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SLAYER LYRICS - The Final Command
Lyrics to "The Final Command" song by SLAYER: Screams of terror across the sea Begging for mercy in their one final plea Soldiers prepare to fight...
STRYPER LYRICS - Soldiers Under Command
Lyrics to "Soldiers Under Command" song by STRYPER: We are the soldiers under God's command We hold His two-edged sword within our hands We're not  ...
W.A.S.P. LYRICS - The Last Command
Lyrics to "The Last Command" song by W.A.S.P.: You don't know what's in our hearts This is our time, we've made our mark And can't you understand,...
EXODUS LYRICS - Metal Command
"Metal Command". Your gathered here tonight. To heed our metal. cry. Obeying all. our wills. All others you defy. A wall of sonic sound. With amps turned up to ...
Lyrics to "In My Command" song by CROWDED HOUSE: You're standing in a deep dark hole Beneath a sky as black as coal It's just the fear of losing cont...
ASH LYRICS - Command
"Command". Waking up and fearing that I'll never get back into my sleeping. Haunted by the darker, hidden sides of the family. The silence and repression and ...
Climb on top of me (say a command) Take it all off (say a command) Lets make computer love (say a command) Cause my hard drive is burning up (BURNING ...
Vio-Lence - Kill On Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kill On Command' by Vio-Lence. I am a Presidential toy / And I am Government employed / In their game of death I never lose / And when I'm told to do.
Lyrics to "Cry On Command" song by GLORIANA: You always pull this From your bag of tricks You toss a tear on your cheek Just to see what sticks...
Linda Perry - Lost Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lost Command' by Linda Perry. Lord I feel I've lost command / The ship I 've built is crashing from my hands / Everything seems so unclear / My.
"In Command". Listen to me now. Wanna be's. That's all they are and all they'll ever be. Not like me. I know the rules and how it's gonna be. Imagining The dream ...
Blasphemy - War Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'War Command' by Blasphemy. Together proclaiming war / The worlds ending forever more / A nuclear power plant scare / Breathing out the flame of ...
Ashtar Command - Deadman's Gun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deadman's Gun' by Ashtar Command: Got to give And you're not gonna let 'em, take your Will to live Because they've taken enough And you've given.
Joan Baez - Ranger's Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ranger's Command' by Joan Baez. Come all of you cowboys all over this land / I'll sing you the law of the Ranger's command. / To hold a six-shooter.
Kreator - Command Of The Blade Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Command Of The Blade' by Kreator. Mist is fallin' as he rides over the land / With his blade of steel / He is comin' to take you / He has seen the.
Snow Patrol - In Command Of Cars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Command of Cars' by Snow Patrol. It was the bridge she flung herself off I used to see her / Standing on one side as if too frightened to walk.
Annihilator - I Am In Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Am In Command' by Annihilator. / no defence, enemy attack / i'm fighting for my life / they'll slice you to ribbons, you lose all inhibitions / i.
TRAITOR LYRICS - "Thrash Command" (2012) album
Thrash Command. There is noise deep in the night. A sound of marching and of fight. The soldiers of the thrash command. Will bang their heads until the end
DEVIN TOWNSEND LYRICS - "Ziltoid The Omniscient" (2007) album
By Your Command 3. Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! 4. Solar Winds 5. Hyperdrive 6. N9 7. Planet Smasher 8. Omnidimensional Creator 9. Color Your World 10. The Greys 11.
Savant & Blood Command - Rabbit Whore Lyrics
Aug 27, 2014 Lyrics for Rabbit Whore by Savant & Blood Command. And all these monkeys are burning me down. Burning me down. Burning me down.
Coroner - Suicide Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Suicide Command' by Coroner. Now I'm up,ready to die / Gun in my heart, death in my brain / My home is death, is now. / Killing and dying is / The.
At Your Command (Abdication Re:Vision) lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for At Your Command (Abdication Re:Vision) by Informatik. No words are said; we make no sound So evident the feeling's all around The ...
TOXIC HOLOCAUST LYRICS - "Conjure And Command" (2011 ...
TOXIC HOLOCAUST lyrics - "Conjure And Command" (2011) album, including " Sound The Charge", "Revelations", "The Liars Are Burning"...
Stryper - Soldiers Under Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soldiers Under Command' by Stryper. We are the soldiers under God's command / We hold His two-edged sword within our hands / We're not ...
Devin Townsend - By Your Command lyrics
By Your Command lyrics by Devin Townsend: My command! / My dominion! / Memory, heart and all opinion, / Hide me, guide me, / Dry my tears,
Sodom - Burst Command Till War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burst Command Till War' by Sodom. War / Nuclear warheads are ready to fight / Total destruction, the only might / We are all suicide, without brain /
Woody Guthrie - The Ranger's Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Ranger's Command' by Woody Guthrie. Come all of you cowboys all over this land, / I'll teach you the law of the Ranger's Command: / To hold a ...
Your wish is my command. Baby won't you understand. That your wish is my command. What can I do to make my baby understand. Something tells me that I' m ...
KIM WILDE LYRICS - My Wish Is Your Command
Lyrics to "My Wish Is Your Command" song by KIM WILDE: I just can't believe we' re here Suddenly become so clear It feels as if I don't know you anymore We'...
Dark Throne - Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Command' by Dark Throne. Barbwired empty dreams / Existence is futile / Down deeper down / Rock bottom reality / Avoiding edges / Still drawn to.
Overkill - Kill At Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'kill at command' by Overkill. They came to the land, to kill on command. / They ride through the dark of the night. / Metal warrior stands over.
XTC LYRICS - Chain Of Command
Lyrics to "Chain Of Command" song by XTC: How bright are the fires of thought In a chain of command How bright is the medical torch When it's...
Pretty Ricky - Say A Command Lyrics
this is music royal productions welcome pretty ricky say a command. climb on top of me (say a command) take it all off (say a command) lets make computer love ...
JUNGLE ROT LYRICS - "Kill On Command" (2011) album
JUNGLE ROT lyrics - "Kill On Command" (2011) album, including "Life Negated", "Born Of Contagion", "No Mercy (From The Merciless)"...
Crowbar - Command Of Myself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Command Of Myself' by Crowbar. I've been pushing so hard / I've been pushing so many years / Still that fire will always burn. / Count on me until I.
I can't tell. How's this shit all my fault? It's a department I fill. I feel like they should. And I send commands just because I can. Oh I can just imagine the difference ...
Jag Panzer - Chain Of Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chain Of Command' by Jag Panzer. / They sit in silence as we march into war / There we will fight with our backs to the wall / No end in sight.
Blood Command - High Five For Life Lyrics
Aug 26, 2014 Lyrics for High Five For Life by Blood Command. Do you really know about the primitives carved in black with toxics from the swarm? Don't ...
XTC - Chain Of Command Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chain Of Command' by XTC. How bright are the fires of thought / In a chain of command / How bright is the medical torch / When it's put in our hand /
Your Wish Is My Command Lyrics - Bashy
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Your Wish Is My Command" from "Bashy": You wrap me in a bubble, Please don't get me into trouble, I'm really trying not to be ...

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