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Crown The Lost - Cold Pestilent Hope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cold Pestilent Hope' by Crown The Lost. Proud, narcisstic mask / Your eyes show the heart of a coward / Your vanity will be your demise / Frailty.
Bloodsoaked Serenity Lyrics - Crown The Lost
Worthless, you won't survive. No hope. Destroyed and betrayed. Passionless I submit to this ... of revenge. This song is from the album "Cold Pestilent Hope".
AURA NOIR LYRICS - "Hades Rise" (2008) album
Pestilent Streams 5. Schitzoid ... The dust lays cold Hades awaits. Ice burn ... The debris dropped upon the earth; know there is no hope for rebirth. Shadows of ...
SHAI HULUD LYRICS - "Misanthropy Pure" (2008) album
SHAI HULUD lyrics - "Misanthropy Pure" (2008) album, including "Cold Lord Quietus", "Be ... Pestilent, corrosive to the touch ... Awaken hope within hatred.
FUNERALIUM LYRICS - "Deceived Idealism" (2013) album
Don't Hope For Any Better Things Now 6. The Higher .... Damp and penetrating: the biting cold your blood slowing down, shunning your fingertips, Your hands ...
RIGOR MORTIS LYRICS - "Rigor Mortis" (1988) album
We are pestilent and contaminate the world ... Transform you into a creature merciless and cold .... Injecting serum in the corpses for the hope of re-animation
COLLAPSE 7 LYRICS - "In Deep Silence" (2004) album
Reflected is iniquity ...And feel the last hope is gone ... The signs of cold time can't be denied. Sickening ... And their souls entangled in pestilent flames. Awake!
Will my children's children choke on our ignorance? Choosing to live destructive, pestilent cold lives ... No hope at all. 00:00. /. 0. Advertisement. Advertisement.
ATLANTEAN KODEX LYRICS - "The White Goddess - A Grammar Of ...
From darkness grows light, from ashes a fire to conquer the cold. The rites of Yuletide ... Oh pestilent force, oh vanquish the veils of light. To rave and to rape and ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Nymphetamine" (2004) album
Another coils there. Where twice you sliced all hope from me ... He was a predator, creditor cold. Our blood was .... Risen over pestilent fields. Now the tidal are ...
KING OF ASGARD LYRICS - " North" (2012) album
From skull to Heaven ...of the frost cold Giant From Blood — river ... But we never lost the hope. Never lost the ... Carried by a pestilent wind. Come, come forth.
The Lonely Forest - Leader Holding His Eyes Lyrics
Will my children's children choke on our ignorance? Choosing to live destructive, pestilent cold lives ... And the leaves fall. Under gray sky. No hope at all.
EMPEROR LYRICS - "Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath"
They whip my clenched faces freezing skin with ice-cold burning cuts. Too long I have ... Far away from their pestilent ways cleansed was I from .... the wordless chamber he accepted desperation and the unpredictable manifestations of hope.
DAWN LYRICS - "Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy)" (1998 ...
Ride The Wings Of Pestilence ... No hope... No future. The claws of depravity sinks deeper as you're pushed from society ... Famine, cold and pestilential misery
IN FLAMES LYRICS - "The Jester Race" (1996) album
Shattered hope became my guide. And grief and pain my ... her bleeding thighs he disappears into her cold, icy womb ... with flames on their pestilent wings
TOXIC HOLOCAUST LYRICS - "Conjure And Command" (2011 ...
Breathing pestilent winds. Bringing their nuclear ... You are the enemy. Winters cold will feast on your heart ... The messenger of false hope. Fills the streets with  ...
AZARATH LYRICS - "Blasphemers' Maledictions" (2011) album
I am the darkstorm that shallows the sun of hope. I bring the day ... Cold-blooded hunter for terror and death. I am the .... Pestilent touch above the herd of Christ!
The debris dropped upon the earth; know there is no hope for rebirth. Shadows of death ... The misty perfect night, under all the cold stars ... 4, Pestilent Streams.
VULTURE LYRICS - "Test Of Fire" (2005) album
The world, the cold eyes of disgrace. The ropes, the ... Your hopes, it steals and your memories it kills. You see your ... Six shots at midnight in the pestilent devil
DESASTER LYRICS - "The Arts Of Destruction" (2012) album
Pestilent ways of salvation. Way the crown of all life's end ... Only hope won't be enough ... At hell's horizons - At the burning cold - Within seas of agoby. At hell's  ...
DESTINITY LYRICS - "The Inside" (2008) album
I have always dread and hope to life still ... The angel returns to his grave with flames on his pestilent wings. My dark life ... This world is a void so cold! Ready ...
RECIPROCAL LYRICS - "Reciprocal" (2009) album
die, forsaken Afterlife, your only hope to Escape the torturous treatment of your brothers As one ... Wandering the streets, sleeping on the cold concrete. Eating from the ... They want to spread the pestilent disease that they ve received. Rapidly ...
DIVINA ENEMA LYRICS - "To Wight Shalt Never Shine" (1999) album
Because they give you (opportunity to) hope - The hope .... Between the stone- cold walls of kloof. And nane .... Of pestilent breeds have been running 'gainst us
MANTRIC LYRICS - "The Descent" (2010) album
Hold on to hope you once received, before you were deceived. If you don't grasp this straw, ... (Beware, Beware) I will turn the light around and illuminate the pestilent dirt. ... Dark is the shadowside, weary and cold. A haunted place where  ...
War, Pestilence, Famine And Death 4. ...and Your .... His hope drown into the breath of mighty Satan Lord Nazarene! .... And most cold in the night. I sing the ...
HAEMORRHAGE LYRICS - "Anatomical Inferno" (1998) album
Cold leftovers of the Autopsy piled-up to dispose ... Pestilent Place Too much horror for my grave ... I hope they know the real pain. Bodies explode...violent ...
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER LYRICS - "Extinción" (2007) album
The most awful of genocides takes place everyday between a cold metal wall were every drop of ... Your bodies are only premature dead corpses piled up in a pestilent routine's mountain. .... Hope is nothing more than a deceiving reception.
MERAUDER LYRICS - "Master Killers: A Complete Anthology ...
Pestilent persuasion - it`s their holy holocaust. Centuries of .... Your blood runs cold. Still you will .... Who built an empire on stealing people's hope. You ask for ...

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