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Dailey And Vincent - By The Mark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'By the Mark' by Dailey and Vincent. When I cross over / I will shout and sing / I will know my savior / By the mark where the / Nails have been /
Dailey And Vincent - Jesus Is Coming Soon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jesus Is Coming Soon' by Dailey and Vincent. Troublesome times are here, filling men's hearts with fear / Freedom we all hold dear now is at stake /
Dailey And Vincent - There Is You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There Is You' by Dailey and Vincent. There is no greater love / Than what I feel for you / No greater love, / No heart so true / There is no greater.
Dailey And Vincent - Cumberland River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cumberland River' by Dailey and Vincent: I left old Kentucky in a blindin' fog Headed for the southland haulin' cedar logs Along around Celina I saw.
Dailey And Vincent - River Of Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'River Of Time' by Dailey and Vincent. V1. Like a shot through the heart, like a knife cold and sharp / The cold winds of loneliness blow / But, they.
Dailey And Vincent - Won T It Be Wonderful There Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Won t It Be Wonderful There' by Dailey and Vincent. After we cross the crystal river / And are safe at home forever / It will be wonderful over there.
Dailey And Vincent - Sweet Carrie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Carrie' by Dailey and Vincent. Hard work, low pay, tired aching back / Earning by the sweat on my brow / 12 full hours in this manmade hole /
Dailey And Vincent - I Believe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Believe' by Dailey and Vincent: I was there the day my Mama went to Heaven I held her hand as she closed her eyes to sleep I felt the power of ten.
Dailey And Vincent - Farther Along Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Farther Along' by Dailey and Vincent. Tempted and tried, we're oft' made to wonder / Why it should be thus all the day long? / While there are others.
Dailey And Vincent - Steel Drivin Man' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Steel Drivin Man'' by Dailey and Vincent. Billy was a hard workin', steel drivin' man / Working on the rail everyday / 7 days a week and 16 hours a.
Dailey And Vincent - Don't You Call My Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't You Call My Name' by Dailey and Vincent. DONT YOU CALL MY NAME / Dont you call my name, cause I wont answer / Dont you call my name, ...
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Dailey And Vincent - Place On Calvary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Place on Calvary' by Dailey and Vincent. Lower my body and lift my soul and tell me to come on home / Let me leave this world of sin cause heavens.
Dailey And Vincent - Poor Boy Workin' Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poor Boy Workin' Blues' by Dailey and Vincent. Work all night and I work all day, / Life just ain't worth livin' this way / Work the soles right off.
Dailey & Vincent - Head Hung Down Lyrics
Mar 16, 2015 Lyrics for Head Hung Down by Dailey & Vincent. I woke up this mornin' in the pourin' rain Underneath the trestle of a northbound train Go...
Dailey And Vincent - Amazing Grace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Amazing Grace' by Dailey and Vincent. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound / That saved a wretch like me / I once was lost but now I'm found / Was.
Dailey And Vincent - Music Of The Mountains Lyrics
Dailey and Vincent Music of the Mountains The Original seems to be F#, but capo where ya want and pick outta C (The first two lines of cords just keep ...
Dailey And Vincent - More Than A Name On A Wall Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'More than a Name on a Wall' by Dailey and Vincent. I saw her from a distance / As she walked up to the wall / In her hand she held some flowers / As.
Dailey And Vincent - Take Me Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Me Back' by Dailey and Vincent. You went away / I let you / We broke the ties that bind / I wanted to forget you / And leave the past behind /
Dailey & Vincent - There Is You Lyrics. There are mem'ries I've forgotten There are dreams that never will come true There's a lifetime of broken promises And ...
Dailey And Vincent - Old Rugged Cross Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Old Rugged Cross' by Dailey and Vincent. On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross / The emblem of suffering and shame / And I love that old.
Dailey And Vincent - Near The Cross Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Near the Cross' by Dailey and Vincent: Jesus, keep me near the cross There's a precious fountain Free to all, a healing stream Flows from Calvary's.
Dailey And Vincent - Take Me Back / And Leave Me There Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Take Me Back / And Leave Me There' by Dailey and Vincent. Wish I Could Find A Greyhound / That Had A Destination Sign / Said Elrod Alabama 1949 ...
Dailey And Vincent - My Savior Walks With Me Today Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'My Savior Walks with Me Today' by Dailey and Vincent. Sometimes in my life I get so discouraged / That struggles of life press me sore / Then down on.
Dailey And Vincent - I Am Resolved Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Am Resolved' by Dailey and Vincent. I am resolved / No longer to linger / Torn by the worlds delight / Things that are higher / Things that are.
Dailey & Vincent - On The Other Side Lyrics. On the other side the sun always shines No minutes, no hour, there's no such thing as time Where the streets are ...
Come Back To Me Lyrics - Dailey and Vincent
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Come Back To Me" from "Dailey and Vincent": Chorus, Come back to me my child, For my arms are open wide, Come back to me ...
Larry Stephenson, Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent & Dailey & Vincent ...
Lyrics for Give This Message to Your Heart (feat. Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent & Dailey and Vincent) by Larry Stephenson, Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent & Dailey  ...
Dailey And Vincent - Don't You Wanna Go To Heaven Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Don't You Wanna Go to Heaven' by Dailey and Vincent. Down in the land of Galilee, Down by the sea thats so deep, / My Lord said Simon if you love ...
Jimmy Fortune feat. Dailey & Vincent - The Other Side Of The Cross ...
Lyrics for The Other Side Of The Cross - feat. Dailey & Vincent by Jimmy Fortune feat. Dailey & Vincent.
Mark Lowry feat. Dailey & Vincent - Everybody Wants To Go To ...
Jan 10, 2016 Lyrics for Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven by Mark Lowry feat. Dailey & Vincent. Everybody wants to go to heaven Everybody wants to go to ...
Jimmy Fortune feat. Dailey & Vincent - I Believe lyrics
Lyrics for I Believe by Jimmy Fortune feat. Dailey & Vincent.
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Dailey And Vincent - Hide Me, Rock Of Ages Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hide Me, Rock of Ages' by Dailey and Vincent: Oh, thou blessed rock of ages Hiding.
Dailey And Vincent - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho' by Dailey and Vincent.
Dailey & Vincent - Come Back to Me lyrics
Lyrics for Come Back to Me by Dailey & Vincent. #Come Back To Me# #Daily and Vincent# I was once a wayward child Thought I had all the answers foolish ...
Dailey And Vincent - 'Til I See You Face To Face Lyrics
Lyrics to ''Til I See You Face to Face' by Dailey and Vincent.
Dailey & Vincent - Winter`s Come and Gone Lyrics. Oh little red bird Come to my window sill Been so lonesome Shaking that morning chill Oh little red bird Open ...
Dailey & Vincent - Jesus Is Coming Soon Lyrics. Troublesome times are here Filling men's hearts with fear Freedom we all hold dear Now is at stake Humbling  ...
Dailey & Vincent - Near The Cross Lyrics. Jesus, keep me near the cross There's a precious fountain Free to all, a healing stream Flows from Calvary's mountain ...

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