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SOMO LYRICS - You Can Buy Everything
You can buy everything. But you can't, you can't buy love. I'd die for you, I'd lie for you. I'd steal for you, I'd cry for you. I ride for you. I'll lie all night underneath the ...
P. REIGN LYRICS - In This Cup / Cry For You
Lyrics to "In This Cup / Cry For You" song by P. REIGN: How did I get here? I should be home by now Each time you pull me back You seem to pull me down What... ... I say "Don't let them steal your heart, never forget how to try. Sometimes you just gotta' thank ... Well get ready for the ride baby girl buckle up. But I want more ...
Mercedes - Bonnie And Clyde Lyrics
We can ride, side by side and watch the haters die. Baby we meant ... Baby we meant, I can tell you by that gangsta shit you gangsta bitch. I start to ... Even steal for me, you knew the deal with me. And even if you had to, I know you'd kill for me . You know I'd die for you, I'd cry for you, I'd lie for you ... Ya know what I'm sayin?
Soundtrack Artists - Ride 4 U Lyrics
I'll ride, cry, die for u really don't give a fuck / I know you'd do the same for me too cause that's homie luv / ... Do you wonder why, some call it laggin' on yo dick
Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I, Feel like I'm glued ... To ride this ride at the carnival. Oh, come ... But you've already bought a ticket, And there's ... Why did you steal my cotton candy heart? You threw it ... "Cry Baby" (2015). Cry Baby
BON JOVI LYRICS - I'll Be There For You
Lyrics to "I'll Be There For You" song by BON JOVI: I guess this time you're really leaving I heard your suitcase say ... I'd steal the sun from the sky for you
If you start me up I'll never stop. You make a grown man cry. Spread out the oil, the gasoline. I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine. Start it up. If you start  ...
P. DIDDY LYRICS - I Need A Girl (To Bella)
Lyrics to "I Need A Girl (To Bella)" song by P. DIDDY: I need a girl who'll ride for ... Do twenty-five for me, nigga steal a pound for me ... Didn't appreciate her so I made her cry for me. Everyday she had tears in her eyes for me. I caught a case shorty took the whole ride for me (Thank you) ... Yo shorty all on me little hot tamale
Lyrics to "Like You Ain't Even Gone" song by FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE: I still go riding around ... I still go riding around town ... Even pretty when you're crying
And they're all still around. And you're still safe and sound. And you don't miss a thing 'Til you cry when you're driving away in the dark. Singing, "Stop this train
YO GOTTI LYRICS - After I Fuck Your Bitch
... song by YO GOTTI: After I fuck your bitch Then I'mma tell you bout it If you a trick ass nigga You'll be fuck ... Cause the first time I seen a man cry ... You wanna kill me, you wanna steal me ... You wanna hi-side dick ride cause you think I'm on
Lil Boosie - Betrayed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Betrayed' by Lil Boosie: Just 'cause he say he gon' ride don't mean he loyal dawg It's Cain and Abel ... Niggas will shoot you in the back and cut yo fucking throat like rich and alpoe. Now its hard for me to trust somebody, family need it they'll steal if they know u got it, ... Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably.
The Fugees - Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes' by The Fugees. / We 'bout to set it, ... Times reveal a broken seal, like a (pause) fiend steal. You for fake ... Yo, sound system, you know what I'm sayin'? Jericho Sound ... The wiz kid got no ride. You frontin' at  ...
Yo let, let, let me ask you a question yo. Yo would you kill ... When I met you I admit my first thoughts was to trick. You look so good huh, I suck on your daddy's dick (yeah) I never felt that ... And then we lie together, cry together. I swear to God I ...
Adam Lang - Would You Still Love Me the Same Lyrics
Feb 16, 2016 Lyrics for Would You Still Love Me the Same by Adam Lang. ... Or is ya gonna say good-bye? ... alright Come and show me that you are down (ah-ha) Now tell me would you really ride for me? ... (would you really cry for me?)
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Going Thru Some Thangs
cause I wanna ride candy man just like the others ... you a rat like that and try to steal ya ho ... know you a soldier but they still wanna bring that savage out you
Lyrics to "Love Like Honey" song by PRETTY RICKY: I wanna sex you, till you ... I wanna sex you, till you fall fast asleep, in the bedroom, now listen to the headboard ... give it to you, I want you to ride it to the east, I want you to ride it to the west, don't ... you do you, I wanna give it to you ah now oh, you gotta make the sex cry,
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - We Be Steady Mobbin'
If it ain't broke don't break it and if he ain't shook, I'm gon shake em, I hope I don't look weak cause when a wolf cry wolf, you still see that wolf teeth muthafuckaa.
