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Ry Cooder - IF WALLS COULD TALK Lyrics
Lyrics to 'IF WALLS COULD TALK' by Ry Cooder. Well, if things could talk then I' m sure you'd hear / A lot of things to make you cry, my dear / Ain't you glad? /
Ry Cooder - TATTLER Lyrics
(Ry Cooder/Russ Titelman/Washington Phillips). Whenever you find a man that loves every woman he sees, There's always some kind of woman that's a-puttin' ...
Ry Cooder - GET RHYTHM Lyrics
Lyrics to 'GET RHYTHM' by Ry Cooder. Get rhythm when you get the blues / Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues / Get a rock 'n' roll feelin' in your bones /
Ry Cooder - ALL SHOOK UP Lyrics
Lyrics to 'ALL SHOOK UP' by Ry Cooder. A well'a bless my soul / What'sa wrong with me? / I'm itchin' like a man on a fuzzy tree / My friends say I'm actin' wild.
Ry Cooder - VIGILANTE MAN Lyrics
Lyrics to 'VIGILANTE MAN' by Ry Cooder. (Woody Guthrie) / (E) - (A) - (B7) Capo on 1 / (E) Have you seen that (A) vigilante (E) man ? / (A) Have you (E) seen.
Ry Cooder - ALIMONY Lyrics
Lyrics to 'ALIMONY' by Ry Cooder. Look at this one, look at that one / Tell me do they look like me / All my friends said, don't you worry / Said they'll.
Ry Cooder - Dark End Of The Street Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dark End of the Street' by Ry Cooder. At the dark end of the street / That's where we always meet / Hiding in shadows where we don't belong / Living.
Ry Cooder - DOWN IN HOLLYWOOD Lyrics
Lyrics to 'DOWN IN HOLLYWOOD' by Ry Cooder. Well, did you hear the good news ? / There's gonna be some bad blues / Somebody said they're playing all ...
Ry Cooder - LET'S HAVE A BALL Lyrics
Lyrics to 'LET'S HAVE A BALL' by Ry Cooder. (Bunn) / I wanna ball like I never did ball before / I may never get a break like this in life no more.
Ry Cooder - No Banker Left Behind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Banker Left Behind' by Ry Cooder. My telephone rang one evening my buddy called for me / Said the bankers are all leaving better you come ...
Ry Cooder - YELLOW ROSES Lyrics
Lyrics to 'YELLOW ROSES' by Ry Cooder. I just received, sweetheart, your yellow roses / You tell me that they mean that we are through / You tell me that.
Ry Cooder - Lord Tell Me Why Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lord Tell Me Why' by Ry Cooder. Lord tell me why a white man ain't worth nothing in this world no more / Lord tell me how you 'spect me to stand up.
Ry Cooder - Chinito Chinito Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chinito Chinito' by Ry Cooder. Chinito, chinito, toca la maraca chinito / Chinito, chinito, no preocupes más / Chinito, chinito, me lava la ropa /
Lyrics to 'THE VERY THING THAT MAKES YOU RICH (MAKES ME POOR)' by Ry Cooder. My father told me, lying on his bed of death, / 'boy,' he says, 'woman ...
Ry Cooder - Drive Like I Never Been Hurt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drive Like I Never Been Hurt' by Ry Cooder. You told everybody that I couldn't drive / and you didn't even want me around. / and you knocked my love.
Ry Cooder - GOODNIGHT IRENE Lyrics
Lyrics to 'GOODNIGHT IRENE' by Ry Cooder. (Huddie Ledbetter/John Lomax) / ( E) - (E7) - (A) - (B7) / (E) I asked your mother for (B7) you / She told me that you.
Ry Cooder - BILLY THE KID Lyrics
(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder) (G) - (D). (G) I'll sing you a true song of (D) Billy the (G) Kid I'll (D) sing the record of (G) deeds that he did. Way out in New ...
Ry Cooder - DO RE MI Lyrics
Lyrics to 'DO RE MI' by Ry Cooder. Lots of folks back east they say / Leaving home most every day / Beating the hot old dusty way / To the (g) california line /
Ry Cooder - Dreamer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dreamer' by Ry Cooder. I wonder would you like to meet a dreamer / Would you share a glass or two / Of red red wine and you might find / I'm a simple .
