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Gage - Throat Lyrics
Lyrics for Throat by Gage. Mi Seh Ah Dung Ina Yuh Dung Ina Yuh Dung Ina Yuh Throat Gyal, Stop Di Noise Mek Mi Cum Ina...
Mordacious - Face Fuck Lyrics. shut your mouth you stupid bitch i dont care what you say i just want you to suck my dick until i cum down your throat ill make you
CupcakKe Lyrics - Deepthroat
Lyrics to "Deepthroat" song by CupcakKe: ... My tunnel loves a deep throat (it do) Lick, lick ... My panties stuck in my ass So I pulled them down to show him the ...
WHORE LYRICS - "Doing It For The Kids" (2005) album
Forcing down your head As I cum down your fucking throat 2. For Only A Quarter You nasty homeless skank how bad do you want my cash
LIVIDITY LYRICS - "Fetish For The Sick" (1997) album
dick straight down your throat, gargling cum, fist fucked, I love your stinky hole, fuck it! Reaching in my pants, I stick my dick straight down your throat,
BWP - Is The Pussy Still Good? Lyrics
BWP Is The Pussy Still Good? ... And then, your cum runs down my throat And I'm loving every bit, and refuse to choke No other girl will do the things I do
VISCERAL DISGORGE LYRICS - "Ingesting Putridity" (2011) album
VISCERAL DISGORGE lyrics - "Ingesting Putridity" ... stuffed down your throat, ... her insides pour out for me to cum on. Releasing my seed upon this dead mangled ...
GORGASM LYRICS - "Masticate To Dominate" (2003) album
GORGASM lyrics - "Masticate To Dominate" (2003) album, ... blood and cum drip down your thighs. ... Gagging from cramming my meat down her throat.
TYPE O NEGATIVE LYRICS - "Slow, Deep And Hard" (1991) album
album: "Slow, Deep And Hard" ... His tongue down your throat His hand up your skirt Yeah I'm a man ... And cum on your breath
GUTTURAL SECRETE LYRICS - "Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment ...
GUTTURAL SECRETE lyrics - "Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment" (2006) album, including "Sculpting Fragments Of Mangled Cunt", "Feminine Skin Suit", "Gurgling My Seminal ...
DEVOURMENT LYRICS - "Molesting The Decapitated" (1999) album
DEVOURMENT lyrics - "Molesting The Decapitated" (1999) ... I tilt my head back, feel it oozing down my throat ... But ill die with cum on my hands
CANNIBAL CORPSE LYRICS - "Tomb Of The Mutilated" (1992) album
album: "Tomb Of The Mutilated" ... I cum blood from my erection I feel it run down her throat, ... trickling down my throat
ABSCESS LYRICS - "Urine Junkies" (1995) album
ABSCESS lyrics - "Urine Junkies" (1995) album, ... My Aching Meat Buckets of Cum Tainted in Decay ... Rush of life plunging down my throat I drink from the kill 'til
BLOODSOAKED LYRICS - "Brutally Butchered" (2007) album
BLOODSOAKED lyrics - "Brutally Butchered" (2007) album, ... Let the cum, begin to flow Sexual organs are removed Forcing them down your throat
WACO JESUS LYRICS - "The Destruction Of Commercial Scum ...
WACO JESUS lyrics - "The Destruction Of Commercial Scum" (2000) ... "The Destruction Of Commercial Scum" (2000) 1. ... I file your teeth down
NATTEFROST LYRICS - "Blood And Vomit" (2003) album
NATTEFROST lyrics - "Blood And Vomit" ... The Blood is running down your neck You stab your throat again !!!!! ... Blood between your legs Covered with cum, ...
Gorelord - I Am Master Here Lyrics. Cum On Your Face Cum In Your Open Eyes Then Force You To Swallow My Golden Yellow Rain Tie You Down To The Fucking Floor Then ...
GORELORD LYRICS - "Force Fed On Human Flesh" (2001) album
chunks of meat forced down your throat ... the taste of dead is making you cum Force feed on human flesh 5. Necrophilic Orgy In Entrails & Cum
Type O Negative Lyrics - Unsuccessfully Coping With The ...
Lyrics to "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity" song by Type O Negative: ... his tongue down your throat ... and cum on your breath
Twisted Insane Lyrics - In The Dirt
Lyrics to "In The Dirt" song by Twisted Insane: ... Some waste of some cum? ... Pour the bottle down your throat til it's burnin your liver
H.W.A. - All That (Juzt A Little Action) Lyrics. [Intro] [John] Hey ... Shit down your throat with a creamy bowl of cum And down your mouth drip dripping down your face
Trina Lyrics - Look Back At Me
Lyrics to "Look Back At Me" song by Trina: ... Slap it in my face shove it down my throat Nigga where your blunt I can make this pussy smoke
LIVIDITY LYRICS - "Show Us Your Tits! - Live" (1999) album
LIVIDITY lyrics - "Show Us Your Tits! - Live" ... blood flows down my throat like wine, ... I stick my dick straight down your throat, gargling cum, fist fucked, ...
Nicole Dollanganger - Angels of Porn (II) Lyrics
Lyrics for Angels of Porn (II) ... up inside of me feel like fingers down my throat everything is fine in heaven but i'll never ... full of cum extracted from ...
Type O Negative Lyrics - I Know You're Fucking Someone Else
Lyrics to "I Know You're Fucking Someone Else" song by Type O ... His tongue down your throat his hand up your skirt ... You had cock on your mind and cum on you're ...
Grant MacDonald - Buff Cowboys Lyrics
Lyrics for Buff Cowboys by Grant MacDonald. Yea Buff Cowboys Gonna feed ya this big hard cock! Rammin deep down ya throat! Big Hard Co...
Cannibal Corpse Lyrics - The Cryptic Stench
Lyrics to "The Cryptic Stench" song by Cannibal Corpse: Tearing at my neck my sharpened teeth pierce the meat My warm bloodied prey sustains my life for one...
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