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Filatov & Karas - Satellite (Radio Edit) Lyrics
Dec 25, 2016 Day and night.(satellite) There's no need to ... Come, come, come to me, a little closer. From the dark into the light. Come, come, come to me, ...
Citybois - Come a Little Closer Lyrics
Dec 21, 2015 Lyrics for Come a Little Closer by Citybois. ... and we live up every night, yeah it´s all or nothing so just let me, uh just let me in yeah let me show ...
Lyrics to "Come A Little Closer" song by DIERKS BENTLEY: Come a little closer, baby I feel like ... Off into the night ... I wanna be stronger than we've ever been
Come to me again in the cold, cold night. You make me feel a little older. Like a full grown woman ... When my skin turns into glue. You will know that it's warm ...
RAIGN LYRICS - Heaven Help Me
Lyrics to "Heaven Help Me" song by RAIGN: Open my eyes Your burning light There's ... Written in the stars the darkness comes to light. I walk along to feel alive. Its colder when we go into the fire. Come a little closer hold me through the night
AVANTASIA LYRICS - Death Is Just A Feeling
Living in the darkness. What a cold and lonely night. Voices in the ... Come a little closer ... I'm gonna turn into breath after breath ... Death will be just a charade
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "There Is A Hell, Believe Me I ...
If we make it through the night, if we make it out alive. We'll have .... Sunk into you , tangled in sheets. ... So come a little closer, tell me those three little words.
BEDEMON LYRICS - "Child of Darkness: From The Original Master ...
BEDEMON lyrics - "Child of Darkness: From The Original Master Tapes" (2005) album, ... Come with me into the night. Let me show you this land of enchantment .... Come ever closer to your doom ... The candles about her bare little light
Lyrics to "Come A Little Closer" song by CAGE THE ELEPHANT: Time shakes, found you at the water At first you ... Things aren't always what they seem to be
DON WILLIAMS LYRICS - Come A Little Closer
Lyrics to "Come A Little Closer" song by DON WILLIAMS: Now Stop that ... Come on babe, come a little closer, honey move it over, feels so right, ... Now put that phone down, shut that door now, let's just think about, me and you; ... My hearts beatin', the night is pleasing, I ain't asking that much of ya, all I want to do is love ya;
Come with me for a little ride, see the shadows passing by. Look at the sun and see the clouds turn to faces in the sky. We've been awake all night, shattered ...
MERCYFUL FATE LYRICS - "9" (1999) album
I'm surrounded by darkness, I'm dying in my bed. I don't know if ... I wish you'd come a little closer ... That night I sold my soul to you... to the Devil his due ... Rise evil demon, up into the night ... Kiss the Demon, he'll make your wish come true
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "The Mystery Of Time" (2013) album
Feel them shadows drag you into a nightmare. To the melody of which you don't ... We're the machine that's gonna make you dream ... braving the gale. Wide open minds - once upon the moonlit night. ... The time will come: you will know what you need ... A light in the darkness. Cause the ..... Come a little closer. You and I:
Johnny Orlando - You & I Lyrics
Feb 13, 2016 Take a few steps, come a little bit closer... Don't be shy, we can dance right here tonight... I don't need to wait to get to know ya, Tonight, is the night for You And I... I know ... These lyrics have been translated into 5 languages.
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "Angel Of Babylon" (2010) album
Oh craving devour me, take me away. Oh to infinity ... [Scarecrow] Don't you turn your face to the night sky ... An instant that won't come undone ... What the dark had cyphered in the sky ... Come a little closer .... Come into the promised land
CHIODOS LYRICS - "Devil" (2014) album
CHIODOS lyrics - "Devil" (2014) album, including "Let Me Get You A Towel", " R2me2", "I Am Everything That's Normal" ... These one night stands are meaningless, but I'm laying in bed with a girl I just met at 3 AM ... If you want to know who you are just come with me into the dark. .... Tell me lover, lover, come get a little closer
XANDRIA LYRICS - "Sacrificium" (2014) album
The showdown now has come, this will be the last curtain. Before the Night falls .... Lead me deep into your woods, I'm your “little riding hood” Hear me plead ...
Cause it's me, you, you, me, me, you all night. Have it your ... Let me walk into your body until you hear me out ... Come closer (what's your number?) I'm over ...
KING DIAMOND LYRICS - "Conspiracy" (1989) album
Rise from Your grave little Sister Rise...Rise. ... Burning shadows in the dead of night. Icy fingers ... All of us" Missy is that You, come closer ... Missy come, come with Me, there are things I must know. How did ... I am in total darkness, someone is calling. I can feel ... Sammael, GOD in his eyes, leads them into the silent room
RIOT LYRICS - "Fire Down Under" (1981) album
One Step Closer 15. ... Carry me through the night. .... Take a little piece of me, ... So day into night and night into day ... Why don't you come come a little closer ?