Ry Cooder - HE'LL HAVE TO GO Lyrics
Lyrics to 'HE'LL HAVE TO GO' by Ry Cooder. Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone. / Let's pretend that we're together, all alone. / I'll tell the man.
Ry Cooder Lyrics
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Ry Cooder - Long Ride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long Ride' by Ry Cooder. Looking back over my life / I can see where I caused you strife / But I know, oh yes I know / I'd never make that same.
Ry Cooder - I'M A GOOD OLD REBEL Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'M A GOOD OLD REBEL' by Ry Cooder. Oh, I'm a good old rebel / Now that's just what I am / For this fair land of freedom / I do not care a damn / I'm.
Ry Cooder - Steel Guitar Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Steel Guitar Heaven' by Ry Cooder. I want to go to steel guitar heaven / That's the only resting place for me / I want to go to steel guitar Heaven /
Ry Cooder - 634-5789 Lyrics
Lyrics to '634-5789' by Ry Cooder. If you need some good loving / Call on me / And if you need some good hugging / Call on me baby / I'll be right here at home.
Ry Cooder - ONE MEAT BALL Lyrics
Lyrics to 'ONE MEAT BALL' by Ry Cooder. A little man walked up and down / To find an eating place in town / He read the menu through and through / To see ...
Ry Cooder - IT'S ALL OVER NOW Lyrics
Lyrics to 'IT'S ALL OVER NOW' by Ry Cooder. Well, baby used to stay out, all night long / She made me cry and she did me wrong / She had my nose open, ...
Ry Cooder - 5000 Country Music Songs Lyrics
Lyrics to '5000 Country Music Songs' by Ry Cooder. I started writing country songs in 1962 / Just a dream that I had on my mind / My girl and I got married in.
Ry Cooder - THE LONG RIDERS Lyrics
Lyrics to 'THE LONG RIDERS' by Ry Cooder. (Ry Cooder) / Instrumental.
Lyrics to 'ACROSS THE BORDERLINE' by Ry Cooder. There's a place where I've been told / Every street is paved with gold / And it's just across the borderline /
Ry Cooder - If There's A God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If There's a God' by Ry Cooder. Republicans changed the lock on heaven's door / Keys to the kingdom don't fil no more / The poor working man Iike  ...
Ry Cooder - SCHOOL IS OUT Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SCHOOL IS OUT' by Ry Cooder. (Anderson/Barge/Guida/Royster) / (C) - (F) - (G) / (C) No more books and studies / And I can (F) stay out late with my.
Ry Cooder - AVAILABLE SPACE Lyrics
Lyrics to 'AVAILABLE SPACE' by Ry Cooder. (Ry Cooder) / Instrumental.
Ry Cooder - JESSE JAMES Lyrics
Lyrics to 'JESSE JAMES' by Ry Cooder. Jesse James we understand / Has killed him many a man / He robbed the Union trains / But history does record / That ...
Ry Cooder - SPEEDO Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SPEEDO' by Ry Cooder. Well, now they often call me Speedo / But my real name is Mr. Earl (Earl, Mr. Earl) / Well, now they often call me Speedo / But.
Ry Cooder - How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live Lyrics
Lyrics to 'HOW CAN A POOR MAN STAND SUCH TIMES AND LIVE ?' by Ry Cooder. Well, the doctor comes around with his face all bright / And he says, 'In a  ...
Ry Cooder - WHICH CAME FIRST Lyrics
Lyrics to 'WHICH CAME FIRST' by Ry Cooder. You may be a hater, you may be a lover / You can bet your life one destroys the other / I don't know how it all.
Ry Cooder - BORDERLINE Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BORDERLINE' by Ry Cooder. (Ry Cooder) / Instrumental.
Ry Cooder - Can I Smoke In Here? Lyrics
Can I smoke in here Can I sit down. Am I bothering you Are you alone. Is my tie on straight Do you rate me polite. Do I need a shave Do I seem alright
Ry Cooder - BOOMER'S STORY Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BOOMER'S STORY' by Ry Cooder. Come and gather all around me / Listen to my tale of woe / Got some good advice to give you / Lots of things you ...

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