Cooked the dope with no stove pot on the floor lyrics

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I need that bacon bitch, we buyin' dope, that's how it go. Like a Migos, rep that Freebandz That 44., I could cook the dope with no stove. Pot on the floor
Hard wood floor, Money on ... If it don't jump the first time, cook it again, Den call the ... Den, den call him again, den call da dope man, den call him again. ... Gucci mane trick on a bitch no cuffin, ... When I pull it out the pot I'ma serve it to cuz,
Known to fluff the dope when I whip it (whip that) Bitch in less than 4 ... In your bitch mouth, no dentist. Nosey bitch mind your ... Found that pot of gold and dove in it [Hook] ... Grandma like what's cooking (what's cooking?) Talking car show, we ...
Choppa on the floor pistol on the coach. Hood rich so I ... Big clouds of smoke but ain't nobody cooking (females) (Girl ... Knee deep in the dope game. I'm not a ...
Travis Barker - Dope Boys Lyrics
Yeah, comin' fresh out that Pyrex pot, / Black Air Force 2's and the White Sox ... And bitches don't say no to me, I'm like a wedding ring. ... The world is my grandma's kitchen, time to cook crack. .... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
Quavo - Trapper Girl Lyrics
She tell me she don't wanna deal with him no more. Cause she just a spatula (No she ain't mine) She a trapper girl! The pots and the pans are her manager. She act like she ... She act like she don't like to cook it up (bitch, cook it up) ... And if you take my dope you gon' get killed .... Bruno Mars Versace On The Floor lyrics ...
21 Savage - Skirtt Skirtt Lyrics
Cooking up dope in Givenchys, all my niggas counting benjis. Pull up on ... And that's my soda, that's my stove and that's my pot 21 ... 21 Savage No Heart Lyrics.
It's been a long damn time since a nigga sold dope. But if you put a brick ... Drop that pussy down on the floor, I remember. The way she ... 6 4, throw that brick inside a pot and cook it, whip it good though ... Homo that green no play golf. I hustle ...
No time to procrastinate. Yeah, I'd rather ... Maybe the dope boy baby needs some new clothes. Could we all ... Grab my... on the go, cooking in the kitchen something good for my soul G.I. Joes on all on her living room floor. It seems like ... Not a pot to piss in a tree to piss on, the devil come around too much. I'm hollar get ...
Peewee Longway - Good Crack Lyrics
Take it to the pot with cooked crack / When I hit it from the back, she gon look. ... Swagger to dope bitch she eat it up. Cook up the crack watch.em eat it up
Migos - Peoples Elbow Lyrics
Take that pot, I hit it with the people's elbow. All red 'rari, there ... No offense to the loss of the towers. You a gangster ... She get back to cooking dope and Imma fuck her in the throat. Started from the bottom, we started up on the floor. Versace  ...
Migos - Bad And Boujee Lyrics
You know so we ain't really never had no old money ... Cookin' up dope in the crockpot, (pot) ... Still be playin' with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille
50 Cent - Money Lyrics
These niggas must not be cooking no coke. They ain't ... I ain't sittin' on shit, I'mma push the dope. Money, hoes ... The boy hide his grits, the boy pot ain't grits
Baauer - Kung Fu Lyrics
Without thirty thousand dollars, don't even deserve to speak, nigga. Counter ... And when I cut my dope I'm standing on my tippy toes. Better put that work inside the pot. Cook, cook, cook, whip it up ... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
P$C - 25 To Life Lyrics
I'm talkin' dope game ready, pot game ready ... Everything is digital, no mo' triple Beams ... I cooked it up and put it down, served the heart to hook the town
Lil Wayne - I'm A Dboy Lyrics
No he can't with the fuckin' seats back ... Ho I'm a dope boy ... I'm in the kitchen over the stove with pots and pans (pots and pans) ... Yeah I'm cookin' breakfast for the block then I let her cook mine ... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
South Park - Dope House Family Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dope House Family' by South Park. I told you foo. ... We surely don't, take no shit from nobody. So don't trip on ... Got that Boomerang glow, once I throw it in the pot. Is coming right ... And I should of been a chef the way I cook crack up your oven met. Teachers .... Bruno Mars Versace On The Floor lyrics Versace On ...
Mike Will Made It - Whippin A Brick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whippin A Brick' by Mike Will Made It. Pots in the pan watch me break the stick / Pull up to the kitchen with that strong arm ... Takin' yo bitch, makin' her cook up a brick ... The pots and the pans got dope all in 'em ... Gianni Gianni Versace Versace Medusa Medusa no lie .... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
Future - Fishscale Lyrics
"I'm selling that good caine, got dope under my fingernail, ... we cooking up that fish scale, its going on retail (ya ya)" ... get a flock and make a fist, get a pot,
Young Thug - Again Lyrics
My nigga pot cook it so good he put his shoe in. Nigga it's a ... I can make the dope do numbers, the Stacy (?) I told my ... I don't need no change, you can keep it
Problem - Rap Monument Lyrics
[Verse 2: Bryant Dope] I got flames ... Who's to tell me I can't have a trillion dollar grilled cheese sandwich? Boy stop ... All of hell's kitchen praying he don't stick from the stove ... Just copped more 4 5's and 9s, I ain't talking bout no J's .... Golden ember to the black floor ... I'm in it, potent marijuana running shit like the mayor
E-40 - The Recipe Lyrics
With water in a pot on the stove. Step to make ... Before you decide to elect yourself in the game of dope. Better know that ... They ain't calling it snitching no more
TYGA LYRICS - Jumpin Like Jordan
Dark skinned ho, cook up the dope, she look like Nestle Gone.. [Hook] ... I told that nigga no doubt. If I ain't the ... Water whipping and the pot too hot. Drinking ...
