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Sam Coomes - Corpse Rider Lyrics
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SWORDMASTER LYRICS - "Death Rider 2000" (1998) album
Cranium forged in fire. Metallic bone construction. Blazing razor teeth. A creation of death and metal! Iron Corpse Skeleton of metal
PHINEHAS LYRICS - Thegodmachine: The Rider
Lyrics to "Thegodmachine: The Rider" song by PHINEHAS: Trapped in the trenches Overrun by idols We've strapped pride to ... We're trading life for a corpse
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - Driving In Cars With Boys
Riding around town, drinking in the white noise. Used to talk about where we be ... Leave a beautiful corpse, live my life on the run. I got my cash and my Louis ...
BIRDFLESH LYRICS - "The Farmers' Wrath" (2008) album
In the sun, a corpse left to stink. The head was smashed ... Cuntless corpses found in the sand. A killing spree is now ... I am a rider of goat. It makes me feel ...
True Widow - Corpse Master lyrics
Apr 24, 2013 Lyrics for Corpse Master by True Widow. ... So on the rider goes At dawn when nothing moves Unstoppable by man Again I don't know weather ...
Warrior Soul - Trip Rider Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trip Rider' by Warrior Soul. Service sector ... Trip rider psychedelic sin into the sun. Trip rider ... The country's corpse to ground and flowers. Epithet ...
Phinehas - Thegodmachine: The Rider lyrics
Jul 22, 2013 Looking for a way to beat this system We're trading life for a corpse Entangled with the dead and silenced by our guilt We've strapped pride to ...
OVERKILL LYRICS - "Power In Black" (1983) demo
... In Black" (1983) demo, including "Raise The Dead", "Death Rider", "There's No Tomorrow"... ... Riding the wind on a stormy night ... Overkill has another corpse
Sam Coomes - Shined It On/Lobotomy Eggs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shined It On/Lobotomy Eggs' by Sam Coomes.
Sam Coomes - The Tucchus, Pt. 2 Lyrics
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Sam Coomes - Cruisin Thru/Just Like The Rest Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cruisin Thru/Just Like the Rest' by Sam Coomes.
Sam Coomes - Bugger Me Lyrics
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Sam Coomes - Fordana Lyrics
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Sam Coomes - Stride On Lyrics
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DEATHCHAIN LYRICS - "Deathrash Assault" (2005) album
Valley Of The Corpses. 1. Return Of The Nemesis. [music and lyrics: Corpse & Bobby] Nemesis is back! ... Lord of the sick - this rider dressed in death. And he's  ...
BABYLON WHORES LYRICS - "Death Of The West" (2002) album
A corpse into quicklime. Black beneath your eyes. Hey .... A finger of a corpse. Dug up from the grave ... Upon the horse a rider. A dance for creation, one for ...
CASTLE LYRICS - "Blacklands" (2012) album
Corpse candles light my way. Haunted people you will pay ... Corpse candles are revealing. What death has been ... Black riders mount. Ready to die. Sun goes ...
"Wagon Wagon". "If I'm gonna die. I'm going out riding the wagon" ... I found an old dead corpse in the trunk next to the spare tire. And it's muffling the sounds
DEATHROW LYRICS - "Riders Of Doom" (1986) album
DEATHROW lyrics - "Riders Of Doom" (1986) album, including "Samhain", ... No one can fight the riders of doom ... Slaughtered corpses are covering the plain
URGEHAL LYRICS - "Ikonoklast" (2009) album
Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt 6. Astral Projection To Rabid Hell 7. Approaching ... Revel in the shreds of the corpse. Blood drenched sacrifice of evil. A journey deep ...
Phinehas - Thegodmachine: The Rider Lyrics. Trapped in the trenches Overrun by idols ... We're trading life for a corpse. Entangled with the dead and silenced ...
GRAVE DIGGER LYRICS - "Return Of The Reaper" (2014) album
I´m a tattooed rider straight out of hell. I´m a law breaker thunder ... Hunted like a spider tattooed rider rider rider .... Your rotting corpse I take carefully. I dance on ...