Hear anything about Hollis Green, you play with that, I'm gon' off ya 20 years in, rap ... We don't cry bout it. You say a nigga disrespect you, nigga ride bout it
Lyrics to "Took My Love" song by PITBULL: You took my love, I thought I was the only one You took my love, it feels like you did it for fun Yo... ... And show me that you'll ride or die for me. I can see right through your ... You trying to rob, steal, take my love. But fuck ... Keep telling myself a player ain't supposed to cry. You took ...
I think this is about that time we ride out again ... Yo We taught each other how to hustle, it wasn't handed down. And if you didn't feel me before, you understand it ... I was stealing bases, you was striking out ... I know sometimes I make you cry
Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly ... I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me ... And I won't cry ... Come along for the ride (ooh)
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Would You Die For Me
Lyrics to "Would You Die For Me" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: Venue after venue , I've been through ... Would you ride with me? ... Wifey, ya'll ain't got to like me
HOT BOYS LYRICS - Get It How U Live!!
song by HOT BOYS: So you say you ready to hustle, scuffle over a dollar, rumble over a bundle, ready to bust ... ready to ride on 9, better be bout your change lettin hang at all times, ready to fight high, duckin them blue eyes, ready to see ya moma cry ... that you could steal or get stole when you gettin' it how you live nigga.
Young Savage you can catch me (catch me) Fresh kicks, fresh bows, and a fresh tee (fresh... ... Y'all want some rider shit (rider shit) well here it is then [Chorus: ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Enchanted
A nigga on a strecther and though I never met ya. I'm thinking ... Now, do you wanna ride or die. La dadada ... Don't even cry about it, just another episode of life
ICE CUBE LYRICS - Steal The Show
Lyrics to "Steal The Show" song by ICE CUBE: Yeah, Steal The Show baby Ima have to ... Ima have to ride the ride the ride ... A few drinks you like please follow me home ... Tell your friends yo fuck they advice ... "Laugh Now, Cry Later" (2006) .
TOBY KEITH LYRICS - Should've Been A Cowboy
Lyrics to "Should've Been A Cowboy" song by TOBY KEITH: I bet you've never heard ole Marshall Dillion say Miss ... Wearing my six-shooter riding my pony on a cattle drive. Stealing the young girl's hearts ... I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
Lyrics to "Fuck You" song by THE LOX: Shit Feel this If your hoped we wouldn't make it, ... Yo, everybody's a snake ... Then watch you crab motherfuckers just steal and ball ... Baking hot, and you can sled ride down my wrist, neck, and hand
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Promise that you will sing about me. Promise that ... You ran outside when you heard my brother cry for help. Held him like ... When I ride it's a murderous rhythm
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
But I ain't taking the full blame cause most of you chumps running around here ain't never had strict parents. All of your ... Yo, society's got you living for a whack cause. You're a ... Then when they leave you, you cry and cry. ... Cause if we out in public you gon' get caught stealing some shit and get my ass in trouble too.
Lyrics to "My Oh My" song by AQUA: My oh my, do you wanna say goodbye? To have ... Gotta steal from the rich when they don't know I'm comin' Gotta give to the poor, no time for lovin' My oh my, don't you cry, 'cause there's no way I'm stayin'
You can't hide your lyin' eyes. And your smile ... with fiery eyes and dreams no one could steal. She drives on ... She draws the shade and hangs her head to cry
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Hey, man, I'm done holdin' back on you niggas, man, straight up, man ... And these dick riders try to steal from me ... We gon' ride past with that iron blast ... I remember way back when we was broke, we was crying, momma high as hell
Lil Wayne - Ride 4 My Niggas Lyrics
Uh, Umm, Weezy ya'll, / Young Money, Cash Money, / This is, the Drought 3 / Ladies and gentlemen, You know me, / ... Listen, you know I ride for my motherfunkin' niggas, Most likely imma die ... I let my bitch bag it, if she steal it, imma kill her,
TREY SONGZ - Songz Medley lyrics
I often fantisize I could get all you in a ride, Get so much pussy I bet you I can guess yo panty size, August 4th, is ... Girl stop all that crying, what you worried bout,
And just cause she'll suck ya dick, don't mean you could trust the bitch! I'm just giving you the real ... Where you gotta rob and go steal for stomachs to fill. And it's hard for a ... It's a shame I gotta ride with this nina on my side. They used to say.
(You can run, you can hide. But you can't escape my love) Here's how it goes, you and me, up and down. But maybe this time we'll get it right, worth the fight
ICE CUBE LYRICS - Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do
"Ri-ride through the hood" "Keep it low to ... You know my shit shine (doin what it ' pose to do) ... If yo' ass can't cook good, that's on the hood (that's on the hood)
UGK LYRICS - Diamonds And Wood
I flippin down the ave you know I'm lookin tight. These jealous ... Fool say he going through a thang when ya'll ain't neva lied ... Nigga I ride dirty everyday, but I shine so clean ... They tried to steal the Lac, and my wig they wanna peel it back

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