Future - Scrape Lyrics
[Intro] Shit too real. Screamin' for your life. Skr, skr, skr, skr ,skr. [Hook] Scrape it out the pot when I cook it. Scrape it out the pot when I cook it. Scrape it out the pot  ...
NWA - Straight Outta Compton Lyrics
Mix 'em and cook 'em in a pot like gumbo. Goin' off ... Ain't no tellin' when I'm down for a jack move ... You'll get taken by a stupid dope brotha who will smother
Young Thug - Gucci Again Lyrics
My nigga pot cook it so good he put his shoe in. Nigga, it's a ... I can make the dope do numbers, the Stacey Augmon ... I don't need no change, you can keep it
Gucci Mane - Rolly Up Lyrics
You are now on the desktop site. Return to mobile? Yes No. Lyrics · Top 100 · Videos ... The dope boys love me. Taught'em how to ... The dope man bitch! Sold bricks ... Cook the work 10 minutes ... Powder 10, but it cook white ... Got some cain and its jumping out the pot! I'm in the ... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
Dumping kush ashes on the floor, I'm lazy. Sipping on the ... No this ain't a gimmick, quarter million for my image nigga. Pausing for ... I got the dope, crazy we mixing with soap, crazy we mixing with soap. I keep the white like the pope, your bitch she cooking the coke. They wrap it ... Beat the pots and the pans and the dishes
Gucci Mane - My Kitchen Lyrics
Bring me another pot and another vault (Gucci) ... Big booty bitches loves a good cooking player. Bricks in the basement ... Dope bowl crack, now we getting mad
OJ Da Juiceman - Sell Chickens Lyrics
In the kitchen cookin but this aint no damn school. Aprons and ... Glass pot shawty. I don't cook in no beaker ... Dope game gravy kept me countin the money.
And it ain't no fun if the gang can't hit it. That's your ho ... 24 inches, I sit above the floor ... Drop a baby in the pot. Grab it put it on a boat. El Chapo with the dope
Twista - Seven Day Hustle Lyrics
Sellin this here dope on these streets. It's a seven ... (Go to the kitchen, get the pots, hit the stove nigga) ... Give me a look-up, I got the good hook up on cook up
Eightball & MJG - Relax And Take Note Lyrics
Relax and take notes w-w-while I take *** of the marijuana / S*****, relax and take notes *** ***, *** ... M J G not playin' no games. If you not ... Soda cook the dope together jump back, jump back ... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
Cassidy - Imma G Boy Lyrics
Yeah Yeah Cassidy and i aint no motha fucking gang but I'm a motha fucking gangster ... "Imma G boy get smoked by P boy coc by the key boy got dope and E boy ... to push if that shit is hard to cook the hard i cook give the phines the retarded ... pound and a white-pot Glock 30 con-pact it's the right size vision ware on the ...
Migos - Think Twice Lyrics
He don't even say a price. She a bad bitch, but I make her cook dope. Got a Pot look so big it look like the super bowl. Too many woods on [?] Have to say Eeny,  ...
And learn that the glock is no joke. And learn that the Blocc is no joke. Slang rocks and snort coke, we cook kis like gumbo pots. We chop O-Z's ... get clear, I' ma let one go, everybody get on the floor. I got that petrol, ... dope get ya neck slit and
Migos - Cocaina Lyrics
Don't go check the door without John Wayne ... Have you ever seen a pot before? ... I wanna see some heels, cooking make me love. Yeah, I got that dope like pieces, I would love to meet ya ... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
G-Unit - A Little Bit Of Everything Lyrics
Wodie what you want, you want dope, you want coke ... If you don't got no whip, I get you a car ... Coffee pot to cook coke, Joe to smoke, I was born to loc
South Park - Dope House Family (Chopped & Screwed) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Dope House Family (Chopped & Screwed)' by South Park. / I ain't gon' lie ... I'm Dope House stout, fuck a set up & no hear though. It's real talk .... Got that Boomerang glow, once I throw it in the pot. Is comin' ... I should of been a chef the way I cook crack up your oven met .... Versace On The Floor Lyrics Bruno Mars.
Iggy Azalea - Iggy In Moscow Lyrics
I'm cooking, I said I'm cooking. Fresh out the pot. Now you looking, I got you looking, you ... I'm dope as a rapper on a millie. Bank account in a week, about a  ...

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