CLOVEN HOOF LYRICS - "A Sultan's Ransom" (1989) album
album: "A Sultan's Ransom" (1989). 1. Astral Rider 2. ... Astral Rider. Take a trip out of consciousness ... The stench of corpses sinking into mud. Did the sacrifice  ...
DEATHCHAIN LYRICS - "Deadmeat Disciples" (2003) album
PAGAN ALTAR LYRICS - "Volume 1" (1982) album
PAGAN ALTAR lyrics - "Volume 1" (1982) album, including "Reincarnation", " Acoustics", "Night Rider"... ... Hooded corpses form the jury, Point with pent up fury,
Follow Me In Suicide Lyrics - Pankow
When your love is gone and you feel like a useless corpse. When your gods are laughing about you and ... Steve Rider. This song is from the album "The Art Of ...
FALLSTAR LYRICS - "Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter." (2011) album
Horse without a rider with a golden message for the steeple. Carpet bomb ... My shadow withers like a corpse as I run towards the sun, I'll never stop. I will never ...
UNLIGHT LYRICS - "Sulphurblooded" (2010) album
2. Dead All Thing Will Be (Part I) 3. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi 4. Pale Rider - Pale Horse ... enlighten my mind. The way into my bless is paved. With their corpses ...
BROCAS HELM LYRICS - "Into Battle" (1984) album
BROCAS HELM lyrics - "Into Battle" (1984) album, including "Into The Ithilstone", " Night Siege", "The Dark Rider"... ... A corpse beneath a haunted moon [Chorus]
THE CROWN LYRICS - "Deathrace King" (2000) album
I'm riding fast, creating a storm, you can not hide from me ... Life won't return, to the silent corpse! ... [Both:] I'm a devil gate rider...on a devil gate ride, yeah!
BEASTMILK LYRICS - "Climax" (2013) album
tumble horse and rider into shipwrecked ... let the tongues of a corpse addres you ! When reapers of the rift ... Corpse-rollers on gasmasked goats rolling dice on ...
DAGames - Lost in the Dark lyrics and translation
Nov 6, 2016 ... THE WALLRIDER COMES FOR YOUR CORPSE YOU CAME YOU ... IT DOESNT MATTER YOU ARE DEAD The wall riders here Im getting ...
DIOCLETIAN LYRICS - "Doom Cult" (2009) album
Men among the ruins shackled to a corpse / The old world is one foot in the ... The rider of blood from the past now bleeds / White are the wolves that conquer the ...
1349 LYRICS - "Liberation" (2003) album
2. I Breathe Spears 3. Riders Of The Apocalypse 4. ... (Their) corpses littering the ground. We crush the pearly ... from the corpse pyres around burning mankind
HOPSIN LYRICS - Hip Hop Sinister
It's going to be very hilarious when I bury your corpse. So next time you spit a fucking rhyme that's too simple. I'll joke kick your ass through the glass of the booth ...
1349 - Riders Of The Apocalypse lyrics
Riders Of The Apocalypse lyrics by 1349: I ride on burning wings / With a blazing demon / We paint the night sky red / With ... (Their) corpses littering the ground
HAMMER HORDE LYRICS - "Vinlander" (2012) album
Corpses rotting in the blood where others die ... Charging white riders smash dogs of deceit, splashing ... Lunar glow, bathing his corpse in an ancient light.
LEGION OF THE DAMNED LYRICS - "Ravenous Plague" (2014 ...
Manifesting on the winds of chaos, hell and horror are riding. Witness the ... Hungry dogs feed on the corpses in the street, as black smoke fills the city skies
Riders of the Mist lyrics and translation - Inner Axis
Nov 12, 2013 Lyrics and translation for Riders of the Mist by Inner Axis. ... In death they will deal The wronging to heal The corpses will scatter Under hooves ...

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