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Colour Haze - All lyrics
All lyrics by Colour Haze: Hey man, see the stars so bright / Get along, get along all your life / Oh I go through all this too / But see.
Colour Haze - Sundazed lyrics and translation
May 22, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Sundazed by Colour Haze. ... need is lying down in myself Grow my freedom on and will thrive I gotta feel the sad and ...
Colour Haze - Love Lyrics
Love lyrics performed by Colour Haze: I sit myself high upon a mountain top and I look ... Empty yourselves of everything, gain in loosing, thriving your freedom
Datura - Mystic Motion Lyrics
Don't knock on freedom's door (knock on freedom's door) True believers have ... Freedom freedom freedom yeah. Freedom ... Colour Haze lyrics. Colour Haze.
EPICA LYRICS - Unleashed
Lyrics to "Unleashed" song by EPICA: Declining, all color fading Defining, time coming for me Rescinding, my ... Now there's a haze pushing me sideways
Motorpsycho - Frances Lyrics
no freedom won. American Dream dream on. Lobotomy gets 'em home...... Song ... Dungen · Monomyth lyrics. Monomyth · Colour Haze lyrics. Colour Haze.
Datura - Voo-Doo Believe Lyrics
In a land that's known as freedom dome. You'll find out. But you don't have to be blind ... Colour Haze lyrics. Colour Haze. Pharaoh Overlord lyrics. Pharaoh ...
BO BURNHAM LYRICS - My Whole Family...
Or my favorite color is, the rainbow. I don't mean to yell but i fear i must, Cause I'm ... You gotta look right through the haze, Easy-Bake oven was just a phase.
Datura - I Love To Dance Lyrics
Run together into the freedom. On and on and on the night and day. And we over I ... Disgorge. Sungrazer lyrics. Sungrazer. Colour Haze lyrics. Colour Haze.
I'm gonna colour you in. All I see is black and white. In the darkness of the night. And I've been chasing angels all my life. And now that heaven is on fire. And the  ...
EPICA LYRICS - "Design Your Universe" (2009) album
The Price Of Freedom - Interlude 8. Burn To A ... Now there's a haze pushing me sideways, And leaving me ... Color declines all that defines me. Is falling away ...
THRESHOLD LYRICS - "Subsurface" (2004) album
we call it freedom and you are free to choose it if you're not ... lost in the haze so far away how can we get back home .... what colour these memories might be
Vanessa Williams - Colors Of The Wind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Colors Of The Wind' by Vanessa Williams: You think the only people who are people Are the people who look and think like you.
THE MERCURY ARC LYRICS - "Paint the Sun Black" (2009) album
They say it's for the soldiers, the mothers, the freedom of others (...nothing at all) Our country, our ... I colour-blind my soul, overpaint my shadow on the wall ... before it takes control. 'Cause all these ... Beams of light divide the haze. All these  ...
DESTRUCTION LYRICS - "Inventor Of Evil" (2005) album
Havoc and haze. Bleeding restless till the ... Grey in grey - no more colour in your eyes. No need to stay, .... No money could buy you the freedom. The peace of ...
MY INSANITY LYRICS - "Solar Child" (2001) album
The haze is organic - it's a real threat. Possessed by ecstatic ... Rescue from the freedom. I don't know ... The colour of things begins to change. I will go sick
AYREON LYRICS - "Into The Electric Castle" (1998) album
Darkness will lead to light - colour will bleed into the night. Beautiful .... through the misty haze we were .... Ah, hath the prospect of freedom ever tasted so good?
W.A.S.P. LYRICS - "Still Not Black Enough" (1995) album
No colour seen in my eyes, none in my eyes. I'm naked in my .... Freedom's last hero's wasted. I made you, I'll .... Lead away in a crimson haze. The red was rain  ...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "The Scarred People" (2012) album
She disappeared into the haze. In her own ... You've got the freedom to choose what you wanna see. But the bottom .... When shall the colours be freed. To bring  ...
KARI RUESLATTEN LYRICS - "Time To Tell" (2014) album
Give me my freedom, You owe it to me. Give me my life back. I paint the rainbow grey - my eyes see colour no more. ... For brighter days and summer haze

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