can help me solve 'em / I used to.
Dayton Family - Stick N Move Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stick N Move' by Dayton Family. (Talking) / {Bootleg}I got some bad news for you Tony. / {Tony}Whut choo got? / {Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment .
Dayton Family - Ass Whoop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ass Whoop' by Dayton Family. You gon get your ass whooped / You gon get your ass whooped / You gon get your ass whooped / You gon get your ...
Dayton Family - 79th & Halstead Lyrics
Lyrics to '79th & Halstead' by Dayton Family. Motherfuckers caught me slippin, I hate that bull shit / Dayton for life, gangsta love / I gotta go back there, I.
Dayton Family - Dope Dayton Ave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dope Dayton Ave' by Dayton Family. What's up? / Back down on dayton bitch in '93 hoes / Backstabba-first name coke last name cane / Ira dorsey's ...
Dayton Family - Shadows Lyrics
[Shoestring - talking] I'm ready to tell you my secret now. I see dead people, but they don't know that they're dead. And sometimes, when it get real cold, that ...
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Dayton Family - Thru A Thang Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thru a Thang' by Dayton Family. I'm going through a thang (repeat 3x) / I 'm having problems in my life, steady going through a thang / Fall to my.
Dayton Family - Big Mac 11 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big Mac 11' by Dayton Family. welcome to mcdonalds my i take you order - i want a fully loaded big mac and / bitch that aint on the menue cause this.
Dayton Family - Ghetto Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ghetto' by Dayton Family. They say I'm a ghetto man, they call me a ghetto bastard / They say I'm a dope dealer, they say I'm a money snatcher / They .
Dayton Family - Real With This Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real With This' by Dayton Family. 1997, Dayton Avenue, always was true nigga / ain't shit changed, this onehere for Bootleg and Backstabber / nigga,
Project Born, The Dayton Family, Chocolate & Booka - We Don't ...
Lyrics for We Don't Need That (feat. the Dayton Family, Chocolate & Booka) by Project Born, The Dayton Family, Chocolate & Booka.
Dope Dayton Ave Lyrics - The Dayton Family
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Dope Dayton Ave" from "The Dayton Family": As a child my motha told me that my body would grow, Into a perm-bootin ...
Dayton Family - Blood Bath Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blood Bath' by Dayton Family. Damn, is that bootleg / Damn, I could've swore I just saw backstabber / Damn, I gotta leave that shit alone / I got.
Dayton Family - Welcome To Flint Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Welcome To Flint' by Dayton Family. Welcome to flint town / home of the killa dike ass hoes and co-cane snortin niggaz / THIS IS FLINT were all the.
C-Mob, Bootleg Of The Dayton Family & Madam Dane - Let's Get Em ...
Lyrics for Let's Get Em (feat. Bootleg of the Dayton Family & Madam Dane) by C- Mob, Bootleg Of The Dayton Family & Madam Dane.
Posse Is Dayton Avenue Lyrics - The Dayton Family
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Posse Is Dayton Avenue" from "The Dayton Family ": shoestring, I be that gangsta like? ? ? steadily hittin you with doble ...
T-Rock, The Dayton Family & C-Mob - I Just Might (feat. Dayton ...
Lyrics for I Just Might (feat. Dayton Family & C-Mob) by T-Rock, The Dayton Family & C-Mob.
Fantasies Lyrics - The Dayton Family feat. Lisa Lopes
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Fantasies" from "The Dayton Family feat. Lisa Lopes": Bootleg, I'm havin' the type of fantasies, Ridin' under palm trees, A ...
Flint Niggaz Don't Play Lyrics - The Dayton Family
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Flint Niggaz Don't Play" from "The Dayton Family": Wa-da-da-dayt, Wa-da-da-dayt-hey, What the fuck you wanna do? flint niggaz .
C-Mob, The Dayton Family & T Rock - Y'all Know (feat. the Dayton ...
Lyrics for Y'all Know (feat. the Dayton Family & T Rock) by C-Mob, The Dayton Family & T Rock.
Body Bag Lyrics - The Dayton Family
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Body Bag" from "The Dayton Family": (Shoestring), Murder is my hobby aint nuthin more sloppy, You fuckin with us then we'll be ...
The Dayton Family feat. Goldfish - Gangstarism lyrics
Lyrics for Gangstarism by The Dayton Family feat. Goldfish.
The Hard Boys - P.M.S. feat. Ghetto E from The Dayton Family lyrics ...
Lyrics for P.M.S. feat. Ghetto E from The Dayton Family by The Hard Boys.
Shadows Lyrics - The Dayton Family
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Shadows" from "The Dayton Family": I fight with tigers the shadows say they're Michael Myers, Just like Jack Nickleson played ...
Esham feat. the Dayton Family - Fuck A Lover (feat. The Dayton ...
Lyrics for Fuck A Lover (feat. The Dayton Family) by Esham feat. the Dayton Family.
Dayton Family - Weed Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weed Song' by Dayton Family. Man...*coughing* Damn this the far that motha' fucken tree i be smokin' that / shit fucken my mind up but i dont care.

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