[Chorus:] It's a little too loud on the highway ... Wanna here you say come on over , cause when you tell me to come on over. I like the ... It makes you move a little closer to me. And girl ... Cause we could laugh all night and never sleep. We can  ...
Lyrics to "Through The Dark" song by ONE DIRECTION: You tell me that you're sad and lost ... It'll come back to you ... And I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough. When the night is coming down on you ... Little Black Dress
CAIN'S OFFERING LYRICS - "Gather The Faithful" (2009) album
Chill in your spine and the howl in the night, I have the frost ... Just come to me, I' m waiting with my wounds wide open. Pour your salt ... Out of the darkness and into the blue. Still broken .... This little boy has grown to be a man, let me be the best I can. Take me ... Hold me closer, pray that this night's never over. Fear me, so ...
IN THIS MOMENT LYRICS - "Blood" (2012) album
I hate you for always choosing me and not someone else. I hate you ... Adrenalize. Come a little bit closer before we begin ... So come on and tell me, Can you fly ... From the shadows of the dark unknown ... This night is cutting into me. You tie ...
TIMELESS MIRACLE LYRICS - "Into The Enchanted Chamber ...
TIMELESS MIRACLE lyrics - "Into The Enchanted Chamber" (2005) album, including "The Voyage", "The Dark Side ... And I know it will come back to haunt me again ... In the darkness there's presence - it's a calling and a sign ... When night have come to stay ... A little girl's been killed again oh god when would it end
Lyrics to "Digital Love" song by DAFT PUNK: Last night I had a dream about you In this ... Don't stop, come a little closer ... We'll make this dream come true
... THIS MOMENT: (Adrenalize me) Come a little bit closer Before we begin Let ... Let me tell you how I want it ... Turning wine into sweat dripping down my neck
KING DIAMOND LYRICS - "The Graveyard" (1996) album
Waiting in the dark, I cannot take another night. Waiting in .... Come on little girl... come on it is time. I've got ... Into the night I go, and you can't follow me. Into the ...
ALLEN / LANDE LYRICS - "The Battle" (2005) album
Reach A Little Longer 5. Come Alive 6. ... Don't you look into her evil eyes ... Try to get closer to the sky. The time hasn't come for me to leave this place ... I can pray everyday and all night just to hear you say .... Only a deep darkness ahead
KING DIAMOND LYRICS - "Deadly Lullabyes Live" (2004) album
A house where evil ruled at night. And the shadows at the ... The darkness came closer to home on the following night ... Gazing into the dark, Jonathan saw the star. For a second he ... And Little One went up the stairs to the old oak door. Mansion in ... I'll bring this mansion down, through me they all must come" Spirits flying ...
Lyrics to "Skinny Dippin'" song by LITTLE BIG TOWN: Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go Let's go skinny dippin' ... In the dark no one will ever know. Come with me, run with me down to the sea ... I'll pull you closer and keep you warm at night
If you want to know who you are just come with me into the dark. Come with me into the dark. I heard that you shake when you think of me. I'm going to take you ...
And keep on drinkin' 'til you make me drunk. Tied up hair, wanna let it down ... a little closer, come a little closer. Come a little closer, girl the way you look tonight
SHAMAN LYRICS - "Ritualive" (2004) album
Cause a day will turn into night. And the spirits will rise. There will come then a time to understand... Deep inside ... Master of darkness. Brewed up a potion ... Waving me up to come closer to his tent ... Little lady, your tale has an end. For your ...
SIA LYRICS - Fire Meet Gasoline
Burn me. So come on. I'll take you on, take you on. I ache for love, ache for us. Why don't you come. Don't you come a little closer. So come ... Dark in the skies
CANDLEMASS LYRICS - "Ancient Dreams" (1988) album
The mirror of darkness is blind. Feel the ... Watching the shadows come closer. The birds ... Into the night we will go. Into the ... Believe in your dreams and a wonderworld will be revealed. Come to ... The little bell echoes the great bells groan
FAIR WARNING LYRICS - "Rainmaker" (1995) album
Get A Little Closer 14. ... You keep me save and warm, give me shelter from the storm ... Smile at me, shine 'till my dark night is through .... And though I know you won´t come back some day ... The road I travelled - now it´s washed into the sea
Come a little bit closer. Hear what I have to say. Just like children sleepin' We could dream this night away. But there's a full moon risin' Let's go dancin' in the ...
... out into the sun. Skies above they radiate me ... Come back into the good life. Lose these ... I'm a little bit lost without you. Without you ... Step out into the dark
KING DIAMOND LYRICS - "In Concert 1987: Abigail" (1990) album
the darkness would soon be complete. a horseman came forth from the dark "We know you've come to inherit what's yours...the Mansion take our advise and ... the seven horsemen disappeared into the night "Someday you'll ... The darkness came closer to home ... a little girl in lace, not a single trace of crime, trace of crime"

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